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First month ttc, anyone in the same boat and want to get excited with me?

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Sunshine2013Hopefully Thu 03-Jan-13 14:29:50

Hi all, this is my first month TTC after waiting to TTC for 14 months so I am very excited ( and a lil scared). I am 26 and this will b r first baby. So if anyone else is in the same situation, come and join me and we can get excited together! (grin)

sunnyday01 Fri 04-Jan-13 18:02:25

How frustrating bluefreckles!

I would like to join in to. We started last month but officially starting ths month in terms of making sure we concentrate on week of ov and. Few days before/after!

I'm 30 and dh is 33

setayharas Fri 04-Jan-13 18:14:56

Oh blue keep holding up! Whilst she doesn't show her ugly face your still in the game!

Oh is due home from work at ten, if I was to have a bath before we dtd would that hinder any efforts? I know men shouldn't have hot baths but dunno about whether I can or not? I love my baths lol

HonniBee Fri 04-Jan-13 19:09:45

How annoying blue! Will keep fingers crossed you get a bfp soon.

Sunny... We sound to be exactly in the same position except my OH is a few years older.

I'm on day 9 now, not sure when I ov so started dtd last night, just in case. wink Going to start using the test things tomorrow too.

BunnyTamer Fri 04-Jan-13 19:52:51

So are you all using these ovulation tests straight off the bat the first time you ttc? Are they shown to be effective? I'm new to this game!

sunnyday01 Fri 04-Jan-13 19:58:57

Honnibee - sounds like we are! My next ov is 14th jan

Bunny - I'm not using ov tests or charting yet - going to see how it goes for 6 months or so then will consider it!

setayharas Fri 04-Jan-13 19:59:50

Bunny, I started using them last month and got my positive a day later than I thought I would so helped me know roughly when I should b ovulating this month. Iv heard that you can easily miss a positive tho as you only hormone surfer for a short time. Dunno how true that is tho

Bezza2508 Fri 04-Jan-13 20:40:23

I'm using the ovulation tests too. My OH works shifts so it can sometimes be difficult to find time to DTD but at least I know we have to find time when I see a smiley face on the test result!

Blanketsandpillows Fri 04-Jan-13 20:42:22

Me too! Come off pill at end of November and had one withdrawal bleed but nothing since. I know my cycle is probably just not back to normal, but based on a 28 day cycle I am on day 37 so nine days overdue! Trying not to get my hopes up but it's difficult not to! Will text early next week.

BunnyTamer Sat 05-Jan-13 01:33:31

Thanks for sharing, they sound quite tricky and scientific so I'm going to leave it about six months too. I'm only working part time atm so dtd is fine. Think I'm a week past ovulation and I feel very bloated and keep getting prickly sensations in my nipples like a strange pins and needles. I'm scared of symptom spotting though, so will just tell myself this must be normal for me and to expect it next month.

Marymary2012 Sat 05-Jan-13 09:00:53


Did a test this morning and the faintest line appeared I am using the Internet cheap ones. So I did three more and no line!

I'm pulling my hair out!

littlem33p Sat 05-Jan-13 13:11:42

Got myAF this morning. Trying not to be too upset but had a bit of a cry. It is only our first month trying so trying to stay positive. Plus it's another month of saving towards more lovely baby clothes when the time comes.

AF was a week earlier than expected too (28 days rather than expected 35) so perpahs still not fully back to normal after coming off pill in Sept.

Here's hoping next month is more successful.

Bezza2508 Sat 05-Jan-13 14:29:49

I know how you feel littlem33p. My AF has arrived today too. I've also had a few tears! It's not fair that we get PMT when we are trying to be positive is it?!

MB1985 Sat 05-Jan-13 23:39:02

Just thought I would join in as in the same boat as littlem and Bezza. Got AF last night at work...beginning of a long shift and felt like crap all night. Came home this morning and had a good cry. Silly really as only first month TTC. Seem to see babys everywhere I look. FX it doesn't take us too long as dont want to go through this every month! Trying to see things the same as littlem to...just another month to save up for more time off when it happens (hopefully!) Im sure in a few days I'll be back to being super excited at the thought of us becoming parents :-)

HonniBee Sat 05-Jan-13 23:55:05

MaryMary: have you tried any more tests? Could you maybe get a fancy one to make sure?!

MB1985: I was just thinking today that it seems like babies and pregnant people are frickin everywhere!!! It's maddening! The waiting is the absolute worst...

bluefreckles Sun 06-Jan-13 08:47:42

Hello all

Well still no AF for me or any sign of it. Last night I was so tired I felt dizzy and confused. keep getting crampy type twinges in my stomach but to date have done two tests (3rd and 4th) and both BFN. sad

CrackerJackShack Sun 06-Jan-13 09:00:36

bluefreckles, just read this one, perhaps you should go to the doctor? It sure sounds like you're pregnant (to me anyway). A blood test will tell you for sure, and are more accurate than the POAS.

becomingmum33 Sun 06-Jan-13 11:09:48

Im part of the TTC club too. I'm 33 and this will be my first child. I came off the pill in June (after 15yrs on and off) and have only just got a regular cycle.

We haven't been using protection for the last 4months but now is when we start doing it 'properly'. We have both been taking pregnacare conception in preparation, my OH loves it, he says it's improved his hair (he's thinning, it now looks a lot thicker and shinier! We're also healthy eating, I've lost 12lbs since mid November as a result and im cutting down on alcohol and caffeine.

Fingers crossed it works for all of us

bluefreckles Sun 06-Jan-13 18:18:42

We've got a particularly busy week this week. Will see if AF or BFP show up this week and if not will go to Docs early week after...

BunnyTamer Sun 06-Jan-13 21:49:56

My AF isn't due until 17th and it's very unlike me to have cramps this premature of the date. Been going on for two days now, aching uterus. It's making me feel a bit down as I don't know what it is and can't do anything about it. sad

bluefreckles Mon 07-Jan-13 15:02:10

Still no AF everyone sad

LovesTheOutdoors Mon 07-Jan-13 23:12:32

Can I join too? 1st month properly trying for us, which feels a bit strange after a year of waiting! I came off the pill in late November, and had a 35 day cycle last month. Ne just past half way through this cycle assuming its 35 days again. Like BunnyTamer, I have also been having funny aching pains in my lower abdomen on and off for the last 3 days, not sure what to make of these, but secretly hoping they are a good sign, as I sure didn't have them when I was on the pill, or last month. Fingers crossed for all of you...hope the waiting goes quickly!

SeriousStuff Mon 07-Jan-13 23:20:44

Sorry if I've already joined this thread but have joined a couple over the last few days and can't remember which now!

31, TTC1 this month. Have DTD 3 times so averaging what NHS advises (every 2-3 days). Hard to not get ahead of myself and being quite realistic that this could take a while, but DH and I are enjoying the process so far!

Good luck all - looking forward to hearing about some BFPs in the next couple of weeks! smile

LovesTheOutdoors Tue 08-Jan-13 23:53:34

BunnyTamer, has the aching gone away yet?

Geckomum2 Wed 09-Jan-13 11:34:33

Hi all, so glad I found this site today, off work with a throat infection and using the time to do a bit of web research as husband and I are planning to start ttc this month. Am driving myself crazy though, there is so much info out there and so many people who are stressed out, now including me - am worried I won't enjoy the process at all! Most of my friends have babies already and all has gone so smoothly for them I am worried I will be the one who doesn't get so lucky! Sorry to be stressy but I can't be the only one?

Geckomum2 Wed 09-Jan-13 11:37:44

Ps - came off the pill 4th Dec, at end of pack so all normal, then got 2 days spotting 5th Jan, have no idea what that means! Is that normal?

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