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Fantastic Forty Plus, part 9, this time is our time,bring on the bfp's!

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hopefulgum Tue 01-Jan-13 23:20:41

We've filled out thread - I do hope you all find your way here. I can't add a message on the old thread to let you know it is

This new thread, will no doubt have its own set of bfp's and babies. I am excited to see what it brings.

Italiangreyhound Wed 20-Feb-13 00:32:09

Greetings Hippy, Angelgeorgie, Tina, Gum, fireflies, Twirly, BB, Irishmammybread*, sparkleysappire and jbrd, and all.

And hugs to everyone. wink

Morien Wed 20-Feb-13 07:44:19

Congratulations Diege! Here's to an uneventful pregnancy... How are you feeling about it having slept on it?

CaliBee hope you're feeling brighter today. I know what you mean about that feeling of 'maybe that was my only chance' but I think we have to keep the faith. We can still do it (look at miaalexandrasmummy 's friend!)

greenlizard, gum, all the best for your 2WW...we'll all be watching your symptoms carefully grin

sparkly, remnant - thinking of you both.

Day off here today, very welcome after 2 extremely busy days (I've fallen asleep on the sofa both evenings). It's a beautiful day, cold but clear and sunny -*irish*, if you're still in Ypres I hope the weather's as good up there as it has been here for the last few days. I'm going to go for a swim, potter about in the garden a bit, read...but first of all I'm going to watch the episode of Game of Thrones that I slept through last night. Thanks to CaliBee, gum and anyone else who recommended it - DP and I are loving it (when I can stay awake!)

Still no AF on CD42... confused

hopefulgum Wed 20-Feb-13 10:02:17

Hi ladies. Lovely to see Miasmummy and Italian drop in.

Deige, how are you feeling about things today? I was thinking about you,and wondering when your morning sickness will set in as I know you get it badly. Will you see a doctor soon for a prescription? I guess it will be hard to keep from DH if you are feeling poorly?

Morien, it sounds like you are having a lovely time, bugger about the lack of AF though. Could you see a doctor and get something to bring it on (can't remember what it is called, but I remember Calibee used it, is it "provera"?).

Calibee I sympathise, wondering if in fact that was your only chance. I felt the same way after my first miscarriage. I know I am not a poster girl for a subsequent THB, but I did get pregnant again a couple of times, just still hoping for a golden egg. And it may happen any month.Just as I think you may have said to me before, if you keep trying,at least you are giving yourself a chance. I am still trying to keep the faith, despite such awful odds for my age group. I have to keep the faith, otherwise I think I would find it difficult to keep going.

Well, I've had a pretty rough day. Actually a rough couple of days. Yesterday, as I was rushing off to work with DS in tow, I slipped on my driveway, put a big hole in my brand new expensive black work pants, and a hole in my knee. Ouch. I then had to suddenly rustle up a whole new outfit that didn't need ironing (^impossible^), and get DS to school, and was quite late for my first class. My Head of department had started the class, I felt awful, and the rest of the day was out of kilter...

Today hasn't proven much better with DS chucking a huge tantrum just before we had to leave because he didn't like his outfit (Oh Geeze!hmm). In the end I had to throw him into the car without a shirt on. By the time we got to his carer, he was shivering as I had the air conditioner on! He actually happily put his shirt on then!grin

When I got to work I found out that the professional learning I had busted my gut to do last year, in my own time, online (48 frikkun hours of it) would not in fact give me a pay rise, because I wasn't in a high enough pay bracket yet and probably won't be for a couple of years.angry I felt really blue about it actually. I was looking forward to back pay through to November when I finished the course (and had spent it a few times in my headhmm). It also seemed to fuck up my whole day. Grr...I feel quite emotional and not as resilient as usual. I am hoping it is a sign of pregnancy grin, of course I'd have symptoms at 1 DPO hmmgrin

Incidentally, my CBFM asked me for another stick this morning and I obliged,and it read "high", that surely must be the end of the surge? I won't pee on sticks anymore, even if the monitor asks. They cost a fortune and as far as I'm concerned, I got two days of peak, and my temperature was way above coverline this morning.

So it looks like greenlizard and I are cycle buddies. wink

ShiftyFades Wed 20-Feb-13 11:08:26

<sneaks in>

May I join you? I'm now 40 and have been TTC Dc2 for 14 months now without success?

I have 1 DS who is 4 and, as I have endometriosis I am so grateful to have him.

DH and I decided to stop when I turned 40 a couple of months ago. I became moody and snappy, it took me a few weeks to work out it was because of this. I think I'm not ready to stop, just yet.

Anyway, we've been careless this month and haven't used protection grin (I hated using condoms in Jan, it was miserable).

My cycle has had the odd hiccup. Last year AF was a week late, twice. The rest of the time I'm a dependable 28.5 days.

Last month I was a bizarre 3 days late but I knew there was no chance of being pg.

So... AF is <whispers> 7 days late going on my usual cycle and 4 days late if you go on the most recent cycle.
Last night we dtd as this often brings on AFs arrival, but nothing!!

Common sense says do a test, but if I do, and it's negative I'll be heartbroken yet again.

I'd like to wait until the weekend as ill be 10 days late from normal and a week late from the extended cycle. Will you hold my hand while I wait?

Fwiw: I have no symptoms of anything. No boob pain (I was very sore with DS) but no back ache.

I don't want to tempt fate by buying a test. All the time that I don't know means I could actually be....

Does that make sense?!!

Sorry to jump in with such a long post when you don't even know me blush

JBrd Wed 20-Feb-13 15:42:43

Welcome Shifty Happy to hold your hand (and drag you away from the pg tests smile) - the waiting is agonising, isn't it? I also have fairly regular and reliable cycles, so I know all to well how worked up you get when af doesn't arrive on time! And heartache when you then get a bfn or she finally does... Fingers crossed for you!

gum I think you need a deep breath and a brew or even a wine! Some days just need to get over and be done with, and it sounds as if you've had one of them!

Morien Glad I'm not the only new convert to Game of Thrones! DH and I have just finished the first series and am now impatiently awaiting the arrival of season 2 in the post! Unfortuantely, it doesn't get released on DVD in the UK until the beginning of March. I've actually started reading it as well now, not sure if I will be able to stop when I get to the point where season 1 ended. I'm completely hooked...

Well, I just had a major wobble, similar to yours, CaliBee - just heard from a friend who was due a couple of weeks ago that she's had a little boy. I was all fine and happy for her and started looking for a little present for the baby - and now I'm sitting here in my office, fighting back the tears sad. For the first time since my mc, I thought 'I would've been 16 weeks now', and it hit me really badly.
And it will only get worse - from now on until about June, there will be 1-2 babies per month coming along in my circle of friends, and I'm truly dreading it, all of a sudden. And then there will be my due date at the end of July, when the whole world will be going crazy about the Royal Baby (Kate and I would've been bump buddies angry), there will be no getting away from it all.

On the plus side, I guess it all means that I am truly ready to get back on the ttc bus now!

CaliBee Wed 20-Feb-13 17:49:19

Aw jbrd...I had a similar day. I cant seem to do anything right at work and the pedantic nit picky nature of pharmacists has somehow directed itself at me today. I spent my lunch hour hiding behind my hair and pretending I had a sniffy nose as I fought and fought the rising lump in my throat. I pretended to be reading my phone (kindle app before you think I'm nuts) but was actually watching my tears splat on the desk under my nose. Maybe its because today marks 4 weeks exactly since the mc....maybe because my body (even though temps are up and a week since +opk) shows no physical symptoms of having ovulated....I have no idea, but I feel incredibly flat and frustrated all at the same time. And yes....the royal baby fever is going to be hard. I hope we both feel better soon. flowers

Welcome to shifty this is a lovely thread with fantastic supportive ladies. I couldnt have got through the last few months without them. Do you track ovulation atall?? Either temping or doing opk's or both?

Thankyou morien you are right...we have to keep the faith. There are lots of positive stories around. My cycles were like yours last year. gum is right I was prescribed Provera (basically progesterone) which brings on Af with 7-14 days of taking it. Another one is norethisterone. I do wish though that the Drs had looked a little more into the possible cause of my long cycles rather than just treating the symptom. I may bring it up at my GP appointment in a couple of weeks.
gum how crap having done all that work with no reward. I think you are justifiably pissed off....I would be too. Have to say I had a giggle at your ds's tantrum...I'm sorry. Oh and I'm pretty sure cbfm is programmed to read 2 peaks and then a high...I used to stop feeding it after first peak (when I got one). Hopefully those swimmies are well and truly in place....ready and waiting.

CaliBee Wed 20-Feb-13 17:57:30

Glad you have found Game of Thrones Jbrd and Morien....I have seen all of season 2 now and am currently on book 5.

ShiftyFades Wed 20-Feb-13 18:23:09

Thank you for letting me join you. I dithered over the 10 months+ thread and this one. I felt, given my age, this would be the right place for me.

Sorry to read about the mc and the awful time ahead. My friend is pg with baby 3, her first 2 were twins, born 3 weeks after DS. That's how we became friends (post natal class). She's lovely, I'm so pleased for her but I have pangs of jealousy. She is morbidly overweight and, whilst younger than me, I think that outweighs my age.
But I mustn't be jealous, this baby was much longed for and she has additional worries that made its conception more urgent. I love her to bits and can't wait to meet the baby... But I know I'll sob when I read the announcement sad

I used OPKs to get DS and I still have a pack.... I think I need to either: talk to DH to see if we should try one more month, in earnest... Or.... Sneakily test and romance him into bed... grin

Oh, and because I dared to hope today... AF arrived this afternoon... Bitchangryconfusedangry

CaliBee Wed 20-Feb-13 18:45:33

Oh shifty thats crap.
Definately talk to DH...after all, whats the difference between being 39 and 364 days and 40 Plus a few?? lol

ShiftyFades Wed 20-Feb-13 18:59:10

Exactly wink
Will have to call it a day soon though. Would like to book a holiday soon (DS starts school in sept so want to go abroad in term time, for the first and last time for 10/13 years!) and also planning a big (both sets of GPs) holiday to Florida next Easter. Won't go with a newborn but flights should be on sale soon.

I need to get my best "persuasion" head on because DH had already decided to stop. He just forgot to use condoms this month and I "forgot" to remind him wink

thewashingneedsdoing Wed 20-Feb-13 21:18:00

i used to post on here under another name and wanted to say that i read today an interview with Nicole kidman where she said her grandmother had her last at 49 years old! thought that may cheer some of you up! (sorry if someone has already mentioned that)

Diege Wed 20-Feb-13 22:22:17

Evening smile. Thanks again for the congrats. It is sinking in now and I'll wait until sickness kicks in before telling dh I think. That's a good sign for me (every non-sick pregnancy had resulted in mc) plus as you say Gum it will be hard to hide then! On past (healthy) pregnancies sickness starts for me at about 5.5 weeks (HG) so we'll see what happens. If it doesn't I'll probably keep quiet and see what happens.
Your day does sound stressful Gum! Ds1 had a similar one a few wks ago when he wouldn't get dressed - soooo frustrating when you need to get out. Sod's law about your trousers too. At least you have a good series of dtds in, so no stress there yet ...fpr a few days wink
Hi italian, Miaalexandramummy - nice to see you both x
calibee hope you are ok, it is so tough after a mc and it is relatively soon too to be feeking anywhere near normal.
How are things morien? A very difficult time for you too sad
Welcome shifty - love the name! You made a good choice with this thread grin
calandergirl has your postie been yet?

hopefulgum Wed 20-Feb-13 22:47:31

Morning all.
Welcome Shifty. I think you are still quite young (I'm envy because I am ancient), so I hope you will keep trying. Sorry that AF turned up. She has a way of doing that when we least want her toangry

Deige, I think your approach is very sensible. By the way, would you mind sending over some of your babydust? I have decided you will take the trophy for being "Fertile Myrtle". It used to be mine, but I think it should be yours nowgrin I think I am no longer the "fertile Myrtle" I used to be.

As for my crappy couple of days, I think it is because I am truly meant to be a spoilt princess who doesn't have to rush around and should not have to work. Pity I can't afford to be a princess. I'll just have to suck it up and get on with itsmile. I do think that DS is finding the routine difficult after 6 weeks of very cruisey stay at home time. And, actually, I am finding that hard too!

This afternoon I have a 2 hour after school meeting, about copyright. I am sure that will be thrilling hmm I'd rather stay home and go to the beach. I think I'll be having a family carer day soon with DS so we can both catch our breath.

Jbrd and Calibee, sorry to hear that things are tough. Please be kind to yourself.It is still so new and raw. I had to avoid my pregnant friend for ages, in fact I missed the last couple of months of her pregnancy, and didn't visit until her baby was about 2 weeks old (and only because my DH insisted). It was just too painful a reminder. ((hugs))

Well, I am officially in the tww. My temperature was up again and FF gave me crosshairs. I only got a "good" rating on "intercourse frequency", 2 days before and day of ovulation. I also DTD 6 and 4 days before, so lets hope there was a whole lot of sperm in waiting....I think it was a stirling effort and couldn't possibly have done it more often.confused

hopefulgum Wed 20-Feb-13 22:48:08

P.S. Calandergirl, could you please test already????grin

calendargal Wed 20-Feb-13 23:13:24

grin No postie yet and no AF - 19DPO so I am now certain I am pregnant. I will now be shocked if it isn't a bfp. I've sort of got my head around being pg (still in the absence of a +ve test of course...), but keep looking at dd thinking HOW will I cope with two?? DH away with work this week but he emailed this evening to say that a really important work project has potentially just been brought forward to Sept-Oct. What he doesn't know is that another big project has potentially just been brought forward to October too grin. He's back Friday night.

Welcome Shifty.

thewashing, years ago my mother had a friend who had her only child at 50 - this was around 1985 so extremely unlikely to have been assisted. She had married late and decided to try (possibly before there was so much adverse coverage of 40-something pregnancies too - perhaps that gave her the courage). The DIL of a friend of MIL's recently had her first at 47 after ttc a while, but my guess is that was IVF/donor eggs.

notsoold Wed 20-Feb-13 23:26:57

Hi All !!!
I am having trouble posting and this is my third attempt...
Jbrd and Calibee...consider yourselves hugged by all of us. I don't think I can say wiser words han others here. Pain is clear from your posts and likewise love and understanding flow from all of us to you. Take care of your hearts and souls....

Deige...I read your post and thought was I pukking when pregnancy with dd?? So long ago I am not completely sure but me thinks not. I remember nausea during ds I(like you) didn't have ms during the mmc I hope I do because I am stressing a bit!!! are things?? Has af showed herself?

Sparkly....thinking of you hun....hole you are well

Gum...Falling is catching! I did and now it is you smile ....when ds started reception he went through patches of happy going versus finding excuses...sorry about the not salary raising issue sad....

Gum and green tww for you both....get yourselves some bfps so we can graduate together....

Shifty welcome hun!!!

notsoold Wed 20-Feb-13 23:39:25

Calendar...fx for you!!!

Martha...welcome!!! Hellllllooooo from me! smile smile

Hi to everyone else!!!

Because I don't trust what I see and I have few pregnancy tests about I poas and now all show positive. ( even the ic that did my head in and showed the lightest of light second line when other brands- superdrugs and B&M showed +ive....). Do I believe that I am pregnant??? After all this tests I believe I will have a baba in my arms??? I want desesperately to believe it....
Without ms feels like déjà vu from last summer sad

Ds went to London and arrived todayafter few days with relatives ...all excited re ttravelling on his own and keen to do it again!!! I missed him and his messy ways!!!

Xxx to all

Diege Thu 21-Feb-13 07:42:15

notsoold I wouldn't worry too much about sickness. I get HG,so very unusual not to get even some sickness if I get it so extremely in usual pregnancies. How many weeks are you now? I have had a lurk at the october antenatal thread, but think I might hold out to the Nov one as due very end of oct (ds 2 28th oct, so could be same day!) Of course this is a massive 'if' as it's such easy days. I am trying not to get excited and be prepared for then worst, but I am a natural optimist (most of the time) and it's difficult to stay grounded sometimes.
Symptoms so far are tiredness and sore boobs. No going off foods, and only a few waves of nausea at bedtime.
Gum Noooo you are fertile myrtle, I'm not taking that title away from you just yet grin. I reckon you're in with a good chance this month - what are crosshairs by the way? confused. Hope you enjoy the copyright meeting grin. Sounds the sort you could do by e-mail, and then delete before reading...
calendergirl sounding very hopeful, if not a cert. We need immediate news when postie comes. I was very impressed that my tests arrived so early - maybe they realised how desperate I was what with ordering 50 grin
Annual leave day today (half term here) so trying to think up something inspiring to do with the dcs that doesn't cost money...probably the park again and some home baking. Plus I have more exam marking (still not finished!) and they have asked me to do some more too - can't say no really!

greenlizard Thu 21-Feb-13 07:49:07


notsoold glad you can finally believe it! If(when) i get a Bfp I would imagine i would certainly pee on every stick going for a long period of time. Re MS I would think that every pregnancy is different so not necessarily a sign. Fingers crossed for you.

diege?I understand you wanting to keep your news to yourself for a while but really I don't know how you can - I would be busting a gut!! Hope you feel sick very soon grin

hopeful we are officially cycle buddies now. Temp was up again so got my cross hairs and am now officially 3DPO (the same as you I think). Still using my CBFM and it is still giving me highs. I have been testing every day since CD6 and it is now CD15 - is it going to keep asking me to test until I have used all 20 sticks? I am starting to wonder about the wisdom of buying this machine as it doesn't seem very illuminating for me at all. I got a high shag rating on FF but didn't manage to BD on the actual day of O so we shall see! Sorry your day sounded so frustrating (but I did chuckle about your DS - kids are very funny and quirkey though not so when you are trying to get out of the house!!)

calendergal please test! I am impatient.....

Welcome to martha and shifty and hello to everyone else <waves> - I am off as late for work!

JBrd Thu 21-Feb-13 09:34:17

Good morning, everyone!
calendargal Everything crossed for you! Keep the BFPs coming, ladies!

notsoold When I had my last BFP, I poas for weeks before I really believed it... Stay positive, wishing you a sticky bean! And to everyone else, too, of course!

Question for those of you with experience of using the CBFM - I think I must have missed switching it on properly on day (I've done it first thing when my alarm goes off for taking my temp, so barely awake, probably not a good thing...). So when I checked properly today, as I was expecting it to start demanding to poas, I realised it's on CD5, but I am on CD6. Does this now mean I can't use it for this cycle anymore, or can I continue in spite of being a day out, since this is the 'getting to know you' cycle? I'm using OPKs alongside with it, so I don't think I'll be likely to miss ovulation. Am I right to think that in the worst case, I'll just have to use more of the stick?

Only 2 more mornings of work to get through, then I'm on holiday! Can't wait! I want to chill, read lots, get some nice spa treatments, do lots of fun things with DS, and some different fun things with DH wink and, most importantly, sleeeeeeppp...

However, from the looks of it, the reality will be that I'll be spending a significant amount of time working on my CV and job applications confused. Ugh. But at least I can get on with it, at the moment it all has to happen in the evenings, when I'm shattered.

hopefulgum Thu 21-Feb-13 10:53:45

Jbrd, don't worry about being a day out with the CBFM. It will start asking for sticks early enough for you to catch the surge.

Greenlizard, I did a bit of research about the CBFM and apparently it will keep asking for sticks, til it has asked for 20 if you haven't had a peak. And even if you do have a peak, it will ask for 10. So when I get a peak, I will stop testing. I do wonder if it is just a way of raising revenue by selling a truckload of sticks to everyone. I think I may need to buy more, but, I am hoping I won't need to. However, by the time AF turns up, It is too late for the box of sticks to be ordered to come in time for the next ovulation.

I've had a bit of tingling in my breasts on and off today. I really don't want to think much of it, but it is a good sign. I know many people say pregnancy symptoms don't kick in until after implantation, but I don't agree. With each of my pregnancies (and I've had nine), I had had symptoms in the tww. BUt these days I seem to have them in the first week of the 2ww then they sem to disappear, which tells me they aren't implanting. At least that's my theory and I'm sticking to itgrin

The copyright meeting was bone dry and dull, and it seems we now have a whole lot of extra work logging everything we use for work from the internet. Bloody hell...angry

Deige, cross hairs just means that FF has identified ovulation. SO I'm now 3DPO, just like G.Lizard.

calendergirl, I cannot believe you haven't tested yet. Wow! Will of steel. I would have been out to the shops by now if I were you. But at the moment I have approx 30 internet cheapies, 7 First response and 1 clearblue digital tests, all waiting to give me the BFP I deservegrin (If only it was a case of most deserving, but we all know that isn't the case when we see abusive,chain-smoking troll screaming at their toddlerssad)

Morien Thu 21-Feb-13 16:48:30

Thanks Diege. I've actually had a really nice few days but at the back of my mind there's the thought that in a parallel universe my due date was this week. I felt really sad about it last week but this week has been better - the anticipation was worse than the reality. During my blip last week I posted about wanting to go back to just making the most of my DSCs because after all, they might be the closest I ever come - and then last week they were just so lovely and gentle with me. We always get on well but it was as if they knew I needed them to be like that with me. (It reminded me of the evening I found out about the mmc - I was crying, and DSS (3 at the time) came into the room. DP tried to send him out so I could have some privacy, but DSS refused to go - instead he stomped over to me (he's a little bruiser), climbed on to my knee and put his arms around my neck. He nuzzled his face against mine for a minute, told me not to cry and then stomped out, closing the door behind him!)

CaliBee, thanks for the info about Provera etc, and thanks gum for mentioning it too. I'm going to call my gynae this evening for an appointment. (I'm not sure if that's how other people make appointments with her but we bought our house from her so I get special treatment!) Still no sign of AF.

Shifty, welcome! Sorry AF got you (wish she'd get me though!)

notsoold glad your son survived his trip had a good time!

Waiting, waiting, waiting for this evening so we can watch more Game of Thrones... Cali, jbrd are the books good?

CaliBee Thu 21-Feb-13 17:30:33

morien very quickly as I'm doing about ten things at once here.....books are fantastic..more detailed and I learned more names after reading the books. I even went back and watched the series' again after reading them.
Bless your DS, what a little love.

galwaygal Thu 21-Feb-13 20:36:25

Hi all, sorry to butt in, old snug resident here, please excuse the quick message to my old friend.
thanks Diege thanks, hey me old friend, congrats on being preggo again, (not that I really believed that you has stopped ttc!!!). May I wish you a sticky little bean, and perhaps one without the puking envy being quite so horrendous. Hoping that this one gives you the nice even number of children too. (so not twins, but one or triplets!!!! Hehehe). I miss having the fun in the snug, but do keep a little eye on how everyone is doing. [Hug]

calendargal Thu 21-Feb-13 20:42:18

BFP here shock grin Sorry I couldn't update earlier. Tests arrived mid-morning - I practically grabbed them from the postman - but had FIL with me and (v articulate) DD following me into the toilet so had to resort to great subterfuge to do one - could just see DD coming out and telling FIL all about mummy weeing in a pot.

The line didn't come up immediately (not FMU of course) and my reaction was "Huh?? Wtf? Where's my BFP?" Then I peered at the test and saw a faint line form before my eyes and felt...relieved I think. So on that coin-flip reaction I suppose I do want this (I have mentioned the vvv bad timing). Then I felt calm, happy and excited all morning and all through lunch - before feeling increasingly knackered in the afternoon. I have been feeling that early pg tiredness for a few days (though have had a bad cold too).

It's funny that you all think I'm the soul of patience - I'm so not, but I knew I was pg (because I chart) so I wasn't in suspense. Just needed to confirm what I already knew.

Now, will read all your updates!

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