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Bring on New Year Bfp's, it's Just Shagging thread 13!

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DingDongBelle Sun 30-Dec-12 13:16:00

Couldn't stand a Fred with only a couple of posts left so I filled it up!

Here is the 13th installation of the Just Shagging saga. If you're a bit lazy relaxed in your approach to getting upduffed, come over here for a natter!

Fred rules;

1. Thou shalt shag as much as humanly possible in order to get upduffed.
2. Thou shalt not partake of OPKs, temping, or charting.
3. Thou shalt keep symptom spotting to a minimum.
4. Thou shalt share brew and wine with your fredmates where needed.

JSing lingo;

ERTD = Evil Red Tide of Dooooooommmmmmm. Or AF to most others.

Pant snot = Egg white cervical mucus.

Doing a kitten = Getting upduffed soon after joining (warning: may induce envy in other posters).

Viroid = This is you, dear poster. This is from the first JS thread when someone tried to type 'ladies' and it autocorrected to 'Viroids' - so there you go!

POAS = Pee On A Stick (of the pregnancy detecting kind, not from a tree). Also known as PIAR (Pee In A Ramekin - cos we're posh birds innit). Or PIATLH (Tea light holder) PIAWG (Wine glass) or anything else you care to pee in!

Shagging like something = JSing like a teenage nymphomaniac.

Giving a hooya = Giving a much needed slap to a fellow poster in danger of slipping into ttc obsession.

Contraband = Of COURSE none of us EVER partake of any silly opk's or temp charting. They are Contraband shock wink

The link to Part 12 is HERE

The link to the latest grads thread is HERE

Happy shagging shaggers grin

addictedismoving Tue 01-Jan-13 09:42:37

happy new year to all!

frogchops Tue 01-Jan-13 09:52:56

Happy new year shaggers....I'm so ill I could crawl under a rock and not come out till next year, but hey, the sun is shining!!

jemimahpuddleduck Tue 01-Jan-13 11:14:14

Happy New Year All!

Did another early test this morning and got a BFP!!
After yesterday's BFN I was a little shocked but obviously we are both thrilled.

Frog hope you feel better soon

AQuarkTooFar Tue 01-Jan-13 11:29:22

Yay Jemimah congrats on the BFP! Fab way to start to 2013.

Our New year plans fell through at the last minute so we ended up hope alone! Don't worry though there was much wine and shagging had! What a way to round off my green week. On the 2ww now. Who is testing around the 14th?

MoistFlange Tue 01-Jan-13 11:59:44

Hi, can I join? I've been lurking for a bit. I've decided I should start posting.

Happy New Year to you all.

Name MoistFlange
Age 28
Location Down Under - which is why I'll be posting at odd times!
Any DC? No
TTC First month!

frogchops Tue 01-Jan-13 12:12:57

Congrats jemima!!! Lovely ny gift!!
Welcome moist, I'm loving the name....there will be many moist flange discussions here!!
Quark, I'm testing on 14th ish.... Good news about ny shagging!! If you've seen my posts you'll know that my shag plans didnt happen due to shitty cold. But hey ho, I'll still test, stranger things have happened!!

Furrybiscuit Tue 01-Jan-13 12:16:19

Congrats jemima !! Yeyyyyyy!!

But....have you just done a kitten wink

SantaBearface Tue 01-Jan-13 14:16:42

Congrats Jemima, you kitten you!

Happy New Year all!

Welcome Moist - beautiful name!

Thanks Frog - yes - decided to take control yesterday - felt everyone deserved to know whether I managed it or not, so thought I'd let you know. Sending some dust your way Frog.

Kittenkatzen Tue 01-Jan-13 15:49:31

Oooh congrats jemima sneaking a kitten in there nice work! smile

Welcome moist!

cookielove Tue 01-Jan-13 15:55:13

Hello my lovelies, how are you in this fab new year!! I had a pants new year, spent it alone, dh out with friends and my friend left early as she felt sick sad but on wards and up wards.

Congratulations all those with BFP

Hello Moist <waves>

SantaBearface Tue 01-Jan-13 16:02:22

Oh Cookie, that's a shame. If it's any consolation I didn't realise how close it was to 12 and went to the toilet so DH was on his own for the bongs. I was wondering why all the fireworks were going off so early! DH seemed a bit confused when I returned. I asked him why he hadn't said anything and he said he didn't realise I would be so long. (I wasn't!) We chuckled afterwards.

BelleEtLaBete Tue 01-Jan-13 16:06:39

Wahey, Jemima! Christened the new Fred!

AndieDisestablishment Tue 01-Jan-13 16:11:25

Congratulations Jemima swift work.

Cookie I brought the new year in with the dog. DCs were in bed and DP was at work.

Elektra83 Tue 01-Jan-13 16:23:51

Happy new year everyone!

To those that asked, I only think we shouldn't be trying yet as my real AF hasn't started yet, having only stopped the pill two weeks ago, it's a long wait!

cookielove Tue 01-Jan-13 16:43:40

Oh dear confused and uneventful new years eve for some of us then.

Elektra83 i was on the depo injections 2 years ago, it took 7 months for my period to come back and another 3 for it to come back consistently, now that was a long wait grin I know yours won't be as long shitty depo Also my work colleague came of the pill and was pregnant the next month. So hopefully you'll be as lucky. wink

frogchops Tue 01-Jan-13 17:32:05

Thanks for the dust bear....
Elektra, I came off the pill 3 months ago and thought the same, but everyone I spoke to (I work with midwives) said just get on with it. They all seemed to suggest that waiting for afs to return wasn't necessary (obv I know its necessary biologically) but for anything else it doesn't matter. So I thought 'wait? Naaaahhh!) then af came back right on time anyway! Good luck, you never know you might be the next to do a kitten!!

Kittenkatzen Tue 01-Jan-13 17:36:01

Ummmmmm.....I just caved and piar.....faint +ve....



AndieDisestablishment Tue 01-Jan-13 17:46:42

applause for Kitten Thread and new year are starting well eh?

I don't think it is 'necessary' to wait for ERTD to return after stopping contraception. You might be lucky and catch that first little egg. None of us have so far though....booooo.

MrsBri Tue 01-Jan-13 17:48:56

Holy shit, kitten, congratulations! I hope you got a twin pack for the morning's wee tomorrow! :-)

Kittenkatzen Tue 01-Jan-13 17:52:55

Thanks girls smile yep got the twin pack so will do the other one tomorrow and hope for a darker line.

Argh I'm all shakey and confuddled now!

frogchops Tue 01-Jan-13 17:57:17

Ahhhh kitten, nice one!!
Wat is it with this new year new thread. Crossing my fingers so tight it hurts!!
Was this a complete shock kitten or have u been like symptom city??

MrsBri Tue 01-Jan-13 18:00:36

I was like that, kitten, then had to go and have my wedding hair and nails done an hour after finding out! Tricky :-)

sunnyday01 Tue 01-Jan-13 18:02:01

Hi all, newbie here! This looks like it ill be a fab thread!

MotherOfCleo Tue 01-Jan-13 18:04:42

Hi, hope i dont mind a newby jumping in smile
I did exactly the same thing kitten had the faintest of faint lines on an IC an got all excited I was already a bit pissed by then, but my sober mond says I was clutxhing straws, now Im a bit scared to test AF was due today but no sign of the witch so far. Gonna piar in the morning. FX its a good result eeeek

cookielove Tue 01-Jan-13 18:09:49

Kitten grin

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