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Newbie here!

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Elektra83 Fri 28-Dec-12 10:27:21

Ooh I think we can help each other!

AF - Aunt Flow (periods!)
BFP/BFN are Big Fat Positive and Big Fat Negative I think
DH/DS etc is Darling Husband, Darling Son, Darling Daughter (DD) again...I think!

Cheers for dpo, I had no idea what that one was!

bluefreckles Fri 28-Dec-12 10:23:45

I am fairly new too and am also trying to work it all out!
I think 'dpo' means days past ovulation. I would like to know what the following mean:

AF (period related I'm guessing)
BFP & BFN (one is obviously positive and one negative but what is the BF part?)
DH, DS - ??

Does anyone have a dictionary - at the moment I'm just guessing everything and would love to know for definite what everything means smile

Elektra83 Fri 28-Dec-12 09:32:52

Hi everyone,

I have been reading your threads on here which have been interesting and thought I'd actually start posting.

We will be ttc next month I think, as I have been on Microgynon 30 for 3 years - had a 7 month break in 2010, we are waiting for a proper period before actively trying (although tbh I want to start now, there is a small voice in my head that asks would it be so bad if we tried now, hehe!). I took my last pill on 17th December.

Just a quick question - is there a thread which explains all of the abbreviations? I have worked out some of them, but not all!

Thanks and good luck everyone who is ttc smile

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