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Girraferama Sat 29-Dec-12 23:46:19

Sorry that should have said bloodtest!!!! blush

Girraferama Sat 29-Dec-12 23:45:33

I'm in the same boat Lisa, no AF, 9 days late but still getting BFNs. I'm going to the docs for a bloodiest on Monday as its driving me mad. I've read a million forums and it seems really common to get false negatives early on and you seem to have really strong symptoms, so don't give up. I read on another thread to get 10mui tests from Amazon, packs of 15, have just ordered some.

Let me know how you get on... Suddenly time is standing still! smile

DingDongBelle Thu 27-Dec-12 19:21:06

I bought a batch from eBay but I got my first bfp with DS on a poundland cheapie. The bonus is you can merrily pee away to your hearts content then confirm you dozen or so cos you don't believe it cheapie bfp on a digi! Good luck x

LisaMD86 Thu 27-Dec-12 18:36:16

Thank you! Can I ask what cheap 1s are worth while? I popped & got some from superdrugs today £4.99 for 2 (buy 2 packs for £7.99) as I had £5 i superdrug points to spend but wondering if there are any cheaper 1s than that but that will still give me an accurate answer?!Thanks

DingDongBelle Thu 27-Dec-12 15:29:51

Keep testing, every 2 days or so, until your period comes. I didn't get my bfp with DS until 22dpo, so if you can't wait for your period, keep testing! Buy some cheapies though - I test on cheapies and will only fork out a tenner on a digi to confirm. Could cost you a fortune! Alternatively, get your bloods tested at the doc?

LisaMD86 Thu 27-Dec-12 13:32:37

Oh also ha a couple of dizzy spells, feel bloated & everything seems to smell stronger than normal, I even gagged at the smell of the raw turkey for Xmas!

LisaMD86 Thu 27-Dec-12 13:28:09

Hi all, just after some advise really...

My OH & I stopped using contraception in November, we had only been using condoms& I have never been on/used any other form of contraception and I have a 31 day cycle.

I have been having odd symptoms for the last couple of weeks-extremely tired no matter how much I sleep, constantly needing to pee, random/strange dreams, woken up feeling slightly nauseous a couple of morning, keep waking up at around 4/5am unless I go to bed really late & sometimes I still wake up even then, have had some extreme mood swings (laughing to sad crying in a few seconds and then angry).

I am not normally a PMS sufferer so this is all odd to me, my OH & I really thought I was pregnant so we did a test Xmas morning (2days late for my period) however we were both shocked when it came back as "not pregnant". I have been getting stomach pains on & off like period pains but nothing horrendous tbh....

Just wondering if anyone has experienced false negatives? Or has any advise? I'm now 4 days late so any advise would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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