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TTC 10+ months thread 12

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buzzybee123 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:56:58

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 24-Dec-12 00:26:24

Hello. Allowed to introduce myself. I am MrsNelly grin. As of 48-ish hours ago.

We had just the best time ever. I'm so in love with my new hubby it's disgusting. Next thing you know I'll be putting up threads asking if that will make me pregnant wink. Anyway photos are starting to appear on Facebook. I quickly scan read and saw you were all becoming FB buddies, if anyone who wants to see PMs me their details,I think that's the easiest way to show pics?

Off to sleep, will catch up soon. I missed you all, but have also enjoyed the total break from worrying about TTC.

EuroShagmore Mon 24-Dec-12 08:33:32

I'm glad you are on the mend Madness.

Congratulations to Mrs Nelly! I hope you had a fantastic day.

akuabadoll Mon 24-Dec-12 08:40:56

Great to hear wedding was great nelly , thanks for popping in, have a great trip.
I've never had a FB account , if I ever get one the 10 + will be my only first 'friends' wink
critter I recently finished a project too. I would recommend it to anyone wanting that kind of service. I'm sure there are plenty of others but it was easy to use and lovely end product.
madness glad to hear things are more manageable now.
Loves to all, sorry for not name checking, just wanted to add a family Christmas quote from my location:
Small child looking at image "what's that?"
Adult in reply "that's an angel, it's like a fairy but a bit posher"

sarlat Mon 24-Dec-12 10:18:16

Nao - sorry for smug preggos. Hope the mac and cheeses was yum.

Buzz - sorry Barry was poorly again but I am VERY glad to hear you ovulated. Good news and reassuring. Crikey, I hope you haven't got norovirus.

Critter - my post ov temps tend to travel up and down a little - as long as it doesn't dip below the cover line (maybe once is fine) then it should be ok. It must be exciting to observe a full cycle. Oh and have a fab trip.

Joy - goodness me. You have high NK cells. So this could have been the culpret for failed implantation? I am pleased to hear you are going on the SP. I agree with everyone else it is for convernience purposes which is why they put most people on LP but surely SP would suit most people in reality. It will be great to have a shorter IVF cycle and less drugs. I am feeling very excited for you.

Madness - geez, I am sorry you had to get more antibiotics. I hope you have a healthy 2013 too.

Euro - you photography is wonderful and very soothing to look at!

Gin - ooo I hope AF and PMT don't turn up and spoil the party. Get you "Mrs out 5 times in a row". I love it!

Deb - sorry for the spotting. You sound like you are doing ok and focusing on the festivities. I really admire that, And you know what - everything will be ok.

Rabbit - well done for doing the bake off. I love your attitude owards non ttc thoughts. Keep it up - you are doing brilliantly.

Lemon - thanks for the mince pies. The dinner party sounds like fun. I wish I could go to a dinner party with all of you ladies - how much fun would that be!

Euro - glad yoi are more upbeat just in time for Christmas. Glad you had a nice time with freind's babies.

Nelly - ooo honey, hope you had a wonderful day. Can't wait for photos.

Big christmassy hugs to Pout, Teu, Artemis and evreyone else.

Well the wedding day was absolutley fantastic. The ceremony was beautiful and moving and the reception and party were great fun. My siter looked like an angel (those on fb will be able to see soon) and I joined Gin with my dancing in short skirts to rock tunes. In fact my thighs are killing me from all the mad jumping up and down I was doing when the band came on. There were no bridezilla moments and the bride and groom were smiling and thanking me and big sis non stop. I think the stress last week was simply stress.

There was lots of talk about them becoming parents soon. Everything seemed so pure and hopeful for the future. That made me glad for them but sad for me.

I have made a decision that I am going to stop visiting our thread for a few weeks. It's not this thread itself, it's just that I am feeling over stimulated by all the ttc stuff and I haven't been able to switch off for 3 months now. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming doesn't it. And the only person who can try to change that is me. I have a combination of feelings which are making day to day life tireing. Worry of course that we all have, lots of fear about what is or isn't wrong with me (upcoming lap) worry over DH's age and lots of other little bits such as close family sprogging soon

Anyway, I am ok, just need a rest. I will update after my lap and I will only be away for a few weeks. I do want to become FB mates with you ladies. I might be able to sus it out via those I already know. I will pm those I'm not sure of.

Have lovely christmas and 2013 WILL BE OUT YEAR!

akuabadoll Mon 24-Dec-12 14:00:21

sar I'm so glad the wedding was lovely, do have a good break from the thread if that's what seems best for you. With love for Christmas and the new year.

EuroShagmore Mon 24-Dec-12 14:28:05

sar I'm glad the wedding was fab. I understand what you mean about the ttc stuff becoming a bit much sometimes. I'll happily hook up with you on FB if you would like to. I have gathered a couple of 10+ers already!

doll love that quote.

Joy I somehow missed your NK cell result. There are definitely some similarities between us - positives on the Greek tests (which were your positves? Mine were hidden C and ureaplasma) and high NK cells! I hope this means some answers for you.

mrsden Mon 24-Dec-12 14:43:32

Sar, Im pleased the wedding went well. I totally understand about taking some time out. I've been contemplating doing something similar, I feel like I have nothing positive to contribute at the moment and I don't want to drag everyone else down. Do update us on the lap though. I hope it gives some answers.

Congratulations mrsnelly!

The spotting is heavier so looks like I will get af in my stocking. Feeling very pmty too. Poor dh is hiding from me I think, I am very snappy. Hopefully I'll be ok by tomorrow and full of Xmas cheer.

buzzybee123 Mon 24-Dec-12 15:12:37

afternoon ladies I'm enjoying a lazy afternoon scoffing crap and watching 'little women'

sar I can understand that you need a break

mrsd sorry that AF is going to appear for xmas

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Tue 25-Dec-12 09:22:00

Congratulations mrsnelly! That sounds great!

Wonderful wedding tales from sar too. I totally understand the need to get some distance from TTC, but you'll be missed here!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you lovely ladies. I really hope Santa brings some delayed in the post BFPs to the lovel 10+ers soon!!!

ArtemisTheHunter Tue 25-Dec-12 23:37:09

Just popping in at the end of a good, long and spectacularly idle day to wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope you have all had a wonderful time. Huge congratulations to mrsnelly, hope you have enjoyed your first married Christmas after what sounds like the perfect wedding day!

I've been meaning to post for days but waiting until I had time for a proper catch-up, but of course the longer you leave it the more there is to catch up with... I shall be back but in the meantime will just echo Lemon's wish for lots of new year BFPs on this thread. 2013 has a good vibe about it, the universe had better be listening!

Christmas loves to all xx

TeuchterWahine Wed 26-Dec-12 08:20:37

Congratulations mrsnelly! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
sarlat Glad the wedding turned out ok. Look after yourself.
For what it's worth mrsd I think the 'not this month either' thing makes us extra snappy. Hope you are ok.
I really hope that 2013 is the magic number for this thread. Some of you have been trying so long and you all deserve your baby so much.
MrTeu got his 'medical professional confirmation' on Christmas Eve. He grinned sheepishly. Unfortunately I now can't face any of the treats I've made or bought, like mince pies, Christmas cake or Fox's biccie selection. He is terribly upset wink. Day and week at a time, still stunned.
Festive tail feather waves to all with hopeful sparkles 2013.

EuroShagmore Wed 26-Dec-12 09:04:36

Morning 10+ers. We made it through Xmas Day! Mine was a nice quiet adult one. Very enjoyable, but of course I would have loved a child there to mess things up and cry when I am trying to eat my dinner, etc.

I did very well in my present haul (save for one dodgy scarf that I cannot understand why anyone who has met me would have bought me as it is so far from my taste!). I got a watch and earrings from Mr Euro (the watch because he is bored of fixing my old one!).

All in all, it wasn't a bad day, although slightly twinged with sadness like most of my life now.

CritterPants Wed 26-Dec-12 11:21:02

Hello all, just a quick check in from parents' ipad... Hope everyone is having a lovely time with their other halves and or families. Congratulations to mrsnelly! Glad the day was perfect and cant wait to hear more about it after your honeymoon.
Fantastic news teu about the medical confirmation, i am so pleased for you, even if it does mean no mince pies! :-)
Lovely to see you art and euro, the watch sounds lovely. My top tip for oven cleaning, although i bet yours is gleaming by now, is a paste of baking soda and water left on overnight. It works a treat! (saddo emoticon)
Sar we will miss you but totally understand need to take a step back. Good luck with the op.
I am eating toast and watching two red squirrels stuffing their little faces from my parents' bird feeder in the front garden. They are incredibly cute. Absolutely lovely Christmas here, lots of nerdy board game playing, and muddy walks.
We had goose for the first time this year which was surpisingly delicious- i had never eaten it before. So nice to be back. I echo the 2013 sparkles from teu to all. Hope evryone is having a gorgeous time. Next year is our year!

buzzybee123 Wed 26-Dec-12 11:38:40

morning ladies, hope you all had lovely days yesterday smile

euro we too had an adult xmas with the exception of FIL and his oscar winning performance of man flu and BIL being 'ill' and sleeping most of the day, most likely hungover from the night before. I have to say that the IL's are not really Christmasy like my parents used to be, I long to have a real Christmas like I remember back home.

speaking of back home teu I miss living in a shed, Barry thinks tin roofs are weird. Glad you have had a professional confirmation. Pity about the treats, I went off tea and coffee shock as I drink so much of it and had a thing for honey puffs grin I did think of you as I ate most of my bag of pineapple lumps last night, look after yourself

I can't believe we are nearly into a new year, I remember being young and thinking that 2000 was so far away and now its been and gone. . . well I'm off for a walk now, not as though it will make much difference to my weight with all the crap I have eaten,

Enjoy your Boxing Day smile

buzzybee123 Wed 26-Dec-12 11:43:05

x posts with critter glad you're having a lovely time, and red squirrels, I've only ever seen them on the telly

GinSoaked Wed 26-Dec-12 12:43:55

Happy Chrimbo ladies!! Hope you all had lovely days.

I am currently being plagued by evil AF which showed up this morning. We need to head up to PILs but I feel sick every time I move sad Anyway, Xmas day was ok. A bit odd but nothing to do with ttc for once! I think the looming funeral didn't help, as my mum is still pretty sad. Neither did having to cook a full Xmas dinner in my dad's tiny, bachelor's kitchen. But it was nice to see the family, I got some ace pressies and I could at least drink copious amounts grin

I hope mrsnelly is in her fab honeymoon location but I just wanted to say CONRATS to you and mr nelly! I shall stalk you on FB...

teu I'm so pleased all is going well and it's finally sunk in with mr teu.

Here's to winning our baybees in 2013. Big luffs and Xmas snogs to you all. And thanks so much for all your support, words of wisdom, helping me feel less like a menkul lady, and making me laugh over the last year. You're a wonderful bunch.

joycep Wed 26-Dec-12 12:55:42

Hello one and all, I hope you have been having lovely breaks. Ours kicked off at the weekend and we went to see BiL and kids. It was lovely but they kept saying Xmas was so much nicer with kids which they said last year and really doesn't help Roy and my misery!
Then have been at my parents for Xmas but woke up with a temperature and very sore throat yesterday. So I stayed in bed and turkey was brought to me in bed with my presents. I got some lovely things but not sure about The book on infertility that SiL gave me - I just wanted to cry , and I have the damn thing already. Roy now has a very high temperature too so we are both in bed.

So all in all not a great Xmas. I haven't been ill for years so it is probably time. I have also been feeling very stressed about ivf and I can't get the thought out of my head that my eggs are just totally rubbish. My breasts have stopped hurting and it's only cd24 and I'm only 9dpo so I am feeling a bit fearful that I am going into menopause or something. Wow sorry , I'm not a barrel of laughs!

Anyway, Mrsnelly - huge congratulations. So pleased for you have a great time.

Sar - really pleased the wedding went well. Quite understand you needing to take some time away from here. Look after yourself. And let us know how your lap goes.

Euro - we do sound quite similar although I had hidden c and they detected some bacteria which they couldn't identify. I have yet to speak to a doc about my NK cells but I don't think they are that high after all. Have you started on antibiotics?

Teu - what a fab Xmas present , really thrilled for you . I hope you are taking it easy.

Art - I hope you had a peaceful Xmas. Do you feel properly pregnant yet? You must be about 8 weeks now aren't you?

Critter - glad you are having a great time!

Big hugs to everyone. Sorry for my non cheeryness earlier.

joycep Wed 26-Dec-12 13:01:11

Gin- I am sorry about AF. That's totally miserable poor you. It does pick it's time. Hope you can pop some pills to reduce the pain. X

viviennewestwould Wed 26-Dec-12 13:11:46

Hello, am I too old to join? I'm 41 and trying for exactly one year to have my first child. I got pregnant within two months of trying in January but had a mmc at 11 week scan. Not a whiff of a BFP since. I am on my third cycle of Clomid (3DPO).

I left the over-40 TTC thread because, quite frankly, I was losing sympathy with the women of 45 who are 'desperately' trying to have their fifth child. The miscarriage rates over there are also frightful.

I have to say I am losing hope that this will ever happen for me. I am not here for sympathy, just somewhere to be heard by other women who also know the relentless slog of disappointment. Crumbs, I sound a right miserable old fart - I'm not really grin

EuroShagmore Wed 26-Dec-12 13:52:53

Viv you are very welcome here. This is generally a supportive thread. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes sad, but always supportive. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. A few of us have had got pregnant quite soon after trying but MC'd only to then have no success for ages.

Joy sorry to hear that you are Roy are ill. We're holding off on the antibiotics for now. Create completely poo-poo'd the tests, so as neither of us was that keen to take all those antibs anyway, we are holding off for a while.

Sorry that AF got you Gin. She is a complete bitch with her timing.

Buzz every time I listen to Pulp's Disco 2000, I remember singing along to it at yooni, thinking that the year 2000 seemed ages off.

Critter that sounds lovely! My parents get grey squirrels in their garden and they are so entertaining. one year my parents set up a sort of obstacle course for them between two trees, with a container of nuts at the end. We had hours of fun with that.

I'm just back from visiting my gran. I found the visit quite upsetting last year. She had got much frailer and her dementia was really affecting her. She was much better physically and mentally this year, and on very good form. We've got a friend coming round later to feed leftovers too. And we might fit in some sff in the meantime. smile

Big Xmas luffs to all.

joycep Wed 26-Dec-12 14:13:54

Welcome Viv - you will be very welcome here. A lot of us here have been ttc our first child for over two years so we sure know about the relentless slog of disappointment.

Euro - interesting Create dismissed Greece even the ureaplasma test? It's not a great time to take with them when Xmas is a time for boozing. I am glad your gran was better this year. Old age is just horrible.

mrsden Wed 26-Dec-12 14:44:14

Welcome viv, like euro said this thread is always supportive. I think we're all trying for our first or have I got that wrong?

Sorry you're ill joy. It's no fun being sick over Xmas. I can't believe you got given an infertile book. I'd have wanted to whack her on the head with it. Did she not realise you might just have read everything there is to read on the subject?

Gin, boo to af. Af turned up on Xmas day for me. Of course I'm a complete numpty and hadn't realised I'd run out of towels. Cue me running round manically searching every hand bag I own. I managed to find 10 and I'm trying to eek them out until the shops open tomorrow. Of course, I would have a heavy one this time. Although I'm grateful it's not painful at least.

Cd 2 always makes me feel more positive so today is fine. We've had a god Xmas. If a higher BMi is the key to getting pregnant then I'm well on course. I have eaten so much, and most of it rubbish.

Anyone see the thread about Zara?

buzzybee123 Wed 26-Dec-12 14:49:22

joy sorry you and Roy are not well, there are lots of things going round, and shock at your SIL giving you that book, I think its a bit weird and personal, sort of thing my MIL would do.

gin sorry about AF, and sorry about the upcoming funeral too.

viv You can never be too old to join smile I'm going to be 40 in March, sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I have had two and then nothing for 15 months now, although I now know its down to my crap eggs hmm

euro Glad your gran was better, its difficult seeing loved ones change. is she able to manage at home with support or is she in a home??

Well we went for a walk as Barry gets cabin fever and have decided to do our own little xmas and I plan to make pavlova or find a kiwi shop that sells them as that we what we would have at Xmas back home, MIL doesn't exactly do much, in fact its pretty much like a normal sunday roasthmm and I plan to do some crafty things too.

Well Kayla has turned her nose up at the tin of tuna santa gave her and the left over meat too, although she did lick the gravy off it hmm she can be a difficult thing to please,

mrsden Wed 26-Dec-12 14:52:26

Kayla is gorgeous buzzy. She has the most beautiful eyes. I love that she's found the warmest spot is on the radiator!

EuroShagmore Wed 26-Dec-12 15:34:17

mrsd I think we're all trying for our first biological child (I have in mind Aku having little Doll). We should probably do another round up soon, summarising where everyone is at, as we have a few newbies around the place. It works as a ttc introduction (and a good reminder for me, as I have the memory of a goldfish!).

I did see the Zara thread. It wouldn't surprise me. Sports wise, it would fit in well.

Buzz she's in sheltered accommodation (so her own small flat in a residence with a warden). She's lived there since her angina meant that a flat my parents own (first floor with stairs) got too much for her about 15 years ago. It's less than a mile from my parents' place so my dad can keep an eye on her (she doesn't get on with my mum). My dad's an only as well, so it is just him to look out for her (and me, but I am ashamed to say I don't do anything in terms of practical help). She's very independent and I was saying to Mr Euro on the way back that I hope something physical and mercifully quick gets her before the dementia gets too bad. She would not deal well with having to be cared for.

We used to give our pets a dish of Xmas leftovers to share - a tiny runt of the litter cat and a 7st retriever. The dog used to stand by drooling while the cat licked all the gravy off and ate her fill of the meat and then dive in to whatever the cat left. The kitty definitely ruled the roost! grin

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