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TTC 10+ months thread 12

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buzzybee123 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:56:58

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Sat 22-Dec-12 07:04:29

Morning, this is a hangover lemon trying to drink enough to be hydrated when I get in a boat in an hour smile
Waves and feather shakes

rabbitonthemoon Sat 22-Dec-12 10:43:35

Oo shiny new thread. Marking place. It's bake off day - first up massive maple glazed ham. Back later. I'm enjoying the hangovers on here smile

As I'm on an imposed ban of my own ttc talk I won't mention the announcement of another grandchild that won't be ours. Hares side not mine. But I'm oddly fine with it. I think.

buzzybee123 Sat 22-Dec-12 14:29:43

lemon where are you going in a boat???

nelly hope you are having an amazing day smile

euro I have a canon 550D and use PSE9, I put my pics on FB, and mainly picasa but do use flickr too sometimes. I have been thinking about a some lenses, would like a wide angle and a macro, we shall see smile grin at your dog story.

madness sometimes the combo of the AB's can make you feel like crap, are they for a week or longer?? luckily good I am with a needle so can sort the sofa out, Barry wasn't phased as she is his little princess, I tell you this cat can get away with murder

rabbit it will be you soon making baby announcements, I thought the big bake off was on TV obviously it is you smile

Well Tesco was full of dilly dalliers but I have finished for now, I had lovely cranial osteopathy today too. After complaining to Barry about being ill during shag week I think I am now in the same boat sad as long as its not that norovirus. .

GinSoaked Sat 22-Dec-12 16:00:18

Happy almost Christmas ladies! No more work for a week, wohoo! And well done on the hangovers ladies <proud face>

rabbits I too am having a Xmas cook off. Rocky road is made for a party tonight and the stuffing and bread sauce are on their way. Gargh at the announcement. What a lovely Christmas surprise envy. You made me laugh a lot with your fur monster greeting lucky before he lost his balls story.

buzzy was it the handsome boy again today?! Naughty Kayla, but she looks just adorable in your pics. I think I'd forgive her too smile Hope you aren't feeling too poorly. Love the idea of our babies on the create wall.

mrsd I hope you are doing ok. I love that you can go and cut down a tree! You are being so brave. I have a deep fear that there is something wrong with my bits, as well as Dave's, but they've just not found it. I don't think I could carry on with all the treatment and would just give up, but that's having already given my life over to 2 ivf cycles. As Sar said, it's good they've discovered it now for you and that they can fix it before the cycle. Hope you are doing nice, distracting Christmassy things this weekend.

sar I hope you are currently enjoying the wedding! Get drunk and dance lots.

Speaking of weddings, is it nellie's today? Thinking of you nels!

lemons a boat?! Tell us more! <imagines some kinda luxury cruiser>

Welcome back to the piss wet uk doll!

critter I think you must be on your way home too? Hope you have a good trip. I'm v intrigued about US adoption now, as it sounds like a very young child could be procured... Although I don't know if they allow uk adoption.

nao welcome and hope you had a nice evening. I don't blame you for missing the work do! Sofa and comfort food sounds ace.

joy I'm really pleased to hear that the monitoring cycle didn't show anything problematic. Something I've wondered about is nk cells and men - can they do things to the sperm? Dave has lots of really bad allergies, meaning his immune system is over active and I wonder if it attacks and kills the sperms... Although that is a total guess! Maybe I should send him to agrc for a monitoring cycle wink. Sorry, I digress. That's v exciting that the ivf cycle will start soon. I have a really good feeling about it for you - bet you are the first ttc 10 months twins mum! I agree with what euro said about SP - that's what the consultant told me.

euro you pics are amazing! And some amazing places you've been to.

madness sorry about the infection. No wonder you feel rubbish! I was on several kinds of antibiotics after my first EC, including some nasty arse bullet ones! Hope you feel a bit better today.

Waves and luffs to everyone else.

I'm v impressed at all the crafts skills on the Fred. I struggle to sew on a button. My creative outlets are cooking and gardening, although I've not had time for much of either recently! I wish I could quilt though.

Tonight we have our 5th night out in a row. Not sure I can hack it! Then off to family tomorrow. Dave is being a right miserable bastard. He isn't at all Christmassy hates spending money, much to my frustration. I am trying to not let my pmt rage explode at him. Maybe he has alcohol poisoning. I think AF will appear soonish. I totally forgot about my cycle for a week or two, which was ace, but with the sore boobs and womble rumbles it's now impossible to ignore. Pllllleassee don't arrive on Xmas day AF! I have to cook Xmas dinner and be nice to my dad confused

mrsden Sat 22-Dec-12 16:24:35

I think I made going to cut down our Xmas tree sound more adventurous than the reality. There's a forest near where we live and they let you choose a tree and chop it down, bit like pick your own fruit. We chose a lovely specimen, not too big but bushy, Im feeling quite guilty about chopping her down though but she was grown for this purpose. Gah, I've got tree guilt. Maybe I should have stuck with an artificial one. She does look lovely though. And she smells divine.

buzzybee123 Sat 22-Dec-12 16:31:55

gin you little socialite out 5 nights on the trot grin, I'm pretty sure that nelly is getting married today, my image is of lemon on a small boat on rough seas with her wearing a matching hat and mac ensemble going off to some romantic island to sit in front of a lovely fire smile we don't want her going on the Oriana right now grin
Yes it was the good looking guy again, he has magical fingers but I don't tell Barry that grin

Kayla might look all cute and innocent in the pics but she is a right little diva fur monster when she wants to be, I have covered up the sofa for now, that is tomorrows job.

CritterPants Sat 22-Dec-12 17:33:52

Hi guys

Just popping in before flying home - wishing nelly all the wedding luck in the world today. Hope the ceremony is gorgeous and the reception goes with a swing, I am sure it will! I actually just finished putting together our wedding album on this week... only three and a half years late!

buzzy Kayla is absolutely gorgeous. Your poor sofa though! Sometimes I think MrC is half-cat - I was hoovering upstairs so the flat would be clean when we come back in ten days, and he left to go for a walk around the block because he doesn't like the sound of the vacuum hmm!

joy and gin I looked it up and it looks like Brits can only adopt from the US if they are resident there sad. But I am not 100% sure. I love the sound of all the partying gin, although I can sympathise with mrgin, my DH is being a bit grinch-like too, we have spent a ton of money this year and it's not even Christmas yet! Need to save something for the January sales... wink Yum at the rocky road.

madness ow ow ow at the stitches. Poor you. I hope you are being looked after! You've been an absolute champ in recovering from all this.

rabbit love the self-imposed ttc chat ban. I think I may need to implement one fat chance as I will otherwise be boring my family senseless. So sorry about the baby announcement, although it sounds as though you are managing to cope really well.

euro I have a DSLR camera too - I actually have had it six months and am still learning how to use it - it's a bit intimidating with all the different controls and things! I'm hoping to take some nice pictures this week, will have to stick them up on FB and ask you for tips! Your photos are gorgeous.

joy it sounds like SP is much more manageable than LP - I don't know much about the differences, but anything that spares you extra drugs has got to be good. I have a good feeling for you this new year.

sar hope you're ok - I think it's your sister's wedding today too? Anyway, hope it all goes off without too much stress and that everything is smoothed over and you enjoy the day.

mrsd they have Christmas tree farms here too - you are so funny to worry about the tree being cut down, that is very sweet! smile The smell of a Christmas tree can't be beaten, I so agree. Yum.

Well MrC is pacing about by the door so I had probably better turn off the computer and double check I haven't forgotten anything. My suitcase is enormous! I will try to log on 'on the other side' - waves and festive tail shakes meanwhile to art, naoko, doll, pout, and everyone else that I have managed to miss.

mrsden Sat 22-Dec-12 18:01:16

Have a wonderful trip critter.
Nelly, I hope today was fabulous. Wishing you all the best for married life.

Joy, I have such a good feeling about your ivf round. My dr said his preference is for sp. the scan I had on wed was supposed to be to determine what protocol I went on, I think it would depend on the number of follicles. I'm not entirely sure , I was about to ask him and then he discovered the tube problem. He did mention that there was quite a few follicles, is this a good sign? I'm stressing now that my ovaries are broken too.

I'm spotting today, looks like I'm getting af for Xmas.

Naokosan Sat 22-Dec-12 19:03:40

Hope the hangovers aren't too bad!

Gin - five nights out in a row = hardcore! Go you.

I'm also expecting AF right on Christmas day, possibly Christmas eve. The spotting has been making an appearance and I've also had a grumbly womble the past few days. Boo to AF, I'm not going to let her ruin Christmas. If she rears her ugly head we should say feck you and have another glass of fizz!

Mrsden - real Xmas trees are so much nicer than fake ones. Every year we say we're going to bin the fake one and get a real one but we've yet to do it. If it's grown for that purpose then it's fulfilling it's Xmas destiny. And there are so many nice things you can do to recycle it. I heard the other day that lots of zoo animals like to eat pine. If you have one near you, you can give it to a hungry elephant or something. Boo to spotting, I hate it! Even though it happens every month my heart still sinks when I see it.

Hello to everyone else. Hope the wedding ladies are enjoying themselves.

rabbitonthemoon Sat 22-Dec-12 20:57:25

I'm only mildly ashamed to say that I'm all comfy in my bed nest on the Saturday before Xmas. Bake off was fun and ultimately nauseating after too much sampling. But all food offerings are now made. I've had one nice glass of wine after being driver last night and that's me done thank you very much. In January I'm going tee total for a month out of choice rather than feeling I should. Ttc has def changed my relationship with wine by ruining it. My rabbit has turned the underneath of the tree into a latrine, which was mighty festive and giving of him hmm

Sorries to those with period imminent for Xmas. One blessing of it coming in my bday I guess. I'm not sure I've ever had a period on Christmas Day? I must have.

madness so sorry to hear about your infection. Antibiotics are not very person friendly I find but they will get rid of the nasty bugs. I made the error of presuming my stitches would dissolve (even though they were like dense white rope!) and do think that my scar would be way better now if I hadn't left them in for a month to fester before yanking them satisfyingly out myself with tweezers. I also think the cleaner stitched me up blindfolded but you cant win them all. Getting the nurses to keep checking is a very good plan.

critter fly safely and enjoy Scottish Christmas. My temps go up and then go up again 7 days later, teasing me with triphasicness quite often. They then plummet like a stone the actual day af comes.

mrsden lots of follies is good. I really do think this is a hurdle to jump over but no more than that. Still thinking of you.

buzzy bad Kayla for sofa damage! Revenge for snipping? Hope you're feeling less queasy.

lemon hope hungover boatyness wasn't too bad!

nao spotting is miserable. But I think it's fairly normal. Too many of my instadiff friends have it for me to think otherwise. It just gets to me because of the stupid implantation possibility.

joycep I am fascinated by your monitoring cycle and general ttc sleuthness. Just think, you are going into this ivf with no stone unturned - this has to be good. With high no cells, are there categories of highness?

Well it has been nice to see some of your faces on fb today after speaking for so long. I can't believe this thread will be 2 in march. I joined in June. So, 18 months on here so far. Not as long as it feels really!

TeuchterWahine Sun 23-Dec-12 00:11:06

buzzy I've missed the Kayla piccies! Are they on FB rather than this profile?
mrsd I hope you are feeling better. Horrible shock.
madness Yuck about the infection. If they ahve worked out what it is at least they can target it a better. I love those links. I've been avoiding getting into quilting. Call me a dinosaur but to me quilts should be all handmade, and I can't do that much sewing since injuring my wrist.
Welcome nao
critter Christmas in Scotland. A little bit jealous, missing the homeland. 28 degrees is wrong.
I'd love to put some faces to names too, think I missed how to do this.
I hope you all have lovely Christmases.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Sun 23-Dec-12 10:02:44

The boat I got into was a rowing boat, not as exciting as you though buzzy. Although it was misty, the heavens hadn't open yet... Since then. Well, no comment, really.

We had an old friend (who is not ready for children, hurrah, although her bf is) over for dinner last night. We polished off another bottle between the three of us, but I feel fine. I opted for buying lots of extra yarn, and salivated over a Cath Kidston quilting parcel, but that will happen only in 2013. As a result of wanting to start on the new wool, I finished the scarf I was knitting a lovely friend for Christmas, it will be late, but not after the end of winter (which is what SB was saying it would be).

Safe jouney critter. I hope you get home okay. It is not the nicest weather, I am afraid.

I really hope nelly had the bestest wedding EVER and much love and good wishes for your married life! And I hope your sister's wedding was okay, sar and that she behaved! I hope you let your hair down and a had a wonderful time. My sister got married years before me (even before I met SB) and I remember it being the best day, although being single stung a little... Things change smile

Spotting does nothing head-fucky with me rabbit, I take it as the announcement of AF around the corner. Although I have a friend who spotted all through the first weeks of her pg and now has a gorgeous little girl.

Well done for surviving the monitoring round joy and being all set to start, will it be early next year? I agree you have done everything to get to the bottom of the matter, and you so deserve that win.

Sorry madness, it never rains but it pours, doesn't it. Really hope the infection get under control and you'll start to feel better soon. Speaking of too much, pout how are you? Any news on houses?

Sorry for all the CRAP christmas presents in the form of ERTDs (mrsd*, rabbit, nao etc. Although it might still not actually come! Keeping stuff crossed. I agree about the wonderfulness of a real Christmas tree. At college people always made fun of my need to burrow my nose in the one in hall, but it is GOOD. We have a tiny one, covered in decorations, I got given angels for in the tree by two different people this year. Intriguing. But they're cute so they're in!

Waves and freshly baked mince pies (when I get off my arse) to you all, but particularly the diffed lurkers and everyone I failed to name check!

EuroShagmore Sun 23-Dec-12 10:22:51

buzzy sorry I didn't realise you already had some kit, I thought you were just starting out. Decent editing software is the next thing I need. I used to use piknik but that's gone now. I might pick up PE. The lenses are the expensive bit, but you can sometimes get bargains on ebay (it's one of those hobbies that people buy loads of kit for and then get bored).

Have a great trip Critter.

MrsNelly I hope you had a wonderful day.

sar I hope your sister's wedding went off without any more bridezilla moments.

mrsd I think you are helping the tree fulfil its Christmas destiny (Friends reference).

rabbit I often said after my lap that I am sure the surgeon let his 3 year old niece have a go at stitching me up. Whilst I am sure that a belly button is not the easiest area to stitch I am not convinced it was necessary to amke quite such a bloody mess of it.

I'm on CD5 now and the start of cycle hormone dip is fading so I am starting to feel more upbeat. Although I am rather irritated that I had to get up early this morning rather than have a lie in as Mr Euro had arranged for an electrician to come this morning (while he is in Ireland). He cancelled, but only after I was up and showered. Grrrr. So I've decided to clean the oven instead. hmm

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Sun 23-Dec-12 10:24:48

I say NO to cleaning the oven. Instead: make a decent cup of coffee/tea/mulled wine and return to bed! Doctor's orders!!

mrsden Sun 23-Dec-12 11:30:45

Noooooo not oven cleaning euro I second lemons idea.

Has the news sunk in yet teu?

I love spending time with non pregnant or not thinking about babies yet friends too lemons. They're few and far between now though.

Still spotting and feeling crampy, I feel a little sad because I should have been starting ivf injections when af arrived.

Are you left with a very noticeable scar after a lap then? Picking out your own stitches sounds grim.

I'm friends with gin , buzzy and rabbit on fb now. Who Am i missing now? It's lovely to put faces to names. Youre all as lovely in rl smile .

Happy Sunday to everyone.

mrsden Sun 23-Dec-12 11:31:12

Not that fb is rl but you know what I mean!

buzzybee123 Sun 23-Dec-12 12:18:59

well its lunchtime and I am not dressed, nor am I planning to today grin feeling all bunged up, I did get over dramatic yesterday and think I could have the norovirus that is going round then maybe c diff a I am dealing with a patient who has it along with ecoli hmm but really its just a stupid cold

mrsd don't feel sad just think of it as it is better to get everything sorted before you start IVF and then you know you have given it everything you can first time round to work smile

euro I used to use picasa to touch up my photos but I do like PE, we just have E9 and it has pretty much all you need on it. Barry did say that if he gets a job soon, he'll buy me a new lens for my birthday smile your macro photos were great.

teu how are you feeling smile yes my pics are up on FB, there are lots of cat photos, makes me a bit like a crazy cat lady, but I promise when my baby comes along I won't put up pics like I do of Kayla grin

lemon a boat trip is still exciting, ooh I have too many projects on the go hmm I am knitting myself a little balnket but the get distracted by other little projects, Kayla needs another radiator blanket so have ordered some wool for that and I have some slippers to knit too, scarves are great prezzies my favourite is one a friend knitted

I like mrsd am happy to be FB friends with anyone on here, I am a bit difficult to find for some reason so maybe if you pm your details that would be easier, so teu if you'd like to see a gazillion photos of my fur baby just let me know smile

Well I can't remember the last time I cleaned my oven blush but I will try and get my ironing done today. . .

EuroShagmore Sun 23-Dec-12 13:23:36

I am doing the oven (I'm committed now - I've smeared oven pride all over it so I am forced to clean it off later). I shamed myself into it by thinking that my very houseproud mother might look in it on Xmas Day. I can't remember the last time it was cleaned and Mr Euro cooks from scratch all the time so it has had loads of use. I have however decided to skip the food shopping and just do it all tomorrow when Mr Euro is back from visiting his rellies. <lives dangerously>

buzz I'd love to take a peek at your photos.

I'm FB friends with Gin now. Happy to add other regulars. I'll message mrsd, buzzy and rabbit in a sec so they can find me if they like as I guess they are up for it based on mrsd's post.

I had a day full of babies yesterday and I was fine. Saw my friend's (IVF win) 6 month old when I went round for a catch up and to drop off her presents. Went to see other friends in the evening and saw their newborn at bathtime (v cute) and then took the dad's older kid out for dinner with him (lovely boy). It was all nice. And we exchanged presents so I now have some interesting looking stuff under the tree!

Poutintrout Sun 23-Dec-12 17:23:46

Sorry for not properly namechecking, I will read over what I've missed after Christmas and reply properly. What stands out after skim reading this shiny new thread is that teu is owed massive congratulations. What a wonderful surprise and the best Xmas present ever.

Good luck for the wedding nelly I hope that you have a lovely day and amazing honeymoon.

Laughs at bunny poops under the tree. Boo to cleaning ovens, have you got your MIL coming over or something? grin FX for lemons - BTW and I quote "Speaking of too much, pout how are you?" That's bloody nice isn't it! hmm grin grin
I've missed all the FB excitement...

Well we are off visiting my sister and nephew tomorrow, after we've run the gauntlet of Tesco hoping to get some last minute bargains so I won't have time to come back on here before Christmas. I just wanted to wish everyone the best Christmas and wish us all babies next year. Lots of love to you all XXX

buzzybee123 Sun 23-Dec-12 18:09:06

pout Merry Christmas to you and good luck with Tesco, gets those elbows out grin

mrsden Sun 23-Dec-12 20:27:43

Merry Xmas pout! I don't envy you having to brave tesco.

Today was a good day, Xmas eve tomorrow. I'm feeling a little xmassy now.

There's a like if you're pregnant this Xmas thing doing the rounds on fb, I'm tempted to set up a like if you're a barren this Xmas. This time of year is particularly hard for those of us struggling so I'm thinking of us all. Bring out the booze I say.

EuroShagmore Sun 23-Dec-12 20:30:25

I've broken open the Quality Street as a reward for the oven cleaning, so I think Xmas has officially begun in the Euro household.

Merry Christmas pout!

buzzybee123 Sun 23-Dec-12 20:44:29

Barry has to hide most of my chocolate, are you serious mrsd about the FB thing, god save us honstly

mrsden Sun 23-Dec-12 20:49:51

I opened our one and only tin of quality streets on wed, im a little disappointed though, they're not as good as I remember.

ThatWayMadnessLies Sun 23-Dec-12 21:12:36

Evening all,

Won't manage to name check as have fallen behind.

Thanks to everyone for the positive messages. I am feeling much better and body has adapted to the medication so now eating much more normally thank heavens because we got a bloody big turkey for just three of us. Very grateful that the infection was found in the lap before it reached an acute stage. Trying to focus on the positives.

Wanted to say to mrsd that you might not have any stitches. The surgeons last time didn't use any. I just kept the bandages on longer. I have small scars that are definitely fading. They form a diamond shape - bikini line, left and right side, and belly button - I kind of like that they're symmetrical wink

Planning to venture to the shops tomorrow morning for some last minute gifts. Will end up buying Christmassy things on impulse that will only be used once blush. Haven't broken out the Christmas chocolates but did make a lovely hazelnut cake and there's lots left so offering it round grin.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

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