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My IVF Journey

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Renne125 Thu 20-Dec-12 19:59:10

My husband and I have been trying for a family for a long time and had had enough of seeing the negative lines on numerous pregnancy tests. We therefore decided to to look for a reputable fertility clinic in the hope of completing our family. 

That is when we found Harley Street Fertility Clinic, run by a certain Dr Venkat. The clinic had very flexible hours and we decided that this was always a good thing as my husband works long hours. At the clinic, we were greeted by a very friendly and caring team and a Dr who gave me a hug after the first consultation. Little did I dream of the nightmare that was to come out this relationship. 

Dr Geetha Venkat, the director of the clinic, asked us to proceed to IVF directly, before even trying IUI or any other method. This appeared a little strange to us at the time but we told ourselves that we weren't doctors and that doctors obviously knew better.

We had been saving up for a mortgage, and it was with a heavy heart that we paid the required 4000 pounds.

A few weeks later, we were already on stims. Everything was going smoothly but I was a little suspicious at the lack of blood tests that were being conducted at the clinic.No blood tests were conducted during my whole ivf cycle and the Dr kept upping my menopur dose despite detecting multiple follicles on both my ovaries.

When the time for egg collection drew nearer, I was in acute pain though I was reassured that this was perfectly normal. I was really looking forward to getting the collecting over with and having at least two embryos to transfer. 

I hit rock bottom soon after my egg retrieval. I was very sick from the anaesthetic but was forced to go home without even being given the opportunity to lie down for a few minutes, as there were numerous other patients on the production line, waiting to be dealt with.

20 odd eggs were retrieved, but most of them immature, due to the wrong timing of the HCG shot, so we had no embies to transfer or freeze.

At home my situation worsened. I became very ill and was admitted to hospital with water in my lungs. 

So ends my IVF journey and here I sit on my hospital bed with a drip attached to my wrist wondering, if by singing a disclaimer, we forfeit the legal requirements of a doctor's duty of care to his/her patients? The doctors on my NHS ward were appalled at the dosage that was administered to me at the clinic and my after care, or rather the lack of it. My doctor hasn't so much as called me, despite having being informed that I am in hospital. 

I feel that if  more women talked about their experiences with IVF and clinics, other women could make a more informed decision about what fertility clinics they choose, and won't actually be giving away their hard earned money to doctors who are only interested in how much money they earn and not about the welfare of their patients. 

I don't doubt that there are some success stories from this/these clinics, but my story certainly wasn't one of them. 

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SinkyMalinks Thu 20-Dec-12 20:12:36

My god, poor you. I really hope you're feeling a little better (and in safe hands now?)

I'm waiting to start ivf. I'm also a doctor. The disclaimer you will have signed, I assume, was the consent form? This outlines the "common" complications, and also rare, but potentially life threatening complications. We always do this as any test/proceedure has risks. Duty of care, competence and methods are entirely separate. You have consented to ivf within accepted guideline, monitoring and care. Mismanagement (and I think this is what you are describing) is never acceptable.

From what you have said, your treatment seems haphazard and concerning. You have suffered a recognised complication (ohss, yes?). I cant comment on your pre collection treatment (not my area) but your post op care sounds shocking.

Assisted fertility is highly regulated. Rogue clinics will not retain the right to treat. Concentrate on getting better. I hope you feel safe at the moment. When you're stronger, speak to the clinic. Debrief and get an explanation. If you are not happy, look up the hfea and make a formal complaint.

blondebaby111 Sat 22-Dec-12 09:26:12

Omg you poor thing! I've just had my first round of ivf which sadly failed but my experience was fantastic, I was scanned and blood tested at least 3-5 times before I was ready for egg retrieval. Please don't let this put u off. I'm due to start the process again nxt year and would do it again in a heartbeat. I was looked after very well and they were very strict about the timing of my hcg shot. I really feel for u and u should take this further. There are some lovely clinic's around with wonderful care. I hope your feeling better today xx

resipsa Sun 23-Dec-12 11:56:19

sinky is right; the mere fact of a signed document is meaningless as you can't, in England, disclaim your liability for personal injuries if they were caused by negligence. Definitely make a complaint and see what you get by way of response before deciding if you want to take if further. There are a couple of law firms who specialise in this type of claim (striding from problems during assisted conception).
Hope you feel better physically soon.

resipsa Sun 23-Dec-12 11:57:21

For striding please read arising in above!

Jeeta Wed 06-Feb-13 15:38:08

I am so sorry to hear that you had a awful experience.
I also had a horrible experience around about the same time.
All I can say is that so called doctor just hungry for our money.
When things go wrong she puts the nurse in front. All she is interested in making money and lots of it.

I am so upset with the way I have been treated and the way I been spoken to.
You go to these professionals to get bespoke service. It's a con. She doesn't care.

I totally understand what you are saying.

Viv77 Thu 07-Mar-13 13:56:11

I'm so sorry to hear about your horrendous first experience of IVF but I'm very glad you are sharing your story.

I've recently signed up to HSFC and due to start treatment in the next couple of months or so. I went to quite a few open evenings for different clinics and this is the one we liked the most out of all of them for various reasons.

It's only now that we are getting ready to hand over this large sum of money that I'm thinking I need to speak to people that have actually used this clinic and after reading your post it has started to give me second thoughts.

Please do not give up hope though.

Adamuk Tue 16-Apr-13 20:59:19

Hi guys, my name is Adam me and my partner are patients at HSFC we can't believe what we are reading, we have wanted a baby for many years and been to many clinics and have to say that Dr G Venkat and her team in our eyes are amazing, we went there a few months ago for a consultation and they was so welcoming caring and professional, we had a very long consultation, with the DRs and they outlined every possible detail, we came from Birmingham to visit the clinic, they worked around our busy diary, after the consult, we had bloods taken and all the tests needed, myself and partner had semen test all there on the same day, which was fine and great, everything was in order we even got to see the sperm for ourself under the microscope it was really cool, our surrogate also had her tests on the same day and scan, she had her coil removed, and was put on the pill, we then filled out a form for and egg donor, and with 2-3wks the clinic had found us some to go through, we selected one who unfortunately pulled out a week later, we then found another egg donor, and she responded really well with the treatment and so did our surrogate, there now both ready, and our egg collection is tomorrow morning, we are so excitedsmile I will let you all know how she gets on and how many mature eggs we get, but so far everything has been great, I we couldn't recommend the clinic enough, they are very hopeful and honest they was very on the ball with tests, bloods, treatment and scans, and very precise with consent forms, also why visiting the clinic on many occasions, we have scene many happy people leaving there with positive pregnancy tests, scans and even twins I'm very sorry for the people that didn't have a nice experience there and I would say to anybody considering clinic to just go there have a consultation and make your mind up from there xxx

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Tue 16-Apr-13 21:15:26

I think the point was AdamUk the OP had less than a 'nice' experience. She is currently in hospital, has been treated badly and has invested time, emotion and money in the process.

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