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Anyone else want to join me in getting ready for ivf in 2013? Good egg buddies wanted!!!

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Karbea Mon 17-Dec-12 18:26:17


Dh and I have been trying for over 2 years and had one failed ivf (Icsi) attempt at the Argc last spring. We are going to go again in the new year.

I wondered if anyone else was planning to do the same? And whether anyone fancied joining me in 'princessing' (stolen from style & beauty smile ) for ivf?

I'm not sure what this means in terms of what I'll do, really hoping for some help in researching how to get the best eggs ever, and perhaps how to improve dh's little swimmers....

Anyone up for being a good egg buddy?

HontyTont Sun 24-Feb-13 20:06:14

How do I get to the new thread?

fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 13:47:49

Hi all - I just started a new thread so please keep discussing (non) elasticated waists and jodhpurs over there.

Sharonbenn Sun 24-Feb-13 13:41:37

I've realised that the below description of my trousers sounds like they have been bought from an advert found in the back pages of a Sunday supplement. I'd like to say publicly that they are not elasticated waist!

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 12:47:24

I'm in jodhpurs, which on the one hand stretch to fit any size arse but on the other hand do display fatness rather graphically.

Sharonbenn Sun 24-Feb-13 12:32:09

I'm in normal clothes cause im at my parent's but they are my stretchy fit me no matter what size I am trousers. However I'm on my way home now and will get into what BF and I call our 'slanzy' clothes ASAP ready for an afternoon on the sofa catching up with The Good Wife smile. That's one good thing about cold Sunday afternoons, an excuse not to go out.

Nokkie73 Sun 24-Feb-13 10:58:45

Morning Wolf Pack

Yes, I did watch The Hangover 2 yesterday to cheer me up...

Am also thoroughly sick of this weather. I have had to put some jeans on today because I need to stop being such a housebound slob and go to the supermarket and I feel affronted. I want my jogging bottoms back blush.

Delilah - I know it's in a good cause and I'm bloody glad I feel better now !

Sharon - another week of sniffing the dreaded spray. A crumb of comfort is that I felt much better after AF showed-up. Everyone is different though so i just hope you are ok with it. I did forewarn Mr Noks of the possiible symptoms last weekend and he just looked down at his meal and very quietly said 'oh shit'. I almost shouted out 'dead man walking on the green mile' but thought that would be too cruel.

Northey - you have now introduced me to the rollercoaster protocol for testing. Sounds like it's a continual 2ww fight against testing too early ? Is that right ? X

Fairy - are you doing your test tomorrow or going to the hospital ? Good luck. X

Hi to the rest of you. Are we all in or out of track suit bottoms today ? Lets do a poll grin. Whoever is in a onesie wins a multi pack of Thai chilli crisps.

Noks x

keepitgoing Sun 24-Feb-13 10:58:38

Am even more oversea but had to say
DELILAH oh my god!!!! Congratulations!! What a crazy rollercoaster!

Start SP on Tuesday, back soon

north tut tut, hold on a few days x

EuroShaggleton Sun 24-Feb-13 10:46:27

I'm the same as delilah - flat (well, as much as it ever was) stomach at the start of the day. Massive bloat starting from lunchtime onwards.

fairy I feel the same, but I think even after the scan I will struggle to believe it will happen, but I am hoping it will help!

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 10:28:28

It's because we know that we can't just have a big cry and then have sex again next month - it's all much more complicated for us to have another go.

fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 09:39:28

Thanks northey I keep telling myself that most pregnancies are fine and since I haven't had any spotting or serious cramping and I have the normal pg symptoms for my stage everything should be ok. But still you hear these sad stories...really just want to get it over so I can start believing I'm pg. I think also because its been via ivf it seems more precarious somehow.

fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 09:26:15

Mmm Thai chili crisps

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 09:00:27

Huge good luck for the scan, fairy!

We will need a new thread in a minute...

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 08:58:39

It's your fault, delilah! <sulky foot stamp> You tempted me with your 9dp5dt wickedness!

fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 08:57:47

Yes! I had to go back into the "fat drawer" to find something to fit into. And I don't want to buy anything until I know the result of the scan tomorrow. Thank god it's Sunday and I can get away with track suit bottoms.

Sharonbenn Sun 24-Feb-13 08:57:38

Hi Noks yes I'm on the same spray. Starting on Thursday. I'll just see how I go. At least my BF is prepared and he knows what I'm like when I'm hormonal. Knowledge is power! So do you have another week to go sniffing? I'm about 2 weeks behind you.

I think I'm going to get up now. Thai chilli crisps sound like a better option For breakfast than the green protein powder that I have to put on my mueseli grin

delilahbelle Sun 24-Feb-13 08:55:06

I am skinny at the start of the day, and have a huge bloaty bump at the end. It's definitely not baby yet, more the effect of the progesterone and gas. I am wearing a lot of stretchy joggers and leggings. The cold really does suck fairy I just want to to be warm and sunny.

Northey no testing until next Saturday! You are only 10dpo today which is too early - I got an incredibly faint line at this point and I've got two in me. But at least you know a positive will be a real positive now.

Good luck all of you down regging, and remember its all in a good cause.

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 08:42:46

Oh God, me too. In fact, I've just dug out some "fat" trousers that I slimmed out of last year. They are still too loose for me, but it's better than the too tight options, I suppose. I'm sure it's the progesterone, and not at all the Thai chilli crisps I seem to be eating for breakfast.

fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 08:19:36

northey really too early for an accurate result! But as you say at least now you know you are a blank slate in terms of the trigger.

Anyone else totally sick of this cold weather? I don't know if its just the bloating from the progesterone --or if i have been laying on the carbs a bit too succesfully--but most of my winter trousers which are quite fitted are too tight and I am so bored of my other options.

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 07:56:43

Having said that, I then squeezed out some more wee and did a negative test. Idiot. But I am quite calmly taking this as evidence that the trigger is out of my system now, and a future positive is a reliable one. It's a week till my OTD, after all.

Northey Sun 24-Feb-13 06:26:44

I might wander up to Boots with it today then.

I lay in bed for half an hour this morning thinking about testing early but managed to talk myself out of it...

HontyTont Sat 23-Feb-13 22:51:14

I took my sharps bin to the clinic but your pharmacy should have a sharps collection too

Nokkie73 Sat 23-Feb-13 17:43:08

Hi Sharonbenn

I started last Saturday (nafarelin nasal spray twice a day) and was fine until i woke up like a proper sweaty Betty in the early hours of Thursday morning. Haven't felt massively hormonal - more pensive and starting to process what's happening to me - but am half expecting that to come at some point this week ! I did shed a tear at the end of Bridesmaids though...does that count ? grin.

Are you on the spray ?

Noks x

EuroShaggleton Sat 23-Feb-13 16:16:01

I still have my sharps container from last summer. I must do something about it at some stage.

Sharonbenn Sat 23-Feb-13 15:55:33

Oh and Northey, the nurse told me to take the sharps container back to the clinic when I've finished.

Sharonbenn Sat 23-Feb-13 15:54:31

Hello ladies

I'm glad you are feeling better Noks. How long into down regging did you start to feel awful? I start on Thursday and I guess I should give MrSB a heads up. The lovely nurse said that I might feel abit teary and grumpy but it sounds abit worse than that. I get terrible PMT anyway and turn into a weeping banshee b****h from hell before my period.

I am smiling at you all squeezing your boobs!

Hope you are feeling better after the vomiting Delilah. It is all in a massively good cause. smile


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