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TTC after recent mc - thread 3. Handholding, naff jokes and the infamous Laura Ashley skirt.

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Happy new thread! Here's hoping for lots of Christmas and new year bfp's, and long healthy pregnancies for everyone. smile

IBelieveInPink Thu 24-Jan-13 22:57:45

Oh pink! How exciting! Congratulations! And may I say, thank you for highlighting the merits of poas early. And 6 days early no less! Well done to you smile I really hope this one is a sticky one for you.

<hoping baby dust rubs off on to similarly named Ttc-ers and schedules next poas for Sunday>

Thundercatsarego Fri 25-Jan-13 06:11:42

Oh goodness I can see a lot of ''pink'' name changes coming along wink

fizz is this your first time with antenatal depression? How awful, I've read about it but can't imagine what it must be like. I'm guessing there's a limited amount you can do even if you are prepared for it?

littlepinkfizz Fri 25-Jan-13 08:55:58

I had post natal depression with my first baby, then was fine for the next two, although was on medication but had antenatal depression with my ds and this last pregnancy. It is really dreadful and I've benn told by psychiatrist that it is more likely that I will have it again with any further pregnancies. So I am actually terrified...

yorkiebilb Fri 25-Jan-13 09:18:07

Congratulations Fizz!!!! That's fantastic newsgrin

thunder sorry to hear AF arrived but pleased it means you're not kept waiting any longer wondering where it is. Maybe your body just needed another cycle to sort itself out.

JBrd Fri 25-Jan-13 09:47:13

Haha, loving all the craziness going on here, ladies! Lots of frantic symptom spotting and poas.

And hello littlepinkfizz <<waves>> good to see you on this thread, too, welcome!

thunder sorry about AF

Does anyone sometimes wonder how life would be without all this ttc malarky...? I have to admit that I really struggle to remember hmm. No temping, charting, poas on a gazillion sticks, counting days, symptom spotting. And no monthly heartbreak when AF arrives.
How is it possible not to let ttc take over your life?
Having said that, it was completely different when we were trying for DS, very realxed and 'it happens when it happens' sort of approach. But I was madly busy with work that year, ttc was almost secondary. Whereas now, my job is so unappealing and unenjoyable, ttc is almost like a lifeline. Not sure that's healthy... I wish I could be more relaxed about it all.

Musings on a Friday morning... Off to London tonight with DH, going to see the musical 'Matilda', v. excited. Had a facial yesterday and then got my hair done, so I now feel almost human again. Yay to the little things that make you feel better!

littlepinkfizz Fri 25-Jan-13 12:49:18

O sounds wonderful jbrd deserve it! grin and if course wine

shellshock7 Fri 25-Jan-13 13:16:01

Lexi I just do it myself and tell DH the –negative—result after the fact…no way I could wait and see grin

Janie I got my BFP last time after fishing an internet cheapie out the bin….saw a faint line so did another cheapie mid morning and got another faint line, so got out the big guns and got the BFP at lunch time…totally broke all the rules, but it worked!

oooo sounds promising coffee

Massive congrats littlepinkfizz got everything crossed for you smile If I get pregnant this time my due date will be the same as for my first MMC, it is unbelievable but hopefully a good omen for you smile

JBrd what would we think about all day then tho wink no I agree with you, it isn’t fair and should be much easier than this.

Nothing to report here, had waves of sickness again this morning at work which isn’t helping me stop thinking about it…still not due to ovulate till Monday tho ha ha DTD is going to plan tho so we are giving it our best shot…does anyone else have a TTC 'rota'?! We DTD on CD10, 12, 14, 16 then 18 19 and 20 to give ovulation the best shot, then 22 just in case…then have a well earned break grin We do find it hard tho, especially on the consecutive days but I have to say we have got pregnant first time trying three times (well with DS is was 3 months after MMC but they said it might take that long for cycles to get to normal so I think of it as first month blush) so we are trying to stick to it this time!

IBelieveInPink Fri 25-Jan-13 13:52:37

shell good work! That sounds like it should do the trick!
We do have a rota, but shhhh, don't tell DH. He has no idea. I read somewhere that it is suggested you dtd everyday over ov time so we dtd this month on day 13, 15, 16, 17 and 19. This co-incided with the right sort of cm, so hoping that will do the trick!

Bakingtins Fri 25-Jan-13 13:53:20

Congratulations pinkfizz hope you have a sticky bean and remain well yourself.

jbrd enjoy your trip!

Bakingtins Fri 25-Jan-13 13:55:57

We do every 2 days from when I first get EWCM which tends to be day 10, I think I ovulate day 14-16, so do 10, 12, 14, 16.

shellshock7 Fri 25-Jan-13 16:45:34

I ovulate CD19 but cos that is so late we always start as tho I will ovulate on CD14 just in case blush

chocolateteabag Fri 25-Jan-13 16:59:59

Great news pinkFizz!!

We are trying to DTD at least every other day, but I have got a stinking head cold and feel awful today so not sure I feel "up" for it. Having said that since we've had Ds I rarely do initiate things unless it's ttc, which is odd as I always enjoy it once we've got going. Guess tiredness is to blame!

I'm on CD15 today and CBFert monitor still saying high so hoping I'll get a peak tomorrow or Sunday and will feel more up to jumping DH. He may decide he needs to jump me tonight but it will likely be a "lie back and think of BFP" event tonight as my head is gong to explode with snot pressure soon.

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Fri 25-Jan-13 21:33:14

Well just in time for the weekend, AF the bitch has arrived sad Mother Nature truly is a big fat cow. But on the upside, this cycle has only been 44 days so a big improvement on the 50 day cycles I'm used to. Gutted though, just had a wee weepy moment with DH, but going to make the most of it and now I can have a good booze up tomorrow night at my friends bday party and next week at book (& booze!) club.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend xx

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Fri 25-Jan-13 21:34:12

And shell before i realised AF was here, I did bin hoke earlier just in case!!

Thundercatsarego Fri 25-Jan-13 22:10:31

Ello ello everyone! How do? Loving the dtd diaries!

janie sorry af came sad. On the upside for me anyway we're almost cycle buddies- just a bit out if your cycle is a bit longer. Nevertheless we can stick together a bit.

Hi jbrd and yorkie, nice to see you both. It's fine about af for me, it's actually a relief (after realising it wasn't going to be a bfp) because its a sign my body's working. Another sign of how batty mc and ttc make us.

choc hope the head doesn't explode! And ibip, how are you doing?

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Fri 25-Jan-13 22:27:36

Aw thanks thunder it's really good to have a cycle-ish buddy smilehigh five! In fact I also realised that if I did have a BFP then I would be due in October which is when my mum is going to meet up with her 2 sisters in South Africa where they grew up, so if I had've been up duffed, she totally would have cancelled the trip, so maybe mother bitch nature decided it's just manners for it to happen next time round!

IBelieveInPink Sat 26-Jan-13 08:17:21

Morning all!

Janie- sorry about af. Like you say, enjoy a good night out tonight, it will help. And yay for cycles improving! That's almost a week better!
Just on that- have you tried accupuncture? 2 friends at work tried it. One with pcos who wanted to regulate to get pg, (now 23 weeks) and the other who just wanted cycles to be normal (28 days last month).
Just a thought anyway.

Thunder- hi lovely!! Yeah I am feeling a bit better, well, less mental. Net up with a friend last night who has been through waaaay worse than I have, who gave me a good talking to ( in a very lovely caring way obvs). I don't know why it made a difference, as it the same as others have said to me, but for some reason it just helped! smile
On the bad side- no more using the gym as a distraction as have managed to hurt my legs again so now can't go for ages. Which means I am stuck in the house. With the sticks..........

Thundercatsarego Sat 26-Jan-13 09:24:20

janie, an af with manners- now there's a new thing! There is a silver lining though, and now we start our mission to get it right in Feb- yeah?! I've heard good things about acupuncture too- perhaps you should try it if you can afford it?

Morning ibip, now there's a happier tone! It's funny how the same words from a different person can make a difference. Good though, especially as she's been through tough things herself. As great as MN is I think there's no substitute for a good bit of RL human contact sometimes. Have you poas today?

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Sat 26-Jan-13 09:52:45

thanks thunder and ibip yes i had been thinking quite seriously about acupuncture ...although when i enquired i was told it would be needed once a week for the first month, then once a fortnight the 2nd month at £40 a go which sounded mega pricey - and the lady said that it 'has mixed results in regulating cycles and is really something that needs to be tried to see if it works for you' so it would be a very expensive experiment. although it's good to know that you both know people who it's worked for.

i also got some of those agnus castus supplements a while back but have read some scary reviews so a bit scared to take them. Can be taken from 1st day of cycle up to ovulation day - can be harmful to a wee bean if one implants. Anyone got any experience? Dr. Google is confusing me and today would be the day to start.

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Sat 26-Jan-13 09:56:49

oh and i can't remember who was aksing about how many times and when you DTD during the fertile period, my best friend's DH calls it 'rape week' as she bounces on him at EVERY possible opportunity - sometimes 3 times a day! she's got pg within 2 months of trying each time so maybe i'll try the everyday approach next month!! i've already told DH that's he's not allowed to accept any jobs away that week smile but if my phone app is right, it will be the week after my birthday in feb so i better stock up on asparagus and oysters

IBelieveInPink Sat 26-Jan-13 11:38:53

I have not! I have been very good. I may allow myself a quick poas tomorrow. Not expecting any results. Then every other day until af arrives.

Wow Janie I didn't realise it was that expensive! Im sure one of the girls from work only went for 1 session? Maybe worth getting a second opinion, just to make sure?

IBelieveInPink Sat 26-Jan-13 11:39:40

P.s. tee hee hee at 'rape week' smile

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Sat 26-Jan-13 11:44:05

Oh really? Maybe I should ask somewhere else too. I emailed the initial lady a while back as she advertised as being a 'female health' specialist, so I thought it was a bit odd for her to say oh it may or may not work! Hmmm...

Floweroct Sat 26-Jan-13 15:04:33

Another mental one here! Dtd once since mmc and purposefully missed ov but who really knows with my body at the moment. But sat here and then felt a bit sick so obviously my mind then thinks symptoms! How stupid can you be!!!

Janie I tried agnus castus, had been trying 11 months with no luck, have pcos so cycles all over the place with one being over 100 days wtf! Anyway bought some agnus castus and the second month I took it (although 1st month didn't take it every day) I ovulated on cd14 for the first time stopped taking it then and then got my bfp! Obviously didn't have a happy ending but it got me my bfp.

May have to try rape week next month!! Haha

Right off now to find a new hobby so I can obsess about something else smile

JanieLovesHerThreeLeggedCat Sat 26-Jan-13 15:53:19

oh thanks flower did you have any negative experiences with it? before i got my bfp in sept i had an appointment with the dr to do tests for pcos as i had lots of the symptoms (long loooong cyle, bad skin, putting on weight etc etc) so i'm really tempted to give it a bash. i had 50 day cycles x 3 after coming off the pill, then BFP then MC in took 10 weeks since my d&c for AF to come, then another looong cycle so i guess it's worth a try. i'm getting pretty impatient and will be tearing my hair out if i have to wait longer than normal!

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