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TTC after recent mc - thread 3. Handholding, naff jokes and the infamous Laura Ashley skirt.

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Happy new thread! Here's hoping for lots of Christmas and new year bfp's, and long healthy pregnancies for everyone. smile

Bodice Fri 14-Dec-12 23:08:51

Fozzie - I had a PUL early ectopic last time. It was my first too and we had just started trying. Its so tough all that waiting and keep going for bloods checking. I started trying again as soon as I got my period and got pregnant two cycles later. Why on earth are they making you wait till Feb?

chocolateteabag Fri 14-Dec-12 23:59:42

Hello, please can I join too? (sad wave at Bodice)
In middle of first natural mc after scan on Tuesday showed no growth past 6 weeks (should have been 8 weeks)

My mc started about an hour after the scan and I had "the world falling out of me" on Wed (in front of the bloke tiling my kitchen who must of thought I was super rude as I legged it to the bathroom mid sentence) still bleeding now, but it's lighter now and Reminds me of post birth bleeding with DS (2) but thankfully without the feeling of being kicked up the foof

Really want to get right back on the horse so to speak and get upduffed before next AF but maybe I am being ambitious?

BombasticPeanut Sat 15-Dec-12 09:24:45

Morning one and all

Hello newbies, sorry you're with us but welcome to one and all! fizz weren't you on the first of these Freds? Hello again!

All the preggers ladies (all the preggers ladies) <hums Beyonce> glad to hear that things are going well, especially the sighting of tiny beany heartbeats (can't remember who it was and can't scroll up, sorry), am so excited on your behalf!

bump I want to be nosy but how do you look at profiles? <hangs head and admits technical incompetence>

Is it wrong to drink fake mulled wine for breakfast?

I don't know where I am in my cycle today. I think I'm cd36ish, but had a 'maybe' af early this week and today got a pos opk. And have sore boobs which never happens. But BFN. So I have no clue, it's all gone mental! Forced DH into dtd anyway just in case and made him late for work mwahaha. I've made an appointment to see the doc next week about unrelated Achilles tendon issues, but might just ask them about the random AF thing and see if they can suggest anything (something tells me it's unlikely, my GP is as useful as a chocolate teapot).

In other news, the dog has eaten the Christmas tree.

Bodice Sat 15-Dec-12 10:56:24

Hi bump lovely photos by the way , I asked for the tests and they were fine about it -it may be because I work in the epau myself so maybe I was getting special treatment. I know it's early days in the grand scheme of things and they were two different types of miscarriage so hopefully there is nothing wrong but it would be heartbreaking to lose another when it could be easily preventable so I just want to set my mind at rest. I got pregnant after two periods after the first ectopic but I was trying after one - I didn't take methotrexate.

chocolateteabag nice to have a friend join me from the July 2013 club. I hope that things are settling down today xxx

AlmondFrangipani Sat 15-Dec-12 13:29:17


I am taking a break from a stressful day at work to say hello to my fav ladies cheesy I know!

Fozzie & Bodice (any anyone else) can I ask you for your advice? I'm 6+4 after a mc in August. Im obviously very on edge about every twinge and pain but I am have some how convinced myself I am having an eptopic pg...I have been having localised twinge/occasional shooting pain on left hand side. When I was in bed it was there quite a lot but today less so. Went on Dr Google and it said these are a common sign of eptopic eeek. Is this similar to what you experienced?? sorry for the paranoia. My GP dismissed me last time I mentioned stuff like this...

<waves at Fizz> I remember you from some other threads. Sounds like I am having the same nausea as you but I am seem to be trying to eat through it but can only manage salty, unhealhty things which means I am getting fatter by the day...

Peanut oh no to the tree! My lab keeps threatening to cock his leg on ours shock! Mulled wine at breakfast is totally acceptable in my world!

BombasticPeanut Sat 15-Dec-12 14:28:31

Incidentally bfp'ers, groupon is offering 3d scan for £39 at the moment. Don't know if it's too early to be thinking about such things but thought I'd mention it! and had to hold back from getting it myself despite not being pregnant because I'm mental

Boozeandadietjinglebell Sat 15-Dec-12 14:36:41

Peanut my first instinct when reading your post was 'ooh, I wonder when you have to use it by'. I need help and am also clearly mental

BelissimaLol Sat 15-Dec-12 14:37:30

Almond I was having pain on the left side and was also convinced I was having an ectopic. It turned out to be a small cyst in my ovary. However GP should not brush you off and if you are scared you are entitled to a scan in my opinion! When is your app with midwife? Maybe ask her then?

Bodice Sat 15-Dec-12 14:55:28

AlmondFrangipani Why don't you try ringing the EPAU directly. If the pain isn't too bad perhaps wait till monday and give the EPAU a ring. If it gets worse go the the gynaecology ward and they will see you. I don't tend to bother with GP's at all except to get a refferal further down the line. They are pretty useless. Most EPAUs are self refferal. It's worth checking out. My symptoms very severe - doubling over - pain on one side at around the time my period was due that lasted a few hours ( i think it was implantation) followed by intermittent light bleeding and eventually a lot of bleeding. But they are not all the same. Like Belissima said it is probably more likely to be a small cyst/corpus luteum which is normal but it may set your mind at rest to check it out.

Bakingtins Sun 16-Dec-12 09:39:41

Hi to Fozzie and Bodice.

Littlepinkfizz I think we were on the MC boards around the same time - I remember people who were kind to me then (was messtins at the time, N/C to get on the B bandwagon but yet to take effect.....)

Almond hope you are feeling ok today. Get checked out if you are worried.

AlmondFrangipani Sun 16-Dec-12 12:29:39

Hi Girls,

Thanks for the advice Bodice and Lol. The feeling/pain seems to come and go. For example this morning it was there and I thought hmmmm and then it goes completely. My EPAU is not self referall unfortuantly. I will need to get referred by my GP. My first midwife appointment is on 27th Dec so I thought I would see how I feel in the next couple of days and call the GP if it gets worse.

Lol did you have the cyst this time around? I have done a bit more reading and I wondered if that was what the problem is. I am pretty sure I would know if it was eptopic...

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend. I am at work and got to get through 6 days on the trot...soooo tired already!

BelissimaLol Sun 16-Dec-12 13:54:16

Hi almond yes it was this time and I was pretty convinced it meant the worse. Luckily my gp took pity on me and said I looked anxious no shit and gave me the referral. Personally if you are worried I would push for it and make it worse if I had to
Well it looks like you are now ahead of me as I have been put back to 6+4. That dreaded milestone again. EDDIE now 7th aug.
Let us know how you get on x

BrieMonster Sun 16-Dec-12 14:35:08

Just checking how everyone's doing and thought I'd say hi instead of just stalking.
Annoying isn't it lol to be put back, even by a few days.. Because at the moment every bit of every week counts for us! I have my booking appt on tues which from memory doesn't mean much. But have had a bit of brown blood, not blood but light.. So will mention that. Had it probably 30% of the time I go to the loo. Anyone else? Helps o have had the scan but still not feeling out of the woods.

james have you done your test? No pressure or anything.

chocolateteabag Sun 16-Dec-12 19:16:46

Can I ask if this normal please for a natural mc?

Lost a lot of tissue on Wed and have been having heavy period type bleed since. Today I have more pronounced cramps and more smaller bits of tissue. Are the cramps my uterus going back? Little bits the womb lining?
Tummy feels more bruised today than the past 2 days and guessing this is just normal, but just having a little worry

Am I also silly for really wanting to get pg straight away and just want this bleeding out of the way so we can get back to ttcing?

BumpKitty Sun 16-Dec-12 19:23:28

Hey all, sorry for those having worries x
chocolate sounds pretty normal yes. The bleeding stopped and started for ages with me - in the end my mc was incomplete so I had to have an ERPC but I think what you have described is normal for complete mc too as the tissue takes a while to all come out for some people.
And lots of us wanted to ttc straight away, in fact some of the pg posters didn't have AF just got straight on with it and if that's what you want to do then do it!

AlmondFrangipani Sun 16-Dec-12 21:05:11

Lol I'm going to call tomor and push for a referral to EPAU. It will put my mind to rest if nothing else. I don't think I'll be ahead of you for long, I'm sure I'm not as far either!

Chocolate I had a natural mc and what you are describing is the same as my experience. Mine took over 2 weeks to complete and just when I thought it was over some more cramps/tissue would appear.

I'm feeling awful at mo. I have ms with full force minus being sick. Brink of wanting to throw up all day is exhausting! I know I shouldn't complain but feeling sorry for myself!

yorkiebilb Sun 16-Dec-12 21:51:48

chocolate I'm feeling exactly the same as you. Been bleeding for 10 days now and thought it had stopped yesterday but it has started again. I feel frustrated as I want to move on and start ttc and I'm not a patient person!

I've been pretty okay emotionally until today and keep on bursting into tears - bad day. Heard some friends of ours have just announced their pg - pleased for them as lovely people but envious at same time. They don't know at our mmc. Been watching sex and the city repeats today and started crying when Charlotte has a mc. I don't normally get that emotional over tv shows!! Sorry to be so depressing....

chocolateteabag Sun 16-Dec-12 22:24:33

Thanks for the replies, am sat snivelling in front of Sports Personality, must still be the hormones as I'm not normally like this

Yorkie - it's so frustrating isn't it and I'm 6 days behind you. Already started to look at when I might ovulate which is so silly as Bump said, may still need an ERPC to get everything out (oh god fx not).

Bakingtins Mon 17-Dec-12 08:05:15

Hi chocolate - think I missed your first post but you are equally as welcome as the other newbies. I'm afraid weeks of bleeding + passing bits of tissue is par for the course with a natural or medically managed miscarriage. It was about 2 weeks bleeding for me both times, then when AF came (cycle about a week longer than normal for me) it was heavier and clotty the first month.
Completely normal to just want to be pregnant again as soon as possible + v frustrating if it doesn't happen as quickly as you'd like. It's very hard emotionally so go easy on yourself. If TTC straight away helps you move forward then go for it, but it's also ok to take a break to recover.

IBelieveInPink Mon 17-Dec-12 08:13:18

Hi chocolate. Hope you are doing okay and feeling a bit better.
Just on the wait/not wait thing (as I think everyone else has covered the rest) I chose to wait 1 cycle and i am very glad I did. Don't get me wrong, drove me nuts having to put it off, but afterwards for me it felt like the right choice as af was so, Erm, not normal that I felt better that had got it out f the way if this makes sense?
However if you really can't wait, there have been lots of people here who get upduffed straight away and all is fine smile

So for me, 2 week wait starts. Must try and be patient. How early is too early to poas?! booze and bump you must be about there too?! I forgot how much I hate this bit!!

Boozeandadietjinglebell Mon 17-Dec-12 09:32:21

Hello to all the new ladies [waves]. I'm sorry for your loss, and sorry you have to be here, but it's a good place to be if you have to be! I'm another advocate for waiting a cycle. I was told by the EPU to wait two months but interpreted that as one cycle. For a few weeks after the mc I didn't want to DtD the deed at all - things only settled down about 3 weeks later for me, and my AF arrived just after 4 weeks after the mc bleeding finished. For me, my first AF post-mc was horrendous. Think I bled as much as the mc and passed all sorts of clots and tissue - I wouldn't like to have kept all that inside me if I'd got pg straight away. But it obviously causes no problem for some people so see how you feel (but be prepared for your first AF!!!).

ibelieveinpink according to my little app I'm due to ov tomorrow. We've been DtD every day since Friday and I've been using the digital clear blue OPKs and no smiley face yet. I think I might be a day of so later than normal. According to the app, next AF is due on 1/1/13, so will test when I come back from the states on the 2/1, if I can resist experimenting with American HPTs (and I actually get an LH surge in the next few days).

Bodice Mon 17-Dec-12 09:38:14

Hubbie back to work this morning so sat in house on own. Feeling a bit more normal today though. Booked myself in for a facial and a pedicure to cheer myself up and keep myself occupied. Will be back in work on Wednesday. Looking forward to things getting back to normal.
Yesterday I went to church, not been for ages but wanted say hello to our vicar that married us 7 months ago ( that seems a lifetime away now). There was a nativity play on which set me off with all those cute kiddies.
Had my biggest cry yet when i got home, just kept coming in waves. I couldn't stop. Poor hubbie just hugged me.

I am going to wait for my AF i think, mostly cos of the tests I want but also because after my last MC my next period wasn't like a normal period, it was much lighter, which makes me think there won't be a proper lining for next baby to settle into if I try now! This is prob a load of rubbish! But makes sense in my head. Want to give it the best chance.

lol good luck in EPAU and don't take a no for an answer off GP.

chocolate hope your feeling better today.

IBelieveInPink Mon 17-Dec-12 09:45:17

booze good work! Haha, I thought we had been doing it every other day, but just thought back and actually it has been every day! Ha! That's a little embarrassing probably should have been paying more attention!

I kinda wish I had done opks now. We didn't, and am now wondering how long to keep going with the apparently every day dtd. Maybe another week?

Boozeandadietjinglebell Mon 17-Dec-12 11:25:48

ibelieveinpink good skills. Conceive plus is really helping with lazy sex with intent!

Have you had any ov symptoms? I feel spotty and horrid and a bit crampy but that might be wind but I may be imagining it. I never noticed ov symptoms until TTC, and now I can't work out how I missed them!!

IBelieveInPink Mon 17-Dec-12 12:28:56

Omg! Is that what it is? I have felt really crampy! But thought I was just being weird!
Haven't noticed any of the usual signs (cm) although a slight bit this morning (sorry, tmi) suggests I am a couple of days late this month. Still trying to work out when to test over Christmas, got to get the right mix between not disappointing myself if I not, and not drinking too much if I am!

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