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TTC after recent mc - thread 3. Handholding, naff jokes and the infamous Laura Ashley skirt.

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Happy new thread! Here's hoping for lots of Christmas and new year bfp's, and long healthy pregnancies for everyone. smile

BumpKitty Mon 31-Dec-12 17:54:41

thanks all, she's really not good. Very tired and just completely fed up, she is able to understand you but can't hold on to anything long enough to finish sentences or answer questions. It's heartbreaking.
I was meant to go round on Christmas day but my brother went round first with his kids and she couldn't stay awake and hardly spoke so my Dad said there would be no benefit to her or me if I went over. Then i went on Boxing day and we had a really good chat, it was lovely - I'm trying to remember what we said and write it down so I have it in the future. But I think that might be the last time I'm able to speak with her like that as she has got much worse and is so sedated and tired all the time.
Janie I have told my boss at work and he is great (and he knows all about my mc too), we had more of a chat about my mum today as he is in a similar position as his dad is really not very well. I cope better by compartmentalising and getting on with my work, if I started telling people they would be wonderful but I would be a sobbing wreck.

It is good for me to be able to write it down here. In ttc news, I've completely lost track, I think I should test around the 4th if AF hasn't arrived. I was walking like a penguin for DD yesterday (as you do) and my boobs were very sore - but I haven't noticed/or looked for any other signs. I'm very unsure whether I should be ttc - I have been very calm and unemotional lately - when i was at the hospital with my mum and dad it was liking watching someone else, I was so pragmatic and organised and droid like, I kept feeling like I was acting in a film - I think I am in shock and I'm sure things are going to hit me soon.

Boozeandadietjinglebell Mon 31-Dec-12 21:18:22

Oh Bump I'm sorry to hear your news. Unfortunately it probably will hit at once. Then you deal with it, I guess. But in the meantime, strong and stoic is good, but let yourself feel a little bit too.

I didn't test this morning. I decided it would be better to wait until tomorrow so I can see a difference. Flying home tomorrow so will be able to get a CB with the weeks on when I get home.

blunder I've used the CB digital OPKs both times (the ones with the smiley faces)

Boozeandadietjinglebell Mon 31-Dec-12 21:19:40

Oh, and I'm so rude... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hope you all have happy, healthy 2013s - four months for 2013 babies!!

I still have a few more hours of 2012 to go - cant wait to go to sleep tonight!!

chocolateteabag Tue 01-Jan-13 02:27:21

Happy New Year Everyone! First post of 2013grin!!
Here is to good things for all of us wine and thanks

Bump - so sorry that you are going this with your mum, as you say, you have to do what you need to get through it but it's crap all the same.

blundercatsHOHOHO Tue 01-Jan-13 10:19:09

bump, this is such a hard time, you poor thing. I can understand about the practical side taking over at the moment, it's one of those human nature resilience things isn't it. It's great that you can talk to someone at work at least and that your boss knows but I am the same about compartmentalising, just to keep your sanity and be able to get on with your work.

booze, sorry for being slow on this- is that the expensive monitor one? It sounds quite straightforward (not to mention successful in your case!) to use....

blundercatsHOHOHO Tue 01-Jan-13 10:19:36

Oh yeah, and HNY to all! x

Boozeandadietjinglebell Tue 01-Jan-13 15:39:12

blunder no no no. It's the sticks. They're about £15 from boots for 7. I bought them when they were on 3 for 2 though. Think you can get them cheaper from the Internet.

We're in the middle of a 6 hour drive from New Orleans to Houston. It's pissing down and is a horrible drive as there's so much standing water. POAS again this morning and the line's about twice as dark. Will test again on Friday as that's when AF is due, and then get a CB digital one.

Thunderthunderthundercats Tue 01-Jan-13 16:43:58

Ohhh thanks booze, I didn't know they did them even! Once I have a clue that my cycles are doing what they should be I may well indulge. At the moment using the cheapies just to try to get a clue whether I'm going to ovulate or not.

Good re the darker line today- one step forward!

Thunderthunderthundercats Tue 01-Jan-13 16:44:56

Ps new year, new name!

Thunderthunderthundercats Tue 01-Jan-13 17:13:15

Oh and another thing...does anyone here know much about cm and it's changes throughout the cycle? Lots suddenly here, but watery rather than anything thicker- any ideas what this might mean?

IBelieveInPink Tue 01-Jan-13 17:23:16

booze wow! Af not even due til Friday and you already have a strong line?! Yaay! That's so cool!

thunder lots of watery cm means fertile. It is watery so it is easy for the swimmers to get through. Bonk bonk bonk! (usually follows thicker cm, but if you see watery I would get on it anyway) smile

Bakingtins Tue 01-Jan-13 18:08:49

The most fertile CM is described as like egg white - you can stretch it between your fingers blush

Thunderthunderthundercats Tue 01-Jan-13 18:24:47

Thanks guys. I've never really noticed patterns with cm before and definitely only rarely get anything near ewcm... Not that I've ever stretched it. May as well get to the bonking though- no harm in that! wink

How's everyone today?

Boozeandadietjinglebell Tue 01-Jan-13 19:07:25

Tis delightful, isn't it?! I had no idea about CM stuff before coming on here. There's also Conceive Plus and Pre Seed that simulate EWCM so that the swimmers can swim better!

AlmondFrangipani Tue 01-Jan-13 20:20:49

Hi Girls,

Sorry I have been MIA but been at MIL and my folks house over Christmas/New Year! MASSIVE congrats to IBIP and Booze!!

Havent had a chance to read back since the departure of the LA skirt but hope you are all doing well. Fx for lots of 2013 BFP's!

9 weeks on Thursday. Still terrified at every pain/twinge. Fx 12 week scan is all ok. Had horrendous ms for 2 weeks which has gone now so was worried HCG was dropping. Paranoia is rife here!

Boozeandadietjinglebell Tue 01-Jan-13 21:31:09

Hi Almond! Thanks for the congrats. It doesn't really seem real yet and think I'm treating it as not real so it hurts less if something happens Hope the next three weeks go quickly for you. I totally get the paranoia. After just a couple of days I'm on full blown knicker/toilet water watch. When I mc'ed there were weird pink floating bits in the toilet bowl before the bleeding started so I guess they're what I'm looking for. 4+1 today so a long way to go yet. First milestone is 6; hopefully the next two weeks will go quickly.

IBelieveInPink Tue 01-Jan-13 21:35:45

I'm the same. Still having quite strong cramping, can't remember from first time if this is normal? Can anyone else remember? Unfortunately my milestone will be getting past the 8 week mark, so quite a long way to go.

Because mine was a mmc the first time, it had stopped growing about 3 weeks before I first had bleeding. Therefore I am going to Constantly be thinking the same Is happening for the next 3 weeks. Argh!!!!!

IBelieveInPink Tue 01-Jan-13 21:37:56

Almond, I think ms can come and go a bit. Lovely to see you have got to 9 weeks though, not long to go until your scan.... I know it will feel like forever though!! smile

Boozeandadietjinglebell Tue 01-Jan-13 21:39:25

ibelieve unmumsnetty hugs! We can't win. My cramps have stopped and now I'm worrying that they've stopped. Dr Google says that as long as they're no stronger than normal AF cramps and there's no bleeding, then not to worry. Easy!! wink

IBelieveInPink Tue 01-Jan-13 21:44:45

Aw thanks booze. Is def not stronger than af cramps. And I have even doing A LOT of running around the last couple of days, finally home from our Xmas break. So pleased to be back to my own bed!!! So I guess it probably that.
Im just panicking because the first time, I distinctly remember the 'weird' cramp I had that was the start of the mc. So now, every twinge is sending me running for the bathroom! It's gonna be a looong 8 weeks (hopefully!)

BelissimaLol Tue 01-Jan-13 22:11:08

Join the panic club. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and currently having nightmares about mmc.
Think knicker watch does improve but it gets replaced by mmc fears! Joy.

Bakingtins Tue 01-Jan-13 22:42:41

Dammit. I'm out again. I had got my hopes up this month <stupid emoticon>
Guess I won't forget this LMP date though. Dry New Year was totally unnecessary.

IBelieveInPink Tue 01-Jan-13 22:49:38

Aw baking that sucks. Sorry. New year, new start, I hope it goes better here on in for you sad

Thunderthunderthundercats Wed 02-Jan-13 09:47:12

Hi everyone. Anyone else first day back at work today? It wasn't a nice feeling when the alarm went off this morning blrggg

tins, I'm really sorry af got you- how disappointing. Seeing as you abstained on NYE are you going to treat yourself in some way now to lift your spirits?

For those pg ladies with and without cramps, hang in there! There's just no way of avoiding the stress and worry is there, damnit?! Try to allow small moments of excitement with it though, you are one big step closer and this is a good thing despite the scariness.

BaublesForSally Wed 02-Jan-13 10:06:05

Hi everyone, happy new year! Congrats to the BFPs, fx for new year bfps for the rest of us.

Yep thunder first day back. Horrible. And ridiculous queues for train tickets at the station. I'm going to break myself back in gently and not work too hard...

Sorry AF got you tins.

I have absolutely no idea where I am in this cycle other than Day 24. I completely ignored everything, didn't temp, didn't pay any attention to mucus (mmmmmmucus). So I don't know when I ov'd. I do know I dtd a lot. A LOT. Also took B vits this cycle (yeuch HATE) and almost never forgot, so I should have a day or two longer cycle. So... AF by Monday? Maybe? Sounds about right. I am taking a relaxed attitude this cycle so am not planning to test unless she doesn't show. (lies. blatantly.)

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