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TTC after recent mc - thread 3. Handholding, naff jokes and the infamous Laura Ashley skirt.

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JamesAndTheGiantBanana Thu 13-Dec-12 10:09:13

Happy new thread! Here's hoping for lots of Christmas and new year bfp's, and long healthy pregnancies for everyone. smile

Boozeandadietjinglebell Thu 13-Dec-12 10:26:39

Thanks James - marking my place!

blundercatsHOHOHO Thu 13-Dec-12 10:55:27

Me too, thanks james. Shall we do stats?

yorkiebilb Thu 13-Dec-12 11:11:44

Hi all,

I'd like to join the thread if that's okay. I've just had a mmc and had an erpc. Had a bit of a rubbish time as had horrendous ms - at one point I was throwing up 13 times a day. The docs told me when I went for my procedure that that was normally a sign of a healthy pregnancy - obv in my case it wasn't.

Anyway, I'm trying to be positive so I thought I'd come and chat with you lovely people and put myself amongst some good vibes! I haven't even stopped bleeding yet but do want to get on with ttc asap! Good luck to everyone on here!

IBelieveInPink Thu 13-Dec-12 11:23:23

Ta James <mooches in, gets settled and offers mulled wine to those not yet upduffed>

Hi Yorkie. Sorry to hear about your mc, but you are definitely among friends here. Sorry to hear you had such rough morning sickness! Thats just mean! I felt like something was up as I had nothing in the way of sickness, but that is just plain unfair!

How's everyone today? I had worked up the courage to try and be brave later and get 'back on the Wagon' so to speak, and DH has decided to go out drinking tonight! Grrrrr.

literaryone Thu 13-Dec-12 11:24:57

yorkie, so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you're surrounding yourself with comfort (whether alone or whether with people who are kind) and that the discomfort and bleeding pass off soon. It's such a sad time, good for you for being able to even think ahead. Good vibes from me, for certain.

I had the same problem you did, dreadful morning sickness (officially diagnosed as hyperemesis, so DH and I are convinced I made it fashionable which is why HRH Kate promptly followed suit wink) -- threw up 15-20 times a day for 10 weeks. Sign of a healthy pregnancy, not for me either... sad.

Tight hug to you.

And thanks, all of you for the warm welcome and the sympathy. It has been a lousy three months or so since we lost the baby and I only have managed to start feeling much better again after convincing myself that trying again wasn't an atrocious idea. The extra fear IS because it was so late, no question. I don't want it to make me into a worrywart, but it probably already has... I'm hoping to start TTC again in February or so, have to make sure thyroid levels are balanced before we can start. So I'll keep checking in to get to know all of you, but not yet in exactly the same club. grin

BelissimaLol Thu 13-Dec-12 11:26:30

Marking my place in the middle of a meeting. Naughty! grin

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 13-Dec-12 12:28:12

Bump, sorry to hear how things are with your mum. x

Welcome yorkie

Bad Blol, get back to work!! grin

Thanks for the new thread James, if I make it through the weekend I'll be more pg than I was when I mc (I never did work out my dates exactly but mc was around 6wks 3).

BlingJingleJanie Thu 13-Dec-12 12:44:58

Hey girls thanks for starting the new thread. Waving hi to everyone and hugs to yorkie

Stats for me: 32, had mc and d&c at beginning of oct(around 6wks) and just got AF yesterday for first time since (10week wait). May the TTC commence again yay!!

Usually I'm usually a miserable cow when AF is here but 2 people in work commented on how happy I looked today haha!! If only they knew!! Won't be so happy when AF comes next time!!

yorkiebilb Thu 13-Dec-12 13:54:15

Thanks everyone for being so lovely and sorry to Bump to hear your sad news.

literaryone you definitely made it fashionable - 10 weeks of throwing up so often sounds awful. I was only really ill for 4 weeks and I thought that was bad enough. I'm certainly making up for all the non eating and weight loss when pg. Chocolate has become my best friend again! I'll probably leave it till Feb as well to start again....

BaublesForSally Thu 13-Dec-12 14:33:23

Ooh a new thread! Checking in...

Stats, quickly: 32, mmc found at 13 week scan in early September. ERPC. Cycle 3 started on Monday at 9dpo goddamnit (NINE. NINE DAYS. WHAT EVEN IS THAT.) so back on the B vits for me - I ignored them last cycle (because they are disgusting and I hate them) and evidently they were making a significant difference.

Sorry for your losses literary and yorkie and welcome.

Bump sorry to hear about your mum. I'm in a similar position with my MIL and it's utterly rotten.

Bakingtins Thu 13-Dec-12 15:17:06

Hurrah for new threads - we managed to do pretty well for new BFPs on the last one. It's our turn now - form an orderly queue, ladies!

My stats - 2nd MC at 8 weeks in September, now onto cycle 4. I have 2 children and TTC no 3, had been trying for a year for the baby we lost.

Welcome yorkieB! literary you need a B name, dem's de rules. How about something suitably literary erm.. bridesheadrevisited, brightonrock. Someone help me out quick.....

IBelieveInPink Thu 13-Dec-12 16:08:45

Ooh, and stats.

TTC number 1, mmc at 8 weeks. Stopped growing at 5 weeks. Erpc end of October, af took 5 weeks to reappear. Now trying to be brave en

IBelieveInPink Thu 13-Dec-12 16:10:29

Enough to try again!

blundercatsHOHOHO Thu 13-Dec-12 16:15:38

Welcome yorkie, hi everyone else.

My stats- ttc #1, mmc at 12 weeks (foetus measured 10), ERPC mid nov, first af 4 weeks later. I am more than ready to ttc again!

Boozeandadietjinglebell Thu 13-Dec-12 16:17:03

And me...

30, TTC number 1, cycle no.1 after natural miscarriage at 6+1.

BrieMonster Thu 13-Dec-12 16:46:28

Hi all the bees and non-bees.

This is me: Just managed to conceive #2. Seven weeks tomorrow I think, dates changed a bit. Had bleeding on Monday reminiscent of mc back in sept but scan confirmed so far so good.
MC was six and a half weeks and complete. Sticking around here to watch all the bfp's roll in and because you are all so very nice!

literaryone Thu 13-Dec-12 16:53:18

Oooh, a B name. Let me think. In the meantime, recap of status: 30, waiting around to TTC #1. Had late miscarriage at 18+6 in September (no specific cause found). Frankly, terrified. Cycle no. 4 after miscarriage but have to wait till cycle no. 6 (minimum).

BumpKitty Thu 13-Dec-12 17:27:28

Hi all, thanks again for your thoughts. And hello to yorkie and literary so sorry about your mcs

My stats - 32, TTC #2, mc in October - started bleeding day before 12 wk scan. Blighted ovum, sac measured 6 + 4, eventual ERPC mid Nov and AF showed up 3 weeks later (if that was an AF - jury's still out).

Think I have decided to press on with ttc, we need something else to focus on - I can't imagine wanting to have sex though so we'll see.

DD has a terrible stomach bug, DH has had to deal with poo all over the carpet and an inconsolable child, she is currently snuggled up on me in just a blanket poor little beggar

BelissimaLol Thu 13-Dec-12 17:49:16

Hi bump just gone back and read about your mum. There is nothing I can say that will make it easier. I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your family. Why don't you tell us something nice about your mum?!

My stats:38, had mc in July at 7 weeks, started bleeding at 6+4. Am exactly 6+4 today (eek) and have scan tomorrow. This will be my first hopefully!

literaryone Thu 13-Dec-12 18:01:36

Bump, I too just went back and read about your mum. I'm very sorry and will be thinking good thoughts of strength for all of you.

BombasticPeanut Thu 13-Dec-12 20:25:04

New thread, yeassss! This is The One Where Us Veterans Get Knocked Up <shoves in just behind bakingtins but then feels bad about treading on toes>

Stats: 30, ttc #1 after mmc at 10wk at beginning Aug. been ttc since but af is still playing silly buggers, am somewhere between cd 3 and cd35 on what might be 2nd or 3rd cycle post mc as not sure if af this week was just having me on.

bump so sorry about your mum. Everyone else has said lovely things, I wholeheartedly second all of them. Thinking of you xxx

Welcome newbies, get your bees on! (Should it be new-bees? chortle chortle snort) Xxx

Bumpkinmunchkin Thu 13-Dec-12 21:18:51

Thanks james for new thread. Hope it's a lucky one for us all.

Sorry bumpkitty to hear about your mum. It's beyond devastating.

Welcome to yorkie and literary and sorry for your losses.

Waves to everyone else.

Sorry I haven't been around but just getting fed up with whole ttc. I will be 41 on sat , ttc # 3, had a mmc in April where baby stopped growing at 7+6 but I was prob supposed to be a few weeks further on. I'm only on cycle 4 as I've had really long cycles.

BumpKitty Thu 13-Dec-12 21:29:43

thanks you lot - i could do with good thoughts of strength smile

erm, something nice - there's so much. We found out mum had secondary cancer in Feb 2010 she has been in pretty good heath till Aug/Sept this year. In June 2011 she was awarded an MBE (she is the Head of a charity) - my dad, my brother and I all went to Buckingham Palace to see her get her award. It was so special and such an amazing memory (DH had to wait outside with DD screaming her head off the whole time!).

BumpKitty Thu 13-Dec-12 21:43:09

Happy Birthday for Sat BMunchkin

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