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PCOD and TTC but DISAPPOINTED every month????

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pearl81 Wed 12-Dec-12 07:51:04

Hi Ladies ..

Myself Pearl, from India. I am 79' born and my husband n me are TTC from last 11 months and so far nothing happened. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was treated for say 4-5 months, which regulated my period from 35-days cycle to 28-30 days, which sounded a good news for me until last month, I was supposed to get my periods on 24 Nov but it arrived on 30th Nov 2012. First day(30th nov) it was normal bleeding and second day little lighter and on 3rd day that is 2nd of Dec, just some spotting that slightly stained my pad. Then nothing ..... I normally start to get cramps, sore-breast and sick 5-days before my period is expected. But this time i just felt little cramps exactly few minutes before i started to bleed. My normal bleeding continues up to 4-5-6 days.

I don't know what happened to me. I have been feeling very dizzy and sick from last 3-4 weeks, feel like throwing anytime. headaches, slight cramps on either side of my lower abdomen. Its 12-dec-2012 today, took a HPT, got 1 clear pink line and exactly from where the 2nd line should have appeared, I see pink spread as if drops of urine were more than it was supposed to be.

I am so confused now confused. i donno what should I do. I am feeling so disappointed. My last period was again 5-6days late, is it that my PCOS is still not cured???? sad

Frankelstein Wed 12-Dec-12 08:16:52

Hi pearl, I also have PCOS and am afraid to tell you that it is not possible to cure PCOS. All that you can do is manage your symptoms and take your Dr's advice about what treatment you need.

A lot of women with PCOS do get pregnant naturally, so the diagnosis doesn't always mean that you will always require medical intervention.

If you haven't already been referred to a fertility specialist, then you need to ask your Dr to make sure that you are.

Good luck in your TTC journey.

pearl81 Wed 12-Dec-12 10:13:17

Hey thanks Frankelstein.... i hv consulted fertility gyn. I m taking her treatment from last 7mnths. She initially gv me follic acid med. Thne she kept me on preg cntrl pills for 3months. I m still under her treatment. Every month i rise with hopes but soon it ends up with huge disappointment. It seems so difficult to me. I hv left my hectic job last mnth...just tking benefit of doubt may be my hectic schedule restricted me to conceive. Thanks for support. Do u hv kids?

Frankelstein Wed 12-Dec-12 13:01:21

No I don't have any at the moment, I've been trying to conceive for 2.5 years.

Keep hassling your Dr and don't let them fob you off!

lifeislikeaboxofchoccies Wed 12-Dec-12 13:38:02

Pearl - just wanted to say my sis has PCOS - she was diagnosed at 17 when she had never had a period, and in fact hardly ever has a period now, but she has 2 lovely boys 3 and 1, so it can definitely happen! :-)

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 12-Dec-12 14:47:03


Unfortunately PCOS can only be managed, there is no cure for this condition as the cystic follicles associated with it always return.

I would be looking to see another fertility doc; folic acid and birth control pills won't assist at all with regards to PCOS. It is all too easy to be fobbed off, you need to see a gynae specialist and someone proper knowledge of PCOS.

pearl81 Wed 12-Dec-12 18:03:19

@ Frankelstein : Ok ... I wish you a very best luck this time... i am sure you will get prego soon now.

@lifeislikeaboxofchoccies: yeah thanks, I just got to know from Frankelstein, that it can't be cured rather it can only be managed with the help of medicines. Great to hear about your sister. Thanks for boosting me up ...God bless ....

@AttilaTheMeerkat: Ohhh. I didn't knew these medicines won't do any wonders.... recently she put me on Duphaston 10 mg for 10 days. When i googled, i found its for strengthening the uterine line blah blah ... and the same month I got my period 6days late and that too just 1st da normal bleeding and 2nd day lighter and 3rd day just spotting to slightly stain my pad.

Today its 12-days from my last period that i mentioned above ... and took HPT which for me was again so confusing. the 2nd line didn't appear but did see Pink spreaded stain on the device, may was due to excessive urine.

I need to change my doc it seems, gotta find out really good fertility specialist.
Thanks to all lovely ladies who tried to answer my queries, Keep me updated, and I will also do the same.

Charlotte321 Wed 12-Dec-12 21:11:20

Hi pearl I have PCOS too, am about to start taking clomid. I googled that drug your doc put you on and it seems to be discontinued in the UK (which doesn't sound great) and also as it is an artificial progesterone, I think you should have had proper tests/blood tests on certain days etc before being put on this to show you need that boost (did your doctor do all that?). I'm not a doctor but maybe get a second opinion? This is the link I read

Anyway my main reason for posting was to say good luck! I know how hard this is, just passed 12 months myself, hope we both have nice big bumps soon.

pearl81 Thu 13-Dec-12 05:22:41

Charlotte321 ::: OH MY GOD!!!! I got so many side effects after I took this pill ... My period was late, it just was for only 2.5 days.... Dizziness, nausea .... headaches, problem in breathing ...restless ..... blurred vision on my left eye ...Acne on my back ....

Why the hell she prescribed me this????? or at least she should have told me to stop if in case I start to get any such symptoms ....!!! Now I think I seriously should be changing my Gyn..

You started with Clomid... did ur doc asked you to??? I have heard this tablet does wonders ...and many have got lucky after using this pill ....! so is it your doc advised u???

pearl81 Thu 13-Dec-12 05:26:37

Charlotte321: and to add... no ... she did not take any blood test or any sort of tests before she prescribed this med to me .... I just had little painful period which I mentioned to her and she prescribed this med to me .... sad .. sad sad ...

I am surprised from last so many months that why is she not putting me on CLOMID which I see over internet is doing great in making women conceive, ... sad

can I myself not start taking this pill?? Or do i need Doc's suggestion for it?

Frankelstein Thu 13-Dec-12 06:22:04

Clomid is a very powerful drug and should only be taken under supervision. It can have very strong side effects and you need to have regular blood tests to make sure it is working for you. Some Drs also insist that you have regular scans to monitor follicle growth, though this did not happen for me.

It does not work for everyone - it didn't work for me - and I would definitely not recommend buying it yourself. It sounds like you need to ask for a change of Dr and then sit down and discuss all of the options available to you.

pearl81 Thu 13-Dec-12 12:30:36

Frankelstein: yah ... i guess so ... I would be seeing another doc now. My husband and my in-laws always asked me for the change but I ...for no reasons why kept faith on this one. Anyway ... I still have hopes left ... and won't give up so soon .... I am soon gonna meet a new Gynae. Thanks for the advise honey and ur recommendations too .... God Bless ... and soon things work out for you and all of us ... who are struggling so hard .....

pearl81 Fri 21-Dec-12 15:32:37

Hi ladies .... i.hv started to get my period's signals. Bad left leg pain ... very little abdomen (left) cramps, sore-breast sad… last month it came on 30th .... though it was 6days late from wht it was expected. But tht was may be coz of the wrong medicine. I m hoping it will come by 24th - 26th ... this month .... feeling so bad ... it seems this hs become quite impossible now....

Well i m nt keeping any hopes this mnth now ....
How abt u all .... i hope you all get good news soon...
Lots of baby dusts on all of you ..and on me too ...

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