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ebay ovulation tests.... how do i use them?

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jennimoo Sun 09-Dec-12 07:41:27

That should be 13 or 14...

jennimoo Sun 09-Dec-12 07:41:02

I started on day 10 this month as new more sensitive sticks and looks like I O ed on day 12 or 14 rather than my usual 15 or 16 so best to start early!
Good luck.

MrsMc82 Sat 08-Dec-12 20:48:27

Thanks Jenni I shall get on with testing a bit earlier then, thanks for the tip grin

jennimoo Sat 08-Dec-12 06:09:51

I have a 31 day cycle and suggest starting cd12. This gives you a few definitely negative days to see what the sticks look like! I don't always get the second line darker than the control but by seeing the pattern and charting other signs I can usually spot the peak ovulation stick now.

MrsMc82 Sat 08-Dec-12 00:25:55

Thanks v much Happy, yes they're the little strip cheapy ones..... Couldn't justify the digi ones so far and I have a bad poas habbit!!! Or at least did when we were trying for DS so these cheapy ones are fine if I get carries away and start poas a few tinmes a day ....
cycle is usually 30/31 days ish.... So shall start testing day 13/14 ish I guess just in case I ov early???

happylass Fri 07-Dec-12 18:15:45

Are they the little strip variety? How long is your cycle? Most people ovulate 14 days before AF is due so I would start using them about 17-18 days before AF is due. It's positive if the test line is the same colour or darker than the control line and usually means that you are due to ovulate in the next 24-48 hours but it's not an exact science. I find the digital ones far easier to work with. Hope this helps!

MrsMc82 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:43:52

obviously I know I to dip them in aa little pot of my pee, but when? what cycle days? and when a 2nd line shows up what does it mean?, as in does it mean have ov'd or just about to or what?.......

tia smile

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