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TTC this month !!

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pugsmum Fri 07-Dec-12 16:17:38

Any top tips for sucess ?

I am also a little concerned that i have not yet started taking folic acid yet and i saw on another thread the ladys had started taking it a good few months in advance ... do u think it is still ok to try if i start taking it now ???

GiantUnderCrackers Fri 07-Dec-12 16:36:21

I would eat healthily, lower the booze & caffeine consumption, take folic acid asap and start trying. It may not happen immediately so have some fun trying until it does smile

pugsmum Fri 07-Dec-12 17:09:14

we are quite relaxed about it , weather that is still the case nearer the time is a different matter ! thanx giant will get some some folic acid tomorrow . .. does any one know of a multi vitimin that may be better to take than just FA alone there are so many out there its impossible to know , any one got advise ...

I have book to have my coil out on the 13th grin i spoke to my doctor a few months ago and she said i could leave it until the last min to remove the coil (copper not hormone based ) but the normal advise is to wait three month before TTC ... i asume my doc knows what she is talking about but does anyone else have any experience of this ?

OComeAllYeFaithBaby Fri 07-Dec-12 22:43:11

There's a few conception/TTC specific vitamins. Ideally they're better because they don't contain vitamin a. You can get Boots own, pregnacare (they do his and hers but be warned, they aren't cheap!) or sanatogen.

Ideally you should wait for a couple of months for your hormone levels to get settled and so that you've established your folic acid consumption. Please note, this is what I suggest (not what I did!).

Whenever you do start trying, my advice is not to worry too much about it to start with. No charting, no OPKs, no voodoo! Just try to dtd 3 times a week every week and not put too much pressure on yourselves. Do note most lubes claim not to be sperm friendly - you're probably best off buying conceive plus or pre-seed if you need a lube.

Most of all, have fun! Good luck TTC smile

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