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Had lap & dye last week.

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Buttercup01 Thu 06-Dec-12 17:46:36

Had lap & dye last week as previoulsy HSG failed as unable to get through cervix, anyway, lap & dye result all fine, no endo, dye went straight through tubes and no problems getting through cervix...womb also fine. There were cysts on the ovaries which were already known, I have PCO, but they decided not to attempt to remove due to small size. So I now get to join the Clomid converstaion!

Anyway, (tmi) I have just wiped and have brown CM but no cramps, and I always get bad cramps, so no AF..yet, but I do have very sore boobs.

Would love any ideas on what could be going on, or just reassurance that this is normal over a week after a L&D.

Thank you.

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