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BFP wishes will come true

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RedRobin1 Thu 06-Dec-12 09:12:46

Hopefully this is the last thread we start and all our dreams and wishes come true.

SantaKittenClaws Thu 06-Dec-12 09:16:39

Marking place smile

Right, cycle 9, cd1. It's a New Years Day bfp for me please!

RedRobin1 Thu 06-Dec-12 09:24:39

sorry about AF arriving kitten fx you get your wish on new year's day!

twinklstar2, ttc1, cycle 16, BFP due 19 Dec
Thingymajigs, ttc3, cycle 6, BFP due 20 Dec
RedRobin1, ttc1, cycle 8, BFP due 27 Dec
SantaKittenClaws, ttc1, cycle 9, BFP due 1 Jan
alwaysawake ttc2, cycle 7, bfp due 3 Jan
Weechops, ttc3, cycle 7, BFP due 8 Jan
WhenSheWas, ttc 2, cycle 7 but on a break, BFP due mid / late Jan

lindamagoo Thu 06-Dec-12 09:29:03

Hi ladies can I join you please? I'm 41 and I'm about to try for baby #3. Had my coil removed on Monday and af came Tuesday night so I guess I'm cd3 of my first month of trying. Dreading it as it took me a year to fall the last time but you never know I might have more luck this time xxx

SantaKittenClaws Thu 06-Dec-12 09:36:06

Hi linda welcome smile hope you're not here for very long (in the nicest possible way of course gringrin)

lindamagoo Thu 06-Dec-12 09:41:22

Thanks kitten smile I hope none of us are. Be good to see what everyone's story becomes though grin

weetinselchops Thu 06-Dec-12 11:13:16

Morning. Popped on my Christmas name today, do you like it? smile

Dh left this morning for 2 weeks, but as af has still not arrived (cd34) then he will definitely be home during my next fertile days woo!

twinklestar2 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:34:19

This has gotta be the last frickin thread I join!!

lindamagoo Thu 06-Dec-12 11:39:29

Lol twinkle I'm the same and I only just started on here on Monday grin

BridgetandtheHairyBaubles Thu 06-Dec-12 11:44:17

Hello on this cold and frosty morning. Any room for a slightly pudgy 36 yr old hoping and wishing for a second child?

It's been a long old wait...but I'd love to start 2013 with two pink lines!

(don't know what cycle number I'm on - I've stopped counting)

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 06-Dec-12 12:23:37

Love the new name wee!

Argh tearing hair out a bit today for 2 reasons - have some work (& housework!) to do from home today. 2 y/o DS not amused at not having my undivided attention & im getting tortured!! Did my tesco xmas online grocery shop - finny to think if pg all works out hyperemesis might v well hav kicked in and DH will hav to cook xmas dinner

Second thing is MIL. I get on great with her and in fairness the whole situation is partly DH's fault but she's trying to dictate what is happening at xmas even tho she knows me and dh are already carefully trying to orchestrate things so both my mum and dad and her&FIL are getting to see us (and more importantly DS lol) equally over xmas. Anyway MIL has thrown a spanner in the works and I know it would normally frustrate me a bit but with hormones going mad i am irrationally furious about it!! Seething cross or weepy by turns...hormones sending emotions all over the show!! And im supposed to be trying to stay stress free til post 12 week mark and im up to a hundred. Def not like me but i suppose raging hormones is a good sign

ladies, heres hoping this thread is our last ttc one and we will ALL be onto a graduates one soon xx

Thingymajigs Thu 06-Dec-12 13:05:18

Sorry to hear about all the stress little. It never ceases to amaze me how childish grown people can be, especially around Christmas time. Hopefully your hormones settle soon but don't be afraid to have a good cry if needed.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced an early ovulation after using EPO. I was happily waiting for today (CD 15, usual O day) and then my temps indicated that it has already happened. Luckily we covered that area of the cycle but its not like me to be early at all. I'm DEFINITELY lowering the dosage next month especially as I had even less CM than usual.

I love the Christmas names! Sorry if I forget who you all are for a bit though.

RedRobin1 Thu 06-Dec-12 13:07:23

Hi bridget and linda - I second that bridget! Need to see two lines in the new year. I don't want to be joining or starting any more threads.

littlemiss take a deep breath and say "woooooosaaaaaaaa" try that 3 times or 5 times and it normally does the trick for me. Hate MILs causing trouble - even while ttc, the only stress I have in my life is my MIL. So I avoid speaking to her much over my fertile period grin

RedRobin1 Thu 06-Dec-12 13:09:38

I love the tinsel in your name wee.

I haven't experienced that thingy my OV is as usual between cd14-16.

Thingymajigs Thu 06-Dec-12 13:17:33

Ok thanks red it's likely that I would've ovulated early anyway with or without the EPO but I just wanted to check. At least I can relax in the 2ww a bit earlier than expected. I hate waiting for the temps to rise.

SantaKittenClaws Thu 06-Dec-12 13:47:25

Hi bridget smile

thingy sorry I can't help with your question just yet, but might be able to help in a few weeks - I've just bought some to start taking today (CD1). Usually OV around CD14 but I think I have quite a short LP so hopefully this will help sort things out a bit. What dosage have you been taking?

ReindeerOutdoors Thu 06-Dec-12 13:51:49

Hi! Found you all....

Sorry about af kitten

BridgetandtheHairyBaubles Thu 06-Dec-12 14:05:07

Thank you for the warm welcome. It feels very odd not 'knowing' anyone, so I'll probably be a bit quiet until the shyness wears off.

lindamagoo Thu 06-Dec-12 14:10:33

Ok I'm going away to think about a more Christmassy name for myself!!! Getting jealous of all you tinsel and baubles, lol grin

Thingymajigs Thu 06-Dec-12 14:44:16

santakittenclaws I took the dosage recommend on the bottle which was 3 x 1000mg capsules a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. So 3000mg until ovulation. I took it to see if it would help give me EWCM instead of watery CM but so far it hasn't. Just an unusually early ovulation. A quick Google shows lots of others have the same experience but you can also Google the same for late ovulation tbh. Just make sure you cover all areas of your cycle just incase. I'll reduce the dosage to 1000mg a day next month.
Hi to all the new people. smile

twinklestar2 Thu 06-Dec-12 16:30:33

Going to have a couple of Baileys tonight whilst we decorate the house! Getting into the Xmas spirit now!!

Then we'll dtd. Last one for fertile period. Then we'll have dtd on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with monitor peaking mon and tues so we'll be covered.

fatasbutter Thu 06-Dec-12 16:58:25

Room for an oldie, returning for a bit of banter and support??
Long time no see, and sorry to see some old faces but happy to hear some BFPs recently!

I went a bit chicken oriental a while back so had to hide my face for a bit! Cycles were all over the place and went to dr for some prodding and poking - all apparently ok - so where the jeff is my sticky bean then and now here I am! Last months af was bit more normal, but only managed to dtd on cd6 and can already feel af pains (always start a week early!) so am guessing jan bfp for me at the earliest...

fatasbutter Thu 06-Dec-12 17:04:59

Where is resipsa?

SantaKittenClaws Thu 06-Dec-12 17:09:52

Hey fatas welcome back, glad the doc says you're all in working order smile

Thanks thingy, I've picked up the 1000mg capsules so trying to decide whether to take one or two a day....I think I'll start with two and see what happens (if anything) this cycle.

Good work twinkle, fx this is your month! You've made me fancy baileys now too....

SantaKittenClaws Thu 06-Dec-12 17:18:02

Haven't seen res for a couple of weeks now, her DM was sick and there was talk of IVF soon iirc sad

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