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So my body has tricked me again: rant alert!

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Linnielou5 Thu 06-Dec-12 19:20:38

Me too!!!! Used ov sticks, conceive plus, dtd constantly. Then 8dpo I had nausea, boobs were agony, knackered, strong sense of smell, even thought I was getting implantation bleeding the past few days, then BAM af came early with a vengence!!!! WHY!!!!!

clattypatty Wed 05-Dec-12 21:23:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jammiecat Wed 05-Dec-12 20:47:13

Yes me too. I keep telling myself that so called pregnancy symptoms could just be pre-AF symptoms but yet still can't stop myself thinking just maybe. When I had my DS I had fewer symptoms that month than any non-pregnant months so really I should know better.

I think it comes down to the fact that we're always looking for a sign as we so desperately want to be pregnant, particularly when trying for your first. Also when ttc we are just more attuned to what our body is doing so if we weren't ttc those symptoms just wouldn't even register but when ttc we think it's a sign.

So yes, I can totally identify with this.

MistressofPemberley Wed 05-Dec-12 19:52:05

How many of us are in the same boat? TTC for ages, try desperately not to get my hopes up each month, but every couple of months I fall for the tricks like a naive first timer! Symptoms this month included: increased sense of smell; tender, veiny boobs; disturbed sleep, and probably lots more. Then the red tide arrives with a vengeance.

I feel like a woman who never gives up on the hope that her good-for-nothing man will change.

How long will my body make a mug of me?!

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