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Assisted Conceptions (and all the bits in-between) Volume 11

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vallinnapod Mon 03-Dec-12 20:30:15

I really hope I haven't missed someone else starting this!

vallinnapod Tue 02-Jul-13 19:55:15

Pocket!!! grin I am so pleased xxx

Ginger - I hope your mind it at ease a little. I have everything crossed.

Counting down to Thursday here...

vallinnapod Tue 02-Jul-13 19:56:01

Juicy - I was meant to say shockgrin on your HCG....double trouble

JuicySausage Wed 03-Jul-13 16:46:50

Best wishes for tomorrow, Vall.

Ginger, how are things today?

My second beta hCG measures 2,571. Heartbeat scan next Friday at 6+1 wks grin

Don't Stop Believing!

gingernutdreams Wed 03-Jul-13 17:47:25

Juicy wow! Sounds like two, how exciting!

I am still spotting today, but feels less. I have also been feeling v tired and light headed and nauseous, so hoping that is good indicator junior is still ok in there. I have just collected some more utrogestan from the chemist to tide me over. Can't wait till weekend when I am seeing my sis and family (who don't yet know) and get to Monday's scan.

Good luck for Thurs Vall


vallinnapod Wed 03-Jul-13 18:41:48

Awesome Juicy.

Hang on in there Ginger - this is such a painful waiting game.

Very nervous about tomorrow. Will get the call around 10am to let me know if it has defrosted. Which is just when I am having my pre-transfer acupuncture. Just really hope we get as far as transfer.

Luckystarfour Wed 03-Jul-13 22:44:50

Good luck vanil everything crossed for you.

ginger have the clinic considered swapping to injections - gestone? Gets into the sure better. My clinic always uses the 'back door' with pessaries. I know care always did the opposite in my treatment there. My consultant says you should never use them vaginally after the transfer anyway due to the risk of infection.

jewcy soooo exciting this sounds really positive! Keep us all posted.

AFM - having a really low week - can't help feeling 'left behind' not that I resent you lovely ladies one minute of your success in your difficult journeys. It just feels like all of a sudden it's working for everyone else but me.
My low week however is namely due to my hubby's doubts around more IVF and the risk of failire, waste of yet more money and more important the impact of having a double donor and how this makes us feel.
Speak to the clinic tomorrow about the success rate of a natrual insemination without drugs - ie sperm just being in the right place when I ovulate.

Has anyone else here had a sperm and egg donor - I feel quite alone on this aspect and am starting to struggle with it all this week! Just a low point I'm sure - but don't like feeling this way :-(

CaipirinhasAllRound Thu 04-Jul-13 00:03:20

Good luck tomorrow vall

And huge congrats pocket and juicy!

JuicySausage Thu 04-Jul-13 11:58:39

Lucky, there is no basis in fact for saying that injections are better than pessaries and that anal is better than vaginal. Each clinic differs in their advice but none would risk infection by advising vaginal if that were the case.

I'm sorry you're feeling so low. I would get on FF and find donor forums so you can be part of a community of people who have had your doubts and are still going ahead. It may be your only chance of a baby and, of course, I am biased after having used donor eggs but I love my baby (or babies!) already smile

What's the news, Vall?

Glad you're feeling symptoms, Ginger.

JuicySausage Thu 04-Jul-13 11:59:28

Thanks, caip, how are you feeling?

vallinnapod Thu 04-Jul-13 13:27:44

Well, I am PUPO.

Just in a taxi for some post transfer acupuncture. Embryo thawed 100% intact and was showing signs of regeneration so all has gone as well as it could have. Plus DH was here this time, which was a bonus (ended up being in Oz last FET!).

So the madness begin...OTD 13 July.

JuicySausage Thu 04-Jul-13 13:51:09

Aw, Vall, you must be chuffed to buggery. I really hope this is it for you thanks

MiniH Thu 04-Jul-13 19:38:19

pocket congratulations, am so so pleased for you. Enjoy it, you deserve this happiness so much.

valin yay!! Will be keeping everything crossed for you.

ginger best of luck for the scan.



Frosticle Thu 04-Jul-13 22:41:35

Pocket - just logged on very quickly and seen your fabulous news!! BIG congratulations, darling!!! You DID IT and all the effort of the journey is so totally worth it. I'm sitting here with a big, big smile on my face for you. Absolutely wonderful!! grin flowers flowers

vallinnapod Fri 05-Jul-13 11:19:37

To early to POAS right?! only half joking wink

I am determined to hold out until OTD this time.

wellerbabe Fri 05-Jul-13 15:40:41

Pocket congratulations to you and DP on the birth of your little girl I bet it feels amazing after your long journey. Well done and enjoy it now gringringrin

CaipirinhasAllRound Fri 05-Jul-13 19:03:36

Good luck for the dreaded wait vall

juicy I'm ok thanks, just waiting. Frustrating I won't know if I can go ahead until the day before but nevermind. Got the drugs today and because they're ok with me doing it without down regging, they only cost £85!

Has anyone changed jobs in the middle of all this madness? I've been wanting to for over a year and finally decided to do something about it after this FET if it doesn't work. I know and like the founder of a small company who have just created a new post which sounds really good. I met the ceo about the job last week and he's arranged for me to meet another director on monday. Everything sounds good it's just the timing although the founder knows all about our IVF and so I assume has told the ceo. My maternity package at my current company is statutory only. I still don't know if we will be able to go ahead with IVF in a couple of weeks or months and don't want to mess them around but also think it could be a good opportunity for me. What would you do (honestly)?

vallinnapod Sat 06-Jul-13 09:28:53

Honestly? Do it. Yes, it would be a ballache for them if you got pregnant immediately but I am of the firm belief you really can't put your life on hold for this process.

Think of it this way, if you got the new job, getting pregnant would be the 'worst case scenario' - not exactly a downer is it?? smile

CaipirinhasAllRound Sat 06-Jul-13 10:20:28

True! [Smile]
I've been made redundant twice before and have always told other people that we don't need to feel we owe our employers, they do what's right for them so we should too. 
Thanks vall

JuicyFatSteak Sat 06-Jul-13 11:08:26

Do it, Caip, you must snatch fulfilment and happiness wherever you can smile

vallinnapod Sat 06-Jul-13 15:29:34

Man I want steak now confused!!!

vallinnapod Sat 06-Jul-13 15:30:04

(Reference to Juicy's name change - not total randomness...)

vallinnapod Sun 07-Jul-13 06:38:29

3dp5dt and I am yet to POAS this in itself USA huge achievement

So OTD is Saturday, same day Kate is due to pop...that's got to be some sort of sign right?!

vallinnapod Sun 07-Jul-13 06:39:32

*is a.... Not USA confused

JuicyFatSteak Sun 07-Jul-13 12:11:28

Vall, I'm a red meat freak smile Well done on the not testing. I know from my temperature chart that implantation took place for me at 3dp5dt. I tested four days later but would have had a line one or two days before

Luckystarfour Sun 07-Jul-13 13:56:34

juicy thanks for your advice, I have been on FF but I still find everyones circumstances are so unique, there are double donors couples there, but most of the women have a confirmed reason why they need an egg donor, that's the part i'm struggling with, as I dont! I will be basing this decision on one round (a round in which I know I was stimulated harder and hence were my eggs affected that round?)

vall pleased you're sticking it out and not testing - last cycle was the first time I tested early, figured I wanted to know if I was pregnant at any stage before the likely spotting took place for me.

caip fingers crossed for you, very frustrating waiting. As for the job, I'd go for it, sometimes these changes are just what we need.

Off to cornwall tomorrow - to return to the beach where we got married smile hopefully some time out and sea air will bring some much needed answers!

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