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Assisted Conceptions (and all the bits in-between) Volume 11

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vallinnapod Mon 03-Dec-12 20:30:15

I really hope I haven't missed someone else starting this!

goldengirl71 Sun 16-Dec-12 00:09:56

Blimey, I am so grateful to both of you, Lucky and Hoophopes for your detailed advice, thank you for your time. I cannot seem to get my head around the fact that it only took us two months of ttc to get pregnant in January - at the age of 40 - and it has been nine months since my mmc and not even a whiff of pregnancy since. It feels like years as opposed to months and that feeling of time running out due to my age is just crushing.

However..I feel positive about this CBFM. Tell me, please, am I right in thinking the monitor declares low, medium and high days of fertility? If that is the case, do you still have sex on the 'low' days or do you save yourselves for the 'high' ones? Maybe I just need to read the instructions when it arrives blush I am obsessed with intercourse frequency patterns and timing simply because we have DP's erectile issues to contend with and the agonies he goes through each month to try to satisfy my demands for sperm are just horrible to watch. My anxieties begin as soon as my period is over - fretting about how I can 'improve' things this month and what tricks I can conjure up to relax DP. It has all become so stressful and is beginning to impact on DP's confidence and my belief in this dream of ours.

I'm so sorry to spew this out here when all of you have had far, far more torturous journeys.

Hoophopes, can you tell me what we can expect to pay for one round of IUI at a private clinic? Will they be willing to perform just the one round or do you have to 'sign up' for several (which is not financially viable for us)?

wellerbabe Sun 16-Dec-12 07:20:32

mini congrats on your scan hope u feel u can relax a bit now
goldengirl you poor thing it sounds like you really have a stressful time planning everything each month and it does put so much pressure on you both on top of the actual fertility issues to know DP has to perform!
Thanks for all your good wishes I am in limbo at the moment waiting for 6wk scan next week and almost not believing it until then. Have done about 10 tests since OTD! Norks are only a little bit sore and am being a moody cow but that may be just because I feel uptight ! wink
Hope you are all getting ready to relax a bit over Chrimbo gringringrin

Luckystarfour Sun 16-Dec-12 11:28:35

You're welcome goldengirl. Yep the box will explain but no sex on low days and as you start to get used to your pattern with the highs I woul aim for the last few highs then the ovulating dot which is for about three days and then it's high for a little after - still not everyday across this time as discussed before.

Jut looked up IUI at our clinic and its £700 not sure of there are drugs involved still? But they'd be happy with one round! That's HSFC - of Harley street - and I found them no more expensive than my clinic in the midlands ironically :-)

goldengirl71 Sun 16-Dec-12 11:34:11

Thanks, Lucky. Why would the machine pinpoint ovulation for three days? Why would someone have sex after ovulation has been confirmed? (Panicking about the amount of sex required with CBFM here sad)

Weller, the wait for scans it agonising, I know, but I hope you can temper those demons that would have us believe all kinds of negative nonsense. Oh! how I wish I was in your shoes! smile

Luckystarfour Sun 16-Dec-12 11:55:13

Just tea the description on amazon about the machine and this explains it well it gives you two peak fertility ovulation days where your surge is at the higher. Then a window around it where still chance to maximise.

BUT don't panic - like we discussed it doesn't need to be on ALL these days but across these days will give the best chance.

Just another thought - but have our tried Accupuncture? I know it's another expense but a good fertilty accupunturist can really help get your body receptive BUT most importantly really relax you. I do believe this is key 'feeling calm in your body ' - I know it's shit when people tell you to relax - I know we never switch off but feeling calm is worth working on.

Pocket recommended the zita west CDs/downloads to me and they really do help also.

I'm a devil for per working, over thinking, get cheat twinges, don't wind down etc etc but I taking these factors in my hands have been essential to me to help me feel in a good place.

Feel assured you are well researched and you have a method you are following - so now time to take the pressure off and keep positive belief xxx

Luckystarfour Sun 16-Dec-12 11:55:38

Apologies for my spelling this iPhone is a pain to view the whole message!!

sunnyg Sun 16-Dec-12 17:18:56

welcome lucky, sounds like you have had the works done my dear! I have everything crossed for you that this is your time.

weller I feel your pain waiting for that all important 6 week scan. It seems like everything is going sooo slowly doesn't it! Will be thinking of you then and can't wait to hear your good news.

goldengirl sorry you are having a hard time of it but it sounds like lucky has given you some great ideas and tips to go forward.

mini I am thrilled for you about your 12 week scan. And maybe team blue eh! What a wonderful christmas you are going to have, now that it's official.

If you are a sucker for baby shows etc like me, then I have a new good one for you all. It's called the baby makers and it's about couples undergoing IVF in North Ireland. Available on catch-up via BBC iplayer. Being such a glutton for punishment I've watched the 3 episodes on there currently back to back. But I'm glad to see a show finally now just about having babies, but about how some of us have to get there. I hope it takes away some of the stigma associated with IVF etc. But I was shocked to hear the live birth rate after IVF in Northern Ireland was just 20%. Anyway look it up if you feel like it.

Hope you all have had a good weekend. Last week of work coming up - wooo hoo! Oh and of course ladies, don't stop believing!


BadgerFace Mon 17-Dec-12 12:13:08

I'd second acupuncture if you can, although I'm sure another expense is not what you need! But I think it helped me get my positive result, as well as another IVFer friend. She also swears by it being the reason she had a chilled out baby although I must admit I stopped going after my BFP. It's also supposed to be able to help male factor issues. I always felt that even if it wasn't heping to improve my womb lining etc then it was at least 45 mins of relaxing once a week!

sunny thanks for the program tip, sounds right up my street (and perfect timing with my mat leave starting on Thursday!)

goldengirl71 Mon 17-Dec-12 13:41:21

Thank you for your thoughts surrounding acupuncture. Without wanting to sound bombastic I have really strong feelings against alternative or homeopathic treatments and therapies. I have no doubt that such therapies are relaxing - which is important during this angst-ridden journey - but I do not believe they have the power to 'unlock fertility', or 'massage ovaries', or 'retune' our bodies. In fact, I feel the whole industry is a cynical one which makes lots and lots of money out of fearful and stressed women like us who will do anything to get our bodies to work. Sorry, I will step off my soap-box - I just feel annoyed sometimes at the claims which some of these therapists make and the money they are drowning in from other people's anxieties.

I am aware, however, that, from a relaxation point of view, they can be marvellous remedies. I find the gym cheaper and more beneficial for weight control hmm

Pocket1 Mon 17-Dec-12 20:47:22

Just popping in to say hello smile

Luckystarfour Tue 18-Dec-12 09:06:13

OMG I am starting to feel nervous about tomorrow!

Feels surreal as this is the first time I have not 'spotted' in the two week wait and I feel really well. So then I keep wondering this morning is that perhaps because there's nothing growing in there!

Would I be bleeding if it was going wrong, or would the progesterone prevent the bleeding anyhow - now that my levels have been controlled properly.

I think today and the 4-6 hours wait after the blood test tomorrow will be the longest wait in our lives! Eeeeek!!

Please please let it be our time!!!! :-))

goldengirl71 Tue 18-Dec-12 11:23:17

Flipping heck, Lucky, I am so nervous for you! The very best of luck for tomorrow, I hope your dreams come true.

Luckystarfour Tue 18-Dec-12 18:18:58

Thanks goldengirl. Survived the day - so here's hoping tomorrow passes quickly :-)

BadgerFace Tue 18-Dec-12 18:30:04

Good luck Lucky for tomorrow. Really, really routing for you.

Luckystarfour Tue 18-Dec-12 20:09:43

Thanks badger - I so hope it's our time xx

goldengirl71 Tue 18-Dec-12 20:15:07

What time is your blood test, Lucky? Why blood and not urine to test for pregnancy? (Sorry to sound thick).

goldengirl71 Tue 18-Dec-12 20:15:53

Oops! Just figured it're testing early, right? smile

Luckystarfour Tue 18-Dec-12 20:35:27

Yep embryo 1 has been in 12 days tomorrow and embryo 2 10 days so test by blood as not 14 day wait! Can test by urine on Friday!

Test at 10am so early start into London and then to go for a big old lunch to pass some time - how the time would pass so much quicker with a lovely bottle of wine!!! :-)

goldengirl71 Tue 18-Dec-12 21:32:45

I've got the collywobbles just thinking about your nerves, Lucky! How bloody exciting! grin

vallinnapod Tue 18-Dec-12 21:42:33

Good luck lucky

Bugger all happening with me....Day 8 of the pill so a while to go before it gets interesting for me smile

Luckystarfour Tue 18-Dec-12 22:00:51

Thanks both.

It will soon get exciting for you vallinnapod! The time starts to fly! :-)

goldengirl71 Tue 18-Dec-12 22:55:48

Vallinnapod, are you 'down-regging', or whatever they call it? How many days does that last? Does it feel 'abnormal' to be on the pill? How ironic. Science is brilliant though, eh?

I started SWI tonight (although I craftily led DP to believe I was simply hot for him. This almost backfired when he was struggling to ejaculate and offered to save time by masturbating over my breasts! I almost clawed his eyes out shock)

BadgerFace Wed 19-Dec-12 07:23:49

Lucky Try some Bitburger Drive with your lunch, it's the best 0% lager I've found (and I've tested a lot!)

golden Sounds like you were nearly too subtle for your own good!

it's my last day at work today following my April embryo transfer - Don't stop believing ladies.

goldengirl71 Wed 19-Dec-12 08:59:52

Badgerface, hello! Last day of work as in maternity leave? Enjoy! This thread really does instil hope (if you've got balls of steel and plenty of cash. I have balls of malleable aluminium and not a pot to piss in).

Lucky! What can I say?? I'd like to send calming vibes but I'm afraid I'm too excited for you. Very best of luck, love.

Pocket1 Wed 19-Dec-12 11:07:21

Good luck today Lucky everything but everything is crossed for you both and I'm holding my breath till you update us! Come on BFP smile

Badger wow last day at work - and what a nice time of year to finish. Really hope the remainder of your pregnancy passes quickly so you get to meet your LO soon. I've loved getting to know you on this thread and you've always been positive, kind and funny. Do keep in touch with us here to let us know how you're doing. thanks

So, i've had my NHS nuchal scan this morning - all looked fine. Baby was chilling out with legs outstretched - just like his/her dad! Bloods form the other half of that test and apparently they'll take 72 hours to come back - which is Christmas eve. If there's a problem, i'll get a call. If everything is okay i wont hear a thing but will get a letter in the post in a couple of weeks. i am so relieved that we're repeating these tests privately on Friday and will have all the results by that evening.

To echo Badger, Dont stop believing biscuitbiscuit

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