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Assisted Conceptions (and all the bits in-between) Volume 11

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vallinnapod Mon 03-Dec-12 20:30:15

I really hope I haven't missed someone else starting this!

MiniH Mon 25-Mar-13 21:21:48

mui welcome and sorry to hear about your bfn. It really depends for af as mine was instant but can take a few days for progesterone to drop and af show up.

highlove Tue 26-Mar-13 07:18:01

Hello all, yes pocket it has been quiet here hasn't it? How is everyone?

pocket hope you and bump are doing well - I saw on another thread you're 25 weeks now. Wow, that's gone quick.

Mini how are you doing?

Gingernut have you got your immunes back yet. Hope you start to get some answers.

Sunny how are you and the twinnies? Have you had your 12 wk scan now?

Frosticle not sure if you'll be reading this but you have been in my thoughts.

Mui welcome and sorry about your BFN. I started to bleed about three/four days after stopping tge progesterone. Have you got a cycle review appt lined up? Hope you can get some answers and a way forward.

AFM, our next cycle was put back a couple of months for reasons our of our control. So it's not been a great few weeks - having initially been so anxious about our next go I'd totally got my head round it and have really struggled with it not going ahead. I just feel totally despondent about the whole thing - cant see why it would work and feel like its never going to happen for us. I can't even imagine having a baby anymore. We've only had one failed ICSI (and a successful IUI which ended in mc) so I know I shouldn't feel so negative, just not got my head in a good place with it all.

Sorry very whingy post! Hope you are all ok x

ExpatWifey Tue 26-Mar-13 10:01:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mui67 Wed 27-Mar-13 23:03:09

Good evening ladies and how are you all doing?

my AF arrived today. i must say the flow and colour are better than i ever remembered.

I read in another forum that AF could be tested for hidden chlamydia. All my pre-cycle tests were negative. i read in another forum that ladies had negative test on the usual screening but with AF blood it tested positive. The ladies there reported that once they've been treated most of they get bfp. I just wanted a peace of mind so sent it to Athens for testing. My clinic ok with my decision.

Shall keep you posted.

Luckystarfour Thu 28-Mar-13 18:31:28

Hi all

Sorry to have been a stranger - I have just been reading through and trying to catch up.

Given im on my iPhone I can't name tag anyone but namely

Frosticle - I am so so sorry to hear your sad news. You sound strong but I'm sure it is really difkcult. Lots of love and do take care of yourself

Sunny - so pleased that ARGC have worked their magic
Everytime i read about their successes I keep thinking should we swap. But then i read that HSFC still have one of the top success rates and they have made our last experience far less stressful than Care ever did so we shall stick with them.

Congrats to the developing bumps - so pleased to hear the pregnancies are developing nicely and quickly it seems!

Welcome newbies - good to read your stories and happy to offer any support I can.

Expat wifey - sorry to have just missed the timing of your question re TESA - my hubby went through the general for collection. Sad to say ours didn't work - when it came to defrost on the actual ICSI cycle, despite the results being good on the day of his op, no sperm was alive - frustrating!

So after a month away in the hot hot sunshine (37 degrees everyday) we arrive back with a big brave decision to scrap any more false hope using my hubby's sperm and to take the leap and go for a donor. Not an easy decision at all and we both still feel very sad -yet pragmatic that if this is our pathway to a family then we will take it.

So getting set for the end of April ( round 5!) I can honestly say I have nearly lost count ;-(

Good to be back in touch ladies xx

gingernutdreams Fri 29-Mar-13 16:32:09

Hello Pocket! How are you and bump doing?

Highlove sorry to hear your cycle was put back, and you have not been in a good place emotionally lately. I hope that when your next cycle comes around you feel more relaxed and positive, because who knows, this one really maybe the one that brings you good news. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Expat I hope you and DH come to a decision that suits you both and your next cycle is a success.

Welcome back Luckystar. Good luck for your next round at the end of April. I can completely understand your sadness in deciding to go for donor sperm rather than using your DH's but it makes sense to do all you can to get that family you both long for. Fingers crossed for you both too.

AFM, I am still waiting for my review appointment on 8th April to discuss whatever my results reveal about my immune tests. I am feeling a bit negative about it at the moment, but trying to keep my chin up and believe that we may finally get some answers and some real hope of success. Will let you all know what the outcome of the appointment is.

Hello to all you other lovely ladies.

smile smile



sunnyg Sun 31-Mar-13 14:27:08

Hello ladies and Happy Easter Sunday to all. I hope you are all well, and munching down on as much chocolate as possible - wherever you are.

MewAngel Welcome and congrats on your BFP. How are things now? Did you get some answers on your concerns? I've had quite a lot of bleeding and I've done both what the other ladies have suggested. Gone to A&E and my clinic and sometimes both! I say do whatever you need and speak to whoever you can to feel reassured. But I know how difficult a BFP is after past loss and dissapointment. I hope you are doing okay now?

Mui I am sorry to hear about your BFN. It's so hard. I hope you enjoy this thread you'll get so much support and friendship here.

Ginger my friend hang in there. I am really hopeful about your immunes being able to shed some light, and if not you can take solace that you have at least ticked that box. Not long now. We'll all be waiting to hear.

Highlove I am sorry to hear about the delay in start to your treatment. How frustrating. Especially when you have geared yourself up. Have they given you a new start date yet and is this something definite?

Expat glad to hear DH's retrieval went well. I understand your concerns totally about going through treatment away from friends and family and then having a baby in the same situation. I'm from OZ but living here in the UK with my British DH and I won't pretend it's been easy being so far from friends and family. But you've only been away a short time (Not sure how long your expat stay is planned for?) and although when I got here I felt very lonely, slowly over time I've met people and made a small group of friends that has really helped. But what has helped me most of all, is this forum and understanding from everyone here, from only those that can really know and understand. And with two on board I can't tell you how overwhelmed (but grateful)I've felt about having babies with no family in the country. But I feel like I'm so lucky to be here, and facing this is nothing like facing the mountain that can be fertility treatment, so whatever happens, if you stay abroad or at some time you come back, you'll get through. Step by Step, day by day.

Luckystar welcome back and sounds like some sunshine and rest has lead you to a difficult decision but one with new direction (if that makes sense!). We'll all be gunning for you in April.

And our bump friends how are we all? Did I hear Pocket you are 25 weeks? Can it be? I hope all is well. And Mini how far are you?

AFM had our 12 week scan last wednesday. I can't believe it. Sorry I've been a bit AWOL but had a bit of a rough ride. Quite a lot of bleeding so been put on bed rest on and off. Finally though they have found the culprit and I've got a clot on my cervix. At this stage it's quite small, but obviously they don't want it to get bigger. Apparently they are especially common in IVF and more so in twin pregnancies. But I've been well looked after between the clinic and a few rushed trips up to A&E so I can't complain. Just told a few people - no big broadcast here. All in good time. Still quite cautious but believing more and more each day.

Sorry for the long email. Will try and post shorter, more regularly. Been quite sick so not been online much. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone too!

DSB oxox

Hoophopes Sun 31-Mar-13 16:11:32

Sunny so glad to hear you at least have a reason for the bleeding and that both embies have got to the 12 week mark. I am sure you will be well looked after and hopefully each week you get past will help ease your concerns. I had bleeding at 23,24 and 25 weeks - an internal exam each time, nothing diagnosed, times of stress - but it all went well! Got me half days at work,more time to rest - and thankfully a good and healthy baby at the end!! Take good care of you and your little ones!!

Beginningofthejourney Sun 31-Mar-13 16:34:15

Happy Easter everyone, hope everyone is well?
Good to hear 12 week scan was good sunny hope things settle down and you can start enjoying your pregnancy
I've been checking in regularly to see how everyone is.
I'm 26 weeks this week, time is going very quickly! I've got a big bump and enjoying lots of kicks, although everytime I try to get anyone else to feel bubba goes still. Due to IVF I'm having extra scans so should get to see bubba twice more before he/she arrives which is reassuring smile
Look forward to some more BFP soon from you all, take care xxx

Pocket1 Mon 01-Apr-13 16:52:43


Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter and eating plenty of chocolate!

Highlove sorry to hear about the delay to your next cycle. Its understandable that you’re not happy about having to wait now but use the time to relax, eat some healthy stuff, meditate, do light exercise so that you’re even more ready for it. It’ll come round quickly…

Expat looks like you’re making progress – any dates for your cycle?

Frosticle how are you doing honey?

Hi Ginger its hard but try and stay positive – I really got my knickers in a twist last year about immunes, we did mini-immunes testing and on the back of that I took Clexane. There are many solutions to the various immunes issues so take comfort in that – and your clinic will continue to build on their knowledge of you for your next cycle. Best of luck with your appointment next week, let us know how you get on.

Beginning lovely to hear all is going okay and that the little one is kicking lots – I’m just a tiny bit ahead of you and mine is very active too smile.

Hi to Luckystar, Mui, Hoop and anyone I’ve missed.

Wow Sunny great news that you’ve had your 12 week scan. But I’m sorry to hear of your scares – just terrifying. I had a couple of early bleeds, no reason ever given – it is just frightening beyond belief. But it sounds like you’re getting lots of care and attention, and do continue to rest and take care of yourself. Sounds like your two little ones are fighters, bless them. Its incredible how far you and I have come since this time last year hey? Ladies, take heart that it really can happen - Sunny and I had a very rough start to 2012 so don’t stop believing.

AFM I’m 26+3, bump kicking often and getting bigger – not huge but big enough that I’m not comfortable in pretty much anything I wear. I’ve treated myself to some huge new PJs today from M&S, I am looking forward to bedtime already.


MewAngel Tue 02-Apr-13 23:27:55

Sorry for being away for a while...

gingernutdreams - I'm very curious about those immune tests. If you feeling like me any answers are like a breakthrough... Not knowing is a torture

sunnyg - well, I had a strange bleeding on Friday but it was like a one off and since that day it is ok...I called doctor - she offered scan if bleeding continues and A&E if in pain. But as I said it was like one off and stopped so I carry on with life. My scan is booked for 4th afternoon I guess I will know than... Can't stand A&E - once was with friend on early stages of pregnancy - waited 3 hours to be seen and send back home anyway as they can't do anything. Scan next day...
Good to hear that you are doing fine! 12 weeks, wow, reason to celebrate!

Beginningofthejourney - love the way you call your little one bubba

ExpatWifey - I'm far away from my family also...It's hard but when we moved we have met few amazing new friends who support us. On the other hand true is I'm not the one who talks about my problems/infertility. There is only bunch of people who knows what is going on. I kind of feel better not having to answer question how things are going.

lastboxoftampons Wed 03-Apr-13 14:35:29

Hello everyone! Sorry to jump right in here - I've created a separate post, but I know you're all the authorities on this stuff, so I was hoping you might be able to shed some light?

We've been TTC #2 for about 17 cycles now with not even a shadow of a BFP and we've just started treatment with the ACU. Yesterday the consultant said that my FSH is 8.5 - which I know is not bad, only ever so slightly elevated. However, I had bloodwork done last year after about 6 months of TTC and my FSH then was 5.7. Is it normal for it to jump that much in a year? I'm 36, and I know fertility drops off quite quickly after 35.

Also, the ACU has found a 4cm cyst, which they think is a dermoid, on my left ovary that wasn't there when I had a scan last summer. The doctor I spoke to yesterday said that it's possible it was too small to see last summer, she suggested maybe it was 1cm or something - which would mean it's quadrupled in size in about 9 months. My follicle count was 9, which is slightly less than they'd like to see, but probably because this cyst is taking up space which could be devoted to follicles. I'm just wondering if the growth of this cyst is related to the jump in FSH.

I appreciate any advice and apologize again for sticking my nose in! grin

lastboxoftampons Wed 03-Apr-13 14:40:27

Oh, and Expat I totally know where you're coming from sad We're the other way around - living in the Uk, though that's not where I'm from. It's been devastating being away from my family. I moved over here for what I thought would be a couple of years, thinking I wasn't ever going to have a baby here. Then we had DS, but put off having a second. Here we are TTC for #2 for over a year already. I guess my point is, you never know how it's all going to happen, so in my experience, it's just best to proceed and deal with the geographical complications as they come. Hoping it works out for you flowers

sunnyg Fri 05-Apr-13 17:44:13

Thanks all for your good wishes and encouragement.

Hoops sorry to hear about your bleeds in your pregnancy, it's terrifying isn't it. But you are right, some women just bleed in pregnancy. Thank you for sharing that though.

pocket my friend so glad all is going well. And you are so right. This time last year things were very different for us. I hope it's encouragement for ginger and everyone to keep going. Never thought we'd get there did we......

Mew did you have your scan?

ginger the whole immunes area is completely overwhelming I agree. But the good point is there are lots of options for treating immunes if your tests do reveal anything, and when you do get your results back I'd recommend the guru of all things immunes, Agate on Fertility Friends. Google her, there isn't anything she doesn't know. And heaps of ladies here (me included) have had immunes treatment and all in various forms. Hang in there my dear....

last box welcome. I'm 36 in June and when I had my FSH tested in January before I had treatment I think mine was about 8 too. I'm no expert on FSH but I know my clinic will retest your FSH each month (so they can get a score under 10 which they require to treat you) as they know it can vary even from month to month. I know they would also always remove any cysts before starting treatment so that this doesn't block any follicles and they can get the best out of those follicles. I think I've got this right... other ARGC ladies?!?


gingernutdreams Sat 06-Apr-13 20:25:17

Thanks Sunny, I really am encouraged by yours and all other success stories on here, and thanks for your tip to refer to Agate on Fertility Friends for any more info on the immunes tests/treatment. My review is now really close, we are going in on Mon afternoon so keeping fingers crossed that it throws up some answers and possible solutions. Sorry to hear you have had some scary bleeding concerns, but glad to hear they have found a reason and that your little fighters are doing well.

Good to hear from you beginning and 26 weeks! That is fantastic! Glad you are being looked after well and are getting extra scans.

Pocket enjoy the big pyjamas! Lovely to hear of the ever expanding bump. smile

Mew I hope the bleeding has settled down and the scan on the 4th went well.

Lastbox were you on this forum when you had your DS? I recognise your name and was a lurker about 2 years ago... I hope all works out with your FSH levels and the cyst. I don't really know much about cysts or FSH levels (have never been told mine) so I'm afraid I cannot give any advice. I have fingers crossed for you though. smile

And once more dear ladies, DSB

biscuit biscuit

MiniH Tue 09-Apr-13 19:08:27

Evening ladies.

Just wanted to drop in and say hi - am regularly reading but not posting as much. Am still following all the progress best I can.

We have finally reached the 29w milestone. Can't quite believe how far along I am tbh. It was almost a year ago that we had our bfn after our first cycle and I honestly couldn't even dare to think this possible back then. It is such a hard, emotional journey, and I still get frightened something might go wrong. Without the support of you lovely ladies this would have been unbearable but we are all blessed to have found one another and this wonderful, supportive, AC family.

Big hugs and DSB.


gingernutdreams Tue 09-Apr-13 21:56:28

Hi Mini, good to hear from you! Can't believe you have got to 29 weeks! That is fab! How time flies! It has been an emotional journey for you and you deserve that happy ending. Sending hugs. smile

As for me, well, DH and I have been to our appointment with the consultant to review our immune test results and it was a little disappointing really. The results came back negative. The only thing they found is that I am not able to make an antibody that protects the afterbirth of an embryo, and I have a gene mutation that means I have trouble metabolising folic acid (which I knew from the last set of tests). Therefore nothing conclusive and still no definitive answer as to why I cannot get and remain pregnant. The antibody thing can only be solved by actually carrying a baby to full term so a bit of a catch 22 situation really. The consultant recommended I take a high dose of Folic acid, baby aspirin, clexane and a steroid to support my frozen embryo transfer cycle (which I think he said will be a non down regging hrt cycle), so this is what we shall be doing. I am also going to do the endometrial scratch the month before my cycle to help encourage successful implantation. So, as soon as AF arrives I will be ringing the clinic, getting booked in for that and then on to the next cycle! Fingers, toes and everything crossed that this is finally our time, despite not really having any answers. I will keep believing....

Hugs to all you lovely ladies.

biscuit biscuit

Pocket1 Tue 09-Apr-13 22:15:01

Ginger just wanted to say that for my last and successful cycle, I was on clexane, baby aspirin and steroids (prednisolone). And I had the saline scratchy wash thing too #just saying... smile

I've got absolutely everything crossed for you my dear.


Pocket1 Tue 09-Apr-13 22:20:41

Ps. Ginger, have you considered zita west vits? I've been recommended them pre and post bfp by my Accupuncturist. Also LuckyStar said they were better on the folic acid front than pregnacare. But do check that the folic acid is the level your dr recommends.

Mini lovely to hear from you and wow that's great news. Im 1.5 weeks behind you. Lying in bed and getting kicked as I speak... smile

Everyone please DSB

BadgerFace Wed 10-Apr-13 17:30:20

Wow Mini and Pocket you're both so far through now!

Ginger sorry to hear you were a bit disappointed by your immunes appt but you are sounding very positive despite that which is good. Have you been doing acupuncture as well? I'm not certain that it helped with my cycle but even if not lying down for 40 mins a week must have helped relax me at the very least...

Mini-Badger (13 weeks old now!) and I are lurking and cheering all you ladies on from the sidelines.

DSB one and all.


gingernutdreams Wed 10-Apr-13 18:21:01

Thanks Pocket and Badger. It is encouraging to find out that the cocktail of drugs I have been prescribed, along with the scratchy thing, worked for you Pocket, let's hope they work the same magic for me!

I used to take the Zita West vits but gave them up due to cost and DH's bro who was quite sniffy about them (he is a bio chemist). However, I am willing to try anything which may possibly help, so may give them another go, though will check the Folic Acid level as may not be high enough for what the consultant recommends.

Badger I have tried acupuncture once and found it was great for curing a hangover grin but not sure how much it would help with AC, but then I know lots of people swear by it, so maybe I should not be too quick to pooh pooh, and it clearly worked for you! I shall certainly be trying to find something to chill me out whilst I go through the next cycle. I already have the Zita West meditation CD for use alongside the embryo transfer so am looking forward to trying that out.

Can any of you ladies give me a clue what to expect from a frozen embryo transfer cycle as I am not quite sure how they work? Any hints, tips or advice gratefully received.

Cuddles to minibadger and to all you lovely ladies.


Pocket1 Wed 10-Apr-13 18:48:23

Wow Badger 13 weeks hey. How completely lovely. smile

Ginger I had acupuncture too. My lady is an ex zita west fertility Accupuncturist and convinced me it would help. In fact I still have sessions now. Give it a go. As Badger says, even just relaxing for that hour or so can only be good. You can do your ZW guided meditation too - which btw I found so relaxing.

As for the scratchy thing, it's not really that scratchy really. Well you don't feel that it is. But it's an essential part of the process that you go shopping after and but yourself a treat. Honest wink

I had FET, it was exactly the same as fresh cycle/transfer really. Is that any help?

Hello to everyone else.


BadgerFace Wed 10-Apr-13 19:49:26

ginger I personally am not convinced that acupuncture was a key to our success but have friends who have done IVF who do swear by it (which is why I did it for 3 months!). One idea to keep the cost down is to just have sessions pre and post embryo transfer (on the day of transfer) as I understand they are supposed to be the "key" sessions although every session may help.

Then again, I had a Hotel Chocolat chocolate every day after my injections so perhaps they are the key grin A good excuse to get your DH to pick some up anyway...

Mini-B has sent some good luck snuffles especially your way.

lastboxoftampons Wed 10-Apr-13 20:37:50

hi All! Congrats on your LOs Pocket Mini and Badger Very inspiring smile

Ginger Hello! I was on Mumsnet when TTC for DS, but not sure if I was ever on the AC thread. I might've popped in to ask a question, as he did take 8 months after a mmc at 11 weeks, so not an easy conception either...although by comparison it was quite quick...! I have come by to ask a question a few times since TTC#2 but I think I recognize your name from elsewhere...were you a temper? or on the Wagon? So sorry your results weren't very conclusive. I think it helps to know that at least something is wrong. Easier to swallow that the unexplained infertility diagnosis. brew for you. Fingers crossed this next protocol is what works.

lastboxoftampons Wed 10-Apr-13 20:40:16

Meluv thanks for your info about your FSH. I'm a bit hmm about them wanting to leave the cyst for now. I just think the bigger it gets, the worse it's going to be. Plus, it's not supposed to be there, so why not take it out? Anyway, trying to go with the flow. I have a scan in the morning to see if the Clomid dosage is correct, so I will be sure to ask about the size of the cyst then.


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