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Assisted Conceptions (and all the bits in-between) Volume 11

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vallinnapod Mon 03-Dec-12 20:30:15

I really hope I haven't missed someone else starting this!

Beginningofthejourney Wed 30-Jan-13 14:58:16

Good luck sunny I have everything crossed for you. Xxx

gingernutdreams Wed 30-Jan-13 18:16:07

Good luck Sunny! Fingers, toes and everything crossed for you. xxx

highlove Wed 30-Jan-13 18:29:31

Sunny I've absolutely everything crossed. Good luck I really, really hope it's the right outcome x

Pocket1 Wed 30-Jan-13 21:53:03

Good luck for tomorrow dear Sunny. Will be thinking of you and will say a prayer for you - hoping so much that you announce your so deserved bfp (selfishly, I could do with some good news too) smile xxx

MiniH Wed 30-Jan-13 22:11:11

sunny I have absolutely everything crossed for you. You are brave to have held out and not done a hpt! I hope they don't keep you waiting long for the call tomorrow. Good luck - like you say, you have done everything you can for now. Xx

Italiangreyhound Thu 31-Jan-13 00:50:34

Thinking of you Sunnyg. Hugs.

highlove Thu 31-Jan-13 14:42:09

Sunny have been thinking of you all day. Am really hoping your celebrating good news somewhere x

highlove Thu 31-Jan-13 14:43:03

you're celebrating I meant!

sunnyg Thu 31-Jan-13 15:46:14

Hi all

I'm so pleased to say that it's a BFP! Still can't believe it. Nearly had a meltdown in John Lewis waiting for the call. Obviously it's very early days, and very cautious as you all know we have been here before, but for today, we are sooooo happy. Feeling very dazed and confused but so hopeful our time has finally arrived. Will be taking it one day at a time, but I want to thank you all so much for all of your support and encouragement. Old and new friends, you've all been sooo lovely!

Never, ever, stop believing oxox

highlove Thu 31-Jan-13 16:01:06

Oh wow Sunny amazing news. I'm so pleased for you. Brilliant, brilliant news - well done you x

Pocket1 Thu 31-Jan-13 16:09:59

Woohoo!!! Sunny I am so very very happy for you. I've got years in my eyes!! You deserve this so much xxx smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile

MiniH Thu 31-Jan-13 16:17:23

sunny YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good feeling about this one. I am so thrilled for you. You are right to enjoy today for what it is and take it each day as it comes. The next two weeks will drag but it just go with it and try not to let them mess with your head. What was your bhcg number? (she says, nosily trying to work out if it might be one or two grin )

Pocket1 Thu 31-Jan-13 16:28:40

I mean tears smilesmilesmile

BadgerFace Thu 31-Jan-13 16:29:08

Hurray Sunny!!! So, so, so, SO pleased to hear of your BFP!! What wonderful news. Mini-Badger has just given you a congratulatory smile as well (I think, although to be honest, it could equally be wind... grin)

gingernutdreams Thu 31-Jan-13 19:22:19

YEY SUNNY! So so so pleased for you! You really do deserve this. xxxxxxx smile smile

vallinnapod Thu 31-Jan-13 19:25:15

Woooohooooo Sunny!! gringringrinWhat fab, fab news!!

PS decides to get back on the horse. Baseline scan today and a huge oestrogen patch smacked on my arse wink

sunnyg Thu 31-Jan-13 19:56:27

Thank you so much ladies for your lovely messages. Means heaps to have you all here with me at this time.

Mini I don't know my bhcg level! I was too dazed to ask! They just said my level was good or really strong or something like that. I honestly can't remember! I will ask tomorrow though!


Beginningofthejourney Thu 31-Jan-13 20:56:43

I'm so happy for you sunny I've been thinking about you all day! Had to check as soon as I got in from work xxx

LissySilver Thu 31-Jan-13 22:04:40

Sunny, WOO-HOO!!! Fantastic news! Don't you worry, the folks at ARGC will be monitoring you until you're 12 weeks, so you're definitely in good hands!

Hello to all the ladies...I lurk every day rooting for you all. Please don't stop believing...our Rosalie turns 1 in two weeks! Thinking of getting back on the horse sometime in the summer, but it will be a FET at ARGC this time.

Luckystarfour Fri 01-Feb-13 00:00:10

Brilliant brilliant news Sunny. I had just been thinking I must pop back on and I was so pleased to find everyone celebrating. - well done mrs - just great news xx

Teds77 Fri 01-Feb-13 00:09:12

Congrats Sunny that's wonderful. I shall be looking out for news of 1 or 2 ...

Also belated congrats on the arrival of mini badger and scrummy. Enjoy those first few weeks xx.

Lissy can't believe Rosalie is nearly a year! Though most of the last six months is a blur to me!

Luckystarfour Fri 01-Feb-13 00:19:31

Gingernutdreams - just caught up on your post. Just thinking about your results - I has the 'not absorbing folic acid' normally response and was old to take femibion (which is not discontinued) as easier form of folic acid to absorb. Once femibion was a no go I went obto the zita west vitafem and the vitafem boost (normal type of folic acid) I had my levels tested weekly and complete surprise my levels were normal! So i guess I'm saying don't worry too much about them!

I also had the scratch on my lining last cycle and the 'womb wash' which alot of clinics seem to believe in now. I also was on clexane and prednisolone a steroid for mild mild NK killer cells. I also has intralipids Our level two tests showed very very little for us - other than we knew hubby had a poor morphology (which we knew before anyway).

I have felt I've been treated for very very minor things but all in all the extra drugs and hystergram and intrallipids added an extra £3-£4k on our cycle - I do wonder now if too much info means more money in the pocket to the Ivf companies - as once you know these results - mild as they might be - you feel obliged to treat them.

I will be interested to see if I still need all these 'extras' if we do go for a donor cycle and my husbands sperm factor is removed from the equation!

Out of interest how does your other halves sperm measure up? Just mindful in our experience that the sperm factor is likely to be aiding the embedding issues and not me. Just some info and thoughts to share with you.

Luckystarfour Fri 01-Feb-13 00:32:19

Frosticle and beginningofthejourney - thanks or your comments on the donor side of things. We are finding it a mine field of new info to get out heads around .

Beginning - can I ask which bank you found your uk donor? I have to say we are completely overwhelmed with where to start with all this donor search. It feels like starting the ivf journey from the beginning! When you know very little.

Our clinic use a US donor bank - the concern we have is what if the attraction of a biological father in the US makes a stroppy teenager even more likely to go off and look for their biological father (wed plan to be open you see about being a donor child)

Also we see there are so many options about seeing photos of childhood and now, audio recordings of their questionnaire answer. Whilst we do not have a need to 'see' the donor (at least we think we don't) what would be best for our child if later down the line they know and knew we could have accessed photos to share with them.

My god - deciding to accept going with a donor seems hard enough but when you're RealIse the choices - it's overwhelming.

Our clinic offer a matching process where the present 5 but they don't give half the background info which is available on other reputable bank sites.

Beginning how did you go about deciding? I can't help but feel if we don't do our research and consider all the options, this is one of the most important decisions we will make in our child's life. So we need to properly weigh up all the options.

Desperate to talk to others who have taken the sperm donor route to make sense of it all - overwhelmed is probably the right word for us right now!!!

MiniH Fri 01-Feb-13 15:43:18

luckystar you may have already done this, but have a look at the fertility friends boards. There is a specific one for donor conception, which should hopefully help you speak to others who have been/are going through that.

Beginningofthejourney Fri 01-Feb-13 21:30:53

I just wrote a long reply lucky but it vanished while I was on the phone!
I just used the donor bank from my clinic, I looked into using a donor from Europe (as suggested but the clinic) but I decided I would go with the easy option of the clinic. For me it wasn't quite as complicated as I am single so only had my feelings to take into account (as well as the baby's obviously!) I intend to be honest with baby as explain where he/she came from and just have to hope I don't get a stroppy one! When I had the counselling I got myself in to a bit of a tizz as she asked me loads of questions about what I would do if...particularly what I would do if the child was bullied due to having a donor dad. I worried about it for a while but then when I really thought about it there are loads of what ifs and reasons why kids may be bullied. I decided I needed to concentrate of trying to make my baby happy, secure and resilient!
My clinic gave me a choice of 4 donors and then the embryologist said that realistically there were two that were better than the others two so got the details of those, only told eye and hair colour height and profession. There weren't any photos at all. The baby can get more details when they turn 18 but other than that if you use a UK donor I don't think you can find out much more info.
Sorry for long message, feel free to pm me if you want to know any more. Happy to answer what I can. X

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