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Looking on the bright side and patting myself on the back (literally) TTC#1 13 months so far

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bugoven Mon 03-Dec-12 11:00:07

DP and I have been TTC#1 for 13 months now and I thought I'd share some of my recent experiences that, it's just occurred to me, are bizarrely positive.

This year I have been trying to sell a house I own with an idiot of an ex (I ended the relationship nearly 3 years ago) who I was with for 8 years and who finally said he didn't want to have children with me and the main reason for this being he didn't think I'd make a good mother (nice). He has been dragging his heels and reduced me to panic fuelled tears several times over the last month as he delays signing essential property related paperwork. However I would like to thank him......

Last week a man driving a very large white van drove into the back of my little car, possibly writing it off and causing me a back injury. He reassured me it was not his fault, had his girlfriend not thought he was cheating on her he would not have needed to be texting her on his phone. I would also like to thank him....

So here's my reason for posting on conception. After 13 months of TTC, crying at nappy adverts, tolerating comments such as "if you don't have children soon your father and I won't be around to see them", spending a fortune on pregnancy tests of all varieties and generally feeling like a complete failure I am proud to announce not a BFP but a personal victory:

I have "relaxed" about TTC (thanks again Mum (mother of 5) and MIL to be (mother of 2) for suggesting this is all I need to do) because to be honest ridiculous ex and idiot van driver have caused me so much stress I have managed to marginally distract myself. I have reached CD34 (usual cycle 28-35 days) without POAS. Even if it turns out I am not getting my BFP this month I am so pleased to have made progress and have rewarded myself with signing back into MN and daring to dream that it might have "just happened".

Good luck all TTCers and lots of love to my wonderful friend who had her own share of hard times last month thanks

Charlotte321 Mon 03-Dec-12 11:57:25

Good luck and fingers crossed! Poor you with the crash though - and the ex!

I haven't cried about ttc #1 for a year so far today which is a personal victory on my part! wink I'm aware it's not yet lunchtime, but it's progress and as long as I can manage to not think about the funny west ham bib I bought on the weekend in preparation (DH's team) or see the cute john lewis ad, I might actually make it through the day with no tears! grin

bugoven Mon 03-Dec-12 13:10:20

Well done charlotte. I think you deserve a prize =)
I love that your little-one-to-be already has a bib. I definitely didn't spend the Next vouchers I received for Christmas last year on a set of 3 sleep suits which are still in a drawer under my bed nearly a year later smile smile

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