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calling HSG experts

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sarlat Sat 01-Dec-12 09:54:46


I had a mc 2.5 years a go and then nothing since. I had a HSG back in Jan this year. We weren't expecting to find problems at my HSG as I have no histoy of PID / STD and screen negative for chlamydia etc. Also no symptoms of endo, plus a previous pregnancy of course (although ended in m/c).

However at the HSG my tubes were found to be damaged which was very surprising. I have been given a mixed and varied account of what could be wrong with the tubes by different Dr's and what may be the treatment required which has caused me a lot of distresss. One Dr wanted to remove my tubes which I could not come to terms with. I know there is something wrong with them, I do accept that as I have 2.5 years of infertility behind me. I have also had 1 failed IVF cycle and 1 failed FET this year - the lap will help to determine if my tubes are interfering with implantation too.

I have finally got a copy of my HSG report and it seems to have contradictions with in it. I just wondered if there was anyone out there who could have a read and pass comment on what might be wrong and the extent of damage and possibility of repair. I am having a lap in January. I know this will give me the final answers but a lot of my anxieties relate to how prepared I should be for very bad news.

"Normal uterine configuration with no filling defects. Preferential right fallopian tube contrast opacification with peritoneal spillage , with distal right fallopian tube minor dilation / partial hydrosalpinx, with marked pooling of contrast at the distal end in keeping with probable peritubular adhesions. Limited opacification if the left fallopian tube which appears unremarkable, with limited left peritoneal spillage."

I don't understand how it is possible to have a hydrosalpinx (blocked tubed) and peritoneal spillage at the same time. I'm also not sure what a partial hydrosalpinx could be. I have done quite a bit of research and have never come accross this.

Any thoughts would be great. Or people with similiar experiences?


highlove Sat 01-Dec-12 15:07:33

Hi there Sarlat, sorry to hear what a horrible time you're having. I'm afraid I can't help much with your report but I was also diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx after a HSG. As I recall the dye did spill but took ages and became less obvious/dark on screen as it passed through the fluid. On my other side - which is fine - it flowed through the tube and spilled very quickly and it looked the same (as in same colour intensity) the whole way through. Hope that makes sense.

Having not concieved a year later I had the lap. It turned out not to be a hydro, rather it was a paratubal cyst which was cauterised (sp?). So until they get in and have a look, you really can't be sure. I do though recall how totally terrified I was - as I was wheeled in to theatre I was in tears and shaking, not about the op but about what they might find. I was convinced I'd come round to be told I'd never be able to have a baby.. So I really do sympathise.

However, I'd done loads of research first about the impact of hydrosalpinx, even with one open tube or with IVF, and the extent to which it reduces your chances because of nasty fluid basically leaking into the uterus and creating a hostile environment. Though I desperately didn't want to lose my tubes, I had come to terms with that if it meant we'd have a greater chance with IVF. It took me a long while to get my head round it though. Some consultants will clip the tubes rather than remove which felt to me a bit less drastic, though mine would have opted to remove them if it had come to that.

Sorry this is a real ramble and not sure it's much help, but is my experience. Look after yourself - I remember well how incredibly stressed I was in the run-up to the lap. I really hope it goes well for you.

sarlat Sat 01-Dec-12 16:43:33

Hi Highlove

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

You must have been relieved after the lap to learn it was a cyst and not a hydro. You have described it perfectly when you say you felt frightened about what they will find - not the op itself. This is exactly how I feel. It is nice to hear someone else say how stressed they felt in the run up to the lap as I know lots of people have them but mine feels like it is going to open a very big can of worms so to speak. I think the main reason why I am scared is because I have no pain or history to link with my my damaged tubes.

I was diagnosed with a benign breat cyst a few years a go. Because I have breast pain and it sticks out, I could proabably accept it if the Dr's has said the lump needs removing. But with this, I can't match up what is going on.

So, where are you up to now? How long is it since your lap? Are you ttc at the moment?

Thanks XXX

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