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TTC After a blighted ovum just started using cbfm any advice welcome.

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111007kbaby Wed 28-Nov-12 14:59:04

Hi ok well here goes this is me trying to stop my obsessive behaviour but I'm just taking it a step further wit this post. I had my daughter in 2007 with out any problems, fell pregnant straight away but it was not planned. And was the best thing that ever happend.ot had been 5 years since i conceived my daughter and am so ready for baby no 2 but never thought it would be so hard :-(. In 2010 I had a blighted ovum which was the horriblest thing I ever went through 😢. They did all the scans and could just not find a heart beat, after that things went terribly wrong for me, me and my partner split. I have now been in a happy healthy relationship with my partner and we have been trying for 3 months which feels like a life time 😒 I just purchased the cbfm and wanted any advice On it I can get???.
My partner has also got it in to his head by self diagnosing him self on the Internet lol don't ask that he has a low sperm count which has really been playing on my mind. Could this be the reason it's taking a wile? Or is it in his head, so I have been trying to encourage him we will try everything for the next six months before going to the doctors, as tbh he is really frightened by the result, so I started him on WellCare for men fish oil and he doesn't drink or smoke so that's not a problem. I also just purchased the conceive plus lubricant so if any one can tell me if any of these products will help us in any way I'd be so gratefull. Sorry going on for so long.

Baby dust to you all xxxx

KatAndKit Wed 28-Nov-12 21:46:04

Three months really is not that long. It does feel like it when you are trying but it is well within the average. Even if you do everything spot on at the perfect time, you still only have a one in five chance of getting pregnant. So the people who do conceive in the first three months are actually more than averagely lucky. There is no reason to worry at all in the first six months, and even then if you are under 35 doctors won't do anything until you have been trying for a year as the majority of people do manage to conceive within a year if there are no known health problems and they are having regular sex.

I do understand the anxiety about conception after miscarriage - I had two myself before a successful pregnancy and I also used the CBFM for a while. To be honest, if you have regular periods and are having sex three times a week throughout the month, the CBFM does not really "add" anything as if you have sex three times a week you are certain to have sex at least once in your fertile period. However, I did like using it as it gave me some feeling of control over things, I found it reassuring that the machine picked up that I was ovulating, and I did use it to make sure I had sex at the best times. It didn't get me pregnant mind you as I conceived a few months after the second m/c, before I had been able to start using it again.

why is your partner so anxious about his sperm? I would tell him to stop dr googling and make him aware that most people do not conceive first couple of months so it does not mean he has faulty goods. It sounds like ttc is stressing him so perhaps it would be a good idea to reduce the stress and keep it fun - concentrate on the fun sex element of it! The vitamins won't do him any harm but he doesn't need them if he is otherwise healthy and eats well. The lubricant is only necessary if you need lube. If nature has provided you with enough of your own don't waste your money on the artificial stuff.

111007kbaby Thu 29-Nov-12 09:14:43

Hi Kitandkat thank you so much for replying :-) yes I think everything u said makes sence it just feels like a life time because I fell preganant with my first baby so fast, and in regards to the conceive plus I think I'd need that as I do get abit sore so in hoping that will help. And I have regular 28 day cycles on point I could even probs predict the time of the day that flows going to come its that consistent the reason I brought the cbfm is because I read somewhere that even If you have regular cycles tht does not mean that ure going to ovulate on day 14 So Ili thought instead of playing the guessing game I could try pin point it but this might sound strange, I have ovulation kind of pain all the way through my cycle and then my period pains are totally different unbearable .and I think your right we are stressing ourselves out and maybe putting to much pressure on the situation so I will try make it abit more fun lol.
I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriages they are heart breaking and I totally feel weird about falling pregnant now which is why I think I'm so stressed on 1 hand I can't wait for it to finally happen to me then on the other hand I'm so scared just Incase the same thing happens which plays on my mind quite a lot, as it really rocked me.
We're both 26 do I suppose we should just keep at it and pray for the best. Are you still using the cbfm? Xxx

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