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Longed for BFP... and really scared!

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teaandcakesolveseverything Mon 26-Nov-12 10:29:05

I (think) I've got what I've been wanting so much all these months.... A BFP! I expected to feel really happy and excited when this finally came, but instead I can't actually believe it, I am frightened and I want to check my knickers every 5 minutes, because if it actually is true, I can't believe that its going to stick. And even though I have what I presume is morning sickness and feel absolutely terrible, I keep thinking that this could be entirely psychosomatic and it could be my mind playing tricks on me... even though it never occurred to me that I would feel this sick so early, and my BFP isn't real and it was just a malfunction! But while I am thinking all these things, I won't go out and get another one in case it comes back as BFN and I just couldn't cope with that! Is this normal? Please, someone? These last couple of days since that little line appeared have been sooooooo long!

dinkystinky Mon 26-Nov-12 10:30:52

Congratulations - and dont worry. Its normal to hit panic mode when a positive test turns up - regardless of whether its your first or eighth! Just concentrate on taking one day at a time, take your folic acid, get through the feeling bad period, and make appointments with your GP for antenatal referral.

teaandcakesolveseverything Mon 26-Nov-12 10:34:13

Thanks for replying! Its nice to know that I'm not a total fruitloop!

Ellie092 Mon 26-Nov-12 10:41:07

I know exactly how your feeling I felt like that when I took my pregnancy test panic pieced straight through me and I was terrified about every little thing!

My midwife said morning sickness is a very good sign in pregnancy I never did have it tho and I use to worry about not throwing up lol just relax go to your gp get folic acid and take everyday as it comes and enjoy being pregnant smile congrats xx

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