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pregnant but no idea when conceived

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wrighty2010 Mon 26-Nov-12 21:13:46

Hope you are ok, stay strong, its not your fault, although I thik you should tell him sooner rather than later, all the stress cant be good for you! Take care! Hugs xxx

Silver15 Mon 26-Nov-12 19:32:53

Sian, it sounds a tricky situation but I pray you get through it well. When you eventually break the news, make sure you let yo partner know how you feel about tiptoeing around with yo baby. I think it is not fair on both you and the DCs and don't let him make it a habit.

sianilovesbeingamummy Sun 25-Nov-12 10:39:25

yes i have alot of support from family and close was decided for me by his family really that i 'didnt' want anymore children....his daughter has said recently that i am to have no more....kind of winds me up when people decide my life, it wasnt too long ago i had a word without her about butting in with my son, telling her that although he is her little brother he is my son and i will not tolerate being spoken down to and told how to raise my son, especially when her son is quite a tearaway and gets to make the decision within his family!!!!!!!! i am excited about the whole prospect and although i had gotten used to the idea of only having the one i feel this has obviously happened for a reason......yes he knew i was on the pill and knew i had probs with it in the past and as my friend has told me, if he was adament he didnt want anymore then he shouldh ave had the snip....... i understand at 54 it will be difficult to raise 2 children but i have no worries about it at all and also have no quarms about raising my children alone, i have all they need and a very supportive family....i am sure he will do the right thing but i want him to make the decision carefully....i dont want to be living in a household full of stress and tip toeing round him like i used to when my son was a baby and would play up......i would get more stressed trying to keep my son quiet for the sake of my partner and i shouldnt have to do that......i know money will be tight but who can honestly say thay can ever afford another child? sacrifices will have to be made, which is fine on my half as whatever i get goes on my son as it is anyway......thanks for the comments please keep more coming and i will hopfully be able to post tomorrow a little more detail....unfortunatly my mum is abroad at the mo and has only just gone so i want to wait until she gets back to tell her so i dont have her support at the moment.........i have also not long got rid of all my sons baby things, moses basket etc......never mnd, you can get some decent stuff second hand these days xxx thanks again

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 25-Nov-12 08:41:34

Your partner didn't want any more children, but knew you weren't on the pill/had had difficulties with the pill and didn't take precautions himself?

And he's going to blame you, cause arguments and be too terribly stressed by a baby to properly parent his 5th child?

He sounds like a prize tool.

You will have to see your doctor to confirm and date the pregnancy.

Have you got other support (friends/family) around? I fear you'll need it with a "partner" like that.

Good luck, op.

RooneyMara Sun 25-Nov-12 08:28:23

Yes, if you see your GP they'll refer you for a dating scan asap, to try and determine how far along you are.

It must be a worrying situation for you, I'm sorry you're going through this. Try to remember it's not your fault, whatever your partner thinks about it.

You didn't plan it and you were using contraception properly. He can't blame you for this x

sianilovesbeingamummy Sun 25-Nov-12 08:23:42

i have just taken a pregnancy test, well i took my first yeaterday but thought i would take another this morning!!!!both positive....the thing is i have no idea when i wouldhave conceived as it has been in the back of my mind for quite some time now! i have a 12month old son and my partner also has 3 older children, infact the oungest is the same age as me! please don't judge! My first regnancy wasn't planned but my partner knew i wasn't on the pill due to past illness....his attitude was if it happens it happens, bare in mind i had been told previously i would most probably never have children....anyway.....i had my last period around june/july time but as i was having extremely irregular bleeding, upto 3 times a month, the doc changed my pill from the mini pill to 'yasmin', similar to the combined pill....since taking this i havent actually had a first i put it down to change of pill and was pretty relieved after more or less none stop bleeding since having my son...... looking back now though the signs of pregnancy have been there but as i am a very slim person i havent noticed, until now, i have started to gain weight but only around my abdomen, and i have extremely sore boobs......i thought i would do a test as i dont eat much anyway and i didnt want to cut down my food intake anymore just incase i was pregnant.....and it turns out that i am...... my other half, when we have spoken about this is the past, is adament he doesnt want anymore children and doesnt cope well around babies, he gets very stressed and this causes arguements.....i haven't told him yet and i plan to see doc and try and work out how far gone i am before telling him now.....can anyone tell me how the doc may work my dates out.....i couldn't be 4/5months preg without noticing could i? will they send me for a staing scan? i am over the moon but the worry of my partners reaction is really getting me down and he has already noticed a change in my mood over the last few months, even his brother has noticed it,oops........cana nyone help please? sorry for long essay i just have no one else to talk

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