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The Clomid Crew - Part 2

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goldengirl71 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:33:17

"Come on, ovaries! Let's get this party started, yeah?!"

BlindKitty Mon 20-May-13 22:17:48

charlie word of warning, we begged our gp to give dh's sa results as fc appt was months away. Gp didn't really know much but basically read our results out 'low counts of morphologically normal sperm'. We stressed about this for months until fc appt when she said it was nothing to worry about!! I know it's hard but you might be best bring patient x

mazzie40 Mon 20-May-13 22:53:44

Hi ladies. Got my test now smile. Ready for the morning. Still got the brown spotting. Doc said if the test is neg at it's still happening then to go n see her. I have app at fertility clinic on 6th June so I can tell them what's goin on. Anyway ladies I will be back to post 2mrw smile. Lol Kitty reading your post about the milk made me giggle smile. X

mazzie40 Mon 20-May-13 22:55:02

Sorry meant Charlie smile. X

BlindKitty Tue 21-May-13 06:20:18

Mazzie Was trying to work out what my story about milk was then! So hoping for your bfp!!!!

Pipdini Tue 21-May-13 16:38:32

Charlie that really made me laugh!! Butter is another of those commodities that people just assume they can help themselves to....
You should be told what your result is... It is after all YOUR blood! I got my day 21 bloods yesterday. Mine were 39.1... Not sure if this is good, the doctor told me if it was not over 30 to increase clomid to 100mg, but I guess now I just stick on 50mg next month? Then I keep reading people who have much higher than 30.... Does anyone know what normal is? What should they be?
Mazzie... Any news??
Baby dust all round xxxx

mazzie40 Tue 21-May-13 19:14:27

Hi ladies. Bfn for me so I just gotta wait for af. I can't start another round of Clomid till I have a full flow. I will know more when I've been to the fertility clinic smile. I'll be back lol. Lots of baby dust for us all and God bless. X

BlindKitty Tue 21-May-13 21:03:06

Oh mazzie that's rubbish, I was sure you were pg sad. Can the fc bring on a period with the bcp? Xx

maybemyrtle Wed 22-May-13 13:26:34

Hi ladies, how is everyone?

mazzie I'm sorry to hear that, I was certain you were. Best wishes - hope you are feeling ok.

I spoke with my GP this morning about getting a day 21 blood test booked in but she said it's not necessary, so I'll have to go with BBT charting instead. I asked about what next if clomid doesn't work - I can't get a referral to the fertility consultant until next March (2 years on from the mc) but in the meantime she seems hopeful that clomid will do the trick. 3 months at 50mg, and if still not pg she'll increase to 100.

In other news, my (younger) brother and his wife had a little girl yesterday, their first, so wonderful news but oh my gosh, bittersweet. Feeling very emotional in general these last few days, really weepy. sad

Also, I wanted to ask, does anyone have bleeding around ovulation or midcycle? I have never had it previously but this morning bright red. Totally threw me. Don't know if it's a good thing or not but I guess it shows that something's happening!!

Anyway enough rambling - take care everyone xx

BlindKitty Wed 22-May-13 19:52:07

myrtle my friend has always had ovulation spotting and her gp says its normal.

Why doesn't your gp think the 21 day prog test is needed? How else will she know if you've ovulated and whether to increase your dosage? Is she arranging for scans? X

mumalah Wed 22-May-13 20:36:38

Hi maybe, push to have 21 day test, i had 3 months of being monitored and blood tests, then left to my own devices. Thats when I started charting, otherwise I would have had no idea. !'m in the middle of writing a letter about the lack of monitoring I had.
Sorry to hear about your BFN Mazzie
pip anything over 25-30 means ovulation has taken place at my hospital, but other hospitals differ, if thats any help !
charlie I ring for my results, my hospital said to allow 3 days, I would ring and demand. I also think you might try your doctors surgery, blood results get passed on. I hope this helps!
mrytle Round 4 I ovulated on day 16 then bright red on day 19 ! Had no idea what was going on! all i can think of is it was an anovulatory cycle, I went straight on to the next cycle on day 2 of the cycle .

maybemyrtle Wed 22-May-13 20:52:20

Thanks kitty and mumalah. Glad to hear that ovulation bleeding is normal! smile This is round 2, for my first round (and previous 2 anovulatory cycles) I had day 21 bloods done. She said that as we did day 21 last month and it showed that I had ovulated, we didn't need to do it again this month. I had ultrasound last month too, which showed one dominant follicle. She knows I'm charting though, so if I don't ovulate this month I will be going back to her. hmm

I'm honestly ok with this (although still impatient sad). If I wasn't getting Clomid now through her I wouldn't be getting anything on the NHS until next March, so I'm grateful for the prescriptions. I guess if it doesn't work, when I get referred I can go straight on to the next stage then rather than mess about with more clomid. I'm really, really hopeful that it'll happen though. FX we all get good news soon xx

BlindKitty Wed 22-May-13 22:17:57

myrtle ah that doesn't seem so bad, that's all I've had from the fc anyway! X

charliedrinks26 Thu 23-May-13 18:19:10

Thanks ladies for the advice dh phoned fc after I did as he was mad that I can't have the results from them! He got a diff story!!!! I'm ringing the fc tomo as secretary said she ll ask dr if I can have results over the phone smile fx'd it made me ov!

So can you guys help pls I'm not sure if I'm on cd 1 or cd 2 I spotted yesterday morning then by about 5pm was full blown on so do I count yesterday as cd1 or today?!? Not happy that I'm on cd 1 or 2 again!!!! Come on clomid 3rd cycle lucky!!!!Bring on the night sweats and hot flushes!!!!! Here we go again!

How is everyone?anyone got any upsates\news?!? X

Xxxxx baby dust everyone xxxxX

BlindKitty Thu 23-May-13 21:30:16

charlie my clinic said absolutely no results over the phone but then fc said to just call her in future!

I'm on my 4th round of clomid but strangely no side effects this month x

Pipdini Thu 23-May-13 22:01:34

I think that the first day is counted as when you have proper red blood, even if it happens in the evening, that is what my doctor said. So I would have counted yesterday as day one Charlie.

My af came today, my dh is away and back tomorrow, can't bring myself to tell him whilst he is away... Just another disappointing month, so I guess I'll start again tomorrow days 2-6....
I have to go to a wedding on Saturday of a now pregnant friend, who has only been with her h2b 6 months.... Can't help but feel how unfair this is, I know I should be happy for her!

Bank hols again.... Least we have that!! Think I'll have a drink on this one....xxxx happy Friday everyone!!

BlindKitty Fri 24-May-13 06:59:46

pip too right! You enjoy yourself! You need to let your hair down every once in a while x

charliedrinks26 Fri 24-May-13 14:14:15

Thanks guys smile I too am having a drink tonight ! Bh weekend!!

LetsTryAgain8486 Fri 31-May-13 05:45:51

Hey Ladies.
Ima newbie to all of this. I have just finished first round of clomid last night.. (due to 3yrs secondary sub-fertility- which I lost my DS at 7mths) very hopeful and looking forward to babydance. What do u think is the best way to test ovulation? I have the pee test kit.. grin
All our tests are fine & doc said he would be surprised if not preg in 3 mths

Sorry about not using abreviations..

charliedrinks26 Fri 31-May-13 10:40:09

Hi lets smile welcome smile so sorry about your mc that must of been horrendous sad

do you chart? Ie temp etc i think most if the ladies on here would say fertility charting smile temping is the best way to pinpoint ov but opk's are good too smile I don't personally temp as I'm finding things a bit stressful ATM and its quite addictive!!! So trying to just read my body and hope for the best! How have you been on your first lot of tablets? You had any side effects yet? What dosage are you on?

The ladies on here are lovely really supportive and helpful every question I've had they ve always given advice so it's a good thread to be on smile I've just finished cycle 3 of 100g so waiting for shag week to commence from tonight I'm on cd 10, poor dh is finding things a bit stressful too so this month I'm not allowed to tell him when I think I'm ov'in etc he says its too much pressure! So we ll see how that goes lol!

Sending positive thoughts to everyone smile hope were all ok it's been very quiet over the last few days smile much love xxxx

Floweroct Fri 31-May-13 11:14:01

Hey all, haven't been around much as couldn't take clomid last month due to a cyst. I was given the pill to try and get rid of it but decided not to take it as I was really hoping to get bfp before what should have been my due date sad
But no such luck as af arrived Wednesday so I'm about to go to clinic to have a scan to see if cyst has disappeared on its own. Doubt it will have so will probably not be allowed clomid this month either!

pip I know what you mean about feeling happy for others but also jealous. We're going to some friends this weekend and she's pregnant with 2nd and is due a month after I should've been and we've been trying since before their first was born sad But I'm still really happy for them just wish we'd been going through it with them!

LetsTryAgain8486 Sat 01-Jun-13 15:39:04

Hey charliedrinks26 and everyone!

Im not really keen on the daily charting just yet, going to try opk for now and read my body - and trying to keep positive. Side-effects from tablets, I had lots of hot flushes (esp while trying to sleep as I took tablet with dinner), mild headaches and mood swings. I have 50g for cd 2-6. I am on day 8 atm so babydance has started already wink trying to get in early as prev cycles have been short (21, 22 & 24) but last 2 were 26 & 30 days so its hard to work out. I guess that's why I on the tabs. but continuing thru to cd 20 to make sure we don't miss haha. I will also be having bloods @ 21

My fiance' is as keen as I am so he is on board smile we are so ready for this.

I agree this page/chat is a fabulous idea, its lovely to speak to people going thru the same thing & get an idea of what is going on.

Yup, mc was so so nasty and wouldn't wish it on anyone, but we got thru it together wine + smile and keen for the next journey..

Thanks for your kind words and info (enuff babble)
Good night xx

Pipdini Mon 03-Jun-13 20:06:57

Hey lets, welcome...
I think that it is totally up to you how you try to pinpoint ovulation. I was doing opks, but this month I have decided not to as I was a bit like, well they haven't worked yet, so may as well save money!! I take my bbt every morning, and whilst I do defo get a temperature shift I couldn't say 100% what exact day I ovulate ... Could be about 3 different days. Just see what works for you best.
I'm now on day 12, 50mg days 2-6, we started bd on day 9 so hoping.... Got my day 21 bloods only. I think I might ring my doctor and see if I can go to 100mg next month if nothing happens this month...
Flower - how does the pill make the cyst go, it is so frustrating, seems to be the opposite if what you are wanting.

Charlie, good idea not to tell him. It becomes so stressful for everyone. So ridiculous, before we started trying we could bd whenever with no stress

charliedrinks26 Tue 04-Jun-13 12:35:31

Hi flower ;) did you go to the clinic? What did they say about cyst?
Pip and lets good luck this month fx for you smile

I still don't have my bloody day 21 blood test results from last month !! (3 weeks ago!!!) fc were supposed to send them to gp but when I phoned gp they said they didn't have then! Then I phone fc and the woman I needed to speak to was out the office until today and now there is no answer!!! I've got another day 21 blood next week!!! I just want the results! Looking back on the thread ppl seemed to have been told anything over 30 is a sure fire sign ov occurred?! Anyone know any different? Thannnnks smile xxxxxx

maybemyrtle Tue 04-Jun-13 16:47:18

Hi ladies, haven't been around for a while as have been overseas with work. DP tagged along so it worked out quite well. Definitely made the 2ww go more quickly, I highly recommend it grin

Just waiting for AF to come, been spotting for 5 days. I read that B6 helps with the spotting - has anyone had any joy with that?

Picked up this month's clomid prescription last night and on the way home popped in to see my (other) brother, his wife and their 2 day old baby. So happy for them but had a little cry in the car on the way back. sad Probably not a good idea seeing them right after picking up this month's prescription, but oh well. He and his wife only married a year ago so things clearly happened very quickly for them. envy Gorgeous couple, gorgeous teeny baby, can't let myself feel jealous.

Charlie that's nuts that you've been waiting 3 weeks for the day 21 results! Can you hassle your GP's surgery to chase them from FC? Hope you get them soon, and yes I was told that anything over 30 was good.

Pip haha your chart sounds like mine. I'm using Fertility Friend but there are several spikes, not sure how it picked which one was the ovulation day.

Good luck lets, hope it all happens quickly for you. smile

Baby dust everyone xx

charliedrinks26 Tue 04-Jun-13 18:58:37

Hi maybe sad I would have been exactly the same it's so hard isn't it! I've just found out today that my dh's best mate and his partner of 8 months is pregnant, she thought she was about 8 weeks turns out she's 22 weeks! He rang dh to tell him before they announce it next week which was nice of him bless him,I think dh has told him what were going through, but I also had a little cry! I'm so pleased for them but got that pang of why isn't it us! sad
I take vitamin b6 but I don't have any ov bleeding so not sure about that Hun, sorry af is due sad new month new start! smile
Omg just had my first glass of grapefruit juice ! It was rank!!!! (Clutching at straws this month!) had to hold my nose it was vile stuff!!! Ha! Tried to get dh to have some but he wouldn't!!!! Zxxxxxx

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