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The Clomid Crew - Part 2

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goldengirl71 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:33:17

"Come on, ovaries! Let's get this party started, yeah?!"

mumalah Sat 23-Mar-13 00:50:50

Oh Meluv, I hope your ok too? xx

Meluv Sat 23-Mar-13 12:11:08

Thank girls they wanted to keep me in but I came home sent a letter to my gp to make an appointment to have a camera put down just going to rest for the day bug hugs xx

Meluv Mon 25-Mar-13 07:30:07

Any news from anyone were r use all up to girls x

aaLaa Mon 25-Mar-13 08:15:09

Hey meluv?? How are you?? How is your abdo pain?? I am away for bloods today, I wasn't v hopeful but I have had a huge temp increase in the last 2 days. My clinic are quite efficient and will get the result this evening.

Meluv Mon 25-Mar-13 09:40:14

R alaa that's fab news luv hope ya bloods r good news too ... Well my tummy still bad I have put 6 pound on in less than a week an I've hardly eaten anything I have to go back my docs in the morning I need further test doing just feel so bloated an horrid my tum is solid too don't no what's going on ... Am cd 30 today so awaiting af any day now Hun .. Think I've told use if af arrives this cycle I am to have a break off clomid till may my consultant wants it all out my stystem then have another go at it I was asking about next steps after clomid iui he did really not say a lot about he said only works for selected few an basically it's just clomid but the put sperm in you an give a trigger shot but still it's only a guess when u ovulate then there's Ivf which is £5000 for one go wow it can get pretty expensive girls but I will be honest if I had the money I would go for Ivf right now cause this journey every month is so hard .. But for now it's the cheaper way for me clomid and I hope it's works for me soon an for you lovely girls too big hugs xx

aaLaa Mon 25-Mar-13 21:43:46

I have my fingers crossed for you meluv, hope AF doesn't arrive.

My bloods today showed that I didn't ovulate. Gutted, I have to go back next Monday for more bloods

mumalah Tue 26-Mar-13 08:25:38

Hello Ladies, nothing much going on here. Had a lovely rise to suggest ovulation, followed by a lower temperature that ff put back ovulation by a day. Then another lower temp today to suggest ff cant pinpoint ovulation yet. I wonder if its my thermometer? confused I did have a good feeling this month until yesterday.
Meluv I hope you are feeling a little better. Has anyone suggested anything that could be the problem?
aaLaa Hopefully it was too early to test, its good you are able to be re-tested next week though. I'm sure I ovulated later giving me a non ovulation result a few times. But because I wasn't re-tested I cant prove anything.
I really cant see the point of my appointment in May. As I haven't had any scans or blood tests, I cant prove if I have ovulated or not. I would have had 6 rounds with no success. Out of 6 I only have proof of ovulation once. Before that they were going to give me Hcg trigger shots, but as soon as I ovulated, no futher action taken, except to go off with 2 more months of clomid, with no monitoring.I think they will say there's nothing else they can offer sad

charliedrinks26 Tue 26-Mar-13 23:51:04

Hi everyone smile I'm new to all of this and just looking for a bit if support and advice really, in a nutshell I have pcos and dh has low sperm count (good quality but low ish quantity). We have been trying for roughly 3 yrs for a baby with no luck and I only got diagnosed with pcos in October which was a bit of a shock to say the least as I had mentioned this lots to my gp and was told I didn't!!! Anyway dr told me i should loose some weight which to date have lost 1st 7lbs smile and got my bmi below 30 like he said smile so started taking clomid today first cycle I have been prescribed 100mg so feeling all positive!
We have the odds stacked against us but consultant said this was the next step and even though dh has low ish sperm count there's nothing to say it won't happen!
That's a little about me smile got fingers crossed clomid works for us, hope everyone is well smile hoping to see some BFP 's on here smile xxxx

aaLaa Wed 27-Mar-13 09:12:08

Mumalah - that sounds horrific, so you've had 6 rounds of clomid? Are they going to offer you IUI or IVF??

Charliedrinks26 - welcome to the clomid crew!! Good luck for your first cycle, are you getting a scan and bloods taken or just left on your own?

charliedrinks26 Wed 27-Mar-13 11:11:17

Aalaa - hi thanks smile I've got 2 blood tests on day 21 on the 2nd and 3rd cycle but the dr wants to see me after 4 months but because in my town the hospital only does 1 clinic a month for fertility!!!! I'm probably not going to see him for 6 months minimum, he just said if you run out of tablets b4 I see you next ring my secretary and ill prescribe some more! I wish he would scan me etc but he obviously doesn't think It needs to be done?! Just want to know its working at least! It's so hard to take it all in when your there he gives us so much info at once ! I always right down any questions we have but I'm so over whelmed by it all when were therethst it all goes out the window! DH is great he knows when I'm about to burst into tears and talks for me! Bless him!
Sorry I've not had a proper chance to sit and read all the thread where abouts are you up to with it all?

Thanks got replying smile xxx

Floweroct Wed 27-Mar-13 22:12:05

Hi Charlie welcome and fingers crossed clomid works for you quickly. I also have pcos.

Af arrived today after my first clomid cycle sad

Is anyone else taking progynova? I started on cd12 this cycle but only because that's when I had my scan and was prescribed it so not sure if I should take it earlier this month?

Meluv Thu 28-Mar-13 07:11:30

Hi girls hope everyone is ok flower sorry to hear af has arrived mine has too this morning sad oh well a two month brake for me now which is a bit of a relief as this journey pulls u down an down one thing am happy about is that clomid has really regulated my cycles they were anything fr 28 days to 40 days but now the last couple of months they r 31 to 34 days
... Elo Charlie an welcome lovely this is a great forum all the girls on fab on hear we r all hear for each other so any time u want a chat it's great I hope clomid gets u your bfp soon I no you r upset about not being scanned but at least one good thing you are getting your bloods done Hun so this will tell u if clomid is working for u or not keep asking for scans though hunny ... A bit about me so u don't have to read back am 35 with 1 lovely boy age 9 been ttc since he was born really only got up the courage to get help late last year my problem is I don't ovulate every month on my own I told use about my cycle lengths before dp Sperm is fine done 3 rounds of clomid but first two they had trouble finding the follies or they dissapeared it was so frustrating my last cycle was my best had two follies 12 & 16 bed rocked when I was told but af showed its ugly face this morn consultant said I ovulate late in my cycle I complained about Furt nurse as she new nothing so he is now going to do all my scans not her thank god but got to have a break for 2 months .. If u have any questions just ask away don't feel silly it's a hard thing to get ya head round big hugs an good luck lovely xxx .... Waves alaa hope u r ok lovely xx

aaLaa Thu 28-Mar-13 08:11:38

Thanks meluv, sorry to hear about your AF arrival, enjoy your break in clomid and clear your head!!

Welcome floweroct!

Brief update of me, 27, no kids, ttc 17months, had 3 rounds of 50g clomid and 1 at 100g, bloods this month showed no ovulation so awaiting bloods a again on Monday! (Not v hopeful as am charting temp and using opk with no signs to suggest ovulation has happened)

All we can do it keep our heads up, keep rocking that bed and trying to smiling to all our friends And family who have no idea what we are all going through!!!

charliedrinks26 Thu 28-Mar-13 08:16:11

Aw sorry meluv and floweroct that af has arrived sad good to know though that its working though smile
Thank you all for replying smile
Only on day three of taking the tablets and haven't had any side effects but I have such weird dreams the last 2 nights?! Anyone else had that, they're not even baby related just strange!
Meluv, wow a long time trying then! Good that you finally decided to get some help smile I'm hoping clomid kick starts my body into ovulating on its own eventually! I'm 26 and dh is 35 and he wants lots of babies before he's 40! I keep telling him one would be lovely!hes a twin and he really wants twins! I also have twins on my side too so he's convinced ! I really don't want twins ill be a nervous wreck anyway when we finally get pregnant dont want that added worry! Ha! Xxxxx

charliedrinks26 Thu 28-Mar-13 08:18:41

Aalaa - thanks smile fingers crossed for you then , will he up dose to 150 if 100 doesn't work ? Xxx

aaLaa Thu 28-Mar-13 08:28:58

I have no idea, I have read on here that 1 person was on 150g!! That's the most I've seen!!

mumalah Thu 28-Mar-13 08:43:02

Hi everyone and welcome charlie. Sorry af has come for you girls. I think mine is on her way, i had a low temperature today. I have had really achy ovaries this month, still have it now, its like a constant pinching.
aalaa Doubt if anything else will be offered as i'm 42, age seems to be a big factor in this ttc business, despite 40 supposed to be the new 30! I will start round 6 when af arrives this cycle.
charlie I haven't heard of progynova, what is it for?

Meluv Sat 30-Mar-13 09:49:16

Quick Elo girls am off for a nice weekend away although there be no bed rocking as af is hear sad just going to enjoy a stress free weekend an have a few lil cheeky scoops ha ha mumala hope af don't cum for u lovely an Charlie I would not care if I had quads as long as I get another loving baby our time will come girlies keep smiling an keep our dreams alive big hugs all xxx

aaLaa Tue 02-Apr-13 09:30:12

So ladies, how are we?? Hope everyone had a good Easter!!

My update- I had my bloods done yesterday (day 28) showed no ovulation, so I have to change my dose to 150g, I'm just waiting for AF, or if nothing by next week have to take provera then await and start clomid. I hate this but if waiting, almost as bad as 2ww at other end!!!

Hope everyone is doing well, keep us all updated,


charliedrinks26 Tue 02-Apr-13 14:34:38

Hi all smile aw sorry 100 didn't work aalaa but at least they upping it for you fingers crossed it works for you this time smile it's so crap I hate the waiting and not knowing so I'm on cd 10 now and me and dh will be at it every other day as the dr told us too! We be already started! He he just want to know if I'm gunner ov! I got so addicted to opk's Etc and temping that it stressed me out too much and I've read alot that opk's aren't very reliable with pcos so decided not to bother and just bd every other day! Have had stupid hot flushes everyday since taking clomid! And they're worse at night time!!! But other than that no other side effects! Think I can cope with hot flushes!
Meluv- I know I'd be happy with anything but dh seems to be pinning his hope on twins!lol hope you had a nice relaxing weekend away smile
My weekend was not so relaxing as we were looking after my 2 yr old niece fri-sun ! 4:30am starts not good! Just getting practice in ;) better get used to no skeep! and was lovely to have her all to ourselves smile

Hope everyone else is ok smile xxxx

Meluv Wed 03-Apr-13 08:58:37

Well hi girls not a lot been going on hear its very quiet hope use all ok alaa sorry 100mg did not work for you hope u have better luck on 150mg ... Charlie when do u take your tablet I've always taken mine last thing of a night before sleep I read that way u sleep through most of the side effects and I find temping OPK all to stressing for me too I did enjoy my weekend away concentrating these next couple of months on loosing some more weight can't wait to get back on my clomid though am still going to try on these two cycles am off it even though I hate OPK am going to have to use them for these two months see if I can get any indication of ovulation good luck an big hugs girls xxx

lastboxoftampons Wed 03-Apr-13 22:24:26

Hello there, can I join you? I've started taking 100mg Clomid today, CD2. I actually ovulate on my own, but My follicle count is slightly low, so the dr suggested we try with Clomid. But I do have a few questions that I wonder if any of you have any experience of

We've been TTC #2 for about 17 cycles now with not even a shadow of a BFP and we've just started treatment with the ACU. Yesterday the consultant said that my FSH is 8.5 - which I know is not bad, only ever so slightly elevated. However, I had bloodwork done last year after about 6 months of TTC and my FSH then was 5.7. Is it normal for it to jump that much in a year? I'm 36, and I know fertility drops off quite quickly after 35.

Also, the ACU has found a 4cm cyst, which they think is a dermoid, on my left ovary that wasn't there when I had a scan last summer. The doctor I spoke to yesterday said that it's possible it was too small to see last summer, she suggested maybe it was 1cm or something - which would mean it's quadrupled in size in about 9 months. My follicle count was 9, which is slightly less than they'd like to see, but probably because this cyst is taking up space which could be devoted to follicles. I'm just wondering if the growth of this cyst is related to the jump in FSH. Also, how might Clomid affect the cyst?

Any advice is much appreciated!
Thank you smile

Meluv Fri 05-Apr-13 10:44:43

Elo an welcome your name did make me giggle lastbox well am not great on the fsh but the cyst I can relate too as I had one removed In December just gone clomid can actually aggravate the cyst an make it grow bigger my consultant told me they spotted mine after me taking my first 5 tablets so that cycle was cancelled they then told me not to take no more so they could monitor it which they did for the next month it did grow quite quick so they opted to remove it it all depends on your consultant Hun with what they do ... Have u had the blood yest to check your folicle count ? Am 35 have 1 gorge ds age 9 been trying ever since for a sibling only just got help last year I have had 3 rounds of clomid with no success just on a two month break then can start again in may I do have periods regularish but I don't ovulate every cycle it's such a hard jorney good luck lovely xxx

Sarahb8990 Fri 05-Apr-13 10:56:02

Hi everyone welcome newbies :-)
Well I'm currently cd29 with af due weds, normally start getting cramps around now but none so far. I'm thinking about having a break from clomid if this cycle doesn't work aswel. Iv got my sisters wedding and a lot of other things goin on this month so will be nice to be thinkin of other things instead of when to dtd etc
Hope everyone is ok

Meluv Fri 05-Apr-13 11:39:57

Good luck Sarah hope u get a BFP Hun xxx

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