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The Clomid Crew - Part 2

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goldengirl71 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:33:17

"Come on, ovaries! Let's get this party started, yeah?!"

slippysnow Wed 20-Feb-13 21:10:00

It was 1st round of 50mg.
To be honest we are quite active conceivers, so dates or not we were likely to do it! But he did know, on the friday before the sat (when I was most fertile) he went out to the pub, and I was cranky about it. He had a chest infection though, so I thought our chances were slim anyway.

I was just asking him about how much I drank and we both can't remember exactly, I'm pretty sure I had a few glasses of wine but stayed away from spirits and too much drinking. He came with me to most of the appointments, so perhaps it made more sense to him. 26 months is a long time so he have tried all sorts of methods and attempting to forget about it all, temping, poas etc etc.

Annalou84 Wed 20-Feb-13 22:28:54

Congrats slippy that's fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

Did you get any pre symptoms like cramping or did it feel like you was going to get af???

slippysnow Thu 21-Feb-13 06:10:14

rrrr!! I wrote a long reply and it deleted it! take 2.

Thanks Anna I had cramping earlier than I usually do, it seemed to be in a different location, it also went on longer than normal. I usually get really bad cramps the day/night before AF, this time it was smaller cramps, randomly for a week. I had lower back pain, I never get this, it was painful for a few days but is slightly better now.
I had some other symptoms that may have been paranoia, as I kept looking things up. But, I felt like I was weeing more eating and drinking more. DP says I'm boiling hot at night and have been for about 5 days, I've had poor sleep for about 5 days too (the kind where you feel as though you are awake/haven't slept but its the morning and time to wake up).

I know this sounds like a cliche but I did just feel different, its very unhelpful to hear, but its kind of true.

Hope this helps to some extent, I'll be lurking around if anyone has any more questions. I'm not joining the pregnancy boards, I think its too early and don't want to curse it smile

Meluv Thu 21-Feb-13 07:21:06

Oh slippy woo hooo I told ya lovely u never get a false positive am so so happy for you that's amazing news good luck lovely an please keep us all posted big massive hugs these r for you thanks XXX

Meluv Thu 21-Feb-13 11:29:19

Well girls just had my cd21 blood results an it showed I ovulated which is great news I bed rocked so fingers crossed ... What is so annoying when I have my scans they can't seem to see the follicles or if they do they r not big enough this is so frustrating my phantom follies won't show themselves bug yet they r popping eggs which the bloods r showing can anyone help or has anyone else had this x

Alexandra6 Thu 21-Feb-13 12:46:47

Sorry meluv do you mean they told you on your day 8-10 scan that you weren't going to ovulate and then you did ovulate? I've got my first day 8 scan tomorrow after starting clomid (they aren't doing bloods though, just scanning) and it would be good to know whether to trust that scan or not - especially if they do say it doesn't look like I will ovulate.

If anyone else can give me helpful experiences about the scanning process, would love to hear!

Meluv Thu 21-Feb-13 15:47:12

Elo Alex my last couple if months scans on cd 12 first there were 6 follies an they told me not to bed rock cum back cd 15 if there is 2 over 14m in size they would cancel that month cause the risk of multiples so when I went back in cd15 all my good follies had gone they cud not explain so y but my cd21 bloods showed I ovulated ... Then this cycle I had a scan cd 12 an there were 2 follies only small though biggest one just under 10 so they said come back cd 16 to see if they have grown an then again my follies had gone but my cd 21 bloods showed I ovulated grrrrr I have bed rocked but only twice cause of follie size so fingers crossed I hope I've caught it .. It's so frustrating they can't catch the follies properly in my scans but am ovulating cause my bloods show it nurse going back to consultant to see what he recommends u should ask for cd 21 bloods too Alex you need them to tell you if you have ovulated or not lovely big hugs an good luck xxx

Alexandra6 Thu 21-Feb-13 16:02:03

Thanks meluv did you do OPK's as well? I've bought some so I can try and catch it. I was thinking if we dtd every other day we'd catch it anyway (hopefully) but I didn't realise they might tell us not to dtd because of multiple risk.

Is everyone else doing OPK's?

Also, this is TOTALLY my top priority so I will cancel anything work-related for appointments, but just wondering what to say to work if I need a couple of scans booked in last minute/blood tests etc. I wondered what everyone else tells work about the time off for appointments?

Meluv Thu 21-Feb-13 21:17:55

No Hun I did do them the first month but was getting me down an stressing me out so left them out good luck lovely x

mumalah Fri 22-Feb-13 06:09:15

Hi Ladies! I'm the same Meluv, my follies disappear too, Ive asked why and where and they dont seem to come up with an explanation. I thought it was because i didnt ovulate, but it happened on the cycle i did ovulate too. I have been temping and opk this month, i love the temping its so interesting! took a while to get the hang of it , but now i think ive found a new obsession other than poas ! Im on cd19 and waiting to see if my chart is going to tell me if ive ovulated or not. I went to doctors and going to have thyroid and glucose blood test. She also said the hospital should offer me 21 bloods, as not being scanned. Thank god its Friday !

mumalah Fri 22-Feb-13 06:53:00

Congratulations slippy, keep us updated! There's been a few pregnancies on the fab 40 thread, its great news, and gives everyone that extra little boost , to keep on going !

Meluv Fri 22-Feb-13 07:04:40

Mumalah it's bizzare my scans there is no great dominant follies but ya my cd 21 bloods show last 2 months I've ovulated why can't the experts explain this because its happened to many peo

Meluv Fri 22-Feb-13 07:09:13

Mumalah it's bizzare my scans there is no great dominant follies but ya my cd 21 bloods show last 2 months I've ovulated why can't the experts explain this because its happened to many people am not the only one there must be some explanation for this ... If my af arrives this month am going to ask to be scanned every day from cd 12 until they see the dominant follie an your doc is so right cd21 bloods are defo needed to see if you are ovulating or not tell the hospital that you want them Hun xxx ps what kind if thermometer do I need for temps an when is the best time to take it x

Sarahb8990 Fri 22-Feb-13 10:19:33

iv been reading everyones posts and it seems everyone is getting scanned or atleast blood tests every cycle. i was scanned first cycle and day 21 bloods but as that showed i ovulated they dont want to do any more scans or bloods. iv asked if i could just have the bloods and they said no! im worried as that was my only time iv ovulated in the past two years, and they dont want to even make sure it was just a fluke confused am i just being paranoid?

mazzie40 Fri 22-Feb-13 15:01:51

Hi ladies smile. Hope your all ok. I missed my doc app today for my bloods but I will ask if it would be too late on Mon?. The last 2 days I've been that bloated I can't fasten my trousers! & today I've had slight pain accross the bottom of my stomache. I'm on cd22 so not too long to wait smile. Have a lovely weekend ladies & good luck & may we all get great news smile. X

mazzie40 Fri 22-Feb-13 15:05:16

Congrats Slippy sweetheart. Brilliant news! smile. X

Meluv Fri 22-Feb-13 15:28:19

Sarah you need to demand to have the cd 21 bloods Hun they tell you the answer you want an that is have I ovulated nothing else is realy as good as that don't take no for an answer lovely keep on for it .... Mazzie I don't no if Monday will be ok or not Hun can't u try walk in centre or something u realy needed to get them today x

mumalah Sat 23-Feb-13 06:19:46

Meluv I bought thermometer off ebay for under a fiver. you take temp when you wake up before getting out of bed. took me a while to get used to it , but just do it automatically now. i put all my data in fertility friend chart. When I first looked on the site it was a bit daunting but im starting to understand it more now!
sarah I was scanned and had blood tests until the month I ovulated, now they dont want to know, and like you I think it may have been a fluke that month. Im gonna call hospital on Monday and ask just to have 21 day bloods done. at least when I go back in May I will have a record of when and if I ovulated.

Alexandra6 Sat 23-Feb-13 08:50:40

Can't you just do ovulation sticks to find out or am I missing something? Is it because they aren't very accurate (they did work for a friend of mine who wasn't on clomid). I'm going to push for day 21 tests but am wondering how they know when to do it with irregular cycles?

Had a few drinkies last night, oops, am trying to cut right down to help clomid work so it will be a sober Saturday night for me if I can manage it! smile

Meluv Sat 23-Feb-13 10:05:35

Well girls af showed its ugly face this morning am going to try a new method this cycle am going to bed rock every other day from cd 12 right up to cd 25 that way I shud catch my egg when I ovulate an if that don't work I need a miracle .... Alex I have pretty much irregular cycles but on by a couple of days some will be 31 some be 35 an so on my clinic do my cd 21 bloods to check for ovulation but if they come back showing no ovulation they then do cd 28 to see if I've ovulated later in in my cycle demand them lovely you need these to give u your answer xxxx

mazzie40 Sat 23-Feb-13 12:11:56

Hi ladies. Sorry to hear your af has come meluv. I've been having some pain. Yesterday was like little pressure pains & today they're crampy & I have abit of backache. I think they are more likely to be period pains. I'm not due my period for another 7 days so time will tell, I have had period pains 1 week earlier before so I'm not getting my hopes up. All the best ladies & have a lovely day. X

Alexandra6 Sat 23-Feb-13 12:18:56

Mazzie do you usually get back ache as I heard that can be a pg symptom? Fingers crossed for you. I'm on CD 9, was thinking about starting to dtd and do ov sticks from tomorrow onwards. Have my follicle scan at the hospital booked for next weds. Eek come on clomid, please work! Sorry the witch got you Meluv, your plan of action for next cycle sounds good

mazzie40 Sat 23-Feb-13 15:49:18

Hi Alexandra. No I don't usually have backache & the cramps come & go. I have convinced myself they are early period pains lol, i did have a little shooting pain in both my nipples this morning but only once. I feel quite hot but this morning I woke with a really dry sore throat, I'm cd23 now & I got the smily on my opk stick on cd13. My periods are between 28 & 31 days. I'm jst wondering when to do a pg test?. I keep telling myself, don't get ur hopes up, it's like every month for the last 2yrs more the dissapointment as most of us have had. It doesn't get any easier for me (my feelings). Anyway time will tell smile. Good luck everyonesmile. X

mazzie40 Sat 23-Feb-13 15:51:20

Alexandra. Cd10 was when I started the opk sticks smile. X

Alexandra6 Sat 23-Feb-13 15:59:43

Well really the sensible thing would be to wait a few more days then test but I'm not sure I'll be able to do that! smile It's funny, as I don't think I ovulate usually and have crazy cycles, I'd given up hope of any pregnancy tests being positive so I haven't experienced the 2ww since my first cycles of trying after coming off the pill. So now on clomid, I'll be able to do the 2ww, and test with more hope! Trying to psyche myself up for the crushing disappointment but at the same time I have a feeling I will get a BFP on clomid, I think I can't bear thinking otherwise! I just let myself imagine my life with a big bump and really can't wait. How long do you think you will hold out before testing? x

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