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Luteal Phase Defect - anyone else?

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AlmondFrangipani Mon 19-Nov-12 11:28:02


Hoping for some tips with dealing with this. I had a mc in Aug/Sep at 7.5 weeks with #1. Since then my cycles have got shorter (25 days long) but with late ov (CD19 on average) so I have been consulting Dr Google and apparently that means I could have Luteal Phase Defect. I am obviously concerned about this and the fact I may not be able to get pg/sustain pg. I went to the Doc and he basically dismissed me and said I am obviously fertile and as we have been only trying for 6 months then I would have to wait 1-2 years on the NHS for any help.

So...I am taking matters in to my own hands and got some Vit B6 which I have been taking for a month and some Evening Primrose Oil to help my cycles. Fingers crossed it does something but wondered if anyone else has experienced this and found any other good things to try which are not prescribed?? Thanks!

bonzo77 Mon 19-Nov-12 11:36:21

Sorry for your loss. I had similar, a 14 day LP prior to mc, 9 days after. I took high dose B6 starting CD1 of next cycle. I think is was B100 from holland and Barrett. Anyway, my LP increased by 1 day a cycle and I was pregnant after 3 cycles of taking the B6. Am now 33 weeks! If I hadn't got pg after 6 months I was going to see a dr about progesterone (cream I think).

Christelle2207 Mon 19-Nov-12 13:25:21

hi. have a similar issue, b6 didnt work for me though clomid may have done (1st cycle). check out the thread "short luteal phase gang" which has lots of useful info.
i have found docs v unsympathetic, as have you. i think my short lp may be connected to underactive thyroid, worth thinking about.
however i would not think that a miscarriage at 7 weeks would be connected to this.

Gurraun Mon 19-Nov-12 13:46:10


You have my sympathy. I came off the pill in May this year and had spotting from 7/8 dpo until my period started at 12dpo. Whilst on the pill I had had spotting which I was told would stop but in fact got worse which prompted my GP to send me to a gynae to rule out nasties.

There was nothing obviously wrong so gynae said that I had early shedding ie LP defect. When I asked if that would not stop me getting PG she said no it would just settle down but I wasn't happy with that so insisted GP run some bloods which showed very low progesterone 7 dpo (although she still didn't accept any connection and just said I hadn't ovulated and these things happen).

I then took matters into my own hands and in October mid-cycle started homeopathy (google Liz Lalor method) and in November also started to use progesterone cream (having googled it like mad and decided unlikely to do me too much harm). November I had no spotting and got my bfp on Thursday at 10dpo (impatient, moi?).

Now, it may all be a huge coincidence and maybe my hormones just righted themselves, but it is a hell of a coincidence - my progesterone day 21 bloods went from 14.9 in October to 47 in November (both taken on right days). If not a coincidence unfortunately I have no idea if the homeopathy or the progesterone cream was the answer - homeopathy is more expense than progesterone cream, but more natural if you just want to try one.

Good luck

Christelle2207 Mon 19-Nov-12 15:03:20

well done gurraun!
if you dont mind my asking what progesterone cream did you use? am concerned that nhs appear to against this when it could in theory be a simple solution

Gurraun Mon 19-Nov-12 17:08:15

Thank you :-)

I used the one produced by biovea as it has a pump. My research suggested that as long as they are made of natural progesterone they are much of a much and should apply one pump morning and evening onto areas with prominent blood vessels (upper chest, arms, thighs) and not fatty areas as many articles say. There is also some research that says after 3 - 6 months your skin is saturated and you should apply vaginally - but unsure if all creams are suitable for this.

I also agree that the NHS are against this but consider it is lack of knowledge (having spoken to GP friend) as it seems common place in Europe and US and there is certainly anecdotal evidence that it works in my humble opinion.

Good luck

AlmondFrangipani Mon 19-Nov-12 19:20:40

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies!

Christelle thanks for the thread link, I will check it out. The way the doc was talking I am a long way off being offered Clomid!! Have you had any funny side effects?

Bonzo congrats!! I am hoping I have the same luck as you!

Gurran that is very encouraging. I am going to get some of the cream!! I am also going to try some reflexology. Never tried homoeopathy before. What sort of things did they recommend/prescribe?

Christelle2207 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:01:50

Almond- not really though think I ovulated about day 13 rather than 19 which is progress! We'll see though if I have a longer LP or just a shorter cycle....

Gurraun Tue 20-Nov-12 06:49:17

Hi Christelle

I also was new to homeopathy and sceptical but thought what harm could it do. A measure of my scepticism is that I also used the progesterone cream without discussing it with her but to be fair blood results showing progesterone increase were only 3 days intro it's use so if anything helped was probably homeopathy.

The therapist asked lots of questions about my cycle and asked for my day 3 and 21 blood results. She then gave me homeopathy pills to correct stuff that I had to take at specific times. I also had some herbal drops to take. She also wanted me to do the candida diet (google it) but luckily got bfp before I started that. You do the program for 4 cycles (if not pg before then) and allegedly it has good results for many. Other than that they say try to relax and let the pills do their stuff and do suggest reflexology as a good complimentary therapy.

It cost £90 for first appointment and all the pills and then £45 for follow up appointments and different pills. I thought this quite pricey but I am down South and I also reckon I could have shopped around/haggled.

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