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Is it time to go to the GP and what will happen if I do?

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worriedmum100 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:18:06


We've been ttc DC2 for 6 months without success. I know that this isn't a long time compared with others but I feel in my gut that there is something not right.

When ttc DC1 (who is now 18m) I fell pg 2nd cycle but miscarried at 6 weeks. I then conceived DC1 not the cycle straight after mc but the one after that. So all in all I was able to get pg relatively easily.

This time around I can't understand where we're going wrong. We're dtd eod. I'm relaxed (actually, thinking about it I've only been relaxed last couple of cycles because before that was having v stressful time at work). I think I am ovulating (around CD20 usually) because I get EWCM but its usually heavily tinged with brown blood which I never used to have. I also feel incredibly nauseaous at various times throughout my cycle. Also, my cycle was always a regular 31 days until last cycle when out of the blue it was 36 days.

I am on CD31 today. Got a BFN this morning. No AF yet, but I have cramps so know in my heart we've failed again.

I'm thinking its time to go to the GP but don't want to just be told to go away and keep trying. I'm 37 soon and feel I don't have the time to mess about.

I'd be really grateful for any views on those about their experiences of going to a GP for the first time about fertility or just any advice really.


beetlebat Fri 16-Nov-12 14:37:22

I have been to GP twice re fertility, once pre DC1 and once during this TTC episode. Both times it was because I felt something was wrong (short luteal phase in my case), so did not feel that waiting would be any help. I chose the GP I saw with care because in neither case had we been trying long but I did not want to be fobbed off. I chose a female, middle aged doctor who I perceived to be sympathetic and she was- happily arranged fro basic blood tests and then a referral (although happily I got pregnant naturally with DC1 before the appt first time, and am waiting for appt this time round).

One tip I would give- only you know how long you have been trying, and it will do no harm to add on a couple of months. My GP said when over 35 she would happily refer after 6 mths anyway.

worriedmum100 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:42:46

Thanks so much for replying. Good point re: a sympathetic GP. Mine is a young-ish man but I've always found him to be very good and he was brilliant when I miscarried, so think I would be ok talking to him.

I was planning on saying we'd been trying for 8 months!

I'm just not sure if they would do anything given that I've already got one DC. I live in Herts and as I understand it there is no fertility treatment available on the NHS if you already have a child.

beetlebat Fri 16-Nov-12 14:45:32

I asked the same question and was told IVF would be out of the question but standard investigation and treatments such as Clomid would be fine. We are in Bucks but I guess this may vary with area.

highlove Fri 16-Nov-12 17:15:45

Worried - guidelines say that when you're over 35 you should get a referral after six months. (it's 12 months if you're under 35) So don't take no for an answer. And as others have said, you almost certainly won't be entitled to IVF but you should be get other treatments, and at the very least basic investigations. Good luck.

worriedmum100 Sun 18-Nov-12 19:21:35

Thanks highlove.

Day 33 now - no AF and another negative test. Looks like a repeat of last month so my cycle seems to have decided its going to be a week longer from now on sad

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