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Poor Embryo/Egg Quality - any experience at CRGH ?

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missbrightside Wed 14-Nov-12 09:49:30

Hello - we've had two failed IVF cycles this year. Both times our embryo quality hasn't been great which is attributed to the reason for it failing.

(Aside from this I have had the NK cell diagnosis. But I'm getting more and more cynicle about this. Have never read about anyone having the tests and htem coming back as normal. But I digress ...)

We can emotionally and financially have one last shot at this. So it's got to be a good shot .....

Our initial plan was to just to bite the bullet and go to ARGC on the basis that their strict control of the medication might just mean that we manage to get a couple of good eggs. But there are a few things about them that make me shudder a little bit (Humeira ... IVIG ... no bloody way !)

But it looks like CRGH are statistically not so dissimilar from them. I've read a few mixed reviews about them (which I know will be the case with any clinic) - and can't help but feel that they won't take the completely hands on (almost overkill) approach that I now feel we need.

Anyhow, now I've waffled on, what I really wanted to ask if anyone could share their experiences (good or bad) at CRGH.

Thanks in advance.

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