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anyone ttc DC2+ after PND?

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MrsMc82 Sun 11-Nov-12 22:12:18

Kind of been ttc since July when I had my coil taken out but I say kind of as I also started to come off my meds (which I'd been on for 22months after pnd diagnosis when DS was 9mo) so while my cycles been getting back to normal (finally had my first proper period last week) I've also been coming of meds not always at my jolliest and therefore not shagging all that often so not exactly wholely dedicated to the ttc.

I got very low when I finally finished weaning myself and totally came off the meds at begining of Sept.

So a month off work and 2 months on fluoxtine later I'mm feeling like 'me' again I've started to think about ttc more seriously.

With guidance of GP and some self-research into safety data I've decided to remain on fluoxetine while ttc and will remain on it when pg........ for me I think the risks of getting ill agan outweigh the risks of taking the meds though of course I know thats not the same for everyone.......

anyone else in similar situation to me? TTC after PND? Are you still on meds? worried about what might hapen f you do fall pregnant?
and if you are on meds how do you get around the bloody loss of libido!

MrsMc82 Mon 12-Nov-12 19:08:09

shameless [needy?!] bump

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