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Trying to conceive after mc? Pregnant after MC and seeking somewhere safe to hide? Recently graduated from the mosh pit? Come on down to the mosh pit for some serious metalling and cake part 4

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Jollyb Tue 06-Nov-12 18:04:38

I've started the new thread - how exciting!!

I hope this thread will bring lots of BFPs, good scan results and healthy new arrivals.

BraveLilBear Thu 08-Nov-12 07:42:04

Oh pixie missed you out, sorry! Only 5 days til the 13th... will you make it or break early do you think?

Hi to everyone else I missed!

pebspop Thu 08-Nov-12 09:17:37

Welcome cogito don;t worry about the drinking. it will be fine. the baby looks after itself for the first few weeks so it won't affect it. tbh i still have a glass of red now and again to cover up my pg.

good luck to wilde and cheese today.

Good luck to all the ttc-ers. can't wait to see another batch of bfps on here!

Got a scan tomorrow. i am 19 weeks - arrrghhhh.... hoping everything is fine but as i don't think i have felt any movement yet i am still really worried. don't think i will ever go to a scan feeling confident.

BraveLilBear Thu 08-Nov-12 10:36:53

Hi cogito sorry you find yourself here but everyone is very lovely and supportive here smile

<what pebspop said re drinking> I even know friends who were told by midwives to have a drink every now and again if it helps you relax (like once or twice a week)

Plus if you had a BFN before drinking, then the hormone levels and ergo the pregnancy would have been so early on that risks would be even tinier.

Good luck for tomorrow pebs is this the furthest you've been? I'm sure I've read before that it takes longer to feel baby first time round because it's unfamiliar or something or other.

pebspop Thu 08-Nov-12 11:01:33

brave this is kind of the furthest i have been. i did have a mmc at 20 week scan last year and had seen the baby on scan at 16 week (but it was only measuring 15 weeks). i had a scan at 17 weeks this time and i feel like that was the furthest i have seen a baby on scan. really nervous at the moment after what happened last year. i am taking blood thining injections everyday as my placenta was full of blood clots and caused the late mc.

i sometimes feel a fulness in low down in my tummy but not sure if that is the baby or not.

lotsofcheese Thu 08-Nov-12 11:37:00

Thanks for good wishes. 1.5 hours till scan. Shitting myself & convinced it's another mmc.

pebspop Thu 08-Nov-12 12:48:35

I think we all feel like that when we are going to a scan cheese i know i have expected a mmc every scan so far in this pg (and i have had a lot!).

my strategy is to just keeping plodding along from appointment to appointment hoping for the best and fearing the worst.

MumTumWanted Thu 08-Nov-12 15:13:30

Marking place wink

Any scans news yet ladies ?

I'm 17 weeks today and finding it unbelievable hmm . Have 20 week scan on 29th nov and am terrified but in a way hoping that provided I get good news I will start to calm down a little fat chance

lurcher I think u and I have similar dates?

Welcome to the newbies sorry your here but trust me the ladies here are wonderful a real strength smile

Fingers crossed to all the 2wws

And pebs I to am feeling a low down fullness and despite having dd(13) I simply don't know if its movement yet or not - and I'm to scared to mention in rl to anyone in case I've had a mmc and end up looking a right pillock with my 'imaginary' kicks sad

Nearly Friday ladies smile

BraveLilBear Thu 08-Nov-12 15:15:36

No wonder you're on tenterhooks pebs I would be exactly the same. Did the mantra originate here? Maybe it's worth a mention.

'Today I am pregnant.'

Everything crossed for tomo for you.

Any news cheese, wilde? Thinking of you...

pebspop Thu 08-Nov-12 15:36:07

i don't mention the movement in real life either mum tum just in case!

Keep checking for news from the scanees - come on ladies!

lotsofcheese Thu 08-Nov-12 15:42:00

Thanks pebs - you are right!

Just had a good scan at 12+6, neuchal fold was small & nasal bone seen so feeling ok in terms of Down's, despite my advanced age.

I still don't think I really believe I'll have a baby at the end of it, though. Just feels weird.

How did you get on wilder? Hoping all was well.

Jollyb Thu 08-Nov-12 15:58:50

Great news cheese. It does sound like you are on the way to having a baby!

LittleSpade Thu 08-Nov-12 16:02:27

Yay that's great news cheese and pleased that the nuchal fold also looked reasuring.

I hope we hear from wilde soon - Hoping all is well there too.

pebspop Thu 08-Nov-12 16:19:05

good stuff cheese i was 12+6 at mine as well!

maybe it's time for you to believe now - very hard though eh?

BraveLilBear Thu 08-Nov-12 17:42:13

Yay for good news cheese smile

cogitosum Thu 08-Nov-12 17:49:49

Glad the scan went well cheese

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 08-Nov-12 19:00:50

hello everyone, it's been a long time, I have been hiding out on the ectopic pg thread. I recognise some names, lovely to see you all so far along pebs, state and wilde.

wilde I was prodding my womble area yesterday and even called it my "womble", I was thinking of you!! grin

Hi to everyone else, and congrats to cheese on your 12 wk scan.

I'm 14 wks now allegedly. I still can't be happy about the little bean. I've had 4 scans because of my previous disasters (MMC Nov '11 and ectopic Feb'12) so really it should seem real.

I had my 12 wk scan last Monday and thought finally I can start to relax. Then was promptly hospitalised with pneumonia. Great. I'm back home and on the mend but I am very worried about the baby. I'm seeing the GP tomorrow but I'm tempted by a private scan. I called The Fetal Medicine Centre today and they said that it's better to wait for 16 wks, then they can have a better look at any potential anomalies.

My Granny died this morning, so it feels like just non-stop rubbish news. I feel awful I can't go and be with my Mum but I walked to the post box (about 50m) yesterday and fell asleep on the sofa when I got back, I was so exhausted. There's no way I can do 90 mins on public transport, changing and waiting around in the cold.

Ok moan over! Hope everyone has lots of good luck and BFPs and happy scans!

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 19:15:43

hehe womble tas

all fab on the scan, baby measuring ahead of dates at 13+2 which is lovely, wriggly little thing and as healthy as you can know at this stage. we have come out of the closet to family and friends and it feels wonderful to hear the congrats. Am hoping I will feel kicks soon and then can start to enjoy being pg. After three good scans i have to let myself relax into it soon. I am going to make a baby blanket as soon as I get the materials, start to bond a bit smile

sorry for me, me, me just a quickie to blather on.

pebs good luck tomorrow, <waves at tas' womble> hope you ok chuck, sounds like you've had a lot of bad luck, cheese am so happy your scan was good too smile we are so fortunate. best get child out of bath!

Jollyb Thu 08-Nov-12 19:27:08

Ah great news wilde and good to hear from you too tas. My close friend (the one I freaked out on last week) had her twelve week scan today and all was good with her too.

pebs hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Love to my fellow 2wwers. I'm enjoying the calm before the storm!

Dorita75 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:46:54

Ooo congrats cheese and wilde! Welcome cogito sorry you're here but as you can see, there are many graduates with bumps so it's a good place to be smile Hi to tas too, welcome back grin

Am feeling perky jolly! hopeful though it's annoying not knowing when to expect AF, could be anytime between tomorrow and next Fri due to the odd cycles recently.

Bit of advice please ladies - I've also been looking into the results of my blood tests a bit and would appreciate anyone's experience of this.

My doc said my LH level was fine and I've ovulated. My FSH level was higher than expected but nothing to worry about, she said to get tested again next month so we can check it. Anyway, I didn't ask what my LH level actually was but my FSH was 14.8 and some websites say at 15 they don't advise IVF as your chances are pretty non existent but another site says up to 20 is normal. Doc didn't seem concerned at all....I'm not too concerned but any thoughts??

Thank you in advance lovely mn ladies!

Dorita75 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:50:26

...not that I'm looking at IVF, just mean that they think 15 is too high for a pregnancy....

Jollyb Thu 08-Nov-12 19:57:05

What day were the bloods taken?

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 20:05:14

thanks peeps, and thank you all for your kind thoughts running up to the scan, I saw some earlier and welled up. you are so lovely.

fingers so crossed for plenty of BFPs soon, can't wait smile smile

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 08-Nov-12 20:07:52

hi dorita I had my FSH tested a few cycles before I got my BFP and it was 12.8. So not much difference, but it can vary from cycle to cycle. I hear acupuncture is good at lowering FSH.

MrsHerculePoirot Thu 08-Nov-12 20:27:49

Congrats on the scans and hello to everyone new and old!

Thanks for your kind comments, I did feel better about it all today.

Dorita, I don't know anything about FSH levels, but it has to be good that your doctor wasn't overly concerned?

Dorita75 Thu 08-Nov-12 22:17:57

Bloods were taken on day 18 and day 2. Fsh was the second jolly Think you're right MrsHP but you know what it's like when you start googling! But nice to hear good things like your's tas thank you x

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