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TTC 10+ months, Part 11

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buzzybee123 Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:46

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 06-Dec-12 20:58:58

Buzzy sorry about your AMH but well done on being so calm about it. FWIW it's close to mine (assuming they are using the same scale and I have embies remember smile) Like Joy I too bawled my eyes out and broke down rather publicly on MN

Critter - I think it's a good idea for your sister to freeze her eggs - oh how I wish I'd done that. But I'm not sure about the embies. My sister still has 2 frosties and as she now has 2 children they are unlikely to be used. We did have a vague chat about them; as she is too old to donate eggs to me if that's the route I end up down; but we decided it was not right to use those embies as they would be full siblings to her two. I'd rather use a stranger's eggs and have Mr Nelly involved. In the same way, if she later has a partner she wishes to have children with, embies that are not related to him might not be the solution they were hoping for. Of course that's just my opinion and creating embies does add another level of defence against future childlessness.

Joy wedding is in a couple of weeks. getting very very busy!

Interesting about the moon and cycles Sar. I really do hope there are loads of babies in 9 months. Well, 8 to be honest wink. I hope the wedding is ok. Mine is the opposite scenario. Pretty much every one of our guests has had at least 1 of their children already. In fact a few can't manage due to logistics related to them. So the bride will be the only barren, and I'll be terrified of any second announcements sad. Of course I might be faking drinking all night smile

I can fully recommend the wedding/IVF combo. Really haven't thought about Talisker and Laphroaig much at all. Have instead thought a lot about how best to fold napkins hmm grin. Don't worry Lemon you will all get the full story, although I'm not sure I'll put pics on here. I might PM you links to my facebook once I've put some on there.

The App is still not allowing me to read this thread. Which is annoying for keeping up, but good for my wedding work productivity. So only catching up in the evenings.

Waves to Rabbit Lemon Teu Pout Euro Madness Art Doll MrsMellow and everyone else I've missed.

buzzybee123 Thu 06-Dec-12 21:29:24

critter don't we all get a crazed look when talking about it grin

doll thank you yes you are right it will be my baby, well and Barry's

nelly Thanks I know from my SO IUI in August that I can produce 4 follies on 225mls of Gonal F, its more about the quality now for me, I am curious though as to whether my AHM has always been low or if it has dropped alot, I did managed to get pregnant first month of trying and 3 months after my miscarriage so perhaps it has just plummeted confused well you are nearly half way through the 2ww smile

bubs1 Thu 06-Dec-12 23:27:05

Buzzy: sorry just de lurked to say my amh is 0.5 and I'm pregnant on first ivf. Quality was still there.

mrsden Fri 07-Dec-12 08:04:56

Morning everyone,

buzzy I'm sorry your amh was low but as others have said already, it doesn't have to mean ivf won't work. Lots of success stories out there. I've never had mine tested, so mine could be low too for all I know. Is kayla a house cat? Be careful she doesn't get out while on heat or we wil have another pregnany announcement on this thread.

nelly wonderful news about your two little ones. Will you know the result before the wedding?

joy I'm amazed at how well travelled your blood is. I can't believe you had to walk past the K mid kerfuffle. You'd think I'd be able to escape it here, but everyone asks me about it. They love a royal story. Quite a few people have said things about it taking a long time. Seems bloody quick to me!

gin how are you doing?

I've left fb again. Way too many baby and bump related stuff. It was a form of self torture.

A strange thing happened. We Dtd two time in one evening AND I enjoyed it. I think it must be because the pressure is off because of ivf. Oh and joy I've worked out that the fish smell only happens straight after af, ie days 6-9 for me so I think it must be something to do with the type of cm.

CritterPants Fri 07-Dec-12 14:25:57

mrsd Woohoo on the sff! grin grin Twice, that's impressive wink. Good for you and MrD - funnily enough I know what you mean about the pressure being off - since we realised that I probably wasn't going to ovulate at all and that we'd have to outsource the conception process via IVF, we've gone back to sff and it's so much less stressful.

bubs1 I think I remember you posting earlier - congratulations! We want details, how long were you ttcing, what was your story, when did you find out you had a bfp? Lovely to hear a good news story.

nelly I am dying to see your wedding pics so do please PM me after the big day. I'm so glad that it's been a good distraction. Wedding planning and IVF is pretty intense to do at the same time and it's fantastic that it's been such a good way of taking your mind off things. Thanks also for your thoughts on the egg freezing quandary - it's really helpful to hear about how you and your sister discussed things.

doll your post to buzzy brought a tear to this soppy old sopster's eye. smile Thank you. What a good mantra to remember through the dark times.

buzzy There is no reason to think that IVF won't work - you may not produce as many eggs but it only takes one! I'm glad I am not the only 'crazed' one. grin at Kayla as an interrogation tool.

rabbitonthemoon Fri 07-Dec-12 14:58:23

Hello. Just replied to my first AIBU. Scared.

buzzy your calmness with the amh is inspiring. I'm sorry it is what it is but I think the fact you have conceived twice is so promising. I felt quite uplifted by your baby determination and its helped me today.

joycep ugh to having to walk past the midsterfaff. Sorry about the short cycle, mine is horribly fucked up this month but more of that later.

art the waxy carpet made me smile - oh dear! I'm glad you're ok. Do you get given prog after ivf because the body isn't technically at the right point to make its own? I often wonder if prog would help me. Or a womb transplant perhaps.

critter yay for birthdays and outsourcing. It would appear there are a lot of Sagittarians on here, myself included. Imminently.

mrsden go you on the sff! If you get an ironic diff we will all think that's what it was.

nelly I will definitely want to see photos. Glad you are being kept busy during this tww. Thinking of you.

sarlat how you doing lovely? My cycle has been very odd indeed it helps if I blame it on the moon and not my own body! I had pinky watery spotting at about a week after ov, which was early judging by ewcm but I haven't temped. It reappeared two days later and has been here on and off mostly when I go to the loo. Cd1 isn't due til Tuesday ish but given its my bday this weekend and it has found me on my last 3!!! then I'm fully expecting it as an additional gift. Bully for me! The spotting has been just bizarre and not like any other month I've had. I am wondering if the aspirin is making the lining a bit more fragile or something? Or the cervix? I have read about this on google. Certainly isn't the desired effect.

pout any house joy? I was in an ace craft shop this morning and thought of you.

I did not get the announcement. Can't really talk about it on here but is has been a bit of a headfuck. I should man up. Most people I know are mostly likely going to have popped out at least two before I get there.

I have today off in lieu for the ridiculous days over recent weeks. This morning we bought the tree, did some Xmas shopping and tonight will be Xmas tunes and decorating. I am having a pamper bath later and making my own decorations/tags this afternoon in a craft frenzy.

I feel old and wrinkly today. I will shortly cross onto the wrong side of 35. How have I been trying this long to get nowhere? I think treatment is calling, we clearly aren't going to get there by ourselves. Mostly I'd like to know why the fuck not. My suspicion that it is my eggs gets a bit stronger every month.

Waves to anyone I've missed. I will raise a glass to you all this weekend wine and aren't there babies due to grads v soon? I know stacks was due on my birthday.

rabbitonthemoon Fri 07-Dec-12 15:01:19

I will be making these

Also nelly it's almost rocky road and gingerbread stuffing time grin

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 07-Dec-12 16:06:46

Hiss boo about the AMH results buzzy but a lovely example of what can be is popping by. Congratulations bubs and I agree with the clamours for details. I am also impressed with your calm and determined approach to babies these days buzzy.

Wow on the making of those ornaments rabbit. I have gotten into a fit of crocheting stars. You are so NOT old and wrinkly. But your day does sound lovely.

Big yay for coping in a positive happy way with the evil twins of IVF and wedding planning. I'd struggle with either, but you are doing FAB nelly. Not long now.

Also a HUG yay for SFF mrsD and twice at that. We're outsourcing as you know, so it will be just for fun this month, but forbidden when I'll be at my most desperate... That is going to be interesting...

Sorry about the dread of sister's wedding sar. My little brother's girlfriend starting talking about starting a family the other day, and my heart sank. I'd find it hard to deal with, even though they're over 30 and perfectly entitled to try. Luckily my brother is not so ready wink

Waves and feather shakes to all of you!

ArtemisTheHunter Fri 07-Dec-12 16:35:10

Mrsd SFF twice in one evening! There should be a special 10+ award for that - a sparkly knob badge or something. I'm not sure I'll ever have sex again. I need to ask the nurse if I'm allowed, but I think I'd be too worried at least for now. Good to know someone out there is on it grin

joycep 12 vials of blood, jeepers, did they leave you any? At least the results come back fairly fast. urgh at having to walk past Middy. I feel a bit sorry for them really, especially after the prank calls. I know we were all dreading the announcement but they really should have been able to make it in their own time.

Rabbit well done on the Christmas prep. I am a bit in awe. We don't usually bother until the last minute, usually after i finish work which won't be until 21st at the earliest. I am mega curious about which AIBU you responded to! I tend not to stray far from this thread, I have seen some fairly eye-watering comments on other threads but at least I know everyone on here is lovely smile I think I have 3 months of the fanny candles because they spent quite a long time shutting my hormones down so probably am not making the right amount of progesterone myself. They are messy but give a bit of reassurance especially as I'd speculated that lack of progesterone might have been the cause of my pre-AF spotting and short LP. Happy birthday in advance and I hope ERTD stays away this year! Despite the fertility stuff, post-35 isn't all bad smile

Madness gosh not long until the op. I guess at least it will be out of the way before xmas. Hope you're managing not to worry about it too much.

Sar interesting stuff on the lunar influences! Glad the reflexology helped.

Buzz I"m sorry about the AMH result but really impressed with how you're handling it. I know you'll get there in the end because you'll just make it happen smile. I never had my AMH tested but I can't imagine it would have been good given my age.

Bubs great news - I'll echo the calls for detail!

Critter a belated happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely time. I think your sister is very sensible to be thinking about egg freezing and your advice to her to freeze both eggs and embryos was spot on. It's all about giving yourself options for the future I think. Being single in your 30s if you don't want to be is miserable but at least she'd be taking some control back.

Nelly still cheering for the Highland Two. Incredibly impressed by your calm amid both IVF and napkin-folding. I would love to see wedding photos smile

Doll has ERTD showed up yet? No doubt you are right and she's waiting until you are in a pool of mud somewhere. That's what mine would do hmm. Hope it's not an evil one.

Doll and Gin I was thinking about your HPT-buying comments when I was in Boots yesterday. I confused the hell out of the cashier by buying preggo vitamins and panty liners at the same time (I hate the term 'panty liners'. Surely someone could come up with a better term). It reminded me of the last time I bought HPTs. I bought Tampax at the same time, then thought 'what the hell' and threw a tube of thrush cream in the basket as well. If they're going to have a laugh they might as well have good reason.

On a complete random tangent, and because i was thinking about sanpro, is anyone else annoyed at the creeping tendency for all sanitary protection to be perfumed these days? It took ages to find a box of anything that wasn't perfumed or 'lightly fragranced'. I have never in my life walked past a woman and thought 'whoa, I can really smell her period'. EVER. It winds me up - maybe it only bugs me because I'm prone to thrush but the sight of perfumed tampons really gets my goat. Nobody's smelling them where they're going!

OK rant over grin. I'm fine, still relatively symptom free but managing not to mental over it. My main dilemma at the moment is work. I've got an interview coming up for a big and quite exciting project I applied for before i got the test result. If I got it I would basically have to work flat out with quite a lot of travelling between now and the due date (and actually beyond but I'm ignoring that small detail). I'm not sure that's a good idea, but having worked out that as as self employed person I'll have no income bar the £135 a week maternity allowance (which the bastards still tax) and as I am the main earner in our household I've suddenly started getting anxious. Am I being stupid to potentially commit myself to a very heavy workload over the next 8 months? I'm not sure if that'll be better or worse than worrying about money, but I have no idea how I'll feel. Clearly I am panicking unduly as I haven't even had the interview yet but I'm wondering if it's a good idea to even go hmm.

Waves to everyone else and happy weekends all. I'm looking forward to a little pre-xmas gathering tonight with some friends, and quite glad I have to drive so there won't be any queries about why I'm not drinking. Anyone got good stuff lined up for the weekend?

ArtemisTheHunter Fri 07-Dec-12 16:38:06

x-post Lemon <waves> smile

ThatWayMadnessLies Fri 07-Dec-12 17:37:01

Evening ladies. So happy it's Friday. I'm just emerging from Af induced misery and scaling back the pain meds prior to my work Xmas night out. MrM was brilliant yesterday in reminding me that perhaps all of this pain during Af will abate after surgery so that made me feel a bit more optimistic. Heaven help him the first time I'm laid up with cramps if he's wrong though!!!!

art I say go for it. You'll never know if you don't at least do the interview. Is it something where you could say no after the interview? I always think it's better to turn something down once it's offered rather than question whether you would have gotten it at all. I hope that makes sense..... Being busy at work could be challenging, but so could worrying about finances. Either way though, you will make it work smile And I am completely with you re: sanitary products. I'm never going to use a mooncup but adding more chemicals to something that doesn't rally need them seems ridiculous to me confused

rabbit I am also impressed with your crafty efforts. I'm hoping for some tree decorating this Sunday. Last year's tree reflected my health and was limp and depressing before new year so I have my fingers crossed we pick a hardier specimen this year. Perhaps I should download some xmassy tunes smile

mrsd holy cow on the sff. If that happens to lots of people no wonder there are lots of stories of ironic Pre ivf diffs wink

nelly I think everyone wants a sneaky peek of those photos - I do love a good wedding.

buzz your respond to amh results seems brilliant. Staying positive and being open to lots of different routes to motherhood sounds really good to me. I shall try to follow you're example grin

joy I'm very curious about the Chicago tests. I read an article that said any woman with endo should get immune testing done before ivf but not sure what my consultant would say to that blush. I don't suppose it would hurt to ask him if we're sitting around on the waiting list until may anyway.....

So op is one week today and I had my Pre assessment appt yesterday. Nurse was lovely and talked me through the timings. In at 8am and should be in theatre by half ten. On the ward for one night and hopefully home on Saturday afternoon. She weighed me which was a bit miserable. Have now decided I need to lose 10 lbs which is silly. Was bloated and grumpy with Af so probably not the best day to check either. Bmi was at the top of normal but still normal so I should just chill out. This is why I don't have scales at home.......

Ok off to prepare for the evening. Happy weekends to everyone, especially everyone that I've missed!!

buzzybee123 Fri 07-Dec-12 18:07:54

evening ladies, I can't believe how cold I feel, had a patient go home today, I tell you I couldn't shove her in the car fast enough so I could get back into the warm blush

thank you ladies but I really am not worried or surprised by the results, and its not that I don't think IVF will work I just think I want to give it the chance possible and if my chances with my eggs are really low then best to go with DE's, I really don't mind that idea. Although I have been pregnant in the past, (I haven't managed anything for 15 months) I also miscarried, which makes me wonder if it was more down to the quality of the eggs than the high NK cells, I really don't want to put Barry and I through another heartache like that again. I'll see the so called experts and listen to what they suggest.

bubs thank you for delurking, I would like to hear your story as well, i'm sure I will have questions too smile and a massive congrats, how many weeks are you??

mrsd I think my cat behaving like a hussy and chav and getting knocked up would be too much for me, thankfully we are on the 9th floor and she doesn't go outside so unless she is the virgin mary of cats its not going to happengrin, besides she's my little princess and I don't want any nasty Toms getting near her.

art it is difficult when it comes down to money, what would happen if you were unable to manage, could you have help??? Not sure what you do and understand that you don't want to say on here but the important thing is you and your baby, you need to look after and put your needs first not work!! Its hard to know how pregnancy will affect you and how you will manage but then again you can't put life on hold, I was in a similar position to you last year when I was offered a secondment, but was just pregnant and knew I couldn't really see it through, my nasty boss did say that I shouldn't let pregnancy stop me from goin which was true, anyway I didn't, I lost the baby a few weeks later but don't regret my decision.

madness enjoy tonight, your op seems to have come round quite quick

rabbit love your crafty ideas, still in two minds about a tree, might just get a little something to make the place look a bit crimbo, although after last weekend I have lots of crafty ideas, I saw lots of cute bunting that I would like to copy, anyway as for this crap about age 35 cannot be old i'm nearly 40 and fabulous and I'm not even middle aged yet as I plan to live to be at least 90 smile have told Barry he has to live that long too so he can keep me out of trouble grin I also find the older I get the more I know and like myself. So there is nop wrong side to 35 just the other side wink and besides I have seen your photo on FB and you are beautiful and don't look your age,

I think Kittens is due around the 10th???

sarlat Fri 07-Dec-12 18:12:50

Mrs D - hooray for fun times DTD.

Bubs - congratulations and thank you for telling us about your AMH!

Rabbit - your day off sounds lovely. Sorry for the weird near announcement situation. Your cycle sounds like another wappy one to blame on the moon - a lot of us have noticed stuff, maybe there is something in it. Have a lovely wine, crafts and fun stuff birthday weekend. There is no wrong side of 35. You are a healthy woman and have loads of fertile years left, I promise.

lemon - thanks for what you said about your brothers girlfriend. It's a weird one, you know you shouldn't feel anything negative but it does hurt to think that the grandchild that everyone was so hoping I would produce may not come from me after all - it just hurts.

Art - ooo lots of thinking to do about jobs. At the end of the day, if you took this new project on and you became tired / had severe MS, would you get sick pay or some type of compensation? In theory I can't see a reason not to go for it but I know these things are related to the specific industry. Go for the interview and then take it from there. Good luck.

Madness - I just feel that things are going to start getting much better for you post op. Don't worry about those scales girl. You are healthy and beautiful and you will be marching in to babyhood in 2013! I am curious about the chicago tests too. Something to keep in mind. I might have endo but so far no real proof so we will see.

Well I had ewcm again today, that is about 8 -9 days worth. blush. I am busy this weekend with various socialising and crimbo shopping which is all good. It distracts me at least. I told my mum the other day that we might not bother putting a tree up - she nearly started crying. Cue me feeling really bad. I don't feel very motivated to do it but it's mostly because we will be spending so much time at other people's houses. Not just because of TTC misery. But I will put a tree up, I don't want people to think I am all 'bah humbag'. Which I'm not. So onwards and upwards. grin Hello to everyone, have a great weekend. xxx

bubs1 Sun 09-Dec-12 03:35:49

Hi there
So a few of you have asked for details. Well 2 years ttc with not even a sniff of a bfp. We live in Indonesia so have to travel for any treatment. 3 months of clomid, two iui's, one medicated then onto ivf. We had icsi even though nothing is wrong with his sperm but they do it out of course if less than 4 eggs ( and without our knowledge!) I had two put back in, one of grade b and one of grade c. Spent the 2ww thinking it had failed, lifting heavy things, flying, getting stressed certainly not taking it easy. Tried to do zita west cds but have realised five mins in that its not me. i did drink a lot of pineapple juice and stayed clear of sugar.
I definitely felt cramps 7 dp et. Did a home preg test 11 days past et which was positive followed by blood tests on day 14 and 16. I'm now 8 weeks and had two scans and still in shock and terrified. We have wanted this for too long. Still taking the fanny progesterone, which I hate! Anyway that's me! Sorry for long me post. Love this site and will probably carry on reading to see what happens to you lovely ladies.

TeuchterWahine Sun 09-Dec-12 07:07:42

critter Belated happy birthday. Hope you had a nice time. And thanks for the marzipan link.
nelly Talisker & Laphroaig make me smile. Partly because Talisker is made in my neck of the woods. Exciting about the wedding.
rabbit totally empathise with the 'wrong side of 35'. Love the craft project. I finished a pair of dungarees for a friend's 18mo the other night. Danced them in front of DH saying I should be making them for our small person.
sarlat Can see why sis's wedding would make you feel that way. I'm living in mild fear of my brother announcing either a wedding or worse, like lemon.
Artemis I'm with you on the scented sanpro. The scent is not 'light' and must be noticable to all and sundry, surely? Mind you out here they scent the toilet roll.
MrTeu still hasn't got our next step on his radar so I'm trying to be patient and not panic about maybe we won't ever and I'll never be able to buy/make cute baby kit.
Waves to all. Hope you are all having lovely weekends.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Sun 09-Dec-12 09:31:02

Just popping by. We're having a lovely weekend of aunt/unclehood. Two small boys staying. The house is a tip. SB is on amazing form. And the presence of small people turns me into my mum. I am either washing, wiping faces, cooking, baking or knitting. But it is lovely. Stabbing with small spectators in the next room has resulted in intriguing bruises, though. Stress not so conducive...

Waves to you all (too lazy to name check)! Yay for your story bubs and please hang out!

EuroShagmore Sun 09-Dec-12 18:27:31

Hello ladies! I'm back (and not terribly happy about the cold - we've had the heating cranked up to maximum since the moment we walked in the door!). We had a lovely relaxing time - lots of dtd, snorkelling, diving, reading, eating and wandering about in a stress-free way. <Sigh>

I will try to catch up on the last week's posts over the next few days. I hope you are all doing ok.

I deliberately stayed away from MN while I was away, although I did try to check in once - when I saw the K Middy news. But for some reason the thread seems to fall foul of the Maldives' internet rules as I couldn't get on. Must be all the sechsing we are doing. wink

Joy I got my Serum results while I was away - I tested positive for hidden C and ureaplasma, so i guess I will be joining you on the hardcore antibiotics soon. It some ways, it is nice to get a positive result for something that might be a possible cause of our unexplainedness, but I wish it was something more "certain" iyswim.

CritterPants Sun 09-Dec-12 19:38:12

Hi guys! My mum is visiting so I'm just dropping in to wave and say welcome back euro, sounds like you had an amazing time! I am well jeal as they say.

bubs what a lovely story. Gives me hope!

lemon sounds like a really nice weekend. Is your IUI this week or next?

rabbit you are a craft goddess. I am SO impressed. I'm trying to make a Christmas angel for the top of our tree with a clothes peg and ribbon, and have managed to get superglue under my fingernails - gross! Is it your birthday this weekend? Happy birthday!

teu if you try the walnut marzipan let me know how it goes. You will have your own baby to make cute things for, I know you will. And that's so kind of you to make something for someone else's.

sar interesting about the ewcm. I wonder what it means - maybe extra high oestrogen this month? I really feel for you sar, you've had such a rough time. Be gentle to yourself this Christmas.

madness I'm sure you don't need to lose weight, sounds like you are just perfect as you are. Good luck this week for the op - you sound in good spirits which is great.

art I hear you on scented sanitary towels. I also thank God that I don't have to buy them that often, a silver lining of not ovulating is not having periods! I must save a packet. grin How are you feeling? I am so excited about your scan when we get to find out whether you've got one or two on board!

A rainy but very nice weekend all in all here. Two friends' babies were born on Friday so I felt a bit blue yesterday, but am feeling better after lots of time drinking wine with my mum who reminded me it took her three years and that she remembered that 'it consumes you'. We've been having a really nice quiet weekend, a bit of shopping, some mincemeat making a la Delia (genius ingredient = Grand Marnier!), just a lovely calm time together. Much love to all of those in the tent and extra boozy Christmas treats for everyone along with party tail feather styling. smile

MuddyWellyNelly Sun 09-Dec-12 20:10:48

Hello euro welcome back smile We are off in that direction (though not same country) in less than 3 weeks - hooray! Are you jetting off east again or did that trip get put off? Well done on the SFF. If this 2ww ends in a BFN I am going to spend our entire honeymoon legless grin

Lemon I love when we have loads of kids in the house too. I am mega excited anyway as my sister will be coming home for the wedding in a few days, and I get to meet one of my nephews for the first time. When I was stabbing, one day the cat was snaking about my legs and, curious as to what I was doing, stood on his hind legs and swiped at the pen with his paw, as it was stuck in my and I was pushing the plunger. Nutter!

Sorry you were feeling blue critter but well done to your Mum for knowing what to say. Mine would definitely say the wrong thing hence why she has no idea! Has your sister made any decisions on what to do? Yum on the mincemeat!

rabbit I have the ingredients in for the rocky road but not made it yet.

Bubs I completely know what you mean about the 2ww. This weekend I've had a few pains, some of which I recognise as the same as pre-period and some that are very different. You could drive yourself nuts. I've not been lazing about quite as much as my woo ladies would have liked, to say the least, so I'm glad to hear it still worked for you. Indonesia sounds cool.

Teu oh I didn't know they made Talisker in the land of the long white cloud wink. Seriously though, you come from a beautiful part of the country in that case.

art I say go for the interview at least, you have nothing to lose. One step at a time, remember!

Interesting on the EWCM sar. That's a good sign I reckon, I've noticed way more of it during my IVF cycle than I've had for a long while. Mr Nelly and I are wondering if this means fertility drugs on their own might be a big help for me.

Only a few more days until d-day. I POAS this morning. The theory was that I'd see 2 lines as I had my Ovitrelle injection 5 days ago so should have high HCG and I really really really want to see 2 lines on a stick for the first time ever. But there wasn't a second line. Well, ok if I squinted and held it at a very specific angle, there was the faintest most pathetic excuse of a shadow. So 10 days post EC I am not showing as pregnant but also not showing the HCG levels high. So on the plus side it now means I can use a piss-stick at the end of the week and have a fair idea that I can trust it. On the down side, I wonder if it's a bad sign I didn't get the 2 lines today? I want to use a stick on Friday before I go for the bloods, as I can't bear the waiting for the phone call. I'm currently feeling like it's going to be a BFN. At the moment this is ok. I have too many other things to look forward to! But I'm sure when reality bites I'll feel differently. Still the very next day I'll meet aforementioned nephew smile And also when I was on the phone to my sister earlier her 2yo was being a sulky monkey and the wee one was wailing. I told her I had things to do and hung up grin.

Sorry for everyone else I've not name checked (mrsden did I say how impressed I was at the twice-in-one-night SFF??). I had a very productive wedding weekend so am now off to research vows. Any ideas? Can't be religious.

Waves to all

sarlat Sun 09-Dec-12 20:41:21

Euro - welcome back. Wow that holiday sounds amazing. Hang on to that chilled out lovely feeling. In a way those test results could be a good thing if the antibiotics give things a nudge in the right direction. And you have left no stone unturned.

Critter - sorry for the recent pregnancy announcements. It is so very hard to hear isn't it. Your mum sounds wonderful and it is nice to hear about someone who took a long time ttc but got there in the end. It is also nice to get recognition for how difficult it really is to live in this lingo state - I don't think most people grasp how distressing it can be. The mince pies sound lush. smile

Nelly - aw sweetheart - sorry for the single line. But it is way way too early. However, I like your attitude - you have plenty of good stuff going on right now and we are 100% behind you to support you what ever the outcome. But seriously, it is too early yet to know.

I had been flicking through some old posts with the phrase "twitchy womb" in the search engine grin as you do (have fluttery womb sensations like crazy again) and stumbled accross a lady and a story which I thought may be of interest to some of you here. Below is a copy and paste. I haven't added her user name but have pm'd her to ask for some more info.

"I had a 14 day luteal phase but spotting started 3 days earlier, so 11dpo. Had been seeing a private Gynae as my GP v uninterested. She put me on progesterone suppositories (from 7dpo) and I conceived that month. I also had acupuncture to help with any hormonal issues.
This was after 18 unsuccessful months of ttc #2 after instant pregnancy for dc1.

Well she did blood tests on day 2 and day 19 (7dpo, equivalent to most people's day 21). My blood tests for progesterone or anything else didn't suggest any precipitate drop but the spotting did. Suggested that I might be conceiving every month but my crumbly linkng was letting me down. Made sense to me as I had sore breasts and funny twitching feelings pretty much every month and started totally not believing my body. She said that with any fertility treatment such as IUI or IVF then progesterone supplementation is a given to promote implantation and clomid would also do this as well as stimulate ovulation. Progesterone supplementation is also common on the continent. And since it costs £2/day for 2 x 400mg cyclogest it seemed worth it. You'll never get it on the NHS according to my GP but I am, so far, immensely grateful to it."

I know some of you may have already gone down the progesterone supplement route but I thought it was interesting to read about normal progesterone blood test results but the diagnosis of progesterone problems was made due to the slightly early spotting alone. And then of course she conceived so quickly after starting the treatment. Just thought it might help - it's made me have a think. I often get a twitchy or crampy womb. hmm.

Had a busy but ok weekend. Had far too much bad food including chinese takeaway, wine, cake, cream teas, starbucks, macdonalds and chocolate pretzels. grin. Not all in the one sitting you understand. I welled up twice today when shopping with DH. Christmas does feel sad when you want children but I have tried to do nice things. I had a funny dream last night about my lap. I 'saw' the end of my fallopain tube and an ovary which were seperated by something bulgy. The bulgy bit needed removing. I am a weirdo grin.

Hello to everyone, hope you all had lovely weekends. xx

buzzybee123 Sun 09-Dec-12 22:03:31

sar thanks for sharing that story, I have been on progesterone for a year now, mainly to help combat high nk cells, my progesterone levels have always been normal and I always spot a few days before confused I do have a little hoard of cyclogest under the bathroom sink if you want to try it smile

nelly bless it is too early to test fingers crossed for later this week

lemon glad you have had a lovely weekend

teu You'll get to make cute baby clothes for your own baby

critter sorry you felt blue, it will be you soon, enjoy the time with your mum

Well I have ordered a few Christmas bits, going nordic style, not putting up a tree just decorating the palm plant grin Kayla seems to be over hormones thank goodness

MuddyWellyNelly Sun 09-Dec-12 22:38:46

Oh don't worry, I know it was too early to test - I'm not that mental grin. My reason for doing so was to monitor my current level and watch it as the week goes on, because I've been told you get a false positive on a pee stick due to the injection.

I will try to keep up during the week but phone still won't let me check the thread. Only one more week of work though, hurrah!

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 10-Dec-12 09:00:33

Morning lovely ladies!

Interesting story sar. Although I don't get the suppositories, but the BFP month there was no spotting and I always make it til 13 dpo without spotting. I am having hormonal rages and issues getting myself to work because of the stabbing. I have another 3 (or more) days of it, as my follicles were still tiny. So I am grumpy. And worries about the odd thing in my womble area. So really writing the piece I need to do for work ain't going to happen. Joy...

Only one more week of work nelly. I did count only two more til Christmas for us. So it is manageable...

Oh and [hgrin] at the decorated palm and the recovered kayla, buzzy. I'd like a recovered lemon too. It will be less than a week like this (my new mantra).

buzzybee123 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:38:09

nelly I think on average its 10 days for it to be out of your system,

lemon sorry about the hormones, how many days are you stabbing for and what dose,

I am sitting in my car inbetween patients due to a timing muck up hmm have managed to find a cereal bar to eat

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 10-Dec-12 13:53:22

Stabbing now for the 7th day (cd3-9) and will continue til cd12 at least, it is 75units of m-enopur, which is not all that much. But then there is only two follies growing (11mm and 10mm now) and my own wombly fibriody monster (although that was tiny)....

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