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TTC 10+ months, Part 11

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buzzybee123 Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:46

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

MuddyWellyNelly Wed 07-Nov-12 22:28:44

Hooray for good news on the Big Dog (said in a Westwood stylee!). Collective 10+er sigh of relief. You did make me laugh about the lady and the tramp scene grin. Boo to having to move. I was going to suggest earlier just doing a mail redirection, you can do it for 2 years you know. Just saying.

Re the fact we are all at IVF stages and "who knew"? Mr Nelly apparently hmm. He told me a while ago that he always thought we'd have problems. WTF? In which case, why did he flipping procrastinate for 2 years about starting in the first place. Still, I don't think it's worth going down that particular route.

MrsM oh my goodness how confusing for you. Fingers crossed this is the ironic pre IVF diff that none of the rest of us have had! Talking of which I have very painful AF pains today, more so than usual. I guess the 10 days of pill have done something then. Anyway your friend's situation actually gives me hope. What a weird bunch of conversations they are going to have forever more with teachers, hospitals, passport offices, whatever...

Glad to see you so much happier buzzy. Your life coach may claim the credit, but we all know it was Kayla really grin. Said with a cat sitting across both my arms so I am typing like I'm wearing handcuffs. She's proof reading, and says purrrrrrr. She isn't so keen on Big Dog though.

4 embies is good gin but I guess you are worried about fertilisation rates? Have the clinic been able to shed any light on this? But if I got 4 embies I'd be delighted so it's all relative I guess!

Having said last night I needed an early night, it was midnight by the time I went to bed. Tonight I'm aiming for 11 so must go. Acu tomorrow then first jab on Friday morning. Yippee.

Sorry for everyone I've missed as always. Oh critter hooray for Obama. Everything I read on my FB/Twitter was supporting him. I clearly have only democrats for friends/celeb stalks! Not one Romney fan confused.

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 08-Nov-12 14:04:07

I've killed the thread sadblush.

How are the embies gin. And art and doll any updates?

You lot watch Dowton don't you? What Op do you think Mary had, and where do I get one. She's going to be updiffed next series isn't she? <random>.

akuabadoll Thu 08-Nov-12 14:32:49

no you didn't wink

No update from the Beirut3 'till tmw. Think artemis was busy with conference, artemis egg report? mellow period report? gin embie report?

CritterPants Thu 08-Nov-12 15:41:36

You haven't Nelly! Just catching up here, it' s only 10.30!

Gah, don't tell me about Downton. Lalalala - fingers in ears... it doesn't come out here until January! grin How was acu? And exciting that you start on the jabs tomorrow - the time is just flying by! On the man front - so many men procrastinate, it's just what they do, but most of them don't end up having to wait for ages after they take the plunge. I think you're right to not go down that road - it's so easy to do, and it does nothing good. I definitely sometimes think about what would have happened if MrC had wanted to start earlier - we've been together since I was 24 - but he wasn't to know that it would take us so long.

Incidentally, I was chatting to my sister last night and she told me that a friend of hers who has 'the gift' told her that she had a strong feeling that sister critter (who is single and 35) would have a child when she was 38. No idea if true or not, but a nice and comforting thought.

pout I am so relieved that Big Dog is ok. At least that is one less thing to worry about! How were the coconut squares in the end, did they turn out to be as delicious as they sounded?

doll good luck tomorrow.

How is everyone else doing? Any news from our preggos - heart, frannie, princess? Waves to our lurkers, too.

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 08-Nov-12 16:15:10

Glad I didn't break it! Good luck tomorrow doll. I hope that's true about your sister critter hope its true for me too given I'm 38 and sorry I didn't give a Spoiler warning re Downton grin. We need ideas to load up the ipad for hols actually. Currently watching Homeland, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire. There may be a theme there blush. We like most things though. Suggestions?

My period pains were bad last night. I never get much at all so have huge sympathies with those who suffer. I woke up sweating in the middle of the night due to the hot water bottle I was clutching tightly! Feel very sleepy but have to go for another dress fitting tonight.

Talking of our preggos (and hope all well) has any spotted Ladygee about? Say hi if you are lurking. Did other grads such as mini and izzy etc stay together somewhere? I hope everyone is ok on the other side smile.

I am waffling now as work pc playing up. Will post later or if not tomorrow. Post jabs. Hooray for IVF. hmm. But also grin as I'm glad it's there as an option for me.

CritterPants Thu 08-Nov-12 17:04:24

Ideas for series watching... Let's see. There is New Girl, the Zooey Deschanel show, which I like - and I hear that the Newsroom is good too - the Aaron Sorkin show. Although I haven't watched it myself.

I hope 38 is a lucky year for you nelly, so much. Wishing you all the luck in the world for an ironic wedding diff!

Sorry about the period pain.

GinSoaked Thu 08-Nov-12 17:20:18

Hello ladies .

Ooo nelly is it your first jab tonight? Good luck! You've just named all the shows we love. Currently working our way through Breaking Bad. I slightly fancy the boy in it... Oh and I agree re Downton. Ended yelling at the tv what fecking op could render her fertile!

critter I love new girl too and definitely fancy Nick in it <slag face>.

doll good luck with the scan tomoz. Any more symptoms?

pout yay for big dog being well. I swear the beasties do it on purpose to ensure more treats.

mrsm any period yet??

We went to the clinic for the ohss check. The scan seemed ok. My ovaries were large and there was some fluid, but pretty much what they'd expect after EC. The blood test was pretty hideous - I have no veins left from all the tests, so it hurt and bled like a bastard, cos of the clexane I think. Just awaiting blood test results to see if we can do ET tomorrow. The nurse doing the scan seemed to think we would be..

I feel so much better this time than I did last time. I guess it's cos I didn't have all the bleeding and internal tears. Just feel a bit tired and bloated.

We don't know how the embies are doing. Fingers crossed some are still going...

sarlat Thu 08-Nov-12 18:00:43

Gin - I have my fingers crossed for your embies. ET tomorrow would be fab. So glad this time round has been easier and that the big bad OHSS has stayed away. Hope the farty business has settled too. Mybe I was given a back door pop when I was under too and I never knew.....the mind boggles confused.

Nelly - period pains are not welcome at all. sad So sorry and hope the hot water bottle is helping. I am really rooting for you for this IVF cycle. Good luck hon. Critter, cover you eyes and ears. I too really want to know what is going on with this Lady Mary op. I went mad googling 1920's fertility surgery at 10pm on Sunday night grin. I learnt that surgery to remove adhesions was possible. Thinking it could be endo related or maybe even a hymen removal thing seing as though they were all virgins etc. I am thinking about this too much aren't I? grin

Doll - good luck for tomorrow.

Art - any news?

Critter - that preminition about your sister is spooky and I so hope it comes true. I would love it if someone could tell me what the future holds (assuming it's all good of course).

Somone on previous page asked how my weird cycle is going. Well I appeared to ovulate very early - at around 11 dpo and I had tons of ovary pain and rattling and rolling going on from cd2 which is not usual for me. Got a ton of EWCM today which is odd because I thought I ovulated 2 days a go. So bd tonight in case egg not yet popped. Generally the cycle isn't too weird but I guess I am good at spotting any tiny change at all. The rumbleyness and ovulation pain has been a bit more aggressive than usual but I am putting that down to some feeble attempts to start exercising lately.

Hello to everyone else.

CritterPants Thu 08-Nov-12 18:13:11

gin I'm so glad that things seem to be ok on the OHSS front. Although the blood tests don't sound fun at all - the constant needle stabbing is definitely one of the less fun aspects of assisted conception. I am cheering on your little embies, may they be happily dividing and growing as we speak. Come on little ones! I think that you've been amazingly calm and brave throughout this cycle. I so hope that this is your lucky round. And good luck for tomorrow, if we don't chat before then. I'm really hopeful and excited for you.

sar oh interesting about Lady Mary. I am glad that I'm around now, when we have so many great medical technologies - and proper pain relief. Even not having aspirin would be miserable. Interesting about your cycle - I wonder if something different is happening this time? It sounds like it could be a mega-egg from the rumblings? Happy SWI-ing tonight! grin

I would love it too if I could know that everything would be ok. I remember my mum telling me that in her 20s, she just wanted to know 'how the story ends' - who she was going to end up with, what her family would end up being, etc.

GinSoaked Thu 08-Nov-12 18:16:47

sar your cycle sounds interesting. As you say, we only notice these things as we spend so much time thinking about it all and know what every twinge means! Well done on the sech. My cycles were def a bit different post-ivf. I tend to get a bit of ovary pain and mucus about cd8, ovulating about cd16.

Lady Mary wouldn't have been having a hymen op - she killed the Turk with her sexing! I wondered if they were implying she'd got some kind of std? But couldn't see how this would affect fertility. Maybe fibroid removal?

Just heard from the clinic and my hormone levels are fine, yay. They checked with the consultant and I'm allowed 2 embies put back tomorrow, if we still have 2. If you're at risk of ohss, they generally only allow 1, so there's only one lot of hcg if successful.

GinSoaked Thu 08-Nov-12 18:19:46

X post critter. Thanks for you kind words chuck. I don't feel like I've been brave, with all my crying! Now I'm no longer on the gonal f, I def feel less emotional and haven't cried since ohss day

CritterPants Thu 08-Nov-12 19:11:24

Hurrah gin that is absolutely brilliant news about hormone levels! Fingers crossed for your embies tonight and much hand holding for tomorrow's EC.

sarlat Thu 08-Nov-12 19:26:33

Gin - You are brave. My gosh, no doubt. I am so excited that your hormones are ok and transfer is going ahead hopefully tomorrow. I will be cheering on your embryos. I use to make up songs for mine. I will do this now for yours. 'Come on little ginners , you are our winners, little gins, little gins, win win win' blush grin

On the Lady Mary topic, I too thought about the Turkish guy shenaningans. I initially thought that the story suggested they did stuff which meant she was "still the first for her husband" - that is what he was alluding to in the story line. What they actually did do - I do not know. I really want to know now. grin Maybe it was a fibroid. They must have researched the fertility treatment of the era so I guess the writers have an idea of what the op was for - we neeeed to know. They are tormenting us with this 'polite, do not talk about it' shit.

Critter - I agree this cycle is different. I promised myself I wasn't going to say this out loud for fear of setting myself up for another fall.....But, the time I did conceive 2.5 years a go, the pre-ovulation phase was very rattley with significant ovulation pain. Part of me wonders if the ovaries and tubes occasionally manage to position themselves correctly and in the process clatter past all that scar tissue and press against other organs. I shouldn't have mentioned this. Have you ever heard of a girl who tries to guess if she was pregnant based on her egg stimulation phase observations. I am mad and I need to fish slap myself and get back in my 'never get pregnant box'. Ha ha. Silly Lady Sar.

buzzybee123 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:29:31

gin good luck tomorrow with the twins grin

nelly hope the jabbing goes ok

pout I used mail redirection for 2 years (that is the max they will do it for) the only snag might be if you get a new GP, Glad big dog is better

CritterPants Thu 08-Nov-12 19:44:45

sar you aren't being silly at all. I would do the deed as much as possible over the next few days. One thing all this has made me think is that there is still SO much that the female body does that we don't understand, and that doctors don't understand. It's this whole complex alignment of dominos - physical, chemical - that seem to interact in incredibly intricate ways. If your body feels different, well, you don't know what the outcome will be, but why not carpe diem and DTD as much as possible just in case. I have everything crossed for you. You deserve this so much.

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 08-Nov-12 21:28:17

Lots of activity whilst I was out.....trying on my now nearly finished wedding dress grin. I will share a photo with you all, but not until afterwards if that's ok. I am so pleased with it.

Haha at all the Lady Mary wondering. Sorry for opening Pandoras box! Yes I thought maybe some kind of endo surgery. LOL at sexing the Turk to death.

Great news gin for tomorrow. What will your Twins be called? Tehran Twins are already taken I'm afraid. I have decided if I ever get to ET (of this I'm still slightly doubtful but don't let my hypno hear me say that) I will consider myself pregnant. First jab is tomorrow, a Prostap (one only, done at the clinic) and then I start the Gonal F pen on Sunday.

sar I hope the early cycle signs translate into late cycle signs! Nothing weird about obsessing over every little detail; though I have to say, the last couple of months when I've had so much else going on, I've enjoyed not being so paranoid.

Not heard of those progs so will go and have a look - keep the suggestions coming! Mr N and I are away for 3 weeks, we need to have something to do when it rains cos we'll get bored of sex rather quickly I suspect

freedom2011 Thu 08-Nov-12 22:31:17

here you all are! I had a lovely time away on my girl's trip then a quick business stay away. haven't read up everything yet. my hair is still falling out but I've had some blood tests and will get the results soon. IUI mark 2 failed which was a bit sad as it seemed like better chances this time. I've stopped taking the drugs until I get the low down on the hair loss and AF started on my hols. I think we'll take a break this cycle. off to catch up with the news.

joycep Thu 08-Nov-12 23:12:04

Gin - that's marvellous! Really pleased that ohss is no threat and the embies are on the move. Twin gins would be amazing. Love Sar's idea of singing to them!! Good luck tomorrow.

Critter - i'm not sure when ivf will start. I think they do a monitoring cycle and i'm going to get my immunes tested but I hope the start of next year. I'm glad MrC hoovered up the beast!

Pout - i'm so pleased Big Dog is in the clear . At least that is one less thing to worry about.

Nelly - i can't believe MrN thought you would have problems at conceiving. that must have been irritating to hear after procrastination. Sorry about painful period. urgh poor you. and good luck with the first injection. Can't wait to see a piccy of your dress!!!

Sar - you're not going mad. All this stuff drives us crazy. My friend phoned me the other day and she is not relaxed about the fact she is not pregnant yet and she was saying how her cycles have changed suddenly and how she is getting weird twinges...yada yada yada. She has been trying for 4 months!! So it affects everyone and we obviously become super aware of things.
Also loved the fact you were looking up 1920s fertility ops. that's brilliant. Don't read on Critter - but i was very pleased she wasn't pregnant at the end of the series...when the next series comes round next autumn, i bloody well want to be pregnant with Lady Mary!

oh and on the lady mary thing - i thought she had got syphilis or something from the turk, the sluttery of it- but i'm not sure why she would have an op for this. Obviously ihave std's on the brain.

Freedom - nice to see you back. I'm sorry your last iui didnt work. And really sorry about your hair as well. I hope your doc will give you some guidance on this.

Roy told me had a meltdown today at work. He has a really important meeting which clashes with our ivf meeting next week. Bloody typical. He had been feeling shit all day after talking to his bro about all our ttc woes. He went to tell his boss that he couldn't go to the meeting but had to leave his boss and go and cry in the loos. sad I expressed my surprise that this is his first time that it has got on top of him since this is a regular thing for me. But in all seriousness when he told me this, i nearly cried too. I have this enormous feeling of guilt on my shoulders which i wish i could get rid of. ah well.

waves to everyone else.

mrsmellow Fri 09-Nov-12 07:07:57

nelly sorry to hear about the period pains -hope they are short-lived
doll good luck for scan today, will be thinking of you
gin good luck for ET, fingers crossed for you
joy I'm so sorry to hear about Roy being upset, that is crap, but you will get through this together and there will be times when you're lower than him and vice versa and can comfort each other - but sending you a big hug anyway.
freedom sorry to hear about the failed IUI
critter I too have my hands over my ears - we'll just have to catch up on Downton on DVD next year - la la la la
sar lots of SWI sounds like a good plan - again fingers crossed
I'm sure I've missed someone sorry.

So AF still not here and POAS this am - faint BFP! shock smile grin
I'm not sure I believe it and we're reluctant to celebrate just yet. I'll test again in a few days and will feel more convinced if it gets darker. Miraculous pre-IVF BFP might exist! I don't feel any different or pregnant and I did the test fully anticipating it would be negative and bring on AF so we could get on with IVF, so are a bit blown away. And we do feel a bit "can open, worms everywhere" in terms of what does this mean. I'm just keeping my fingers toes, arms, legs, hairs, thumbs crossed that its still positive on Monday and it stays bloody well put if it is true!

rabbitonthemoon Fri 09-Nov-12 07:14:13

mrsmellow yaaayyyyyyy!!!! That is just amazing. So so pleased for you. Now you know we need the long had you been ttc again? You must feel grin lovely lovely news.

Waves to the 10plus massive. I will return later, work beckons.

pout phew about Big Dog.

mrsden Fri 09-Nov-12 07:49:15

Wow, congratulations mellow! When were you due to start ivf?

Joy, that's really sad about Roy. For some reason it makes it seem sadder when the men are upset too. I think it takes them longer to feel the way we have for ages. Mrden has never really shown any emotion over ttc. He says he feels frustrated and sad but I think he's very good at putting it to the back of his mind. I have never seen him cry over anything, even at funerals. He's a typical stiff upper lip type british man. If he were to cry over it, I think it would break my heart because then it would be confirmation that this shit is serious. We could be ivfing together, I'm hoping I can start before Xmas but it may fall into January now because of long cycles the last couple of months.

Pout, wonderful news about big dog.

Gin 4 embies sounds amazing to me! That's great if you can go ahead with transfer today, best of luck.

I haven't been abe to watch any downtown yet, but didn't Matthew have an accident? I thought that would have affected his fertility, are they sure the problem is with her? She did it up the bum with the Turk didn't she, to preserve her honour?!

An ex colleague of dh, emailed him yesterday to fill him in on all the news from hs old work. Out of a team of 5, one has recently had twins ( fairly sure not ivf, they were honeymoon babies), another has just had a baby and two have pregnant wives. The world is a very fertile place. I've sort of accepted now that we're the last of everyone we know to have a baby, but I still feel an awful back of the queue, being left behind panic.

sarlat Fri 09-Nov-12 08:11:48

Mellow - oh my goodness. That is wonderful news. Gentle congratulations. Am I right that you had a blocked tube problem? We need all the details when you have a minute. So excited for you.

Nelly - can't wait to see your dress!

Oh Joy - that is sad about Roy. The poor fella. But it is also good that he is in touch with his emotions. Let me give you both a glass of red wine, a comfy spot on my sofa, the fire is on and offer you both a good listening ear. It is all sooooooo hard sometime isn't it.

Hay Rabbit - hope you are well. Work sounds busy, thank goodness it's nearly the weekend.

Freedom - I am sorry that the iui failed. It is an odd feeling when an assited cycle fails indeed. I just generally feel a bit numb and odd. Distraction is the best way to soilder on. I'm glad your Dr's will look in to the hair loss. That is just adding insult to injury and I'm sure there will be an alternative. Enjoy your time off from all of this TTC stress.

Den - that is a lot of recent baby news indeed. I know that 'being left behind feeling' is really lonely. sad. But you will always be front of the que to us.

Critter - as always, thank you for being kind to me and validating my crazy thoughts and feelings.

Gin - You are at the front of my mind today. Wishing you lots of luck and hope you will be welcoming home your 2 little ginny pops shortly. xxx

Hello to everyone. I am especially thinking of the IVFers - Nelly, Art, Gin, Doll et al.

princesschick Fri 09-Nov-12 10:12:02

Just sneaking in to say huge congrats to Mellow - what great news grin may the autumn BFPs continue to roll - Gin, Doll, Artemis, Nelly I'm looking at you and of course ironic pre-IVF / IUI diffs for everyone else. grin Oh maybe my waters are more accurate than Mystic Meg grin

Gin thinking of you today. Fingers crossed for the gin twins or Gordon & Sapphire as I will now think of them.

Nelly I can't believe your wedding is coming round so soon. Pictures of dresses, can I see too, big girly excited scream! Good luck with stabbings. I think this will work for you. Because you have too many exciting things lined up afterwards that involve drinking and traveling.

Artemis hope you are getting on ok and your conference was manageable with the stabbing too. Wow, you are a total pro!

Joy I'm sorry to hear that Roy had a melt down yesterday. I've been reading all of your other stuff with awe. What an inspiration you are!

Critter thanks for asking after me. I'm ok thank you smile I was horrified by your cockroach story. SHUDDER

Pout so glad that big dog is ok.

Buzzy brilliant that life coaching is working for you too. And that Kayla is a welcome distraction. She sounds very cute smile

MrsD I believe that you will get there. You've had so much waiting and thumb twiddling this year with all of the very thorough testing they've been doing. I don't think it will be too much longer for you now thanks

Sar I like how you talk to things. I do that too and make up songs like a mad lady Your song to Gin made me grin I don't think you are a mad lady for watching your body like a hawk. I think that's normal for long term TTCers. I'm still doing it now. Knicker watch high alert in the princess household!

No news here. It's been the worst week for the sickness but today I'm feeling much better and have been able to hold on to breakfast so far (no puke yet). As you can see, nothing has changed since last week. We're off on hols next week, which I'm looking forward to but I'm also nervous about the travelling because of how rough I've been lately. Still when we come back I'll be 12 weeks and then it's the scan a few days later. Still mentalling that it's going to go wrong but I've got 2 weeks and 6 days until the scan. 9 + 5 seems more manageable and less scary than where we were back at 4 + 4. Hopefully it will be good news and the sickness will transform into the 'bloom'. Hopefully Oh and we are still with the PiLs, spending Xmas with my 'rents and looking at moving in January. Rather than our cosy Xmas just-the-two-of-us in the newly refurbed country cottage (sob thinking of that Xmas film with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz) with the new Wii U console and Super Mario Bros game. Hey ho. If I've learnt anything over the course of TTC, it's patience and that not getting your way isn't the end of the world. So, it's not too bad in le grand scheme. And MiL has been helping loads with washing and washing up as I've been too sick to do a lot of stuff, so I'm counting my blessings right now.

Friday waves to all of you. Yay for the weekend, yay for another BFP, I say keep 'em coming! Maybe it will be lights out by Xmas for EVERYONE! grin

ladygee Fri 09-Nov-12 10:24:32

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm still lurking and reading, can't leave my mumsnet home behind that easily!

How did I miss frannie and heart's BFPs?!? Congratulations! And congratulations to mellow, lovely news.

I've got my fingers crossed for all of you going through various stages of IVF at the moment, nelly, artemis, doll. Gin best of luck with ET.

I'm now 20 weeks in - just over half way, eek. Still in awe and disbelief to be honest but all is well so far.

As princess says, keep those BFPs coming - the grads thread is still going and some of our earlier BFPs are really not that far from turning into real live baybees now!

Huge waves and lots of love to you all x

joycep Fri 09-Nov-12 11:28:46

Mellow – OMG!! That is just extraordinary hear these stories but you wonder whether they are actually true and it seems so. Many many congratulations . I know it’s early days but let the rest be easy. And yes tell us all about how long you have been ttc and what did you do differently?? Was it coz you relaxed this month??
It’s great to hear from our grads. Lady – how nice to hear from you. 20wks wow and after a failed ivf round and everything. Gives so much hope. Princess – your sickness has sounded hideous and i’m glad it has let up today. May you have a lovely holiday.
Mrsd- I have never seen Mrjoy cry either. I know he gets sad about things but i was really quite shocked to hear that he went to the loos to cry. It made me so sad to hear that because i think it takes quite a lot for a man to cry. He really hasn’t shown all that much emotion up until now but I think it shows it’s bubbling under the surface. Oh and i think i mentioned to you before that 5 of my old colleagues were expecting within a month of each other. There were only about 20 in the company. So pleased i’m not there. But I have tried to accept that to take this long to ttc is very rare and i don’t think i will have any friends who will take this long. The docs may constantly spout that 1 in 6 people have trouble conceiving but  i think many of those 1 in 6 get fixed before 2 years is up.
Sar – i will definitely come and join you on the sofa by the fire. Yes please!
And am also thinking of all the ivfers.  

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