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TTC 10+ months, Part 11

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buzzybee123 Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:46

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

mrsden Tue 27-Nov-12 21:58:42

Buzzy, agreed. She does look older than 29 or whatever she is. Too many sunny holidays. Wonder if k-mid ditched the fags before ttc?

EuroShagmore Tue 27-Nov-12 22:29:50

Just seen the photos. That is the worst I have ever seen her look.

I don't see any sign of a bump. Does anyone know if dressing like your grandmother in law is an early pregnancy symptom?

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 27-Nov-12 23:11:17

I am chuckling away at all the k-mid/p-mid analysis. But MrsD, everyone but you is not pregnant. There's us lot for a start smile. Actually though I find the prospect of an announcement doesn't worry me at all. Compared to other slebs they are in love, happy, not ridiculously young. And my god imagine going through what we are going through, but through a microscope of the worlds press. For once I find myself genuinely wishing them well. Fearne Cotton on the other hand. Meh.

The Highland three are bloated tonight. Dunno if its the trigger or just too much dinner though. Anyway needles all done. Just yucky cannulas and arse bullets to contend with hmm.

joycep Tue 27-Nov-12 23:55:47

Buzz - I don't think we will be doing Icsi as sperm doesn't seem to be the problem.

Mrsd - I am not sure how they choose who does lp or sp. I presume I am not in danger of ohss as I don't have that many eggs.

Nelly - you are doing brilliantly. Not long now.

Madness - well done on booking a counselling session, I will be interested to hear how you get on. It's weird how we are all reaching ivf basically at the same rime.

Mrsd- to be fair we have said that middY has had that pregnant look since August last year. But I would be very suprises if there is no announcement before their 2nd anniversary.

No bd for me as I can't be usual!

GinSoaked Wed 28-Nov-12 08:39:17

Just to say good luck artemis! I'll be thinking of you. nellie pleased to hear the trigger was ok. Your e2 levels imply your highland 3 are of v good quality - each mature follie puts out about 1000.

I have to admit I quite like the k middy dress shock But it could fit better at the top and she is orange. Don't banish me from the Fred!

TeuchterWahine Wed 28-Nov-12 09:34:24

[slides in round the corner feeling sheepish]
Needed some space so dropped out. That and MrTeu has been monopolising the puter in the evening with work. Been a funny few weeks.
Hi to you all gin, rabbit, critter, doll, buzzy, euro, pout, cosmos, mrsd, artemis, lemon, joy, madness. I've missed so much (got lots more reading to do) but yay for nelly's embies. I do like your style fleece pjs and a tiara.
sarlat hugs.

MrTeu finally did his test, our referral finally come through (private somehow) and I saw the doc today. Basically everything seems normal with the exception of his morphology - only 2% normal. So he has to repeat the test, the clinic would like him to do it there $$, and were a bit scathing of the public lab. I have a referral for HyCoSy either before or after he repeats. If it comes back the same we qualify for public funded IVF (15 mth waiting list). I feel strangely ok. As in totally not bothered by this news. But then it's been a funny kind of fortnight.
So what do I put him on to improve things? Can anyone remember what thread part we discussed all that? I remember the walnuts but MrTeu reckons that is just an evil wives tale (he hates nuts!).
Sorry if I missed anyone, it wasn't deliberate.

MuddyWellyNelly Wed 28-Nov-12 09:40:08

Just a quick good luck and hand squeeze for Art today. X

Gin that has made me smile. Thank you for saying that.

Critter I am away just after Christmas for 3 and a half weeks grin. It's a bit ridiculous now I think about it. But I won't be middle of nowhere all the time before then. PM me Your dates as I live between the 2 big cities smile. Would be good to meet if its at all possible. Madness too maybe?

I think my k-mid post last night sounded smug. Sorry. I've been reading AIBU threads and its made me holier than thou blush.

How are you feeling today Euro? And Doll, any rumblings?

ArtemisTheHunter Wed 28-Nov-12 09:40:30

Thanks Gin. I've had the blood test, just waiting now. Helpfully by the time I'm out of this morning's meeting the staff will all be on lunch and not answering the phone so I won't find out until this afternoon... aarrrrrgh.

The nurse threw me another curveball this morning - apparently there are 3 possible outcomes of the blood test, not two. It'll either be positive, negative or not sure. NOT SURE?! FFS... Just when you think the end is in sight. Positive would be a blood level over 80. Negative is zero or low. But some women come back with a value of between 50 and 80 in which case they continue as though you are pregnant but it's doubtful and you don't find out for sure until you go for the 'viability scan' a fortnight later. I guess it could be a mmc or a chem preg in the same way as normal but fucking hell that would feel unfair.

So I am crossing everything for a straight answer either way. Obviously I'm wishing it's positive, but tbh I think I'd rather have a negative than an in between. Any more waiting would drive me round the bend. Critter I'm liking the reminder of the positivity mantra. I'm shaking my tail feathers at you but not in a pervy way grin

Nelly not long to wait now before EC, thinking of you. Madness I am sure the counselling will help. We have been a couple of times and it helped us understand each other better and she gave us some hints on coping strategies.

I have just googled K Middy for the first time ever. Can't say I'm wild about the Farah Fawcett hair and I reckon you could find a dress like that in a charity shop for about a tenner. I guess it makes damn sure that nobody will be taking photos of her tits. But no doubt the world will now be overtaken by this new trend - what's it called? 'Retro menopausal'? I can't say I think she looks pregnant but then these things often pass me by, she'd need to be at least 6 months before I noticed. Poor woman. All this scrutiny. I can't imagine anything worse than ttc in the glare of the media. I wonder if they have sechs fails? I'd be getting up every 5 minutes to make sure nobody was poking a long lens through the curtains hmm

buzzybee123 Wed 28-Nov-12 11:45:01

art I'm a bit baffled by this not sure crap, how many days dpo are you??? My second pregnancy I used a cb digi as they are my favourite and don't mess with my head I was about 10dpo it said pregnant, got an appointment with GP that day, her cheapy said no so she sent me for a blood test the next day and my hcg was 28. As far as myself and the gp were concerned it I was pregnant and it continued until 10 weeks.
Every pregnancy is different and every womans hcgs will develop differently, anyway what I'm trying to say is if it is lower than 80 don't fret, they should re test you in 48 hours, as long as the number is going up (basically it should be near double) MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED FOR YOU smile

nelly I din't think you were smug, I agree I'm not interested in which slebs are up the duff I don't know who half of these so called 'slebs' actually are blush

joy sorry it must be mrsd who is doing icsi. I was under the impression from Create that LP is more for the benefit of the lap than the patient, I'm sure some women need it depending on age/ egg quality and how they respond to stimming and obviously Create are going to say things that make them look good hmm

teu good to hear from you smile Barry had 2% morphology the first time, he wasn't well at the time and according to Create in 2009 they changed the parameters for Sperm results, will look them up for you, I put Barry on Pine Bark, Co enzyme q10, l'caratine, macca and something else I can't remember?? Well Shehata said that 'it can't hurt' Create said that they thought a multi vitamin would do, I think a friend said that Gorgy recommended the pine bark?? Personally it can't hurt for him to take the stuff, even if it has the placebo affect its not doing any harm.

Well I am at home with the migraine again, I'm only awake because Kayla was bored and needed me to wake up and amuse her hmm

princesschick Wed 28-Nov-12 12:12:46

Afternoon all,
Just quickly popping on to say good luck to Artemis today - thinking of you and so sorry about the BFN gin it's so ruddy unfair. I don't have any words to express how awful this whole thing is - but you have shown yourself to be stoic and strong yet again - and whilst you shouldn't have to - I think that lots of credit is due to a wonderful person who WILL be a wonderful mum thanks
p.s. I looked at the K-Middy dress and I like it too - kind of retro and slinky and I love that shade of green....blush goes off to hide...
Hugs for all xxxx

buzzybee123 Wed 28-Nov-12 12:17:44

teu according to the consultant at Create who worked on the new classifications said

Before Dec 09 After Dec 09
Count >20mls >15mls
Motility >50 > 32
Normal forms 15 > 4

hope this helps

EuroShagmore Wed 28-Nov-12 12:42:09

Morning all. I am in the midst of a daftly busy day so no time to namecheck. I just wanted to check in and say to those who asked that 'thanks, I am feeling a little less fragile today'. x

EuroShagmore Wed 28-Nov-12 12:43:07

Although it is clearly afternoon now...

I have only just made it as far as my desk - that is what confused me!

ArtemisTheHunter Wed 28-Nov-12 14:10:57

Afternoon Euro grin, glad you are feeling a bit better today. Those moments come from out of the blue but they really shake you.

Buzzy that migraine is really lingering, hope it's on its way soon.

Princess lovely to see you and thank you for the good wishes smile. I actually remember those dresses so that might be why I'm not so keen on K Middy's retro look grin

I have had one hell of a day already so I'm going to apologise now for a 'me' post. After the test this morning I was on my way to a meeting when my car was hit by a lorry on the motorway. It was a foreign driver in a left hand drive vehicle. I was passing him in the middle lane and he either didn't see me or simply didn't look. He clipped the back of my car, span it clockwise through 90 degrees and pushed it, with me inside screaming, about 20 metres down the road. Amazingly I climbed out unscathed. I dread to think what would have happened if the traffic had been going any faster or the car had rolled. Thankfully another motorist had seen what happened, stopped and called the police. Now I have a ton of insurance paperwork to do but my car is likely to be written off because the damage is to the underlying structure. My lovely new car that I've only had for a fortnight sad sad

But at least I got out OK. And then I got an even bigger shock this afternoon. BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually can't believe it. I am 50% shock, 10% excited and 40% terrified. I am not remotely religious but I can't help thinking someone has been looking out for me today.

Poutintrout Wed 28-Nov-12 14:17:32

Wow artemis I am so pleased for, that is utterly fantastic grin

I actually am sat here grinning welling up a little bit like a demented woman. Have you told MrA?

princesschick Wed 28-Nov-12 14:25:49

Oh Artemis that's absolutely WONDERFUL news! I am SO pleased for you! Wooooohooooooo! grin grin grin I'm also glad that you got out of your car unscathed, what an awful thing to have happened. Ah, I'm all misty eyed at the FAB FAB FAB and wonderful news again. XXXXXXXXX grin

BerylThePerilous Wed 28-Nov-12 14:35:43

Hurrah!! So pleased for you artemis. What a day!

buzzybee123 Wed 28-Nov-12 14:36:11

art WOW congrats that is fab news, well now you need a car that you can easily put a car seat in grin did you have two embies put in?? You'll need two car seats

joycep Wed 28-Nov-12 14:38:08

Art - you are only f'ing pregnant!!! Omg I am so so thrilled for you. I thought those af pains sounded suspicious in a good way but you just never know. And shock at your horrific car accident. How frightening, you must be in such a state. Too much for one day.
Well I raise a glass to you and hope everything is plain sailing from now on . Congrats Art!

MuddyWellyNelly Wed 28-Nov-12 15:14:49

Oh Art I am so so happy for you. What was the level, does it indicate twins? <makes note to put 2 back if possible>. grin

But holy fuck to the crash. You will never forget today for good and also awful reasons. I am amazed you walked away. Today was a Good Day smile.

GinSoaked Wed 28-Nov-12 15:18:49

Yay, CONGRATULATIONS art, that's such ace news!! I'm so so pleased for you and like pout am slightly misty eyed. It gives me hope that it can bloody work. I hope you and Mr A have a lovely evening to tonight celebrating, him on the wines, you on the soft drinks smile Lots of love xxxx

mrsmellow Wed 28-Nov-12 15:25:37

Wonderful news art yay! And blimey about the car crash - definitely someone looking out for you today - 28th November is an auspicious date for you!

gin so sorry love, hope you're doing ok
euro glad you're feeling less fragile
nelly go the highland 3, good luck for ET
doll hope you're surviving the wait, fingers crossed
waves to everyone else, sorry for not name checking all

rabbitonthemoon Wed 28-Nov-12 15:27:06

smile art today had been an amazing day for you. You are up the duff! I feel all excited for you. More updates on telling mr a and numbers and so forth please. Did you do anything different this month?!!! (jokes)

EuroShagmore Wed 28-Nov-12 15:38:30

Bloody hell Artemis what a day!

The same accident almost happened to my parents on their way back from holiday a couple of days ago. They were in the middle lane, sandwiched between two lorries (what the one was doing in the overtaking lane, I am not sure because my dad is not exactly a dawdler....) and a foreign lorry in the slow lane just moved out. Somehow my dad managed to avoid it, but my mum said she was having flashbacks for days. The friends they had been on holiday with were following them back and thought that was it. I am so glad you walked away unscathed. And I am absolutely thrilled about your BFP!

akuabadoll Wed 28-Nov-12 16:27:25

<pokes head round door>
What's all the commotion? Someone up the duff, you say? grin

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