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TTC 10+ months, Part 11

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buzzybee123 Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:46

A very friendly and supportive thread for those taking way longer than they had ever expected to make a baby.

akuabadoll Tue 06-Nov-12 17:19:26

Critter I see at least a dozen of the buggers a day in my flat, drives me mad. Impossible to get rid of in this building.

Cosmos1 Tue 06-Nov-12 17:41:28

Yay Gin well done its all over you've done the hard work now. Hope you can just chill out tomorrow. Let us know what happens next.

Euro I was sooo pleased to read about your latest smear result. That's incredible, good for you for sticking to your guns, and how amazing is the human body it can heal itself like that. You must feel so relieved, and it certainly puts other things into perspective.

Buzzy thanks for info on coaching. How does it differ from counselling? I think I want to try something else in this area but don't really know where to find the right person.

Critter happy election day! I've been chatting today to my Chinese herbal lady in the states. I love the states I am well jell of you being out there.

Art lovely hows the stimming going? Great news you finally got started. When's your next scan?

mrsmellow Tue 06-Nov-12 18:02:26

critter I see your cockroach and raise you an army of ants on the ceiling (I am quite fond of them, they haven't discovered the kitchen yet), at least 2 millipedes a day (all very lost looking - if we don't return them to the foliage, then they end up dead, curled in a ball in the corner) and a scorpion in the postbox..... I have heard that you don't get ants and cockroaches, but I think that is because I choose not to see the cockroaches. We keep all open foods in sealed tupperware boxes paranoid, paranoid

Gin well done you, great collection, fingers crossed for lovely blastocyst development - and love the anti-anxiety meds.. grin

nelly lots going on -hang in there!

no AF still!

sarlat Tue 06-Nov-12 18:06:46

Critter - Cockroadch you say. O my word!

Rabbit - I can second Euro's recommendation to eat reese's peanut butter cups - well yum! The acu lady being able to tell about the pregnancy last cycle is amazing. But I do believe this and it is possible to become very very attuned to bodies. This is how women use to be long before the creation of drugs, pee sticks and modern things. If you think about how in tune many of us are with ovulation, the sense AF is coming, the way we can tell how proegesterone is affecting us, how we may feel implantation etc I am not suprised there are highly trained people out there who can see these things in others. But it is all still amazing and I have so much confidence that things will come right for you.

Gin - 11 eggs. Wow, you superstar. In won't matter that some aren't mature. Yes I think a bit of bleeding or spotting and a little tenderness is to be expected. Lets hope they are being over cautious with the OHSS. The anxiety drugs are brill aren't they. I would buy them on the black market if I could. grin Take good care and rest. Good luck for the next step.

Cosmos - that is a good 2ww tactic! Getting emotional and transfixed on every little niggle isn't fun. And you never know about the infection thing - could be the answer. Fingers crossed and well done for taking the initiative.

Joy - thanks so much for the pm. I guess you have a month off ttc if the antibiotics aren't compatable? I hope you have lovely, relaxing, 'no cares in the world' month.

Pout - oh dear. House moves and dog leg lumps are not nice, I'm sorry. I agree it would be wise to move within your PCT assuming they offer you good IVF funding. Hope things become easier very soon. It is really tough to deal with long term ttc and other crapola on top. Cosmos is right we should be exempt from other stresses.

Nelly - sorry things are stressy for you too. But not long now and then on to this cycle. I found prostap just fine. Is it just one injection for downreging? Thats what I had and then started stimming about 10 days after I think.

Mellow - You have so much will power, I admire you. I have everything crossed.

Hello to Doll, Buzz, Euro, Den

Art - thinking about you. Hope all is well.

I had a dream about you lot last night. You were all over at my place - except my place wasn't my actual house, it was a city apartment. confused. We had tea and then I drove some of you to the train station, that was it. grin

ArtemisTheHunter Tue 06-Nov-12 19:30:10

Evening all

<diverts spirit of 70s Beirut news item into comedy 70s policeman sketch>

Hope everyone is well. I've been reading but not posting, busy with work stuff how unreasonable and excessive sleeping. I'm shattered. I don't know if it has to do with hard drugs or just the lack of sunlight and general tiredness of life, as Mr A is knackered as well. We were in bed by 9pm last night, but not in a good way hmm

Massive hug to Gin, glad EC went well and fingers crossed you don't end up with OHSS. But as others have said, at least Create are keeping a close eye on you and if you need to defer to FET at a later date it might actually increase your chances of a successful outcome. Hope you recover quickly. I like the sound of those anti anxiety drugs, how do I get them to give me some?!

Rabbit good to see you sounding perky. Family stuff and loveliness sounds like just what you needed. Is there a dietitian or nutritionist you can see at the hospital to advise you on weight gain? It's not easy if your appetite is low and stress is a real appetite killer in my experience. They'll be able to suggest high calorie but healthy foods to eat more of - I'm thinking things like avocados and nuts, but of course Reese's peanut butter cups would do the job as well smile

Mellow I'm hoping your AF doesn't turn up! It would be a great start to lucky thread 11. Fingers crossed but I understand the need to wait before testing again.

Nelly I'm sure the wedding will go beautifully and all the planning stress will be forgotten! Hats off to you again for dealing with wedding planning together with IVF, I'm in awe.

Sarlat has your cycle settled down? I agree we are probably more observant paranoid than most people at spotting every little twinge. I like Cosmos' theory as well.

S43 I'm sorry you got bad news following your lap. Are they going to treat your endo as well as offering IVF? I know it might not make a difference fertility wise but it might do to your quality of life - you shouldn't have to live with that kind of pain every month. Hope you're managing to get your head around it all. Will you have a long wait for IVF?

Critter eek at the insect life. I lived in Australia for a while and never got used to all the horrible creatures lining up to eat my food, or in fact me. Hope you are surviving election fever. I seem to have missed most of the coverage this time, don't know if there's been less than usual or I am just too obsessed with other things to take notice.

Yay for the return of Pout! Glad you are feeling better about everything and especially that Mr Pout is being more supportive. Sometimes they just take a while to 'get it'. sorry to hear about big dog though... it's really worrying, I hope it's something they can treat. Our little cat is quite old now and sometimes frightens me by the amount she sleeps, I have to stop by her basket just to make sure she's still breathing.

Joy and Cosmos I'm impressed with your foray into bacteriology and I think you are onto something. I know the fishy smell too, though it is intermittent, and in the past have trotted off to the GP in fear and shame only to be swabbed and told there was nothing wrong blush. I think the pH question is significant. Thanks to this thread i've discovered my regular is-it-or-isn't-it "thrush" experience is probably down to a pH imbalance and given that CM is supposed to be so important to conception it makes sense to me that infertility could be related to hidden infections or imbalances. Please do keep reporting back... it's really interesting and may hold answers for some of us.

I'm okay, finally started stimming on Friday and the worst of the head fog has thankfully cleared. I can't feel anything happening - I thought I'd get ovarian pain like i did with clomid - but they said not everyone does. Akuaba you asked about drugs. I'm on 225ml of Gonal F with half that amount of Buserelin (my downregging drug), taken at the same time of day as 2 separate injections. I have my first stimming scan tomorrow morning, then another on Friday. EC will be some time next week [terrified emoticon]. Hopefully your left ovary will show its face for the Friday scan. But if you get 3 eggs, that's still more than enough. Quality over quantity and all that. Over here they would only put back two at the most. Mr A was twitching at all the photos of twins again at our last appointment, but I'm not even thinking about that decision yet. One step at a time.

I may be absent again for a few days, heading for a conference tomorrow afternoon. Over the next few days I will be adding to my list of interesting locations in which to inject drugs - so far a restaurant toilet, shop changing room and client's office (no clients were harmed) - with a toilet on a moving train and a conference centre, you guessed it, toilet. Shooting up in toilets is becoming a way of life. Move over Amy Winehouse. Sorry, bad taste grin

I'm flicking back and forth between threads but I'm sorry if I've missed anything important (bound to have). Waves to Euro, Buzzy, Mrsden, Charlotte, anyone i've missed? I must shift, Mr A is home from work, only another hour or so until bedtime... zzzzz smile

buzzybee123 Tue 06-Nov-12 19:55:08

well done gin make sure you get lots of rest

rabbit oh if only weight was transferable, I have plenty to share around wink
pout so sorry to hear about big dog, it is worrying as they become such a big part of the family, how long do you have before you have to move???

doll my bowels are constantly 'in the way' of my ovaries hmm

cosmos I can't stand roaches they had massive ones when I lived in Aus, we only have little ones in New Zealand grin the only thing that freaks me out more than roaches are belly buttons confused

nothing to report my end, I had a bit of ov pain and slight bit of spotting so AF should be here soon, Kayla is becoming a spoilt princess, last night we put her to bed and she had a right little tantrum, meowing and scratching at the door then jumping up at the handle trying to open it, she went on for about 10 minuteS shock but she is soooooooooo cute and furry grin

waves to everyone else

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Tue 06-Nov-12 19:55:55

Happy new-ish thread and well done to buzzy for opening it.
Massive well done to gin and the amazing drucks for surviving egg collection, everything is crossed for good results!
Doll I am keeping everything crossed for the Beirut3 becoming Tehrantwins smile
Well done for hard work and moving to stimming arte, I am entertained by your array of shooting up locations, I nearly had to after an interview one day. Much kudos for wedding planning and IVFing for nelly. Yay for having crafty pout back in the house. It was nice visiting your twon-pad sarlat, I am dreaming like crazy again, it must be the progesteron half of the cycle...
Right, I am doing an assignment and spend my whole break catching up. I still need tea, so Better Get Back! Waves and loves to all of you!

CritterPants Tue 06-Nov-12 20:17:58

doll I hope that your follies are growing away nicely and that you get a good surprise on Friday. Sorry to hear that you too are roach-afflicted! They are horrible creatures.

mellow a scorpion in the postbox? shock Bloody hell, I think I'd be put off sending letters for life! That is terrifying.

art grin at the 70s policeman. I am so glad that you are finally stimming and that the head fog has cleared at last. It's exciting that your EC is next week. It's all happening on this thread! I'm very impressed by your list of drug shooting up spots grin very rock n roll.

sar that sounds like a lovely dream, I like the sound of hanging out with you all in a city apartment! sad that I can't make it to any meetups.

cosmos lots of my colleagues voted today and we're having people round to watch the results come in tonight. It's definitely a time when I'm glad I'm here, and not in the UK, as last election we were in London and MrC missed being at home with all the excitement going on around him.

euro the clomid and peanut butter cup diet has definitely helped me pork up in the past year by a few pounds.

Well I trotted out at lunch and bought a giant, bright yello tub of boric acid, brand name 'ROACH PRUFE', so hopefully the cockroach's friends' days are numbered. I just hope to goodness its corpse is still there when I get home tonight. The only thing worse than a giant dead roach is a giant alive roach still at large!

CritterPants Tue 06-Nov-12 20:20:06

xpost waves to buzzy and lemon, lemon sorry that you're working so hard, buzzy the insect life in Australia terrifies me!

buzzybee123 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:31:54

critter the snakes and spiders didn't bother me, but the massive roaches did and they flew as well, I spent alot of time standing on furniture and shrieking to my now exh to get rid of it

Cosmos1 Tue 06-Nov-12 21:03:36

Sarlat how weird about your dream, shame it was tea and not huge cocktails -we should at least be able to enjoy these things in our dreams! Maybe you driving us to the station is symbolic of how supportive you are of everyone on the thread! Sorry you've been feeling a bit meh about the upcoming lap. I know what you mean, you certainly do look the picture of health. Hopefully the lap will sort things out for you. How many weeks till it now?

Waves to anyone I missed out today.

buzzybee123 Tue 06-Nov-12 21:45:21

sorry cosmos I missed your post earlier, I think counselling is more about listening to what you have to say and validating your feelings and thoughts, life coaching is about identifying things in your life that you would like to change and then they teach you tactics on how to achieve your goal, its about improving your self esteem, most people have average to low self esteem, people get confused between esteem and confidence, I hope that makes sense

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 06-Nov-12 21:59:31

When I lived in the caribbean I used to get quite a few roaches in the house. However I'd also get geckos so I used to just let them roam free, in the assumption that they'd eat the roaches grin. Admittedly I never actually checked this fact. Everyone so often I'd see a gecko on the ceiling above my bed and pray it's sticky feet didn't give up!

I am spotting so just need AF to start by the time I go for my jab on Friday. Lots of us IVF-ing very close together. Hooray for 11 follies Gin, and fingers crossed for no OHSS, but I don't think FET would be as bad as it seems (as others have said, perhaps even a better option!). Glad you are on to Stimming now Art. And fingers crossed for a couple of good eggs doll, i suspect I'll be in the low single digits too, but that'll be better than none I guess hmm. LOL at the Beirut 3/TerhanTwins grin. Weren't they an 80's band with frizzy hair with spotty hair bows?

Anyway I need to have an earlier night that I have been having lately. I am still reading. Thanks for all the cheerleading about the IVF/Wedding combo. I think I'm just in denial. But just over 6 weeks to go. EEK!

GinSoaked Wed 07-Nov-12 11:29:39

Morning ladies! I 'm a bit more with it today.

nelly I'm still in awe of the wedding/ivf combo. Will the ivf be all over by the wedding? grin at using ghekos as pest control.

Urgh at the roach critter. We get some at work.. But tiny ones. And don't worry I don't work in a restaurant or hospital! The big ones I've encountered abroad make me feel a bit sick.

lemons hope work isn't too hectic.

Kayla sounds super cute buzzy <tries to work out if she could steal buzzy's kitty>

artemis hope the scan went ok? And enjoy the conference! I stil can't believe you are so adept at shooting up. I've been told I have to have clexane injection due to the ohss risk sad I'm a total wuss with them and am covered in bruises.

sar smile at your dream, but as someone above said cocktails would've been even better...

mellow any sign of af?!

cosmos what you said about basically giving yourself a good talking to in the 2ww sounds like a great idea. I pretty much have accepted I'll never by pregnant naturally, so for me it's a general feeling of sadness about it all rather than 2ww menkuling.

pout so sorry to hear bout Big Dog and the housing situation. We plan to move in a year or so and am looking at pct ivf provisions (although I think I'll have done with treatment by then and am never ivfing again). In Hertfordshire if you're under 40 you get 3, yes 3, funded ivfs! I hope your dog is ok. I was devastated during the summer when our fur baby tricked us into thinking she was dying. She's now v spoilt...

grin at the Beruit 3 doll. Hope you are doing ok. My follicles were all v small at the first 2 scans...

Well we have 4 embryos today, so fairly similar to last time. It's pretty fecking annoying when I've managed to produce 11 eggs. I have a real fear that there will be nothing left to put in, whenever transfer is. Like you doll I see it all as a waste of time, money and effort. I know there's a small chance it may work, but i have to be realistic. Anyway, at least we can move onto donor insemination. Moaning aside, I'm feeling ok today, just a bit bloated.

Oh and if you are easily shocked don't read on... To go with princess' farting blood, yesterday I was farting pessary gunk. Not pleasant, esp as I hadn't put one up there... They must've done it when I was knocked out, urgh, urgh, urgh.

Poutintrout Wed 07-Nov-12 14:47:29

Morning ladies

gin I'm glad that you are feeling okay today, though "farting pessary gunk" sounds delightful!
Three goes at IVF is amazing. I told Leonard before we moved here that I fancied Hertfordshire. Nice houses, reasonable-ish rent but he wasn't keen. Arses.
I know exactly what you mean about just feeling sad rather than mentalling during the 2ww these days.

nelly cripes I hadn't put two and two together and realised that you were embarking on wedding and IVF together. Brave lady grin Though maybe it is a good thing in that one will distract you from the other IYSWIM

Critter Oh my fecking God at roaches in the wardrobe. I am a total wuss when it comes to anything buggy. This morbid fear probably stems from my grandad sitting on the beach with a can of wasp killer when I was young and nuking anything that came near me!

buzzy aw at Kayla. So sweet. Both our dogs have a hissy when we go upstairs for SWI. They whine and literally stomp around a bit and then you find them, nose pressed right up against the bedroom door. Not off putting at all grin

artemis I do the checking breathing too. Not because they particularly sleep a lot but just because I am a basket case smile shudders at the thought of how neurotic I would be as a mother
I did chuckle at your clandestine shooting up and did wonder what the heck you would say if someone burst in on you hmm

sarlat I too an sorry that you have mixed feeling about the lap. All the prodding and poking, discomfort & general inconvenience really is wearing isn't it.

MrsM Any news or movement on the AF front?

Well I am fiddling while Rome burns today. Soon to be homeless, the house is a hairy tip and I am farting around making chocolate coconut squares. Just realised last night that if we reach the top of the IVF waiting list at the earliest indicated point then it will be right slap bang at the time we have to leave here shock You couldn't make it up!

Also wanted to say mmmmm to Reeses peanut cups though I am quietly sobbing at their apparently off the scale calorific content.

mrsmellow Wed 07-Nov-12 15:00:07

gin 4 eggs or embryo's? just when you say move onto donor insemination what do you mean? sorry! Fingers crossed either way - as has been said - you only need one! And farting pessary gunk is a whole new low shock grin

pout chocolate coconut squares sound good!

Love the idea of the tehrantwins !

I heard an astounding story today of a couple who are friends with a work colleague. She had a miscarriage, then an ectopic and lost a tube, then some time later 3 failed IVF. Then a failed attempt at surrogacy. Then now, successful surrogacy[gestational carrier - parents egg and sperm] - about 24weeks... and she's discovered she's about 14 weeks parents. So they will have 2 girls within 10 weeks of each other shock shock grin
Can you imagine!!!!

Still no AF in mellow house (and far from bloody mellow I am too!)

CritterPants Wed 07-Nov-12 15:43:47

gin hurrah for your four little embryos! That is great news. I am thinking of them and sending them good wishes and positivity to develop and grow. I'm sorry about the pessary gunk and the meh-ness. I hope with all my heart that this go is the lucky one for you. Again, your hormones are probably totally haywire right now so continue to be gentle with yourself - your body has done something amazing and you are being an absolute champ at dealing with all this.

nelly mega impressed by how you are managing the IVF and wedding stress - six weeks will fly by! You are a great advert for having another big project on the go during IVF - although I couldn't imagine having to plan a wedding at the same time, it does seem that you are so busy that it's taken your mind off the stressy crap of IVF - which is awesome and really inspiring. I am totes jel that you lived in the Carribbean - or as they say here, the Kuh-Rib-eeun.

mellow that is an incredible story about your colleague's friends. Wow. Have you tested yet? How many dpo are you? I am in awe of your willpower.

pout aargh about the possible enforced move and the worry about IVF in the middle of it all. I really feel for you. I think you're doing the right thing by making chocolate coconut squares, I always find baking to be soothing!

Waves to everyone else - I am feeling rather delicate today after drinking too much white wine last night and eating too many crisps while watching the election results coming in, switching back and forth between CNN (all singing, all dancing, with loads of whizzy graphics) PBS (very low budget) and Fox (downright miserable as the night drew on). MrC is thrilled with the result, and I fell asleep listening to people whooping and honking their car horns outside.

Poutintrout Wed 07-Nov-12 16:24:12

critter I must admit that I was really pleased to wake up this morning to find that Obama has been re-elected for another term. Not sure why exactly except that he strikes me as very statesman like and smooth smile I did find his acceptance speech a bit yawn though!

mrsm Jeepers I would be going wappy in your shoes. What DPO are you? Are you going to test again? Do you feel anything? [inappropriate over excited smiley]
Your colleague's friend, let me get this right, is upduffed kind of twice? Two eggs at different times [dumbass smiley] My mind is boggling.

Chocolate coconut squares are done, though I underestimated the amount of chocolate required so some have morphed into raspberry jam and coconut squares. As well as there being a light coating of dog hair over everything in the house there is now an additional layer of dessicated coconut. Big Dog thinks that it is Christmas merrily licking it all up. Leonard will be well pleased - not. It is a fast day for him tomorrow so no cake for Mr Smug I Have Lost Loads of Weight on This Diet, You Didn't and Abandoned It and Now I will Walk Around With My Jeans Hanging Down My Arse Because I am So Thin and You're Not [Not bitter smiley]

mrsmellow Wed 07-Nov-12 16:51:27

yes, she's pregnant twice - at the same time hmm grin

and what good news about Obama - yay! I'd say Fox were not happy - the biased reporting on there was phenomenal - I was in Boston 8 yrs ago when Kerry was running - makes the BBC look completely impartial!

Guys, I don't know what to do about testing to be honest! I'm CD35 (last unstimulated cycle was 43 days and I don't think I ovulated). I was not on stimulation this month -but had a scan at a consultation on about CD 17 - 19 days ago - which showed a 19mm follicle on the left (where my blocked tube was). The Dr said that I had either just ovulated or was just about to and that it was unlikely to result in a pregnancy, but that she wouldn't give me provera (northisterone) to induce a bleed before starting IVF just in case - that she expected me to bleed in about 2 weeks and I could start IVF on day 3 then. So here we are 19 days later.confused Even if I didn't ovulate until 3 days after that, it would be 16 days post ovulation. I tested negative last Friday (14 days after the scan). I have had sore breasts since Sunday - I normally get sore breasts just before AF, so not necessarily very useful. I otherwise feel fine. Nothing else to report. I kind of want to wait until Friday to test - CD37, 3 weeks post scan. 'liar, you want to test now' shouted her subconscious
But I'm going nuts. I KNOW the minute I test, AF will come! angry Why is waiting so damn hard!!

Poutintrout Wed 07-Nov-12 17:01:37

mrsm what a pickle, my mind would be racing. Can you call and speak with your consultant perhaps?

sarlat Wed 07-Nov-12 17:37:49

Wow Mrs Mellow - what a head buggery. Gosh, it's hard to think why your AF is delayed unless you are pregnant. So good luck for testing Friday! Although I don't want to add any unhelpful mentaling, maybe your good tube swam over and grabbed the golden egg from the left ovary grin.

Pout - I know exactly what you mean about things happening at the same time after months of nothing. My lap (which will be treatment based so may need a bit more recovary time) is happening within days of when I am supposed to start the new job. I guess all we can do is look at all this as a sign of good change. The choc coconut squares sound amazing.

Gin - 4 embryos from mild IVF is nothing short of fantastic. That is such a good start. Do you know how many of your eggs were mature? I think you have the right attitude to all of this - give it a go and see where it leads you. Don't get too up or too down and be kind to yourself. Hope you feel ok? I came crashing down the second day after EC with achey / tiredness.

Artemis - how was the scan today. Gosh you are a busy lady indeed. I am in awe.

Hello to everyone else

The dream would have been better with cocktails - I will aim for this next time grin

joycep Wed 07-Nov-12 19:39:24

ooh lovely new thread. Thanks Buzz.

Gin - sorry about the back door horrors. We are all willing your 4 embies to keep on growing.

MrsM - argh poor you having to do all this waiting. I would have peed on so many sticks by now but then if you have had longer cycles before, i understand the hesitation. Also that is an astounding story…they must have spent shit loads as well. Gestational surrogacy costs about £50k.

Pout - so lovely to have you back and you sound chirpy even though it sounds like you have been dropped another bombshell with your house. this happened before didn't it? Can you at least stay in the same county so you can continue treatment? Also, i'm sorry about Big Dog sad. I'm a bit of a dog crazed woman and know how much they mean to people.

Critter - i forget is MrCrit American? Drinking too much wine sounds like great fun to me. It has been so long since I let go! Also commiserations on cockroach horror. I was cooking in my disgusting old flat share once and i turned round to stir the rice, to find a cockroach from hell had jumped in. I didn't even know the beasts resided in the UK.

Art - I'm glad the fog has started to lift. It sounds like you have been suffering quite a bit with the down regging. I'm sure things are growing nicely for you. Have a good conference.

Sar - that's funny you are dreaming about us. I look forward to the day where we can all meet and have a bonfire night where we will burn everything ttc related - books, pills, pee sticks, needles. When we all have our little monsters darlings.

Cosmos - I really hope seeing that guy is useful. I know what you mean about seeing yet another doctor but i hope he offers something new to think about. Also i think it's definitely worth checking the other infections Greece found have gone.

Oh it sounds like you have all discussed Girls before. The sex scenes are a bit cringe but I kind of find it addictive viewing. …the show rather than just the sex scenes wink

Roy had his sperm fragmentation test back and all was fine. trying not to think too much about what this means, i.e. Joy the problem is clearly with you and your lousy eggs So on Tuesday we have our first ivf appointment and i expect it will all start to feel a bit more real.

waves to everyone else.

buzzybee123 Wed 07-Nov-12 20:25:07

gin I saw a lady with a hat, dark glasses and a cat cage outside my house, was it you??? grin probably best not to be awake with the pessary insertion, yay to the quads

pout ooh I love home baking, how far away do you live grin how is big dog, when will you have to move, will you stay in the area???

mellow fingers crossed for you, I's have caved and tested by now

well better go I have homework from my life coach and have a busy weekend planned as its Barry's birthday. I am feeling on top of the world right now, work is good (but we do have a right bunch of patients) in at the moment and I hardly spend anytime thinking about TTC which is a relief to think about other things for a change........ waves to everyone

CritterPants Wed 07-Nov-12 21:16:05

buzzy you really are an inspiration. You should feel really proud of how you've processed everything and come out on top. It warms my cockles to see you so happy. smile

joy when would the IVF start? <hopeful that it's around the same time I'll be doing it> This is progress - and it is great news that Roy's swimmers are in good shape. Yikes at the cockroach in the rice story. I got home last night to find that MrC had vacuumed it up, bless him. What a relief! Just to be safe, I hoovered again and then sprinkled blue boric acid powder everywhere, behind the fridge and the cooker. We haven't had any in the kitchen, just a little one in our bedroom and then yesterday's whopper in the bedroom closet <not sure if that's worse> but I don't want to take any chances! Mr C is American, yes - guilty as charged! grin.

pout wish I could have a coconut square, dog hair and all! I bet they are delicious.

sar how's your cycle - any more strange twinges?

mellow that is confusing and I can see why you would be afraid to test. Hand squeeze and I hope that you can find some things to distract yourself with until Friday!

gin hope you are ok.

Waves to everyone else. I loved the idea of a TTC bonfire. I love the smell of bonfires - so evocative and autumnal and lovely - and a TTC bonfire sounds even better!

Poutintrout Wed 07-Nov-12 21:42:26

joycep I would have never been able to eat from that kitchen again if I had found a roach in my rice grin I'm not joking, I have massive food germ phobias though strangely have no issue with dog hairs in my food or recreating the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp with Big Dog

It is good that the sperm fragmentation test came back okay though I totally get that with all clear tests comes the mindf* of "well what the hell is wrong then?"

Crikey, everyone seems to be IVF bound. Who's have thought when we started the Part1 thread that it would come to this eh.

sarlat Oh for goodness sake at the bad lap timing. These things are bad enough without the additional worries of new job and how it will impact it. It doesn't seem fair that you have already been through so much.

buzzy I am so pleased that you are feeling so much better. I think that sometimes you hit the bottom and just have to come up. I think that I reached the point where I mentally couldn't do anymore tears or despairing and reached a turning point.

As for the house situation we will probably have to go wherever is suitable and accepts dogs. It will have to be Surrey or faux Surrey because of Leonard's job. It was a major headache finding somewhere the last time and we had very little choice so I'm dreading having to do it all again. I can't quite believe that we have been this unlucky twice on the trot. I wonder if we are forced to move out of the hospital catchment area whether we can just set up a mail redirection and not tell them we have moved. What do you think?

critter hurrah for untimely roach ends at the hands of a vacuum cleaner I have been known to do this to spiders and then be afraid of emptying the hoover in case it jumps out
The cakes were v.nice despite the kitchen resembling a scene from a snow globe where I had inexpertly and liberally coated the coconut on everything. Would post one if I could smile

Good bit of news. The vet called Leonard this afternoon and apparently the abnormal cells were a kind of fat cell so Big Dog is in the clear. We just have to keep an eye on the lump to ensure that it doesn't grow too big so as to cause him problems. I am so happy and TBH it puts all the other shit into perspective. So we have housing issues, at least I have Big Dog smile

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