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Gingerbear Fri 31-Mar-06 18:43:25

has anyone had one of these?
What happens and what can one tell you?

Blandmum Fri 31-Mar-06 18:46:50

I had one. It checks if your uterus and fallopian yupes are as 'open' as they should be.

They inject dye up into your uterus and tubes, and take an X ray.

I found it very unpleasent, but that was because my cervical os was totaly blocked and my uterus walls stuck together by adhesions (this is a very rare condition btw). Other people say it is no big deal. The world and his wife was there though, and it isn't the most dignified of procedures

Gingerbear Fri 31-Mar-06 18:50:10

, gulp, I have one due, am not looking forward to it.
But hope the results will be positive.

You spend the first 25 years of your life trying to not be pregnant, then desparately trying for the remaining time. Sheesh, I wish I had got up the duff earlier in life now.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 31-Mar-06 18:51:49

Oh sorry you have to go through that GB

I hope you get a positive result though.


Gingerbear Fri 31-Mar-06 18:55:33

thanks QV, I feel crap atm, but at least DH and I have an excuse for plenty of luurrvin. (sorry if TMI)

katierocket Fri 31-Mar-06 19:17:15

I've had one. It was fine, a bit uncomfortable but no worse that period pains really.

Supposedly lots of people who have been TTC for a while, get pregnant after an HSG. I didn't but know someone who did.

Littlefish Fri 31-Mar-06 19:30:02

I've had one. Take ibruprofen before you go. Take lots of deep breaths. Also, take a sanitary towel with you in case you leak dye afterwards (sorry!) - the ones they offer you at the hospital are like bricks!

It really wasn't too bad. Uncomfortable and a bit crampy. Just remember the reason why you're doing it.

BTW I've heard of quite a few people getting pregnant after an HSG - it seems to somehow "clear your tubes out"

Angsthase Fri 31-Mar-06 19:36:13

I had one last year. As martianbishop said it's not very private. Do take ibuprofen before you go and try to relax as much as possible it'll make it easier and less uncomfortable (difficult, but do your best!)

Lots of deep breathes and it's over pretty quickly. Didn't help me to get pregnant at the time, but I'm pregnant now, so who knows - it may have cleared something out!

Good luck!

MeerkatsUnite Fri 31-Mar-06 21:40:45

A HSG is a tubal x-ray. Its a very useful test to have done as it gives information not normally accessible by other methods (e.g a laparoscopy operation). Deformities INSIDE the tube can only be seen on x-rayi.e this test.

Would certainly agree with Littlefish's suggestions to take painkillers beforehand along with bringing along sanitary protection (that dye does leak out).

It should not be too painful a procedure providing the dye is injected both slowly and carefully. I had this done (still have my x-ray!) and the fear of same in my case was far worse than the reality.

Blandmum Sat 01-Apr-06 08:25:27

Fully agree that it shouldn't be painful (as opposed to uncomfortable) as long as the dye is injected slowly. It was very unpleasent for me, because the couldn't get the dye into my uterus at all, because of the adhesions....they kept on trying though!

I had something called Ashermans syndrome which is rare. The adhesions I had were so bad I was having a bleed every month, but no blood could get out of my uterus....I was doubled up with pain. My GP told me it was 'stress' I told him I felt it was ashermans and why (given my symptoms) and he did a double take, and booked a consultant appointment within the week. It took a year to sort out the adhesions, surgery and hormone treatment. And I noe have dd (9) and ds (6), both of whom where concieved naturaly.

I'd echo what others have said, best to focus on a positive outcome and I hope that it all goes well.

Artoo Sun 02-Apr-06 09:06:33

I found my HSG really interesting. As others have said it isn't the most dignified of procedures - I had a nurse and at least three other people at mine.

I asked if they could tell me what they were seeing on the x-ray screen, and they made sure to turn the monitor so I could see it and the nurse pointed out all my bits as the dye worked its way through.

I had heard that it could be painful, but I didn't take any painkillers beforehand. As I said to the doctor at the time - the goal of this is to help me get pregnant, and I'm sure childbirth is a heck of a lot worse! The doctor laughed and told me I had a very healthy attitude

He was a great doctor - he showed me all the "tools" he would be using beforehand, and how they worked, so that he could tell me what he was doing at each step.

In the end it didn't hurt at all. It was uncomfortable, but no worse than having a smear test. I did feel a bit bloated as they injected the dye, but watching everything on the monitor distracted me nicely. They were able to tell me there and then the result.

I have also heard that it is more painful if you do have any blockages, as you'll feel it as they try to force the dye through. If you're at all worried take some Ibuprofen before.

Oh, and if they get you to put one of the hospital gowns on - the slit goes at the back!

Hope it all goes well for you. It might be hard, but I think if you can relax it will be better.


Gingerbear Mon 10-Apr-06 22:17:47

Well, I had it done.
A bit uncomfortable and undignified during the procedure, and crampy pains for a few hours after, but nothing major.
Good news is everything is OK. Uterus and tubes all clear.
Thank you all once again for the replies.

rabbits Sun 28-May-06 21:31:51

I had a HSG a few days ago and it wasn't that bad - definately no worse than a smear test. I did have cramps when they injected the dye - even though my tubes appeared to be clear.

Could anyone please tell me if I can still ttc straight away or should I wait a month? The doctor advised me to wait 'just in case' but after doing some research it seems I'll be ok - another months wait just seems so long!

Gingerbear Sun 28-May-06 21:33:43

there should be no problems in resuming ttc - as soon as the beeding stops you should be fine. (There is a theory that it can stimulate the tubes and help in follicle formation)

rabbits Mon 29-May-06 11:32:34


Many thanks

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