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IVF - switching from own eggs to egg donation

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marzipanmum Sun 04-Nov-12 14:42:40


I'm 40, one DS 3 years old, really want to try for another, but own efforts to get pregnant again not worked bar one time ending in miscarriage.
Now researching IVF and egg donation. Had AMH test done, relatively low (5.3).

I've heard it is possible to start the drugs for ovarian stimulation as precursor for IVF but through daily tests to know by day 3 or 4 whether or not likely to be successful at the end of the 15 day cycle, and to stop at that early point and switch to egg donation process.

Has anyone else heard of this? We suspect it might be tricky as fertility centres will not want to stop at that point as then not able to charge for the full cycle.

Any pointers gratefully received

freelancescientist Sun 04-Nov-12 19:20:30

It is worth checking out with a clinic who might do this. I don't think there would be an issue with not charging for the full cycle - you'd just pay for scans and bloods and maybe not buy all the drugs you might need?
Also it is worth remembering that it is not all about the numbers of eggs available - with your AMH you could develop a reasonable crop of follicles (4-6 maybe)but the egg quality is likely to be poor, and you won't know that until the lab try to fertilise them or your embryo quality is not good...and finance wise that is practically a whole cycle (the embryo transfer bit is cheap).

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