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So I got my BFP....

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UltimateDetermination Sun 04-Nov-12 10:22:19

Not sure if anyone will have any interest in this but as I'm not telling anyone in RL yet (apart from DH, obvs) I would love to share this with MN!

So after almost 2 years of ttc I got my BFP and am now 5w+5!! And it was a month when we only dtd twice, I was away for work most of the month, I got a stinking cold and was off ill for 3 days - bascially thought I had no chance at all of having a successfull month. Then I got my cramps and my bleeding started, so I thought of course that it was AF. But then the next AF, and still the morning after AF. And although I didn't expect to be pregnant the test quite clearly had that beautiful pink second line!!!!

So after all these months of trying crazy things, reiki, reflexology, no booze, no sugar, special lube, getting ultra fit, 'relaxing', using the law of sod by buying v expensive tight dress (still unworn.....), lots of sex, etc etc etc etc it turns out that one month with the least chance ever of getting preggers was the month I got my BFP.....
And incidently, all those other months with 2wws, with 'symptoms' - I have none of those whilst actually pregnant! Tired and very crampy but no metallic taste or sore boobs etc etc!
And I feel such a relief at actually being able to get pregnant. I feel that I've been walking around for 2 years with a silent chip on my shoulder - I was infertile but couldn't tell anyone and felt the world was against me. I feel like that burden has just fallen away.

I know it's only v early days but I wanted to share. To all those still ttc, I can only recommend slobbing out, dtd twice, taking to bed with a cold or flu, and drinking Berocca by the bucketload smile

BurnThisDiscoDown Sun 04-Nov-12 10:23:28

Congratulations! grin

winkle2 Sun 04-Nov-12 10:46:29

Congrats!! I'm on month 15 of ttc and have tried all sorts of weird and wacky things to get pregnant!!

You really deserve this after waiting for so long.

UltimateDetermination Sun 04-Nov-12 10:50:27

Aw thanks both! It was so hard (and I know still early days) but I think it just goes to show that there was no rhyme or reason to it - nothing I did influenced things, it was just a matter of time. Sure it will happen at the 'right time' for you too winkle (as flippant as that sounds, I hope you know what I mean)

BurnThisDiscoDown Sun 04-Nov-12 10:52:58

It was a bit like that for us too, we'd been ttc for 15 months and I'd written off the month as we hadn't had sex much! grin

winkle2 Sun 04-Nov-12 10:53:55

This gives me hope! Come on baby winkle, we are so ready for you!

Happilymarried155 Sun 04-Nov-12 12:08:28

That's a really great story to hear, I'm super depressed today about my infertile ways after my only childless friend just announced her pregnacy after the first month of trying sad

It's so fantastic to hear of people get pregnant after that amount of time naturally, I'm so happy for you and it really does give me hope that I will get my turn soon. Fingers crossed, I don't think I can cope much longer!

Congratulations smile

Christelle2207 Sun 04-Nov-12 12:12:44

well done brilliant news. I have been ttc for over a year now so really pleased for you and also reassuring that there is hope for us all. Hope you have an uneventful pg.

Aquarius1 Sun 04-Nov-12 12:56:14

Huge congrats UD really encouraging to hear stories like this. Do you think any of the crazy things helped? Did you cut back on caffeine too? I'm drinking low caff coffee but couldn't bear to give it up altogether....

winkle2 Sun 04-Nov-12 13:07:54

Happily - I feel your pain. My sis got preg and has had her baby while I'm still trying. It hurts. Keep thinking she hasn't got MY baby and that helps.

Jollyb Sun 04-Nov-12 14:51:29

Many congrats

GlesgaRocket Sun 04-Nov-12 14:56:21

Many congratulations!
I have pcos and spent approx 8 years ttc. I now have a gorgeous DD who is almost 20 months old. Conceived without any fertility treatment, and long after i'd convinced myself that i would be unable to conceive naturally.

Good luck to all those ttc.

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 04-Nov-12 19:16:03

Congratulations. I'm pleased its happened for you after all this time.

RightUpMyRue Sun 04-Nov-12 19:20:32


We were in a similar boat 18 weeks ago. It is a great relief, as well as a joy, to finally get there.

winkle smile nice to see you but at the same time sorry to hear you've still not got your BFP. Keep trying, you will get PG.

winkle2 Sun 04-Nov-12 19:31:53

Thanks rue, nice to see you too. Yep I'm still here, still trying. I'll get there at some point smile

UltimateDetermination Sun 04-Nov-12 21:11:37

Hi all..sorry I disappeard for a while. Aquarius I don't think ANY of the 'crazy' things I tried worked - each month it would be BFN after BFN regardless of what we did. You name it and I tried it!!!
We went to the infertility clinic earlier this year and it did help to know that there was no obvious physical reason why it hadn't happend yet. They very much wanted to push us down an interventional IVF route (I'm 35) but it didn't feel right for me - not at the time, and now I'm so glad that waited and fell pregnant naturally.
The last 2 months I have to say that I had started to look at going down the adoption route. I totally believed that I would have a family of my own, and if that meant by adoption then so be it. So whilst I did a lot of positive thinking and visualising a baby/child, I think I was a bit depressed and slowly thinking I wouldn't bear my own child. So the last 2 months I have eaten what I wanted, had plenty wine, barely exercised - basically done everything not conducive to conceiving!

I guess the lessons I've learned are that: you cant control what is happening, but you can control how you feel about things (so think positively and visualise that baby!) and also it seems like sometimes it just takes time.

Sorry for all the rambling. Hope it makes sense and doesn't come across as patronising. And fingers crossed for everyone ttc that it'll be your turn SOON!!

rabbitonthemoon Sun 04-Nov-12 21:16:29

Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm 35 and on cycle 20 of ttc now and it feels like 20 years. So heartening to know that it happens and that you weren't on a super green smoothie conception bootcamp! Enjoy every second and all the best with the next chapter.

UltimateDetermination Sun 04-Nov-12 21:17:47

ps aqaurius I genuinely don't think you need to give up your caffeine. I remember years ago researching caffeine (I'm a caffeine addict and used to be a scientist) and my conclusions were that caffeine was misunderstood. A lot of the negative effects are myths and simply not true! (Am open to correct if any robust studies have recently been published) Go mental and have a double espresso! You never know, it might kickstart something!!

Aquarius1 Sun 04-Nov-12 22:17:33

Thanks Ultimate - hurrah i won't feel guilty about the odd cup of the good stuff then. I'm starting to do positive thinking too- on my last af arriving I caught myself thinking I didn't deserve a baby for some reason which is clearly bonkers- so am sticking to positive thoughts & encouragement from MNers.

SlouchingPanda Sun 04-Nov-12 23:14:03


I'm another long term thirtysomething TTC-er who only did the deed twice this month, slobbed out, drank gin and espressos, had NO symptoms at all after months of imagined sore boobs and metallic tastes and I seem to have lucked out today with a faint but definitely there BFP!

There is hope, people. Keep going!

winkle2 Sun 04-Nov-12 23:48:36

Seems like 2 is the magic number!! We're they on the run up to OV or on the day?
And congrats!!

littlepinkfizz Mon 05-Nov-12 19:39:59

Brilliant news ultimate and also panda !thanks

Fantastic to hear stories like these. I'm ttc 4 months and that seems forever. Did a first response early response today at 9 days post ovulation but bfn. It's so disappointing as you will well know x

Shrieklette Mon 05-Nov-12 20:19:58

Congratulations UD, and thank you for sharing such a wonderful, positive story - and I'm so relieved to hear you did all the things they say you shouldn't!

glesga thank you also. 8 years. Wow. I'm on month 142 - almost 12 years - (but only about cycle 120 due to PCOS) of trying and I refuse to give up hope just yet even if I do allow myself a few sulks and wallows

winkle2 Mon 05-Nov-12 20:43:33

Shreik - 12 years! How do you keep going?

keepitgoing Tue 06-Nov-12 03:54:52

cos she's a brooker! And brilliant!

congratulations UD! such lovely news

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