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was this a chemical pregnancy

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beckie90 Thu 01-Nov-12 18:28:11

well i was supposed to be due on today..but i did a test monday as id been feeling ill and i got a very faint posative but later that day i started spotting i just thought it was normal due to bleeding both my previous pregnancys.. but tuesday i had more. so i did another test which still showed a line but fainter then before. i woke up wednesday bleeding heavy i just thought the lines must have been evap lines or something and that it was my period even.though im never early at starting my period...till i woke up this morning went to.toilet and when i wiped there was a big jellyish clot on the paper really dark like almost red/black (sorry tmi) nothing like this has ever happend before xx

Sparklyoldwhizzbangcatpusswhee Thu 01-Nov-12 23:11:12

If it was an actual line, pink or blue depending on the test, and not just a grey evapouration line, then it sounds like it, yes. It might be worth testing again in a week or so though. Heavy bleeding early on isnt unheard of.

beckie90 Fri 02-Nov-12 08:09:55

the lines were faint pinky/purple. i tested again night if heavy bleeding after spotting 2 days on a normal test not sensative there was nothing there but then i did a sensative 1 and there was a faint faint line even fainter than previous 2 tests and as it wss a more sensative 1 im guessing thats not good as it should have been darker :/ xxx

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