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Just Shagging - JSers roll up for fred 12

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Kittenkatzen Thu 01-Nov-12 14:03:15

Oh, the other fred filled up all of a sudden! Oh well here's a new one....(horse feel free to replace if you want to be fred starter, just didn't want everyone in limbo!)

Fred rules;

1. Thou shalt shag as much as humanly possible in order to get upduffed.
2. Thou shalt not partake of OPKs, temping, or charting.
3. Thou shalt keep symptom spotting to a minimum.
4. Thou shalt share wine and brew with your fredmates where needed.

JSing lingo;

ERTD = Evil Red Tide of Dooooooommmmmmm. Or AF to most others.
Pant snot = Egg white cervical mucus.
Doing a kitten = Getting upduffed soon after joining (warning: may induce in other posters).
Viroid = This is you, dear poster. The reason for this is a closely guarded secret, known only, nobody as far as we can tell!
POAS = Pee On A Stick (of the pregnancy detecting kind, not from a tree). Also known as PIAR (Pee In A Ramekin - cos we're posh birds innit).
Shagging like something = JSing like a teenage nymphomaniac.
Giving a hooya = Giving a much needed slap to a fellow poster in danger of slipping into ttc obsession.

The link to Part 11 is [[ here]

The link to the latest grads thread is here

Happy shagging shaggers grin

AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 28-Dec-12 16:42:46

I'm here... congrats Ding, now What were we saying about being POAS buddies on NYD???

I have just got home from being at my parents for Christmas. It's not the right time of day but I have a bag ful of internet cheapies downstairs, and I need a wee. Who wants me to PIAR?

welcome, Cara !!

AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 28-Dec-12 17:09:11

well, I've wee'd ...

cookielove Fri 28-Dec-12 17:13:36

and ?

and ?


AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 28-Dec-12 17:24:06

definite BFP !!

DingDongBelle Fri 28-Dec-12 17:26:36

Well, we were both early! Congrats! We're not peeing buddies anymore... smile

Kittenkatzen Fri 28-Dec-12 17:28:43

Omg congrats tenton!! What a fab new year present gringrin

Ok I think I'm caught up now, ding congrats on your bfp too! And tuddles yay for your engagement, so exciting!!

notso so sorry for your mmc sad thanks

Redshoes56 Fri 28-Dec-12 17:46:00

Wee! Yay tenton!

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 28-Dec-12 17:52:58

Tenton!! Yay!

Red, charting & my early scan showed me when I ovulated.
On the basis that I piar on the day ertd was due, if I had started ertd it would've been 8 days after ovulation, so it can (and will!) happen to Short Luteal Phasers without any intervention/drugs!

<waves> at Kitten

MrsBri Fri 28-Dec-12 17:54:52


Huge congrats to Ding and TenTon :-) Fantastic news.

Will you have to hide it on Monday night?!

cookielove Fri 28-Dec-12 18:02:06

tenton - so happy for you yay smile

SantaBearface Fri 28-Dec-12 18:16:49

Oh! Some Christmas BFPs! Congrats TenTon and Ding! So happy for you. smile How exciting!

Glad everyone has had a lovely Christmas! I have been touring the country to visit family and friends, which was fab, but am happy to be home again now.

Had a second blood test last Saturday, but not heard anything yet - didn't expect to over the holiday. Got another one on my burfday. Made it through all the meet-ups with babies with no tears or embarrassing moments/questions, thankfully. I didn't have any cuddles as I have had abad cold, but I enjoyed being around them and was not too envy, so am feeling a lot better and a lot more optimistic now. ERTD should be gone in the next few days, fx and then I can get on with some holiday fun! wink

DingDongBelle Fri 28-Dec-12 18:30:15

I won't have to hide it: we are spending it with family and we already agreed we would tell close fam straight away. I am 80% likely to have hyperemesis again so will probably need help with ds. I was very ill by 7 weeks pg last time so once I'm happy with a darker line I'll fess up so no need to hide no self control, me

Hey, all the lurkers!

SantaBearface Fri 28-Dec-12 18:45:14

Oh, I forgot to say, huge congrats Tuddles - how romantic! You must be so happy. smile

Redshoes56 Fri 28-Dec-12 19:33:34

Thanks gary smile

Packing up here for a long weekend at my parents', which will basically be several days of nonstop food and booze. At cycle day 21 and no sign of ovulation? We'll get some fun in before we go just in case it is imminent. If I don't get online, happy new year's to all!

addictedismoving Fri 28-Dec-12 19:49:49

hi, can i join? I have dd1 who is 2.2 and dd2 who is 11 months. dh and I slipped up and didnt use contraception a few weeks ago and after several discussions, decided a week ago that we would stop using contraception. We've been having sex with out contraception since and I have no idea when I'm due blush possibly next week? maybe the week after? or even possibly this week, I'm rubbish at keeping track.
after reading the op, this looks like the place for me! grin

ChristmasTuddles Fri 28-Dec-12 19:59:32

Congrats to everyone who got their BFPs.

I have a strange light cramp at the bottom of my back, but it's way too early to be ERTD, it's due on the 4th

ChristmasTuddles Fri 28-Dec-12 20:00:28

Those of you who got married recently, did you have wedding insurance? Not sure if I should get it or not

MrsBri Fri 28-Dec-12 20:06:21

Hi Tuddles

I got it, just in case. Didn't need it, but for the sake of 25 quid, I'd rather have had it than not. :-)

MrsBri Fri 28-Dec-12 20:06:57

Ooh...congrats on the engagement too! :-)

AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 28-Dec-12 20:18:05

thanks all. Just enjoying some champagne with DH this evening... had all the pate and blue cheese I could find over Christmas (and will carry on until about the 7-8 week point I think but cut down on booze)!

other things I'll do this time...
1. not bother going to book in for a while. They just smile and nod patronizingly , and then I felt like it was "ok, lovely, here's a phone number to book a nuchal scan, now come back at 13 weeks when you're really pregnant".
2. I also won't tell people the randomly generated official due date, just the month ish, but will tell them the 42 week date if they rudely insist (DS was big and 42 weeks) as I am not going to endure 5 weeks of "any news yet?" texts/facebooks.
3. nothing on Facebook at all if possible.

AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 28-Dec-12 20:20:29

4. only book maternity leave from the due date, but take all my annual leave gradually before leaving on ML. DS starts school in Sept so I had already told them I was likely to have to stay home for some overcomplicated settling in period.

cookielove Fri 28-Dec-12 22:55:34

Tuddles - i kept thinking i should get it, but i never actually got round to it, turns out nothing went wrong (well majorly) on the day, but i can see why it would be comforting to have. smile

notsoold Fri 28-Dec-12 23:02:07

Congratulations to tuddles and tenton!!! Xxxxx
Well nothing to report because on jsing at all so I will go back to my corner to get very cross with the whole thing.....
Happy new year!!!

DingDongBelle Sat 29-Dec-12 09:56:58

Morning all. Did the second FRER from the pack with fmu this morning: definite, clear pink line in about 30 sec grin

Ertd not due for 2 more days: how many sticks do you think I can get through by then?

I have already thrown up. << rushes off to join hyperemesis support thread in a panic>>

Kittenkatzen Sat 29-Dec-12 10:41:37

Hooray for puking ding <not something you hear every day> grin

notso there's been a distinct lack of JSing in chez kitten too down to a gross snotty cold I've had all week so I'll come and sulk in the corner with you I think!

Well I think I'm about 9/10dpo and have woken to familiar mild cramping this morning so I reckon the witch is circling my neighbourhood.

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