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Just Shagging - JSers roll up for fred 12

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Kittenkatzen Thu 01-Nov-12 14:03:15

Oh, the other fred filled up all of a sudden! Oh well here's a new one....(horse feel free to replace if you want to be fred starter, just didn't want everyone in limbo!)

Fred rules;

1. Thou shalt shag as much as humanly possible in order to get upduffed.
2. Thou shalt not partake of OPKs, temping, or charting.
3. Thou shalt keep symptom spotting to a minimum.
4. Thou shalt share wine and brew with your fredmates where needed.

JSing lingo;

ERTD = Evil Red Tide of Dooooooommmmmmm. Or AF to most others.
Pant snot = Egg white cervical mucus.
Doing a kitten = Getting upduffed soon after joining (warning: may induce in other posters).
Viroid = This is you, dear poster. The reason for this is a closely guarded secret, known only, nobody as far as we can tell!
POAS = Pee On A Stick (of the pregnancy detecting kind, not from a tree). Also known as PIAR (Pee In A Ramekin - cos we're posh birds innit).
Shagging like something = JSing like a teenage nymphomaniac.
Giving a hooya = Giving a much needed slap to a fellow poster in danger of slipping into ttc obsession.

The link to Part 11 is [[ here]

The link to the latest grads thread is here

Happy shagging shaggers grin

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Nov-12 08:10:04

Name: Kittenkatzen
Age: 33
Location: West Sussex
Any DC?: Nope <wail>
TTC for: 7 months (htf did that happen?? )

Name: Countrybumpkin2
Age: 25
Location: Scottish Borders
Any DC?: No
TTC for: 1 month

Name: AndIfATenTonTruck
Age: 33
Location: Watford
Any DC?: DS, 3
TTC for: starting now!

Name: Wavesandsmiles
Age: 34
Location: Channel Islands
Any DC: DS, 8, DD, 7, DSS, 10, DSS, 8
TTC for: nearly 2 months

Name: 33PinkLadyApple (changing to 34 tomorrow )
Age: 33
Location: Essex
Any DC: Nope
TTC for: 3 months almost

Name: Bearface
Age: 33
Location: deepest darkest Essex
Any DC: No
TTC for: 2 months in earnest

Name: Brodicea
Age: 32
Location: East Sussex-by-sea
Any DC: no
TTC for: 3 months (thanks to skipped period and major bout of thrush)

Name: DingDongBelle
Age: 30
Location: Naarfolk
Any Dc: DS 18mo
TTC for: Ooh, about a week :D

Name: Redshoes56
Age: 33
Location: Sneaking in from NJ, USA
Any Dc: no
TTC for: 6 months, 2 in earnest

Name: AWomanCalledHorse
Age: 25
Location: Kent
Any DC: DS 10months old
TTC for: 10 months, 1 mc (Oct 2012)

Name: frogchops
Age: 29
Location: midlands
Any Dc: no
TTC: first month

Name: Rockchick1984
Age: 28
Location: Liverpool
Any DC: DS 19 months
TTC: 2 months

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Nov-12 08:10:59

Happy birthday 33Pink! Did you test yet? Hope you got some lovely prezzies for your birthday smile

DingDongBelle Fri 02-Nov-12 08:14:08

Happy Birthday, pink! Fx smile

Bfn for me today (ertd due today but absent and I've been really nauseous this week and didn't even want my wine hmm but nope. Ah well. Back to Fun Shagging for a few days before the SWI can begin!

MrsBri Fri 02-Nov-12 08:17:18

<runs in to talk to kitten>

Muse = epic last night. The little munchkin is clearly a really happy chappy which made for an awesome gig.

And we were standing 12 feet from Kate!

<runs back out>

countrybumpkin2 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:01:34

Happy Birthday pink!

Thats a shame ding hope ERTD doesn't come for a few days so you can get some fun JSing in!

<off to pack a couple pairs of secret weapon knickers for our first anniversary weekend away> grin

Bearface Fri 02-Nov-12 09:56:58

Happy birthday, Pink! Hope you have a lovely day.

Glad you had fun at Muse Mrs Bri.

Kittenkatzen Fri 02-Nov-12 09:59:03

mrsbri aww a little baby Muser already - bet s/he was rocking away in there, remembering the moment s/he came into being not so long ago....haha grin Ooooh what's Kate like irl? Brilliant show isn't it, did you have a good crowd? I want to go agaaaaaaaaain <wails>

Happy birthday pink!

ding if you're getting bfn's and yet still not wanting any wine then I think you should get yourself to the, A&E...there's something clearly very wrong with you.... wink

Well I was going to do a yoga class at lunch today, but it's fully booked so maybe I'll head to the shops and invest in some secret weapon knickers instead! grin

Bearface Fri 02-Nov-12 09:59:11

p.s. Well done Ding on HOD job. smile

Also, glad you are up and running again Red.

DingDongBelle Fri 02-Nov-12 10:02:42

countrybumpkin2 First anniversary? Congratulations smile

It's ok. We're not really in a hurry, I'm the laziest ttc-er ever! Ideally we'll catch around Christmas so I can settle into my new job and get Christmas out of the way. Plus, as I'm a teacher, if I fell in Dec and baby would be due Sept, I'd get the summer hol off on full pay before mat leave kicked in, so I'd stop working at around 7-8m pregnant and put my feet up Cynical? grin Thanks though. Even though I'm not desperate I have been symptom spotting and a bfn is still a little bit sad isn't it.

DingDongBelle Fri 02-Nov-12 10:04:34

Bearface thank you! Means a lot and it's at my old college so really pleased.

Kitten you may be right! What is wrong with me?! confused Clearly some kind of medical emergency grin

MrsBri Fri 02-Nov-12 10:11:07

Kitten, our mini Muser was making its presence known during the gig...very crampy!! I did hold back on the jumping about though as I figured s/he may not appreciate it!

The crowd was the best crowd ever. Really happy and enthusiastic. Just awesome.

I wanna go again too...let's run off to a gig! :-)

Kate just looked lovely. Properly proud and loved up. She had a great time!

AndIfATenTonTruck Fri 02-Nov-12 10:20:02

Just had my coil out at the lovely hmm GUM clinic. didn't manage a shag last night (DH tired and leaving early this am... need to educate him on the rules grin I think!!) Off to treat myself to some secret weapons!!!

Kittenkatzen Fri 02-Nov-12 10:25:50

Haha yep prob best for the mini-Muser to hold back on the headbanging until s/he has neck control...or even just an actual neck grin envyenvy at Kate. Just envy. Count me in for running off to a gig smile

countrybumpkin2 Fri 02-Nov-12 10:27:30

Thanks ding very much looking forward to it on Monday!

I have also been symptom spotting and ERTD not due for another week or so. After all the "signs" I have seen I will be dissapointed if I get a BFN....probably will though!

Grannyapple Fri 02-Nov-12 10:51:35

Morning ladies....found you grin! Will add myself to the stats later this evening when home & on laptop.

Well only 1 day into the 2ww & symptom spotting already...have been feeling crampy (ov'd Monday for sure & dtd from wed thru to tues), had a headache all morning (I never get those!) & feeling a bit bloated today. But headache could be related to either lack of sleep (ds up twice in the night...& awake since 5.30am!), or might have start of a cold coming on??'s gonna be a long 2 weeks me thinks....

frogchops Fri 02-Nov-12 11:30:11

Congrats on the job ding....

Gave DP the night off .... I'm hoping he remembers that he had a night off tho, cos I'm relying on a bit of jsing tonight. Friday night, no plans, its the weekend, its gota be on....right??
He did come out and say that a couple of nights ago I could've done anything and he would've been too maybe he is only human. (Secretly pulls a face) think I'm gona stick to shaggjng for fun as th Fred suggests I should be instead of obsessing about dates. Yeah right. Well see!

DingDongBelle Fri 02-Nov-12 11:56:37

Cheers, Frog. I'm probably a bit selfish ttc-ing so soon after getting it but I don't care grin

Ertd just arrived. No Js-ing (fun or swi) for me today then. Boo angry. Retiring the Secret Weapons and reinstating the Man Repellers for a few days grin

frogchops Fri 02-Nov-12 13:22:45

Hehe, I wish I had secret weapons.... Although I have recently bought some new ones, so maybe they'll work (mental note to get them on later).

Don't feel bad about TTC, its your life, and of course these things can happen accidentally anyway ;)
(Another mental note to remember to take tags off potential secret weapons)

I'm getting period like pains today, which I'm assuming are ovulation pains.... And being as this is my first after the pill ill be happy if the signs of ov are this obvious every month.

BoyMeetsWorld Fri 02-Nov-12 13:34:57

Aha! This is where you all went smile

Please can you add me:
TTC for 2 months


Will post properly when not on work break!

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Nov-12 13:39:20

Argh, Frog you have just reminded me with your comment about taking tags off - with a new boyfriend once when I was about 21, still at the stage of pretending showing that all my underwear matches, doesn't have grey bits etc, got caught out as the gorgeous new matching underwear set I was wearing still had the "Gel filled pads" sticker over my nipple!!!! Oh, the shame blush blush blush

frogchops Fri 02-Nov-12 13:43:49

Hahaha I just really laughed out loud at that. I'm in a pretentious stuffy training course too with lots of senior managers pretending that I know what I'm doing here. There's nothing like letting your boyfriend know you've enhanced your assets!! Thinking about it, none of my j derder matches. Most likely because my bums bigger than my boobs!! Haha

frogchops Fri 02-Nov-12 13:44:38

J derder?? I do know how to spell underwear, honest!

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Nov-12 15:07:45

Lol, why do you think I need the gel pads?!? I've started buying all my nice underwear from H&M, it's just normal stuff but pretty colours and you get the bra and knickers separately so always able to get the right sizes. DH says its how he knows I'm feeling frisky if I get undressed and I'm in a pretty set rather than huge asda pants grin

DingDongBelle Fri 02-Nov-12 16:27:34

My DH says the same! Mind you, he can optimistically interpret almost anything as the possibility I might be up for it grin

Ertd has gone after only one hour. wtf is going on down there hmm

Bearface Fri 02-Nov-12 16:37:16

Ha ha - you ladies make me laugh! When I was at work and knew I had a dreadfu day coming up I would always put on my 'happy pants' (pants with some kind of happy pattern) on before work and it really did cheer me up. When things were difficult I used to think about my pants and I'd feel better. Crazy, huh? I try not to wear cartoon character pants for JSing though - seems somehow wrong!

Ding - don't tell anyone but I'm a teacher too, although not working at the moment, so I know where you're coming from there with the timing malarkey. Good on you for getting it - hope you'll be happy there.

Rock - I love H and M underwear - need some new stuff now. And if I get a job I will definitely need some more happy pants!

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