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Anyone been given Clomid on NHS age 40 +?

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TigerseyeMum Thu 01-Nov-12 12:58:02

Saw my GP today after deciding to try again ttc for baby number 1. He said that due to my age (39) I would not be able to have any treatment interventions on the NHS as the cut off age is 39.

I will have more surgery for endometriosis if I have no luck trying for 6 months but if that doesn't work they suggested chlomid might be possible. By that time though I will be 40.

Have others had chlomid given despite being 39, 40 or older? And through your gp or a consultant?

TigerseyeMum Thu 01-Nov-12 12:59:08

Sorry, I meant cut off age is 37.

We tried ttc for 2 years previously with zero luck.

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