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Months on and most people are pregnant so I'm starting a new thread Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all! Pt 2

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mrsnec Thu 01-Nov-12 06:23:09

HK, Munch, Els, Rach and Tas where are you and more importantly, how are you? Sorry if I forgot anyone. Looking forward to updates!

MunchinMango Wed 28-Nov-12 10:43:30

Good morning and wow another bfp. Huge congrats almond. Like mrs said a line is a line. I'd test with your cb digi either tomorrow or next day with fmu as its the best time and also hcg will have increased. Good to know though that even after getting - tests it can turn +.

Mrs your mil is a ticket. I think I would have told her by now just to shut her up but then again sounds like she'd get right in meddling offering advice etc. Who needs ttc advice from their mil lol!!!! Re ov doesn't mean you haven't or maybe you will have a later ov. This month bar the +opk I have had no symptoms either and from past experience the +opk doesn't guarantee ov either.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 28-Nov-12 20:59:06

Hi lovelies,
Mrs- was a pregnancy from hell but would do it 1000 over :-)
Your mil is really pushing her luck!
Munch - not too much longer for you to know!!!
Almond- yay yay yay a line is a line and you will keep getting stronger and stronger pos results!!!! Well done you!!
Tas- how's tricks?
Hello everyone else
Love xx

mrsnec Sat 01-Dec-12 15:33:09

Hi All! Any news? HK I would feel exactly the same. Have you been to docs with DP yet?

Munch when are you testing?

Just having a cosy afternoon in here. DH watching the rugby (trying to get be interested but failing!) I've been putting the tree up. On the ttc front. Am feeling strange. Tired, had dizzy spells yesterday, nausea and heartburn. 2nd day of the cream and am wondering if I'm getting the dose right. I've now read that a side effect of progesterone cream is early pregnancy symptoms as if I needed any more confusion. I don't want to stop using it though just in case. Hope you are all ok. Have a great weekend!

MunchinMango Sat 01-Dec-12 23:28:37

Hiya ladies.

How did the appoint with dp go HK? Hope you got good news.

Mrs and HK I'm cd 26 today. I've felt a lot of pressure today and no energy. But my temps tumbled yest and today which would suggest af on her way. I'd actually prefer see af than a bfn!!! But I am a poas aholic , so should I test tomorrow on cd 27?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Mrs I refuse to put up decorations yet!!!!

MunchinMango Sat 01-Dec-12 23:30:32

Meant to say Mrs I don't know anything about the cream. Be careful though if its making you feel sick.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Sun 02-Dec-12 07:31:05

Mrs- never tried the cream so wouldn't know but sounds like the experience isn't wonderful but with all of us I think we would go to hell and back for a bfp.
Munch- not long now!!! Hmmmmm I love testing just in case but if you can wait try, but I would have done 5 by now :-)
Any symptoms which hint towards fab news? Tell all.
Well yesterday was our gp appointment, they advised although sperm count 'slightly' low not something they would feel is a huge issue but as we mc in feb , been trying 20 mths or so, and I am 32 we have been referred to fertility clinic and maybe on nhs as dp has no biological child yet, I'd we are declined its £5000 a shot :-( , the gp said that its a very lengthy process so am thinking 2 years???? Anyone know? In the meantime we are still going to ttc as who knows?
I am on day 24 of a spot on 28 day cycle xxx

mrsnec Sun 02-Dec-12 08:31:46

Morning! I know Munch. I went down this route as I thought it had a lower chance of messing up my cycles. Better today but not great. How are things with you?

HK at least you've got the info from the GP. I don't know much about fertility treatment. It scares me I think. I'd just decided I'd prefer not to go down that route but would as an absolute last resort. Here it's different from the UK. It can only be done privately but is half the price and there's no waiting. A lot of people go down that route straight away before any investigations etc. I know what I'm like when I get a bfn. If I got a failed round of IVF I'd be devestated and I worry about the pressure it would put on our relationship. Having said that, am always seeing on here the stories of couples that go through the tratment and then get their natural bfp at the last minute! That wasn't much help I know but I'd be tempted to give it a bit more time. DM told me it took 3 years to get me and she was 22 when she started trying.

Very early days here. If I ov'd when I think I usualy do then I'm only 6 DPO max! But there isa chance I didn't ov or it was earlier than normal. The symptoms I've had could be a surge. This would mean there was enough progesterone all along or I used too much. So probably the best thing to do if I ever get a bfp is to get bloods done straight away and insist on progesterone support if I need it. The problem is, if you start using it when you are pg then stop you can mc. But you stop when you have af anyway. So I think I'll just do one cycle! I don't really have any other symptoms except still no cramps at all. I'd normaly have had some by now. Thr cream can stop them but I'd noticed that before I started it. For once I am tempted to test before af is due. If it's bfn it's fine. I can put it down to testing too early. So, when is the absolute earliest you would test? Also fine with bfn as I notice a lot of people in this part of the world stop ttc at a certain time of the year to avoid giving birth in August cos everyone takes the month off and it's nearly 50 degrees. Having said that a bfp any time would be marvelous and probably the only birthday and xmas present I actualy want! Fx this is the month everyone!

mrsnec Sun 02-Dec-12 08:37:54

Munch re your earler post I'm not sure if Cd 27 is too early. For me if I was a poas addict it would depend on how many sticks I had in the bathroom cupboard! I've only got 1 left and I'm reluctant to buy more yet! If you've got loads do it! And we wouldn't normaly do decs this early but since DH was faffing about in the loft I thought we may as well do it!

MunchinMango Mon 03-Dec-12 11:19:44

Hi all.

Hk glad you got lots of positive news from your appoint. Yous are investigating ivf but medics haven't ruled out yous getting pg yourselves so keep ttc in meantime.

Mrs, wow you've done lots of research on cream, sounds like you know what your doing. So fx for you.

Looks like all three of us are in and around same cd. I'm cd 28 today. I was convinced on Friday sat as I had absolutely no energy that maybe it was a sign. So as I have about 25 ic in press I poas yest and bfn!!! But weird thing is my temps have shot up the last two days. I really think the cold weather , heating in house is not helping me get proper temp readings. So although my Lh surge was detected at cd12 I don't know if I actually did ov or not. So AF should be due in an ideal world this week but last cycle was 56 days!!! So on upside I can drink at Xmas party. But have to say I am fast running out of positivity!!!

What about yous any symptoms or any testing?

mrsnec Tue 04-Dec-12 08:26:45

Morning All! Munch there is still a chance isn't there? Sorry about bfn but you've still got some sticks to pee on. When's the work do? Do another before then? Hope you're off somewhere nice.

Yes did loads of research on my cream. Thought it only right if I must self diagnose and prescribe! Still having a few symptoms nearly fell asleep in my dinner last night I was that tired! Am also dizzy and forgetful and needing loo every 20 mins or so. Am off booze but that could be the usual trickery my body plays! Did have bad cramps and back ache last night so think I might be out and am a couple of days behind. CD 27 here I think. Feeling a bit bitter about all the pg announcements, not just the Royal one but this week an old schoolfriend (her 4th) my uni housemate (her 2nd) and a cousin have all announced. When's it going to be our turn.

MunchinMango Tue 04-Dec-12 14:01:39

Hiya mrs, I think I'm out as I got +hpt at cd26 on my dd. but hey I can poas tomorrow morn as I have loads it tests lol. Going for a meal in nice rest and then out on the town. Jeez your symptoms sound very like pg symptoms alright. Are you sure your not pg? Yes heard royal announcement yest and I'm delighted for them but stupidly it upset me too. That was rough in you with all your other friends announcements. Fx you are next.

How is everyone else- HK, Tas, Els, Almond, Rachie, lindzi ??

mrsnec Tue 04-Dec-12 14:26:27

I think there's still a chance for you Munch but try and enjoy the do and test again. It isn't over until you see AF!

I do feel it could go either way with me.Trying not to get hopes up. The tiredness,dizzyness and forgetfulness is very out of character & worrying if not pg! But I don't have metalic taste or any boob involvement so that leads me to believe it'd be bfn if I was to test. I only have one in stock and I'm tempted but missed FMU this morning. Also bit worried I'd waste it as I had errors on those 3 CB OPKs. The test I have isn't FRER but says It's sensitive so I could use it soon. I think I might pee in a pot then dip. Feel a bit wrong with the bitterness. It'll pass. My sympathetic friend who doesn't want kids said I hope Kate gets piles! To try and make me feel better! I sympathise with the suffering I'm just a bit envious of how nice things can happen so easily for some people!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Tue 04-Dec-12 19:44:13

Hi ladies,
It's nice we are all so close together! I have sad news x2
1) rejected for nhs ivf :-(
2) bfn 3 days early
I too felt a pang finding out the royals news, how silly? And wht don't they deserve such lovely news I just want it to be us!!!! Xxx

Bumpkinmunchkin Tue 04-Dec-12 20:48:24

HK really sorry to hear your double bang of bad news.

Mrs I poas again tonight and bfn again on cd29. So apart from not being pg this is obviously going to be another wtf cycle and perhaps I'm not Oving at all. I've got a head cold coming on to boot!!! So Xmas party drinks here I come!!!!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 05-Dec-12 19:31:25

Munch sorry bout your bfn and the confusing cycle my love, when's your party? Mines Friday and the Sauvignon is with my name all over it :-)
Today we have booked private consultation at bourn hall for ivf! We are taking bull by the horns ! Am booked for open day on 5/1/13 to view hosp and meet the staff and 28/1/13 for consultation and partners sperm analysis again! We are having hep b/c and HIV blood tests on nhs luckily as would have been £120 each so saved some pennies, although I have them through work ! Will keep you updated on my cheats way out xx

Bumpkinmunchkin Wed 05-Dec-12 21:41:01

Thanks HK. Had a good cry to dh last night and feeling very emotional today over it all. But your right focus on Xmas party and enjoy. Mine is tomorrow night. Bravo for making your appoint and your not cheating at all. At least now you can relax and enjoy Xmas and know you have a plan in place.

How are you mrs?

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 05-Dec-12 21:49:45

It must have been the night for the low moods, it's uncontrollable hmmmmm? Due o. Tomorrow, another bfn today, but luckily have a plan for new year! Got to make sure eating healthy, no alcohol and all! Maybe you should put together a new year plan? Xx

mrsnec Thu 06-Dec-12 11:00:54

Hello All onwards and upwards then eh?

HK that is by no means a cheats way out and it's an idea I'm warming too. I now see anyone going down that route as somebody who is taking control. It's a bold and very positive step. Just keep us up to date with it all I was going to ask if the nhs offered any alternatives but you answered that question! FX anyway!
Munch sorry to hear you're feeling low. Must be something in the air. Huge meltdown here last night too. I did a test as I felt so rubbish. BFN. Or at least I think it was! I lost the instructions and couldn't find the manufacturer online. But it's one dark pink line nearest the 'c' side of the window. So DH has barely spoken to me in 3 days. Proper man strop! Turns out he's feeling neglected and thinks I spend too much time online. Anyway long story short I agreed to spend less time online, he's agreed we do need to dtd more but knows not to refuse my advances as me feeling rejected makes things worse! And he's agreed to go for tests if I'm not pg in 2 months. I think I'll extend that to 3 though as our little holiday in Feb is the only thing I have to look forward to at the moment and I don't want to spend it worrying.

Stopped the cream . Didn't think the extra hormones were helping my mood and since the BFN decided I can't be doing any damage.

Still feel ill. Think the flu came back cos I'm run down. Had a go at DH for being so tight with the heating. Think the cod isn't helping. I know it's bad in the UK but here we live in a non insulated concrete box with no carpets or curtains. It's single figures inside the house and it feels baltic!

So sorry for rambling post but that's our plan I think I might get away with trying a bit of pre seed though. Not ordered it yet as I noticed a slightly cheaper one with just as good reviews do you think it's worth a try or does it have to be pre-seed?

Might join you on the health kick. I know I've said that before but MIL has put on all the weight she lost on SW so I've decided to win brownie points by doing loads o SW dishes for Xmas day. They're tee total too (boring old sods) but it means I wont get tempted to over do it. Hope everyone else is ok.

Bumpkinmunchkin Thu 06-Dec-12 14:31:21

Ah mrs and hk sorry yous are feeling down also. But it's great to be able to come on here and talk to like minded people. As my friends in rl prob wouldn't understand at all. After all the bfns I just wish AF would start and we could try again.

Mrs sounds like you have made huge progress with dh and esp when he has agreed to go for tests if needed. That's half the battle having him on board. I'm glad you stopped the cream, didn't like sound of side effects. I think with the pre seed just make sure any other brand is sperm friendly. But it def helps us to seal the deal lol!!! I hear you on the cold spell. Single figure temps and no insulation ?? Some of our rads are not working properly do we have someone coming to look at them tomorrow. My other melt down was the extra weight I've gained since mc. It's not that I'm binge eating but not following a plan. So I get down about my clothes not fitting and I hate buying bigger sizes.

Hk how are you feeling today ? Get Xmas out of way and then start your healthier living. You sound like you have a good action plan. For me on other hand I'm sad as we have agreed to pack it in by march of next year so we are fast running out of time. Anyhow enjoy tomorrow night.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Thu 06-Dec-12 18:12:59

Hey guys- munch you know what will happen give up and you will fall Sod's law and all? Have a great night tonight honey, it's just pAnts this bfn part and being in limbo!
Mrs- sad you and dh came to blows but yay it cleared air and started a new lease of ttc life and also an action plan.
Know what you mean with cold we have snow on a s hook run but at least have a warm house when we get back! Hope you guys don't freeze. Think you may need a onsie ;-)
Bfn again today but no af ! Grrrrrrr my party tomorrow so will have a drink if not here but will go easy!!!
We can all do a health kick New Years res !!! X

tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 10-Dec-12 10:12:54

hi all, my internet cap was use up. went to gyno the 27th again and saw the heartbeat again. the sack was still on the small side but he said it looked better. stopped the hormone pills cause they only work up to 8weeks. started bleeding on thursday. same as last. not alot. stopped the evening. friday morning at school started again with cramps. phoned gyno. went in immediately. luckily dh was there. no heartbeat again. went in this morning for an evac again. the sac came out on saturday while i was in the shower. so they cant even look to see what the cause was! thIs time i just feel sort of angry. just want to get on with my life. fuck it!

mrsnec Mon 10-Dec-12 10:32:57

Just checking in and seen your post Tas I have no words I wouldn't know what to say without it being a cliche. Thinking of you though. Look after yourself xxno news here.

Bumpkinmunchkin Mon 10-Dec-12 15:44:33

Really sorry to hear your news Tas. As mrs has said there are no words of comfort really that anyone can say. All your hopes and dreams have been dashed again. Its pure crap that its happened again. Take care of yourself.

elsabel Thu 13-Dec-12 21:24:21

Just thought id check in and see how everyone is...tas i am so sorry your post brought tears to my eyes. Nothing i say will make you feel any better, just be kind to yourself.

Been browsing through the latest posts..sorry you ladies are feeling down, hope your all enjoying xmas parties. Big hugs to all xxx

Bumpkinmunchkin Thu 13-Dec-12 22:01:37

Hi els great to hear from you and all is well.

Yes unfortunately we are all feeling a bit low here and need good news.

Mrs I remember your birthday is sometime soon, so hope you have a good one.

HK how did the Xmas party go?

Tas hope you are being looked after.

Afm really enjoyed my Xmas party. Af still a no show and on cd 39 here. Gave up temping as i was getting too stressed about it. Been feeling really nauseas last couple of days with sore boobs and of course got my hopes up but got a bfn on an Ic. Couple that with our heating system is only working upstairs and we have to wait til Tuesday for new one to be installed!!!!

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