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+ OPK: does this happen even when not ovulation?

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happyfrogger Wed 31-Oct-12 11:13:53

This is probably a silly question. I have an almost 7 month old and keen to get the fertility back and try for number 2 close together.

Last night I had a positive OPK (I tested because of lots of EWCM) so we BD and we'll see. BUT, I'm curious to know if +OPK happens commonly even when your periods have not come back. I'm still EBF and no periods yet although I assumed from the +OPK that I am very likely to ovulate. I tested a few days ago when I suspected and nothing, but have not tested in previous months.

Is the body gearing up to ovulate in this way completely separate from an egg actually being released? I've not noticed the EWCM in previous months but then I haven't really been looking.

Hopeful this means the return of fertility without having to stop EBF!


FrankelDeBeauvoir Wed 31-Oct-12 16:07:24

Yes you can get a positive OPK and not ovulate. The OPK is measuring LH which builds leading up to ovulation, but ovulation itself is triggered by oestrogen.

It might be an idea to chart your temperatures to look for ovulation - your temp rises slightly after ovulation has taken place.

Saying all that, you can't ovulate and not have a period. The hormones involved have a domino effect (LH triggers oestrogen; oestrogen triggers ovulation; ovulation triggers progesterone; the fall in progesterone 2 weeks later triggers your period).

happyfrogger Wed 31-Oct-12 18:50:06

Thanks Frankel. I'm curious if it's common to have the LH surge straight away as normal post partum and if it's just 'the ovulation bit' that can take time to come back, or whether in fact the +OPK shows a very likely chance that ovulation will follow.

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