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What are the best tests?

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Neiffer Wed 31-Oct-12 07:24:11

Morning all
I'm 13dpo ttc no2 (have a ds who is 9 months). I did an Internet cheapy test this morn with fmu and got a bfn. The thing is I'm due on tomorrow and would normally have been spotting for a few days which I haven't been. So I'm wondering if I am pregnant but not enough hcg to be picked up yet. (Or its just wishful thinking ha!) can anyone recommend tests to buy that are sensitive and reliable? I've never used these Internet ones before so basically I don't trust them smile
I realise I'm probably not pregnant and its all just vague hope but I won't believe it until another test tells me so smile
Thanks smile

MrsBri Wed 31-Oct-12 07:29:48

The internet cheapies are often the most sensitive tests at 10miu. I didn't trust them either, but I was never pregnant when I used them!

A First Response Early Result (FRER) is 12.5miu and are reliable.

I think the CB Digi is about the same, but Clearblue are a bit shady about advertising sensitivity for some reason! :-/

Superdrug own brand are also rated.

Go for a pink dye test, not blue.

And...implantation can occur up to 12dpo, and from then it takes a couple of days for the testable levels of HCG to be in your wee.

So, still hope! Fx.

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